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My Little Girl is Evil

My Little Girl is Evil

This all began with a story, “My Little Girl is Responsible” followed by “My Little Girl is a Pervert”, “My Little Girl is Impregnated” and most recently, “My Little Girl is a Pimp”. As you can tell, “My Little Girl” is a very bad young woman who after catching me in an affair has made life a living hell! A sexy, vivacious and erotic hell!!!!

Then a couple of days after “Pimp” happened, this occured!!!

My Little Girl is Evil


I had just turned out of the subdivision to my normal Saturday morning tee time with a few of the guys when I remembered that I had left a gift card for one of themon my dresser. It was going to be the second week in a row I had forgotten it, so I cursed my weak mind and turned the car around and headed back home. Instead of hitting the garage door opener, I pulled up to the front of the house, jumped out of my vehicle and let myself in our rarely used front door.

Tina, my wife, turned off the shower as I walked into the bedroom so I was glad I was moving quietly! I grabbed the card and turned to sneak back out when her phone vibrated. I grabbed it to silence the notification. Holding my breath, I waited and then relaxed. She had not heard it! With luck I would be out of the house and she would not even know I had been back in!

She had gotten a text. It was from “Mistress Lisa”! I froze. I can remember thinking, “Shit! I have done everything right and that little bitch is still going to wreck my marriage!” Taking a deep breath, I clicked the message open to see exactly what she was telling my wife so I could craft my defense.

“When you get your slutty body clean, get your ass in here! My cunt needs licked by my whore of a mom!”

I read it three times. Then I heard my wife drop her brush on the tile floor of the bath and quietly curse. I whipped around, but she was still by shower and out of my line of sight. I clicked to mark the text as unread and put the phone back on her bed and damn near ran out of the house!!!

I only made it as far as the next street over before I pulled over. I was shaking like a leaf! My Little Girl, the woman who had turned my life upside down and was taking advantage of a horny mistake I made, was also using my wife!!! She was making HER OWN MOM as a lesbian toy!!! She was using her mother the same as she was using me!!!!

I was angry. No, I was beyond angry! I wondered what my wife had done that the little bitch was blackmailing her for! I wondered how long she had been doing it to my wife! I was angry at my wife that she had no energy for sex with me, but even as I sat there on the side of the road she was probably having sex with our only offspring!!!!!

“Wait. You do NOT know that for a fact.” I said out loud to no one else sitting in the car. I tried to remember EXACTLY what the text had said and could not. “Maybe it had a different meaning? Maybe it was a private joke.” I wanted to believe anything but the obvious.

“There is only one way to know.” I called my buddies and told them something had come up and I turned my car back toward home again.

We live in the back of the subdivision, with cornfields behind and to one side. Most of the lots around us are still empty because no one knows what if anything will be developed at this end of the subdivision. About 75 yards up from our house there is an access cut into the street and the curb for the farmer to pull into his field and just enough space to pull a car into the field and conceal it from our home. I killed the engine, locked the car and started running between two rows of corn toward my house, oblivious to all of the small cuts and sc****s of the corn leaf sharp edges.

Lisa sl**ps in the basement. The windows to her room were glass block, but at the side of the house were fire code egress windows and despite Tina’s nagging, I still have not hung the curtain rod for them. As I moved toward the house I tried to judge whether I would be able to see through the window, through the unfinished game room and into her bedroom to see what was happening.

I need not have worried. Edging toward the window I saw Tina standing with her back against a column, her hands cuffed behind her to the other side of support post. Her hair was wet and dark. It was pulled into a single pony tail. She had nothing else on. Her matured round body shook and I saw a tear on her cheek.

Mistress Lisa suddenly came out of her room carrying a large plastic box and I saw Tina shake her head and stomp her feet in protest. Lisa set the box down and turned and slapped the older woman across the face! She then turned and reached into the box and pulled out a pair of dark ‘librarian style” glasses. I could tell what was going on immediately. Mistress Lisa had on sexy black patent leather heals, stockings with a black skirt that was so short it was plain to see that her stockings were held up by a sexy lace belt. Her white blouse was tied at the waist and her full breasts moved and swayed within the stiff fabric.

Lessons were about to begin!

I was pissed and I started to get up off of my belly and go put a stop to all of this when Lisa stepped up to her mother and wiped the tears from her cheeks and then bent forward and they kissed. I do not mean like mothers or daughters, they kissed, eagerly, hungrily and like a couple that had created their own lip language of love!

Lisa’s hand came up so naturally and cupped the big full breast of her captive and lifted and squeezed the soft full flesh that had been resting on her mother’s belly. I watched as her thumb rubbed back and forth and almost immediately the nipple responded, growing from a mostly flat point on a darker colored part of the breast to a proud thick and beautiful long nipple that demanded attention! Mistress Lisa asked some question, smiled, released her mother’s breast.

