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My Little Girl is Impregnated?

My Little Girl is Responsible
My Little Girl is a Pervert
My Little Girl is Impregnated? = Week 3

Synopsis: My 18 yr. old daughter, Mistress Lisa caught me having sex. In exchange for her silence, I was to serve as her slave on seven Thursdays while her mom was at work. This is the story of week 2.


On Friday morning, Lisa came into the kitchen as I was eating my breakfast and her Mom was fixing a salad for lunch. Lisa lay across my shoulders and I could feel her nipples rubbing into my back as she leaned forward and bit my ear! I damn near threw my tablet across the table and screamed! Before I could quietly tell her to stop, she put her hand over my mouth and whispered, “Sniff”. I did and could immediately tell that her finger had been in her sexy young pussy only seconds before! Then she wiped the wetness onto my nose, laughed stood up and walked to the refrigerator saying to everyone “Good Morning. Friday is finally here!” Her mother turned and smiled. Tina is a beautiful woman in her own right, with, light brown hair, green eyes and a figure that screams MILF. She just has been working to climb the company ladder for the past two years and that left little time and less energy for me and especially sex.

Tina went back to slicing up vegetables while Lisa opened the refrigerator and chugged some milk from the half gallon carton while glancing back and forth from her mother to me. She lowered the jug and her upper lip was sporting a milk mustache, which she slowly and sensually licked off while she held my eyes. I thought for a moment my cock my bump the bottom of the table!

That was how the entire next week went. Lisa put her worn underpants in my briefcase. She walked around in outfits that were even more revealing than usual. She would spread open her knees and flash me her tiny wet pussy. She would pull aside her top and pinch her nipple while she was certain I was watching. But mostly she would whisper in my ear. “You know you want to fuck me. You want to put your dirty old hands all over my body because you know I can do things to you that no other woman can!”

It was irritating not just because I thought she might get caught, or because she was right, but because she had made me promise to not get off in between our sessions! So by Tuesday I thought my nuts were on fire and the cramps I had deep in behind the root of my cock nearly had me doubled over!

Finally Thursday arrived. Along with my morning kiss and tits rubbed in my face, I was handed a single pack of a pill. Viagra. I know my jaw dropped and I wanted to scream, “Where the hell did you get this? I don’t need this!!!” But she stepped away, mimed opening the package and popping it in her mouth. I shook my head and she turned, “Hey Mom….”

As her mother turned to look at her I hid the package under my tablet and then made small motions to Lisa to stop, I would do it. “I was just wondering how much longer you have to work late on Thursdays.”

“I have told you before, until I get my promotion. It should not be much longer. Our project is supposed to wrap up next month which is good because internal postings usually happen the next month.” Tina turned back to the sink and busied herself as I quietly opened the package and swallowed the pill.

“Okay. Well Dad, it looks like it is just the two of us again then tonight. You want to go do something this afternoon Dad? We don’t ever have those special Father / Daughter times like we used to!” She winked at me and then grabbed her crotch for a couple of quick pelvic thrusts. “Be thinking about what we can do and I will as well. I’m sure we will come up with something!” I told her we would have to see and then grabbed my computer and headed for work.

By lunch both of my heads were throbbing and staying focused on work was nearly impossible. Not only was I in pain but every time I thought even the most tame lewd or lascivious thought of a woman in the office, I got hard as granite! The time finally arrived when I could go home and I prayed silently that “Mistress Lisa” would just want to have sex and call it all quits!! My headache was nearly debilitating at this point.

The location texted from Lisa did not match anything in my address book and initially I could not even think what was on that more or less industrial road. When I punched find into the phone GPS it came back with the name, “The Spotted Cougar.” I groaned. It had been decades since I had been to a strip joint and going to one with my little girl was going to be embarrassing in the least. I shot a text back asking if I had the right place and her reply was, “See you there in ten minutes.” I stepped down on my accelerator..

I saw Lisa’s car the moment I pulled behind the building. It was a good thing too, because the woman that got out of the car had black short hair, wild heavy makeup, a shirt unbuttoned so that it was obvious she wore no bra and a pair of black leggings that went into boots that hadat least four inch heels. She blew me a kiss as I got out of my car. “Come on Dad, let’s have some fun!” She said. Without waiting for a response she hooked an arm around my neck and pulled me to her and roughly and passionately gave me a wet and probing kiss. My head spun as much from delight as from pain! When she released me, she smiled and said, “Relax. No one is going to recognize me and so to anyone that sees us you are just going to be yourself. They will just see another dirty fucking old pervert who somehow sc****d up the money for a LOT of fun! Let’s get inside!”

