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My Little Girl is a Pimp

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My Little Girl is a Pimp


I entered the house and went to the shower and washed and shaved. After the first three weeks I did not know what to expect, Lisa had been sending me pictures all week. She sent me pictures of her volleyball teammates changing or showering. She sent pictures of herself naked at home. There had been links to kinky pictures and orgies and all kinds of things. She had whispered in my ears questions like, “Did you like the one of the old man getting pegged?” and “If you bought me a strapon like that I would let you between my thighs to suck it whenever you wanted.” The most disturbing though were the pictures of her friends with questions like, “Which one would you want to fuck?” or “Do you think she is still a virgin?”

Thursday began with another dose of the little blue pill and whispered promises of a “Hot time” ahead. Funny things was, unlike the earlier weeks where I had waves of anxiety crash over me, I found myself looking forward to Mistress Lisa… Lisa doing what she wanted with me. When I caught myself thinking about it and smiling I was both puzzled and disturbed. Later as I kept wishing the time would pass more quickly.

Mistress Lisa was waiting for me just inside the door when I got home. She made me strip and put on my collar and chain and crawl after her to the garage. She had moved a padded workout bench into the nearest bay. She had me lie down on my back atop it. She took her time tying my hands together beneath me and then doing a second band pulling my elbows back beneath the bench as well. My ankles and feet she tied to the handle on the garage door.

All the while she was saying. “I bet you have not been able to forget just how good it felt to be in my pussy last week! You, balls deep in your own offspring’s womb, pumping into me your gallons of cum. You know it was still dripping out of me the next morning?!?!? The other girls I work with didn’t believe it that I was fucked at 4:00 pm on one day and was still dripping semen the next morning! They said I must have a real stud. I told them I just had a dirty pervert! That’s what you are!”

She ran her fingernails on my bare flesh or allowed her silken soft hair to fall on my thigh and then pull up over me as she ran a heavy rubber bungee around my chest. “Look at you. My god, we have not even done anything yet and your filthy little prick is dripping already! Which of my friends are you thinking about? Lori, with her big dark eyes and huge tits? Jess and her legs longer than me? Or have you decided to fantasize about Brooke? You remember Brooke. She was a couple years ahead of me. Black girl with big tits and booty? She had a k** a few months ago. I bet her tits are huge and wet these days!!! Is that what is getting you all so fucking hot?”

After tying my arms she took off her top so I kept lifting my head trying to watch her as she tied my ankles and ran the rope through the lifting handle on the door. Those big creamy tits with the freckles looked so tasty and the way they wobbled and moved as she worked. She was right. My cock was leaking. She was also wrong. I was only thinking about her! Watching her ass in those tight shorts and seeing her tall athletic body move with such confident sexy poise had me eager to once again be inside her!

She straddled the rope and walked up it toward me. My toes touched her knees and then she was walking bow-legged up my lower body until her shorts were just touching my balls. As if to emphasize the face, the rocked her hips forward a couple of times. “But more than anything, you want that filthy cock of yours stuck up into me. You want to stick into me, the prick you stuck into Mom that made me in the first place! You sick bastard! I knew there was a reason you turned me on.

All through high school I tried to time it so that you would be finishing working out. I loved the smell of your sweat and the salty taste of you when I would kiss you good night. Then I would go back to my room and close the door and crawl under the sheets and I would rub right here” and she touched her clit through her shorts “and I would squeeze my nipples. You made me cum hundreds of times, Daddy and never even knew it!” Leaning forward she put her straightened arms out and rested her hands on my shoulders. Her tits hung like ripe fruits over my chest as she pressed the waistband of her shorts into the underside of my throbbing cock. “Now you have gotten to cum in me and you want more too! You want to fuck your little girl and squirt more of your thick cum into her pretty and very wet pussy, don’t you?”

“Oh god yes!!!” I wanted to scream it, but I could barely breath it out loud, so intense was my need!

She pushed up, dismounted me and pulled a bandana out of her pocket. “I knew you did you perverted old fucker! But I have seen you watching me and that was bad so first I am going to blindfold you and then bungee your head down to you behave, because you have been bad!” She tied the bandana over my eyes and then I felt a strap going over my forehead holding my head down to the padded seat.