Turning around, Mistress Lisa pushed her scantily covered bottom against Tina’s belly and then she bent forward to pick something out of the box she had brought out. She took her time rummaging through before finding the book … and grinding her backside against the older woman. I watched as Tina looked up at the unfinished ceiling in the basement and closed her eyes.

When Mistress Lisa found what she was searching for, she righted herself, turned and I saw she had book that was slightly larger in size than a paperback novel, but not by much. It was black and she opened the book and flipped through while pacing slowly across the floor. Tina lowered her eyes and watched the other like a hawk!

Reading something from the book, Mistress Lisa suddenly stopped and asked something of the other woman. I saw the mouth move in answer but it was evidently not correct because the Mistress smiled, shook head and picked up a clothespin.

Grabbing the soft, somewhat deflated large breast closest to her, she lifted it while talking to the older woman, book tucked under an arm. She lightly slapped the nipple and it hardened into that lovely familiar form I know so well. Lisa then pinched the nipple and shook the entire breast back and forth by the nipple! I felt myself getting hard, thinking “Shit, I have never seen her nips grow that big, that fast!” Then she squeezed open the clothes pin and pushed it up and onto the base of the nearest nipple and released it, adjusting it once to make certain it stayed!!

She pulled the book out again and read something else and then looked at her mother. The answer was evidently not right again, because she pulled out another clothes pin and put it on the other side of the same nipple. Tina stomped her feet and Lisa laughed and went back to the book.

Within minutes, both breasts had two nipples on either side of the base and one on the length. I watched in fascination as Lisa began flicking the various wooden clamps and moved up and again began kissing her victim in an aggressive manner that was both welcomed and returned! I felt myself hardening even more at the realization of what I was seeing! The two women in my life that mean the most to me were lovers! They were sadistic, BDSM lovers that had been in this relationship for a while at least!

Lisa stepped back and I watched as she reached between the fit legs of her mother. Even from where I was, I could see the glistening wetness that coated them when she pulled them back and examined them. She then stared Tina in the eye and stuck the two fingers into her own mouth as deeply as she could!! Slowly she pulled them back out, sucked clean as she watched the older woman’s eyes flutter. Lisa then reached between her own legs and again, moments later her fingers were wet and glistening. This time, she slowly pushed the fingers deep into the greedy mouth of my wife who sucked them even cleaner than they had been before!!!!!

By now I was rubbing my cock in earnest! I watched as Mistress Lisa was shoving two manicured fingers in and out of her mother’s mouth. I saw movement lower and realized she was fingering my wife and I watched in stunned amazement as no more than a couple of minutes later, I saw Tina’s legs turn almost to water an orgasm slammed into her body.

I was fascinated as much by the perversion of it all as by seeing the clothed beautiful young woman giving the older woman the orgasm I had not been able to give her for week! Then as Tina began to regain some of her composure, Mistress Lisa quickly pulled off all six clothes pins! I heard the delicious scream outside!

Reaching into her box to drop the clamps, Lisa turned back around with a small whip which she began spinning and slapping against the tender nipples of the other woman, apparently oblivious that in doing so her or own blouse had fallen open and her own large breasts were now obvious as well!

I rolled to the side and unzipped my pants. Looking around to make certain that all was as usual and no one was anywhere in the area, I pulled my cock out and began pumping it. Looking back into the window, Lisa undid the handcuffs and had her mother lie down on her back on the carpet. She lowered herself in her short black skirt over the face of the prone woman, trapping her arms against the ground with her shins.

It was hard to see from my angle near the ceiling how Tina performed her role, but watching Mistress Lisa was incredibly HOT! She had her mother bring her heels up and then spread her knees apart. Then, with the same lightweight cat-o-nine whip, she began slapping thighs, hips, pubic mound and pussy lips as she rhythmically ground her own wet pussy up and down back and forth over the eager lips and tongue beneath her!

It did not take long for Mistress Lisa to start squeezing her own tits as she continued to ride her mother’s face. Those beautiful freckled breasts, so round and full looked incredible swaying and bobbing up and down as she face fucked the other woman! There was no need to hide and no effort made to hide their lust for each other!! The older woman’s hands were running over the younger ones thighs and butt, probing, touching caressing as her opposite continued to ever increase the speed and fervency of her face riding adventure!

With a lurch, Lisa lunged face forward and like a starving woman who could not wait for manners, she dove face first into the delicious looking pussy that she had been whipping! Her mother’s fists were soon pounding on the floor as sensations once again thundered throughout every region of her body!

When Lisa pulled herself to her unsteady feet, Tina did not move. Soaked down to nearly her knees; face and hair matted from her daughter’s juices. If it had not been for the smile and deep breathes she was taking one might have thought she had just died of drowning!