Just inside the doors we stopped to let our eyes adjust to the dark interior. Lisa turned, and put the leather collar she had purchased for me around my neck and then led me over to the small window to the right. The fat old greasy man stared openly at Lisa and looked from me back to her as if he was trying to figure out how I had gotten lucky. I paid the membership fee and then the cover and then, at the request of Mistress Lisa, changed a $50 into ones “so we can have some fun!” she laughed

It was early afternoon and they only had two girls dancing. As we sat down a petite woman, maybe in her early 30’s approached our tables, took our drink orders as well as an order for deep fried pickles. She smiled at us and ran her hand over my upper arm and shoulder before heading off to what I assumed was the kitchen.

The pounding in my head synchronized with the bass as it beat out a solid rhythm for the women to dance to. Both were a little overweight and had big boobs and asses. The song ended and the dancer closest to us came off of the stage and after stopping at a couple of tables that were closer came over and smiled at us both. She welcomed us and said,

“Would you like a lap dance or anything special this afternoon? The place is pretty dead, so Spike probably won’t want me back on stage for at least an hour.”

I started to say, “No” but before I could Mistress Lisa said, “I would love to have a lap dance! Could we do it in a private room or do you have to stay out here?” I nearly got whiplash as I turned to ask what the hell she thought she was doing. Bad move because my head swirled as well rendering it nearly impossible for me to object. Mistress Lisa told me to fork out an amount of cash and I did. Then Emma, the big breasted woman, dressed only in a glittery red G-string, large hole fishnet stockings and red sequined bra top led us down a discrete darkened hallway and through a small door..

I was thankful when the door closed on the small booth that the music at least was muffled. “This old fucker wants to watch me with another girl. I want to play with a cougar and dominate her. Can we do that?” Mistress Lisa asked almost before I got sat down and the door closed.

“Honey, I’d be willing to do a pretty little kitten for free!” She turned and looked the younger woman up and down. “But what do you know about dominating a woman? Wouldn’t you rather I showed you and your man friend there a good time at the end of a whip?”

“Wouldn’t you like to get down on your knees and lick my pussy while he watches for $20 more? I know I want to use that rubber whip over there to wrap around your ass and lick your pussy in return!” Mistress Lisa said, standing tall and pointing to the other wall.

Emma looked from her eyes to the whip and back. “What the fuck. Might as well make the most of a slow day.” She grabbed the whip off of the wall and extended the handle to Lisa, “Here you go Mistress. We are at your command.”

Lisa looked around the small cramped room and then peeled her leggings down her toned tanned thighs to just below the knees. “Watch, learn and enjoy!” she said to me with a huge smile before adding, “But don’t you dare cum! That I get to enjoy later… if you are good!”

“I don’t know about you, Honey, but I’d love for him to have that trouser snake out here where I can at least see it. He looks like he is going to be dripping and that makes my old pussy wet as the Scioto River!” Mistress Lisa smiled, agreed and told me to strip but keep my hands on the arms of the chair. Reluctantly, I took hold of the arms as I watched List lift her butt up onto the sink and spread her legs. Emma grabbed a pillow and put it on the floor and without any more discussion the cougar started showing this old dog how to lick a kitten to perfection!!!

The older woman delicately parted the folds of Lisa’s sex with her fingers and beginning down los, near her ass, she slowly waggled her tongue up one side. I loved watching her eyes as they looked up at Mistress Lisa for confirmation that she was doing it right and over at me to be certain I could see. On the verge of touching the spot at the top, where the womb closed, Emma stopped, licked her lips and then went back down and started the same slow searching she had done on the first side.

“Oh, you are a dirty slut. You are teasing me… and teasing me good! Slave, slap her ass. Let’s see if she can stay focused.” Mistress Lisa gave her a couple of quick lashes while I moved to Emma’s side. She then laid aside the whip, apparently content to soak in the pleasure!

I leaned forward and as I did, I rubbed the tip of my cock on my belly. It felt so good to have some friction. It also felt good and sounded good when the palm of my hand landed on the older woman’s ass. She yelped with the first blow and moaned with the second. As I then cupped her ass and squeezed it, she pushed back into my hand and I smiled. I watched her lips as they circled around Mistress Lisa’s clit and there was a sharp inhaling of air by the younger!!

I do not think we were at it for more than five minutes when Lisa reached down and grabbed two handfuls of hair, crushing the older woman’s face into her pussy. “Mount her! God damn don’t stick your dick in her but play with her tits!” Mistress Lisa panted. I jumped up and with the underside of my dripping prick sliding up and down her ass crack; I reached down and viciously grabbed and tugged on the full big heavy hangers!! She had been rubbing her clit since early on in my spanking and now both women climaxed in a wet and loud union of sexual decadence.

