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my mom and the bbc part one

In May my parents separated, they were together since their sophmore year of high school and had me when they were both 16, 26 years and 5 k**s later they grew apart. Instantly my dad started dating my future step mom but it seemed my mom wasn’t dating. Until November

I coworker John and I had been hanging out for a few months, he owned a condo in Layton, just down the street and often we’d carpool together to salt lake city to work together. Occasionally we’d go drinking after work, he’d gone fourwheeling with me this summer and we had become friends. He is in his 30s and is 6’4 or 6’5 and about 220 lbs. We started going to the gym together in November and he was showing me how to build muscle and get into shape. We were going to Holds gym in my city and we had saw my mom there one day.

Politely I introduced them to each other and thought that was it. Obviously not. Somehow they started texting and getting to know each other because on the way to work one day he said he had something to ask me. There was a long pause and he said “I want to date your mom, what do you think about it?”. I was kinda caught off guard however, I was okay with it and said he was okay to ask her out. Secretly the thought of my mom and John was kinda hot. The thought of her tiny white frame against his big frame got me hard. Images sped through my mind and I had to stop. This was my mother. John then asked why I was quiet and I said no reason. We pulled into work and both got out of his Tahoe, he asked me again if I was cool with it and I again said yeah. He shook my hand and promised to treat my mom right.

Later after work we went to the gym together and saw my mom working out. I gave them space and was working on my calf muscles while they talked about working out and made general conversation. Then John came up to me and said he was going to get coffee with my mom and to finish working out . He gave me the keys to his Tahoe and said take it to his place and get my car later. I worked out and spent time in the sauna and instantly got hard thinking about thw two of them together and beat off. I sat there after I came and relaxed theb tok a shower and got dressed and headed to John’s to get my har and drop his off. I realized bring his keys inside and get mine and wondered if he would have a way inside if I locked his door. I pulled into his sub division and saw my moms minivan parked in front of his condo. As I walked up to the door I could hear them talking. And faint moaning. I was standing on his porch about to open the door and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw my mom on John’s lap with her nipples in his mouth. My duck was instantly hard again. After a few minutes I wondered what to do and if someone was watching me standing there watching them when I saw my mom get up and get on her knees and pull down his joggers, revealing his cock. Mine is 8 and his must of been 10+ and thick. Fuck that got me harder. My mom started sucking his cock and chocking it down. I couldn’t believe my mom was sucking a black cock. I had watched interracial porn all the time and always got off but this sight was crazy to me. John had in the mean time laid down and my mom got on top of him and they were 69ing. Precum was coming out of my cock. I could feel it. This was the hottest thing I had ever seen. I stood there for a few minutes until I heard John tell my mom to go to his bedroom. I watched my naked black coworker pick up my tiny framed white mom and carry her to his bedroom. I waited a few minutes then snuck inside to drop off his keys and grab mine. I stopped when I heard my mom moaning and a mattress squeaking and knew she was getting fucked by BBC. I sat on the couch they were just on and pulled out my cock and was stroking. Listening to my mom moaning and John grunting as he pounded the pussy that gave birth to me. It got to be too much to take and I exploded cuming and shooting above my head and onto the back of his leather couch. I heard my mom have orgasm after orgasm and finally heard him say he was pulling out and about to cum. I pulled my shorts up grabbed my keys and snuck out.

I got into my car and drive back to my apartment. An hour later I got a text from John it said “Did you get your car okay?” I replied yes he sent another one. “Did you enjoy the show?”. Fuck I thought to myself. He must have saw me watching through the window.

I played dumb and said “what”

He responded “I saw you watching, and heard you grab your keys, and saw your load on my couch”

“Fuck sorry man” I responded

“b*o we’ve watched interracial porn together and been to strip clubs together and talked before I know you’re into it. It’s ok. I’m not mad”

I didn’t respond

“Next time. I’ll give you a better view” he said

Again I didn’t respond

Around 8 i asked him what he meant.

He responded we will talk tomorrow

I got in his car in the morning and he had a giant smirk on his face.

…. To be continued on with part two….

Coming soon.

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