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My Little Girl Is Responsible

My Little Girl Is Responsible


When my only c***d (who happens to be female) was in fifth grade, she got held back because she had appendicitis and also missed another two weeks because of a car wreck. So she turned 18 the summer before her senior year. She had looked older than some of her teachers as a freshman! She was a track and volleyball player, tall strong and beautiful with a mane of honey brown hair that hung well past her shoulders. She was the pride and joy of my wife and me.

Well, she was supposed to be at school. My wife was at work. So I brought a coworker home and we were going at it rather vigorously in the f****y room. Lisa walked in. She had forgotten a thumb drive that had something she needed on it. When she heard noises, she had pulled out her phone and was ready to call 911. Instead, she videoed me with my friends legs wrapped around my hips, my hands holding her ass, her shoulders against the wall next to the French doors to the back yard. She stayed until I came and then crept quietly out the front door.

Two days later I get a text. It is from Lisa. She says I need to meet her at home. She attached a still showing me and my coworker plainly going at it. I responded back demanding to know where she had gotten that photo. She texted back she got it from a 5 minute movie she had copies of. Then she told me to come home and I could watch it with her, but I had better be nice. Otherwise the next text would be to her Mom.

I made it home in record time.

I walked into the living room (Yes, the room where I had been fucking my coworker) and she was playing it on the TV! I was pissed! I ran around the couch, grabbed the remote control turned off the TV and DVD before throwing the remote against the wall and shattering it to pieces, I rounded on Lisa and looked down at her. I wanted to smack that shit eating grin off of her face so badly. She was sitting there in really short shorts and her bikini top just smiling at me all innocently. I roared “What the hell do you think you are doing?!?!!”

“I am blackmailing you. And if you lose your temper and hit me, Mom will find out what you were doing last week and she will walk away with everything you own including me!” My head felt like it was going to explode and at least she had the decency to stop smiling at me, but I so badly wanted to just reach down and throttle the bitch. “Sit down. Mom is working late this evening so we have four hours for me to explain how this is going to work. Sit… please.”

I was so angry I was shaking. I sat there while for the next 30 minutes she explained that she had originally thought of all the things she could f***e me to buy. They she thought about just telling her Mom and being done with me. Finally though, after watching the video over and over again, she had a different idea. “I know you will never cheat on Mom again with that bitch. But I can’t just leave it at that. Just like you always had to punish us when we screwed up, you have to be punished.”

I had calmed down a lot. I knew getting angry was only going to wind up costing me my home, everything I had worked for and my relationship with my wife and my only c***d. At 49 that was too high a price. “So what is my punishment?”

“I am going to spank you bare assed every Thursday for the next six weeks.”

I immediately jumped up off of the couch and went into full, “There ain’t no way in hell that is EVERY happening mode” but Lisa just sat there and pulled out a DVD and held it up. “Dad, there is a copy in the DVD player. Here is a copy. I have a copy on my flash drive, my phone. Hell, I might have copies of it on Mom’s computer already, you don’t know. My point is if I wanted to hang you out to dry, I could have already done it. This is my way of exacting some punishment for having cheated on Mom and putting me in a really hard position. I think it is fair.”

Fifteen minutes later I had exhausted every plea, complaint, demand and objection I could think of. Lisa just sat there saying things like, “If you want to explain this to Mom, just say so.” Exhausted I finally said, “You win. I will let you paddle me for six weeks, starting today.”

She smiled, told me to get naked and she was going out to the garage to get ready. Once I was naked I could come out. When I asked if I could at least keep my shirt on, she said over her shoulder as she went out to the garage, “It’s fine with me. I will cut it off of you and you will earn a seventh week, but if you want to wear a shirt, go for it!” She did not wait for my reply. She simply went out the garage door and shut it behind her.

It took me a few minutes to work up the courage to walk naked out into the garage. We live far away from most neighbors and the garage actually faces the back field so no one was going to look in the windows. But being naked in front of my daughter was humiliating! So I kept my hands over my privates as I stepped down onto the cool concrete.

Lisa had two of the come along straps attached to the garage door supports in the center of the room. For a moment it did not compute and then I realized she was going to string me up with my hands pulled to two points near the ceiling over eight feet apart. I told her that there was no way and she simply said, “That is seven weeks. I won’t do double digits. If you earn two more disobedience weeks, I will just tell Mom instead.”

A couple of minutes later she hand steel cuffs lined with thin fuzzy leopard print around each of my wrists and she was working the crank to take out all of the slack and stretch my arms completely out. Satisfied that she had me adequately restrained, Lisa became my Mistress.

Walking in front of me, staring into my eyes, she said, “When you come to me for your punishment, you will call me Mistress Lisa. You will be punished for forgetting. I will be your Mistress and you will have no need for a whore from work. You will thank me when I punish you and if you please me, it may go very well for you. If you do not obey me, it will go very well for me… but not so good for you. Do you understand?” She had been lightly dragging her fingernails across my chest and belly. As she asked if I understood, her hand went down to my cock and balls and wrapped her hand around the base of my package as best she could! I about died of humiliation!

“Yes Mistress Lisa.” I whispered.

Her smile disappeared and she wrapped both her hands around my junk and squeezed damn hard! “You did not thank me, you worthless dick!”