Mistress Lisa grabbed my head and pulled me up the older woman’s torso as she went face down ass up trying to recover from her pleasure. Lisa pushed my face against her freckled soft full tit pillows and barely whisper, “Suck on them. Make me cum again and maybe I will let you cum too!”

I relished every lick, lap, suck and bite of her breasts as she rubbed her clitoris to another series of orgasms. Her nipples lengthened and then I could feel that under lying layer of tissue tighten. Her nipples puckered and my lips were leaving marks on her soft lily white flesh!

I felt two hands on my butt, and then I felt my sphincter being exposed. I started to protest, but Mistress Lisa was having none of that and crushed my face into her mounds as another wave of joy washed through her. With no opposition to her evident, Emma leaned into my crack and before I could even fathom what she was going to do, her amazing tongue began flickering over my ass!!!

Ass play, both giving and receiving has always been a private little fetish of mine Tina has always rejected any attempts to engage in it, but now, having a talented whore licking my ass while my little girl experience orgasm after orgasm was just about a dream come true! I was more or less dripping like a faucet left on and I did not care. I was so close to cumming when I felt her drag her fingernail around my puckered ring! I pushed back to help her when Lisa said, “Don’t enter him! I want to pop his virgin ass myself!” I almost cried in frustration as Lisa pushed me away.

They had me lie on my back, arms above my head. Then Lisa put a foot to either side of my head while Emma did the same thing just below my shoulders. They faced each other, giving to me one of the most incredible sites in my life as they leaned together and started kissing, fondling and grinding against one another. Each time one or the other of them came, their wet juices flowed and flicked down on my face and body. I could see fingers rubbing, entering pussies and even exploring bottoms. With my hands above my head there was absolutely no way for me to touch myself and reach that point of pleasure I so needed myself.

Suddenly a knock on the door followed by a male voice proclaiming, “Ten minutes Emma. You are up next.” The two women, cougar and kitten giggled and kissed once more before Emma began scurrying around the room collecting her discarded clothing. “Usually something like that costs an extra $100 but you two were so much fun, it’s on the house! Just make certain you come back again soon!” She then kissed us both as we pulled our clothes on.

When she had left I begged to be allowed to explode. I was seriously afraid that with as tight as my equipment all was, if I did not get rlease soon there was going to be some very real damage!! Mistress Lisa snapped a chain to my collar and without a word led me out through the performance area and into the parking lot. When we got to her car, she turned and grabbing the chain close to my throat she pulled me down and savagely kissed me, biting my bottom lip until I could taste the metallic flavor of bl**d in my mouth.

“You want to cum? You want to shoot your load? You want to spill your sperm someplace?! The only place you get to do that is deep in my pussy. If you want to get off, you are going to have to pump every drop of it into my cunt! Do you think you are man enough to do that? Do you think you can bury your dick in my pussy and give me all of your baby batter? Come on, you want to be Daddy Gramps, don’t you?!?! You want to cum inside of me! Well that’s fine with me! “

She hooked her thumbs in the sides of her leggings and pushed them a little more than half-way down her thighs and turned and laid over the front of her car. “Fuck me then! God I want to feel all of you buried in me! Get your cock out and stick it in me for Christ’s sake!!”

Seconds later I felt the wet, hot folds of her cunt part and the walls of her sweet sexy fabina wrapped itself around me like a steamy velvet glove! She was so wet and I was so hard that I nearly went balls deep into her on the first stroke! There was no holding back in either of us. As she told me to fuck her good, I grabbed her hips, pulled her hair, spanked her bottom and mostly squished more and more pussy nectar out as I slammed my cock into her over and over again without any regard for nearly anything else!

I heard her moan and then the grip of her sex tube tightened and squeezed, pulling me as deep as I could go. It was at that moment that my balls unleashed what amounted to a full week of teasing and frustration as deep into her young fertile body as I could! I could feel the jets of molten manhood boiling up from my nuts, ripping up into my body and then exploding through my cock plumbing to splatter, coat and flood the inside of Mistress Lisa as her body continued to try to draw even more out of me!

I pulled out and my thick slimy cock was slathered with bubbly white issue. Mistress Lisa stood up, looked around as she rolled her leggings back into place. When she glanced over at me she got a wicked smile. “Drive home like that. Leave your pants down. And when we get home, I will let you eat some creamed pie… while I gobble your tube steak!” She jumped into her car and I got into mine and that was exactly what happened!!


Week 3 is in the books. Mistress Lisa has me by the short ones and as the evening went on, I realized I quite possibly had just impregnated her!! Fortunately, after we 69’ed for about half an hour once we got home, we just had enough time to get cleaned up before her Mother Tina came home!

If you are enjoying the series, I would love to hear about it! As always, comments and votes are always appreciated and please feel free to favorite or share my stories as long as you give me credit!

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