Lisa was not much better. I could see her ass plainly and it moved beautifully as she lurched with a slightly unstable gate over to her box. Her legs were also visibly wet and shiny! She picked up a harness and pulled off the smaller dong and reached into the box for a larger one. She managed to step into the leg area and pull the harness up. She removed the black skirt and tossed it to the side. With the toe of her foot she nudged the butt of her mother who cracked open one eye. I read her lips as she said, “No.” There was a mild kick and the word “Yes from the younger followed almost immediately by the command “now!!!”

Tina rolled over onto her belly then up into the ass high, head down position and Mistress Lisa, with her red hair and green eyes seemed to regain some of her lost energy as she looked at the wet open and ready pussy that 18 years early had parted to allow her to come out.

She was now going to pound her own way back in!

I could see her holding the rubbery body of the big purple dong and place it against the open slit of my wife. She pushed and I watched it stretch my wife as she slapped her hand on the floor and turned her head side to side in an almost thrashing movement.

My erection, which had somewhat subsided over the last couple of minutes bloomed back and I watched in an almost enraptured way as Mistress Lisa slowly pushed and fucked her way deeper and deeper into my wife! In a way I wanted to stop it! In another way I did not want it to ever stop! Grabbing my phone, I started the video camera and pointed it at them through the window. By leaning it just right against the glass I managed to put the phone down and keep it on them so I could focus on what my hand was doing!

It took Lisa the better part of a couple of minutes to go all of the way in, but it certainly seemed like that was fine with both of the women! Then Mistress Lisa began slapping the large round ass of her mother as she began to build a nice quick in and out stroke in and out of the other woman’s pussy! They were going at it and Lisa snatched the ponytail of the woman beneath her rubber cock and pulled her upright! I could see her pressing her own firm tits into the back of the mature woman whose tits jumped and shook with every thrust! I matched my strokes with theirs and felt myself reaching that point of no return at nearly the same time!

Tina wrapped her arms around to the front and I watched as she squeezed slapped and pulled hard on her mother’s already bruised nipples! They were both fucking their hips into the fake phallus and my real one was getting ever closer and closer to its limit.

Lisa was leaving raking fingernail tracks across the tender white flesh of the older saggy breasts as Tina rubbed her clit fast and hard. When Tina turned and fell forward, grabbing for the pole to keep from falling to the ground I knew she was cumming. A second later as Mistress Lisa was slapping her mom’s ass, she herself arched her back and I could just hear the combined moans and roars through the glass.

That was all it took for me. One last quick stroke and squeeze and my balls began their atomic explosion ripping through my lower body and sending sperm flying against the foundation in great white fountains!

When I next opened my eyes, Lisa was putting her toy back in the box and Tina was sitting with her back against the column. This time Lisa walked over, turned her butt to the older woman and bent over at the waist, legs spread and from where I was I could see her pubic bump was red and irritated. I smiled as I realized it was probably from her strap on. I could also see her pink asshole was exposed and pussy wet and very, VERY needy!

Tina saw it as well and she began fingering the puckered backdoor ring of her daughter as she began sucking on her wet split peach, burying her nose in the center of that pussy! I pulled on my pants and got myself covered as I was watching. Stopping the video recording of the phone, I did think at least to put it away in my pants before it got soaked. Rain clouds were beginning to move in and I did not want to get caught in the storm, but I could not tear myself from watching those two!

With lipstick, Mistress Lisa was writing things like CUNT and Pussy licker and Whore! all over her mother’s body as she tried to prolong the inevitable. Tina now was moving her right pinky finger in and out of Lisa’s ass and sucking and licking the bald pink pussy with the soft lovely labia! I was starting to get hard enough to think about stroking again when it all happened.

The lightning bolt struck the tree in the next lot. I felt the charge first as my hair all stood on end. Almost immediately I heard the sizzle, saw the reflected light and felt the boom that shook the ground I was laying on! I jumped and rolled over to look behind me and see what the hell had just happened! Too late, I realized the two women probably were looking to the window too….

I gave a half glance over my shoulder just as Lisa’s arm was pointing up at me and my wife’s head was whipping around to look. I ducked and rolled away from the window and got to my feet in the blink of an eye. Sprinting for the corn field I was fairly certain I could be concealed by the corn before they could make it to a window from which they could see me. That said I did not slow until I was several rows in.

I heard the back door open and then I heard a shotgun blast fired. Looking back, I could just see that the shell had been fired into the ground as a warning. I moved a couple of rows deeper into the field and began jogging toward my car.


So now what?!?!?!? Did they see who it was (hopefully not, since they shot at them!!!)?

And what does that do to the other dynamics?

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