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My moms friend Monika

When I was just 18 and finally had my drivers license, my mom told me that her friend Monika had great used car she wanted to sell. Young and eager to drive as soon as possible I took the chance and told my mother to contact her friend and make up and appointment.

I knew Monika for a few years, she was a frequent visitor at our place, and each and every time she visited, she told my mom that she had found the perfect guy, and that the last one was just not right for her. She always had these short term “relationships” going on.

A few days after my mom called her, it was saturday, she told me that I could step by Monikas place any time today. So I went to the bus stop and drove to her place. Monika lived in rather nice part of our city and had quite the nice house. I stepped towards the door and rang the bell. It took her a few moments to open the door, and I was afraid that she would not be at home, but before I could finish my thought, the door opened.

And there she was, Monika, a really well dressed mature lady who took real good care of her self. She was in her 50s when we met that day, and one could call her a BBW or chubby, but all in all, she certainly was attractive. Young as I was and horny as you get at that age I could barely say my name straight out. She just smiled and and asked me if I wanted a soda or if I wanted to see the car right away. I told her that If she would not mind, I would rather see the car first.

So she took me to her garage and I inspected the car thoroughly. (for the petrol heads among the readers, it was a 1991 Golf GTI)
I asked her if I might take the car for a test drive, but she told me that it would need petrol first. She told me that she did not have any spare canister, but she could get some if I was willing to wait for 20 minutes. I told her that it was no problem and that I could further inspect the car. As she went out, I took a few more looks at the car and then I got kind of bored. So I took a seat in the car and I thought of doing Monika. As my horniness grew, I started to forget about my surroundings and started masturbating.

While I was in the middle of pleasuring myself, Monika returned and surprised me in a rather embarrassing pose. As I noticed her standing next to the car, I quickly packed my penis back into my pants and god out of the car. I thought that she would freakout and yell at me, and I was prepared to face the humiliation, but, everything went better than expected. As I stood there behind the car, I looked at her, full of shame, and she started laughing. Her exact first sentence was: “Now you have to buy the car”

I started laughing too, and I felt relieved. I apologized to her and asked her to not tell my mom about all of what happened and she told me, that I did not have to worry about it. We then proceeded to talk about the car again, I filled it up with petrol and we went for the test drive. I was always very good with cars, and started to work on them at a young age, together wit my dad. Through that experience I noticed that the breaks as well as the clutch needed some work done. As we arrived back at Monikas place, I mentioned that to her and that this would mean that she had to drop the price. She then looked at me and told me that she would not drop the price, but that she might think about it if I could be of help for her.

Thinking about the horrible embarrassing thing she saw of me, I thought that I would owe it to her. I told her, that I would be willing to help her with anything she wanted. She just smiled and told me to follow her. We went upstairs and she showed me a couple of things that needed fixing, it was no big deal for me and I was more than happy to be of service to her. I mean it meant, that I could take a look at her nice boobs and ass every now and then. Just before I started on the last object to fix, I build up quite a big sweat, so I asked her if it was okay if I took of my shirt. She just replied, that she had already seen my dick, so my naked upper body would not be a problem.

The way she said this sentence made me hard and I did my best to not stare at her and let her know that I was horny. Luckily she did not notice anything. As I was finished with all the small favors for her, I was rather sweaty and dirty. I thought of asking her if I could use her shower, but then she offered me to use the shower. I happily thanked her and she showed me the way. I closed the bathroom door behind me and took of my shoes, pants and socks, and stepped under the shower. As I was finishing, I thought about banging this hot mature women again and again, and I got so freaking hard, that I had to fight myself to not masturbate again. When I stepped out of the shower, I realized, that i had no towel and that there were no towels to dry my body. Horny and still hard as I was, I called Monika and told her that there was no towel in the bathroom.She then smiled and told me that she knew that. I could not understand what she was saying and I then asked her if she could pass me a towel, but she just said no.

I started laughing and asked her if this was the revenge for me masturbating in the car? She simply answered yes and told me to wait a second and left. I did not know what to do, and I still was very horny. Just before I started to lay hands on me again, she returned with a towel. As she came closer to the bathroom door, I reached out with my hand to grab the towel she was holding, but she then proceeded to put the towel behind her back. I looked at her all irritated, as she came closer and closer, until she was standing right in front of the door. She asked me if she may come in, and baffled as I was I said yes.

She came in and took a good long look at me and especially my goods. And what happened next was just brilliant. She came very close to me and started kissing my neck, and my upper body, until she reached my dick. I was so hard and horny in that moment, and the feeling was amazing. She stopped and look up to me and asked if I would enjoy it, and I only could say oh yes. After a few more moments of sucking my dick, she stood up and started to undress. She was wearing a wide blouse and lenin pants, and she did not wear any underwear. As I saw her curvy body and her juicy big tits I almost fainted. Damn this woman was hot, hot, hot. I stepped towards her and immediately started kissing her neck slowly working my way towards her big tits. She had very light areolas and small nipples for a woman with such big breasts. I then took my hands off her boobs and put them on her nice ass. She told me to smack her bottoms and so I did.

After I smacked her ass a few times, she turned around and took both her hands to spread her butt cheeks. I could not handle my own luck and horniness, and without saying a word I took my cock and rammed it into her pussy… She was surprised and even gasped for a second, but then she seemed to enjoy it. I did not start to fuck her slowly, no, I started pounding right away. She asked me again to smack her ass while I fuck her, and so I did. I smacked it really hard and you could even see my hand on her ass. After I fucked her for a few minutes, she pushed me away and told me to follow her. We went to her living room, and she laid down on her back, but she took her legs up in the air. I did not wait for an invite and started fucking her again. This time she had her legs up in the air and I had my hands free to play with her exquisite boobs. I licked them and squeezed them and I even pinched them. And all of that seemed to be working for her, because I could clearly hear her orgasms. After a few more minutes of fucking I noticed that I was about to cum. I looked at Monika and told her that I was ready to cum. She immediately pulled my dick out of her pussy, and pressed it on her bell, stroking it on her wet skin.

As I came, I shot a whole lot of cum towards her boobs and face. She was a bit surprised by it, and as I finished coming, she stood up and simply said thank you. She went to the bathroom and horny as I was I followed her. I asked her if we could do it again, but she said no, she then started to grin and said: “first we take care of the car business and then we may have a second go”

I had sex with her a couple of more times in the following moths. Plus I god a pretty nice car of a rather low price… If you liked this story, let me know and I will posed some more. And if anyone of you has some nice stories about mature women, please tell me via xhamster.

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