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My mature next door neighbour

This is a true story and still happens till this day but i havent been lucky enough yet….
my next door neighbour is in her 50’s lovely curvy figure a real mature woman she lost loads of weight as she used to be quite big when she was in her 40’s had 2 k**s all grown up had a few boyfriends just got rid of one now… she would always call me too look after her computer and stuff because she wasn’t very good with technology one day i came across her old photos in my email as you do when sorting out and deleting emails. i had forgetting they was even there because i sent them to myself a few years back to back up her photos. i came across a naughty photo it was a pair of her tits she took on her old phone ages ago they was a lovely pair firm nice big nipple…. that turned me on instantly i was home alone and wanked all over my laptop while me imagining fucking her from that day onwards i would flirt with her, ive seen her get undressed once, i used to go over a see her have a chat and stuff and one day she had to go out but we was chatting still and i went upstairs with her and see her change her top and i had a real good peak at her tits through her bra because she didnt take her bra off. she was always relaxed with me and saw me as her son so she didnt mind doing stuff like changing infront of me, i would flirt with her, look down her top when she was on the computer or doing stuff it was such a turn on when she wore low cut tops, a few times i asked to go toilet upstairs come across some washing take home her dirty knickers smell and wank over them. another time i was in the house alone found some clean knickers in the clean washing pile took them home and wanked in the while imagining her riding me on top… another time it was early morning i look out my window and she was on the phone while walking out of her door on to her balcony she was in her white knicker and a top nothing else i wanked there and then while looking at her but trying not to get caught… another time i asked to use her shower as she was going out she let me in and left me in house alone while she went off i went through her knicker draw trying to find a sex toy or really kinky knickers but i couldn’t find much i then lied on her bed got a clean pair of knickers put them against my nose trying to smell her pussy i wanked for ages cumming all over her carpet… i keep having dreams now and again of me fucking her in all different situations and it gets to the best bit and you wake up lol…… i found a few of her chats where shes talking dirty to her old partners or lover…. one time i was sitting on the computer she lent over to have a look at the screen and i had a bite at her tits through her top because they was hanging down beside me told me im a cheeky fucker and laughed …. the past two times ive slap her ass once when she going home and i caught up with her slapped her ass from behind and another she was walking up her stairs and i slapped it….. all of this is a true stories and happend on differnet occasions…. any idea how to get her into bed

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