Then I heard the garage door open and before I understood what was happening, I felt my legs being lifted up toward the ceiling! When the door stopped, my feet were straight above my hips and my hips were maybe six inches off of the bench! With a shudder I realized that my bare ass was now exposed to anyone that pulled around to the back of our house. The unlikely nature of that happening did not dampen my fears and anxiety and I begged Mistress Lisa to put the door back down but she laughed.

“What? Are you afraid some delivery driver might pull up the drive and discover me playing with your helpless body? Are you afraid some Mormon elders or Jehovah’s Witnesses might come up to convert you and see what kind of a sick Daddy you are? Hmmm Daddy? Of what if it was a bus load of nuns or a car load of gay basketball players Dad! What would you do then?”

She laughed as she ran her fingers over my legs and hips… and my cock and balls and ass. She continued talking as she stepped over and busied herself doing something that I could not quite figure out by sound alone. Then I heard her open something and then I felt a cold, slimy gloved finger rubbing a thick glob of cold goo into my ass crack! I squeezed and tried to resist. It seemed to work because she walked away. But then both of my ass cheeks got two stinging paddlings from what I guess was a ping pong paddle. “You are going to take what I have for you today and you are not going to embarrass me! Do you understand me?! I swear I will beat you five times harder than I did that first day if you fight me today!”

As my mind trying to process the word “embarrass” I heard the sound of tires on the sealed black top and the purr of a car pulling around the corner of the house! “Shit, Lisa! Close the door! Untie me!” I said in a near panic. It was not the sound of the UPS or FedEx delivery vans!!

The two cracks this time felt like lightning bolts exploding on my stretched and exposed ass! I yelled, which got me another one. That was when I heard the cat calls and laughs of at least two women getting out of a vehicle. A third door slammed closed as they called out to Lisa that it looked like she had started the party without them. I heard her whisper, “I will gag you and then beat you to no end if you so much as say one wrong thing, understand?” I nodded.

“Ladies, remember no names today! We have an ignorant slab of man meat today to enjoy, and unfortunately only a few hours with which to play, so please feel freely!!!” Mistress Lisa exclaimed to our guests and my heart pounded not knowing anything about who they were or what they wanted!

Hands were exploring my legs, balls, cock and ass. One girl bent over me and kissed me on the lips. I thought at first to resist her, but then decided to enjoy it and she nearly took my breath away! A finger slid into my ass and there were several exclamations and a few nasty comments. I could mentally see my ass swinging in the air about 8 inches above the bench and I prayed I was wrong about what was going to happen!

Then there was only one set of hands and I was fairly certain they were Lisa’s. I could hear the others off in the other bay apparently taking off clothes or putting on costumes… it was hard to tell from the quiet comments. Then I caught the familiar scent of Mistress Lisa as she leaned close to my face and said, “I’m not going to lie. These bitches are going to be rough. But if you relax and do your best, I am thinking you are going to enjoy every second of it!!” She then licked the side of my face as I heard someone approaching.

“I think this might be oldest toy that I have ever played with.” I heard a girl say cheerfully. “How old is he?” I felt something tug on my rope, lifting my feet higher as the musty warmth of a woman’s sex descended over my mouth and chin, my nose chiseling into the cleft of her ass. I had little choice, so I made long slow searching forays through a thankfully hairless pussy.

“He just turned 50 two months ago. So you may think of him as old, but I have found that you might want to think of him as well experienced! In other words he doesn’t pop off and wilt like one little boy we had!” Mistress Lisa fired back and a couple of the girls laughed while one objected. I could not make it out as the thighs of the girl on my face squeezed against my face for a moment before relaxing!

“Oh my! He fucking knows how to use his tongue!” “Came the voice from above.”

I sensed a person at the other end of the bench and then felt hands roughly grabbing my legs. “Yeah, most men know how to run their mouths, but can he take it like a man?!?!” With that I felt my ass being spread open and someone pushing something against my asshole.

As I have admitted, I have an ass fetish, both enjoying others and others enjoying mine. But this was different. I had no idea what was being used or done, by whom down there! At least two sets of hands had my legs held firmly against sexy lithe bodies and a set of ample tits were bracketing my left leg, and it was not by accident! The wet pussy above my face was growing wetter by the moment and I felt a hand grabbing my dick and yet…. It was the intrusive presence and pressure deep between the two round cheeks of my ass that completely drew my attention.