“I’m sorry, Mistress Lisa! Thank you… Mistress Lisa!” I said as I feared that she might rip my baby making equipment out from between my legs! Then she released me and looking at me with evil intent. She pressed her soft body against mine and starting just above my armpits, she began aggressively tickling me and making me jump and thrash in futile efforts to evade her assault. In the process I was also very aware that my cock was bouncing against her low cut shorts and flat belly. Her tits were pressing into my chest and when she sucked hard on my nipple, I heard myself moan. “Mistress Lisa, this is wrong. Spank me, but don’t…”

She grabbed my cock and gave it a couple of hard tugs! “You can say anything you want, but your dick is slapping my belly. You want me, you sicko!” She picked up a ping pong paddle and stepped behind me. I felt two hot stinging blows land one right after another and almost immediately her other hand came around and pulled my now nearly stiff cock. “That’s it Daddy. Get that prick of yours hard for me! I own it and I want it hard!” Without taking her hand off of my dick she landed two more hard blows to my very warm cheeks

I was instantly fully erect! It was so wrong. And yet it felt so much better than any of the cheating I had ever done or even sex with my wife! I was ashamed and excited all at the same time!

I heard Lisa moving behind me bur for the life of me I was clueless until I felt her naked body pressed against mine from behind. She whispered in my ear, “The more I watched you fucking that whore, the more turned on I got. In fact, the only thing that has made me wet any faster has been stroking your dick this afternoon!” She slid her hands around my hips and I felt the top of her pubic bone pressing against the cleft of my ass as she began grinding her hard young body into mine!

Mistress Lisa came around in front of me pulled a little work table I had set up over in front of me. “I want to have a race. I am going to masturbate on top of the table. If you cum before I do, I will give you all of the stuff I have on you and your punishment is paid in full, but if I cum first….”

“Mistress, may I use a hand?” I asked.

She laughed. “You can do whatever you want!” She turned around and shook that incredible young ass just inches from the tip of my straining cock as she pulled the table closer. “I am going to do what I want and that is giving you a show of how I get off, since I have already watched you fuck. I think it is only fair.” She leaned back on her elbow, knees wide and bare pussy Putting the ring and middle fingers of her right hand into her mouth they came out glistening. Her eyes watched mine as I followed her fingers down. They took a couple of slow, sensual circles at the top of her beautiful sheaved cleft and then her eyes half closed as she began slowly rubbing herself. “That’s it watch me Daddy. Watch me and see how I am no longer a little girl. I am a woman. I am the woman that is your Mistress! I want you to shoot that fat cock load of yours all over me belly. Can you do that for me Daddy? See how wet I am just thinking about it? And damn, look at my nipples! I don’t think they have ever pointed any harder!”

My cock stood out straight in front of me and I confess I tried my hardest to move so it could touch her legs, or pussy or anything. She continued teasing me with her body and her words for several minutes before she suddenly started breathing real quick shallow breaths and then the muscles of her body all tightened at once! Her eyes flew open as she stared into my eyes and then she yelled, “Oh FUCK Daddy! I’m Cumming!!!”

I watched her heart pounding as her chest rose. Her young tits were pancakes with delicious berry centers moving in tempting tides of rise and fall. Her tanned skin shone with a light sheen of sweat. Her eyes opened and a dreamy look spread across her face. “Oh, I like this. I am going to like this a lot!” Slowly she slid forward and let her legs down so that her knees touched either side of my hips.

She took my now dripping stiff dick in her hand and moved her hips forward until the crown of my helmet was just able to graze her glistening wet pussy lips. Looking up into my eyes she said quietly, “This is as close to heaven as you get. If you don’t want to carry that load until next Thursday, I suggest you cum damn quickly.” With that she slowly began running the tip of my cock up and down her moist soft as rose petal labia lips while staring into my eyes and slowly stroking me in her fist. “That’s it, you pervert. Cum on me…You have been watching me for years as I wore my volleyball shorts, and went swimming. I saw you look into my bedroom not too long ago, thinking I was asl**p. You dirty old fucker. You have wanted to do this, don’t deny it! Cum right there! Yeah, right there! Squeeze it out for me!”

Before I knew it I was roaring and felt my balls draw up tight, igniting the explosion that fired off salvo after salvo of thick whitish cream all over my little girl’s grown up belly, thighs and pubic area! She kept jerking me and then even ran a finger into my slit. She took the drop of man juice up to her lips and licked it off as she held my gaze and continued to rub my cock and slap it on her coated thighs.

I hung there nearly unable to hold myself up as she pulled one leg back, rolled onto her side and off of the table.

I have no idea how many times that paddle landed on my ass. She beat my ass red and showed no mercy, calling me the most perverted old disgusting man she had ever met and that I was disgusting and deserved even more than what she was giving me! My head spun. At first, I willed my legs to hold me up, but then I realized the jumping and dancing were causing her to hit with the paddle edge and that was not fun. So for the longest time I hung there as she lit my ass up.

“Stand up.” She finally said. I did my best to comply and realized that this beating was going to hurt for a long time!

She released me and told me to clean things up. She was going to go take a shower. She picked up her clothes and then just before she went into the house she turned and said, “Take my advice. You are not going to want to try and explain your red ass to Mom, so you may want to get undressed in the dark for a while.” Then as an afterthought she added, “I guess that make me your only sexual outlet for what; six more weeks?” She went into the house laughing and I shuddered wondering what I was going to do next!


Better not get caught playing by your daughters, gentlemen, they can be brutal

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