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My Little Girl is a Pervert

My Little Girl is a Pervert

Mistress Lisa became owner of my life a week ago when she showed me that she had caught me fucking someone who was not her mother. So my dear little girl, who had turned 18 only a few weeks earlier, beat the hell out of me and then used me… well you can read about that in “My Little Girl is Responsible”

The second Thursday went down this way…..


Lisa or, I mean Mistress Lisa met me at the door to our home. I walked past her and put my computer bag on the couch. As I walked past she slapped my ass hard and I yelped. A couple of the places she had struck last week were still seeping and as luck would have it, she landed that shot squarely on one of them. I whirled around and was about to give her a piece of my mind when she beat me to the punch. “Tender are we? What a shame. I bet your ass will be chewed up a lot worse by Mom’s lawyer if I shower her that video!”

Taking a deep breath and then letting it out slowly I replied, “Yes Mistress Lisa. You are correct.” I had no other choice.

“That’s better. You almost made me change my mind. I could just go back to beating the hell out of you. But because you are my father, I thought I would take it easy on you. Kind of a friends and f****y type of thing, where if you are really good one week the next week won’t go quite so hard. What do you think?”

I eagerly agreed. Hiding my bruised and battered bottom from my wife for a full week had been difficult. I knew that there was no way I could go through six more weeks of beatings and not get busted! So I quickly agreed. She walked over to the couch, reached behind a cushion and pulled out a dog collar that was a good three inches wide. “Lift your chin,” she confidently ordered and I did. It took her a minute to get it latched during which I fought the waves of humiliation that were sweeping through me. I also realized with some horror that I was also becoming aroused by my daughter as she stood close and touched me.

When she had the collar securely in place, she told me to strip. I had learned the week before that any hesitation would result in more punishment. So in less than a minute I was standing there with a rising cock in front of my fully dressed daughter. “Damn, that cane really messed you up! My best advice is, don’t piss me off again, because that looks like it hurts and I really liked the way the cane sounded as that cane whistled through the air and landed on that paper white ass of yours!” She walked around me a couple of times, touching me. She had me put my hands on top of my head so she could have access to touch all of me. And she did, she touched all of me. And I moaned trying not to want more!

She snapped a dog chain to my collar and led me into her room. She stopped while facing her closet, with her back to me; so I stopped as well. “Take my clothes off of me Daddy. Do it slowly. Like you are seducing me.” The last she almost whispered.

“Please don’t make me do this. Beat me. Make me buy you something! Don’t make me..”

“I will warn you today only this once. Obey me immediately or there will be hell to pay. I own you.”

“Yes, Mistress Lisa. Thank you Mistress Lisa for being merciful,” I quickly said. In my mind I told myself it was just acting. I really was not touching my little girl. But when I stepped up behind her and put my hands on her hips and had to stand back an extra inch to avoid poking my erection into her bottom, I knew I was lying!

Taking the hem of her shirt, I slowly began to raise it, exposing her flat firm abs and the pierced belly button. “Watch me in the mirror.” She said. She had a dreamy wicked smile on her lips and she licked them when she saw I was staring at her. “Put your hands on my stomach. Pull me back against you. I want to feel your hard cock!”

Taking a deep breath to double my resolve, I did as she commanded. Her skin was so soft and warm. The curves of her hips, her navel, her ribs…. I could feel it all! I could also feel my cock as it slid down between the two solid round cheeks of her ass. The silky light weight colorful nylon shorts she wore only served to magnify the pleasure as I felt her body press back into mine.

“Now, slowly Daddy. Slowly lift my shirt higher and run your hands over my tits. Mom has always said you are a breast man. Do you like mine? Feel them and whisper in my ear what you think.”

I closed my eyes and did as I was told. I had to stretch the tight fitting band of her shirt to get it over her generous B or C tits. They were solid beneath the flimsy lightweight, virginal white bra she was wearing. I could feel her nipples immediately poking into the palms of my hands. I felt my fingers curling and wrapping inside the top edge of her bra, feeling the soft flesh beneath yield to my touch. “Yes Daddy. That’s it! I can feel your cock. Your want me. Tell me you want me!”

“Baby, you are so damn sexy and yes, god forgive me, I want to fuck you!” With my thumbs I slipped her shoulder straps wider and I found myself bending forward and kissing the side of her neck. Her hand brought the chain over her shoulder and she pulled me closer down. I was looking over her shoulder. I was seeing my hands as they slowly weighed, squeezed, teased and searched you young flesh. “You are such a fucking beautiful young woman!”

“Daddy, take my shirt off.”

I stepped back and pulled the shirt over her head and pulled her mane of hair free as well. As I turned to toss her shirt onto her bed I saw she had tied ropes to the four corners and my heart quickened. I turned back just as she reached up behind her and in a single smooth motion unlatched the clasp on her bra. My eyes wandered over the amazingly feminine shape of her torso and the way that the tan lines from her swimsuit seemed to only emphasize her graceful lines.