My heart was pounding and I was having trouble drawing even the shallow fearful breathes I tried. Fear of the unknown, of who was seeing me, using me and of what they were going to do to me had my heart beating like a locomotive! I wanted to beg, to see, to at least have an idea of who was doing this to me and yet in the midst of that storm of emotion and turmoil, I did the unexpected.

I relaxed.

“Oh my God! I just pushed in a little and he took it! What a whore!!!” The woman below me said and the others all shrieked and laughed. I did not. I thought someone had just pushed the largest turd I have ever passed, back into my ring and held it there! Tears came to my eyes and I tried to suck in air but only got pussy juice! There was also something like the sensation of a fist being punched into me low and hard. It wasn’t pain, pleasure or pressure, but more of a dull sensation of something uncomfortable and foreign! I moaned into the pussy and another gale of laugher filled the garage!

The hands on my legs relaxed and then departed except for a single pair. They held my thighs still. “Let’s go for more.” I heard a voice say and I tried to exhale, blowing bubbles into the fleshy labia that was grinding on my mouth and chin. “Damn, your old man is a slut! He just took the rest of my dick in just the second push!” The girl called out.

I wanted to cry. It felt like something that was my nuts and yet was not was being hit by a pool queue and driven into my navel. She then started backing out and I thought she was going to turn me inside out!! I do not think she backed up far, but it felt like she was sliding a yard of tubing out of me and then holding it there before pushing it back into me! She started slowly and for that I am thankful. But to be honest, it was still overwhelming and far different than anything I had ever imagined before!

A flood of warm thick liquid flowed down into my nose, mouth and onto my throat as I chewed on the sex button of the girl on my face! It was not the heaviest, most intense orgasm, but it was nevertheless unmistakable! She put her hands on my chest, driving the air out of my lungs as she lifted her hips off of me chanting over and over, “Oh fuck, oh fuck.”

There was a lot of laughter as I readied myself to begin working another woman. Instead, a woman leaned over my face and using big soft floppy tits she wiped my face clear so I could breathe! Before I could thank her I felt a hard, full nipple dangled over my mouth. “Open up! I don’t want to waste all of this so you are going to get to suck me dry!”

Remembering what Mistress Lisa had said about Brooke, I could imagine the big black breasts of the girl, engorged with milk and needing draining! I was more than willing to help the young mother in need! I eagerly opened my mouth and latched on deeply to her and began sucking and pressing with my tongue on her nipple. Memories of doing that to Tina when she had breast-fed out little baby Lisa all those years ago came flooding to mind and I felt my cock leap! Those had been some of the most intense days of sexual pleasure in my life!

The fine spray really does not fill a man’s mouth like so many people imagine. But soon she let down and there was enough spray into my mouth that I could taste that delicious taste of breast milk as it painted my tongue and the roof of my mouth as well as pooled in the back of my throat. From the cooing of the voice above me, I could tell I was not the only one enjoying my refreshment!

There were hands. At least two women were using their hands to stroke my cock, twist my nipples and explore all of my exposed flesh! I had almost lost awareness of my neglected member and found myself to be very aroused from the anal drilling, mouth filling treatment that I had been receiving!

The dildo in my ass pulled out and then she gaped me. She pushed back in and popped back out over and over again, training my ass to stay open! “Damn, I am telling you this man is a slut whore! Look at his greedy ass! I wish Tommy’s ass would stay open for me like that!” They all laughed and I wondered who Tommy was and if he had been as abused as I was getting!

One of the sets of hands departed and returned. The first breast lifted from my mouth and I opened wide for the second.

“You think he is ready?”

“Yup, let’s do it!!”

I heard some glass clinking and my cock was suddenly flipped loose and stood up almost parallel to my body! Damn I was hard!! Then the explosion! It felt like small needles of heated pain wrapping all around every part of my cock!!! I yelled and tried to move, but… Oh My God!!! Then I felt the splashes of heat on my root and then my chest! It was then I realized they were pouring candle wax on my dick and chest! It was different from anything I have ever felt and in my mind it was almost like being stung by a thousand bees all on the cock at the same time!

There were lots of OH’s and mmm’s and nasty comments. Then as it cooled I could feel every small hair on my chest being pulled as the wax cooled, stuck and shrank. “We actually got a pretty good profile of his dick!” One of the girls proclaimed! And they all laughed.