I felt the pull of the chain and I stepped back up to her, my chest to her bare back. This time, my testicles nested comfortable in the cleft of her ass while my dick slid up her spine and against the small of her back. I needed no orders. I reached around her and pulled the cups on her bra forward just a fraction of an inch. I heard her moan as I pressed the material back against her. I pulled a little down on one cup and then the other, but never truly exposing her. Not yet. “You are such a sexy tease. My God, you probably make men cum in their pants everywhere you go, with tits like these! You are so sexy and so beautiful. Oh fuck, look at that nipple! Mistress Lisa… you make my mouth water!”

She shrugged the straps from her shoulders and I finally pulled her bra down and out, liberating her full beautiful tits! Her nipples were straining and with each breath I could see them move so naturally and freely. I could not help myself and I bent forward to kiss and bite the place where her neck flares into her shoulder. I watched my fingers twist, squeeze and pull her young nipples out in a way that caused her to moan and push her ass back into me.

She reached up with both of her hands and took hold of my right hand. Looking into the mirror our eyes locked as she guided my fingers over her ribs, her stomach as it rose and fell with each breath. One hand pulled the waistband of her shorts forward and the other pushed my hand lower. My fingers knew the way to where she wanted them to go and she wrapped both her arms around my big strong arm as my fingers slid closer to the source of all of the incredible heat that was pouring out of her.

Her pussy was wet! She was literally dripping wet and I watched as her eyes fluttered closed. Her groan was one of the most sensual sounds I have ever heard! I found myself holding her up and to me with the hand that slid over that steaming slit! The orgasm was so unexpected it took me by surprise. It did not last long and her legs soon took back her weight as she began to aggressively grind her hips back into me and forward into my hand!

I sank to my knees behind her and after baring her bottom, I helped her step out of her shorts. She turned and leaned on the bed so that I had to crawl to almost the other side of her as she lay sort of diagonally back across the foot of her bed. “Eat me Daddy. Stick your tongue in there and clean me out!”

I had been planning on doing exactly that! With her bent forward, both her soaked pussy and her puckered ass ring were exposed to my inspection and attention and there was no way I was going to miss out on it!! I put a hand up on the small of her back and she raised her ass up higher and as I watched a thick flow of sexual pleasure began to almost run out of her! I dove face first into the molten flow and licked her thick juices and sucked and nibbled on her sexy pussy. She was so wet I actually slurped the pungent liquid into my eager mouth.

In no time at all she was cumming again.

This time, she crawled up onto the bed and scooted so her head was clear up at the headboard. “I want you face down in my pussy!” I scrambled up and she took my hands and spread them toward the corners of her bed making me literally rest nose first in her wet and quivering pussy. With her legs folded over my upper arms she tied first one wrist and then the other to the bed. She had at least one more small orgasm as my lips wrapped around her clit and my tongue flickered over her sensitive nub like mad!!!

The feeling of the lightweight cat of nine on my bare shoulders was not all that unexpected nor was it that distracting. The leather fronds were not heavy nor were they weighted; a fact I silently gave thanks for! She called me all kinds of names as I tried to keep eating her unusually wet pussy in the hopes that this week’s session would end without any of the damage I experience the week before.

One more orgasm and Lisa rolled out from under me and I lay there face down on the bed trying to clear my nose enough to breath normally. She went to the foot of the bed and soon I was tied spread eagle as well as face down on the bed. I prayed that she was not going to peg my raw ass. I was just not certain I could take it!

Then the door to her closet opened and there stood Tim. Tim is 23 and has had a thing for Lisa since she was 13. I have even called the cops on him back before Lisa turned 16 because I did not want the skinny tattoo covered freak anywhere near my daughter! We had struck a truce about six months ago. Since once she turned 18 I had little say in things, I had taken him out to a bar and told him as long as he took good care of my little Lisa, I would not stand in their way. But I had warned him if he ever hurt him, authorities might never find his body!

“Damn baby, that was hot.” He had on only his boxers as he walked over to Lisa and wrapped his arm around her and pulled her to him. “Watching your old man eat your cunt where I had just cum a little while ago got me stoked!”

“You didn’t cum did you? I told you if you did I would beat you worse than a red-headed step c***d!” She had rounded on him and I was half hoping he would say he had. I wanted to see her beat him to death! But I also felt nauseous at the realization of why Lisa had been dripping wet. It was not just the fact that she was super turned on I had been eating….

“Relax; I did what you told me, but babe, I am ready to go! So what do you want me to do? I’m not gay. I ain’t fucking your Dad, even for you!” The fleeting image of him having sex with me in any fashion caused my stomach to further churn and I had to mentally go someplace else to get control of my emotions.

“Knock it off Tim and come here.” Lisa took Tim’s hand and walked down to the foot of the bed. I felt one of them climb up on the bed and start climbing over the top of me. I was just able to see Lisa’s hair and for a moment. I breathed a little sigh of relief. When she had her hips over my ass and her mouth was over my neck I heard her say over her shoulder. “Baby, fuck me slow and in the ass. I want to talk to my Daddy Use the jelly on the dresser.” I closed my eyes tight wishing I was anywhere else as Lisa leaned close to my ear.

“Daddy, he likes to fuck my ass. He doesn’t have to worry about getting me pregnant there. He has a skinny dick, not like yours. Yours would fill my pussy the way his does my ass. So while he is fucking my ass, I am going to think about you fucking my cunt. I am going to grind my clit on your tailbone and I am going to cum over and over again thinking about how you can’t stop this. So what do you have to say to Mistress Lisa now? You better thank me or maybe I will let him fuck you after all!!”

“Thank you Mistress Lisa. You know I hate your boyfriend but thank you for lying on me and getting off on me.” I still was fighting the revulsion at the idea of her asshole boyfriend even being in my house! The fact that he had fucked her just before I ate her out and was now going to fuck her tight rosebud as she laid on my back was simply too much for me to say anything about.

I sensed him crawling up on the bottom of the bed and felt the rumbling of Lisa’s chest as she moaned in response to his touch on her ass. “He is sticking a finger in my butt Daddy… oh god he just put a second one in there! He is getting me so fucking wet Daddy! And feeling your butt beneath me Dad… I am not going to last long once he starts. I am going to cum and when I do I am going spurt all over your ass!”

“Here it comes baby, ready or not.” Tim said. I wanted to scream. I wanted to break away from my restraints and beat the guy with one of the bed posts! Instead, I felt their combined weight pushing my hips into the bed and the friction rubbed my cock a little, making me moan with them.

It did not last long. I suddenly felt warm flows of sweet pussy nectar washing out of Mistress Lisa and across my ass, balls, and thighs and onto the bed. I heard the idiot above her suddenly grunt a couple of times and felt Lisa slam into my back like she was being welded to me. Then I saw the moron roll off of the bed. He grabbed his clothes as Lisa slowly disconnected her body from mine. By the time she managed to stand upright, he was pulling his shirt on. He kissed her once, called ma a few things and was out the door.

“He really is a loser, isn’t he Dad?” Lisa said as she sat down next to me, still naked.

“I have stronger words for him than that.”

Lisa turned and undid the ankle nearest me, then stretched across the back of my legs to release the other. “So far today I have let you off far too easily. So stick your ass up, old man I know the perfect way to finish this off.”

A sudden fear washed through me. I remember thinking, “What worse can she do?” I rose up on my knees and she pushed my face back down into the bed. I heard her spit into her hand and the next thing I knew, she was milking my single hanging down “utter”! She was talented and as she stroked my cock, she ran her fingers up and down my ass, rimming my sphincter and all the while talking to me.

“Watching you as you were taking my clothes off made me so wet. There wasn’t a drop of Tim left in me! And feeling this thick cock against my ass… you make Tim’s cock feel like a pencil! And you know how to touch a pussy and eat it like only a mature man can. I understand now why Cindy says she fucks every Dad that she babysits for!” I was groaning and getting harder by the second. The fingers of her other hand rubbed my nuts every few seconds and just when I knew I was about to cum, she stopped.

“You did not honestly think that I was going to give you a hand job for punishment did you?” She laughed and walked out of the room only to return a couple of minutes later. My urgent need to cum had fallen off and I half expected her to release me. Instead, she started in again. This time she ran her fingernails up and down my cock, sticking them in my pee slit, lightly tracing the ridge of my circumcised head. In no time at all I was dripping with need and precisely at the moment I was ready to explode, she pulled her hands away and laughed.

A minute later, she fished an ice cube out of her glass and rubbed it across the underside of my scrotum. Everything down there tightened into knots and I whimpered both in need and agony! Over and over she brought me to the very point of completion, only to ruin my orgasm by using ice or just not giving me that final touch. I could see the clock, 20 minutes of this, then 30 and 45. After an hour of bringing me to the very point of no return and leaving me hanging, literally, Lisa finally undid my wrists.

“I am setting you free, but if I find out that you get off in any way between right now and next Thursday, I will beat your ass so hard next week, you will beg to not only eat sloppy second from my pussy, you will be sucking it straight from Tim, do you understand?”

I rolled into a ball in the middle of her wet bed, my groin a fiery knot of deep ache. “Yes Mistress Lisa. Thank you, Mistress Lisa.” I managed to say without throwing up.

“Get off of my bed. I am going to go get a shower. Strip my bed and get my sheets started in the wash before Mom comes home or I am going to have to tell her all about you and your bitch from work!” She reached behind me and finger flicked my left nut sending a shock through my system and tears down my face!


Week 2 is in the books….

Do you want to know what she did on Week 3?

I had to beg. Maybe it should be your turn……….?

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