The second breast descended into my lips and for a moment I thought about biting it, just to show one of the bitches what the pain was like that they had just inflicted on me! But when the drops of woman milk kissed my lip, all thought of resistance fled.

The garage door started to come down and the girl that had been buggering my butt moved so my feet could come down. Giggling accompanied the fingers as they chipped and flaked the wax off of my dick. It seemed most of them were now kneeling around me except for Brooke. They were licking, kissing and sucking and despite my newly sunburnt flesh!

Once I was fairly rigid I heard Mistress Lisa telling the others, “It’s time for the games to begin. Each girl gets 90 seconds. PUSSIES ONLY this time!”

“I didn’t cheat! No one specified that I could not suck him off!” One of the girls protested and the others laughed

“So first up!” I felt a girl straddle my hips, her ass toward my face and then I felt my dick sliding into a wet cauldron of sex! Mistress Lisa leaned down by my ear and whispered, “You better not cum before we all get to ride you twice, or I will fuck you every night before you go to bed with a strapon!!!”

The first two simply stuck my cock in them and used my rigid cock like a stir stick, deep inside of them. It felt damn good, especially the second one who was so tight it took her the longest to slide down to the base of my cock. Her moans were also some of the most delicious! But the third straddled my hips and slowly took my now thick wet shaft and used it to rub my dick over her clitoris only occasionally sticking my thick cock head into her outer vestibule and using her pussy to polish my knob!

The next woman mounted me face first and d**g her heavy leaking tits over my chest. In my mind, the image of my white dick piercing into the pink interior of Brooke’s black body was damn hot! She reached behind her and with her body melded to mine slowly fed my hungry python into her dark depths. I was meeting her every thrust with one of my own at the end, but I managed to hold off.

On it went. The women were getting wetter and I could hear some of them kissing, sucking playing and all of them making rude comments about popping the oldest hardest cock ever! That second time through, the third girl, got her heels on the bench to either side of my hips and squatted down over me. She started bouncing up and down with me pounding up into her harder and faster and that was the first one that I nearly cried out in frustration over when Lisa called time and I was just sooooooo close!

As the second girl was throwing her leg over me for her third try I heard one of the girls say, “Oh fuck! Look how red his dick is!!! The hell with the game, I want to see him shoot that load! Stroke him!” The others all laughed and agreed and I felt them all kneeling around me. One of them said, “Let’s all put our faces on him and see if he has enough to spunk us all!!!”

Lisa said, “Oh, he has enough for all of us and then some!!!” The laughed and about four strokes after I felt the last face lay on my thigh, I could hold back no longer! Had I not been strapped down so securely I probably would have injured a couple of them with my thrusts, so great was my need! I could feel her aiming my cock up down and side to side as the fist alternately squeezed, stroked and jerked me over and over again!

Several faces quickly rose up laughing, others started licking and one slid up and started kissing and sucking on my balls causing me to shoot even more, as impossible as that seemed.

Now if you have never had a massive orgasm while laid out flat on your back, you may not realize this, but a lot of the muscles in your abdomen contract HARD when you cum. If you are not able to curl up a little and give them room to contract, they cramp and turn to knots and the combination of pleasure and pain is incredibly delicious! I roared as both sensations rendered me completely incapable of logical thinking. All that I was aware of was the hand on my dick, the squeezing of my nuts, and the agony of needing to tighten up even more to shoot even more!

I listened for the next several minutes as the girls cleaned up, got dressed and chatted. I had only had sex four times in the last month and yet at that moment I had never been more satiated! Before they left, each woman bent over me, kissed me and thanked me for being such a good pet for Mistress Lisa. It was enough to nearly raise the dead!

When the car had started and pulled away from the door, Lisa pulled off my mask. “That, my dear pet, was perfect! I am now the envy of every one of those women!” She leaned down and kissed me as she began releasing straps. “I can tell you now, if after your ransom has been paid in full, you ever want to enjoy something like that again, all you will have to do is let me know. I think every one of them would love to use you again!”

I sat up and felt the sensation return to extremities that had moved too little for too long. “Thank you Mistress Lisa. I am to please!” I smiled. She turned and started for the door.

“Good, because you need to clean all of this up and get a shower because Mom will be home in about 20 minutes!”


Ready to meet my Mistress Lisa yet? Wishing you had a daughter…..

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If I have to beg, why shouldn’t I make you too!!! LOL

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