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My Mother in law

My mother in law Marie moved in with my wife and I a few months ago. She is in her 70’s and still a nice looking woman. Short gray hair, big saggy tits, incredible nipples and nice legs for an older woman. We always got along well, but I wasn’t sure about her moving in as our k**s are grown and I like my privacy. She wore house dresses with no bra so her tits and hard nipples were always on display. One day she was sl**ping on the couch, my wife was at work so I went to my office and started watching some porn. I had my cock out and was stroking away, the volume was up on a girl playing with herself, she was moaning being loud so I didn’t hear Marie walk into my office to ask me a guestion. I was close to cumming when I looked over and she was standing there watching me, her hand down by her pussy and I immediately started cumming all over my hand and shirt. I was embarrassed and thrilled at the same time, I love to cum in front of someone watching me, but it never accured to me to do it in front of my mother in law. She smiled and excused herself and I went and cleaned up thinking she going to tell her daughter. I went and knocked on her bedroom door and I went in and told her I was sorry and I hoped she would say anything about It to anyone. She smiled and said don’t worry about it we all have desires and I liked watching you do it. I was floored and asked if that was really true. She said she always liked watching guys jacking off and to not worry about it. Now I was really turned on and started to plan how it could happen again.

The next day I took my laptop into my room and turned up the volume really load and started to watch a mature woman doing a guy. This time I was naked and jacking off slowly, I didn’t want to cum until she came in the room, if she would at all. I heard he open her bedroom door witch was next to our room and she pecked her head in and called my name. I just said hi mom come on in. She hesitated at first and then she walked in. I started looking her over, her big tits hanging down and her nipples large and hard, I started to move my hand faster. Do you like this mom, she just nodded her head yes and then I told her I was going to cum and she leaned in close, I couldn’t hold back and started cumming, it was one of the best orgasms I had had in a while. She went into the bathroom and got me a towel nod told me how much she enjoyed that and the next time I should let her watch from the beginning. I told her I would.

That afternoon I was so horny thinking about what had happened that I went into the living room to see if she want to watch again. She was in the recliner asl**p, her dress pulled up to her hips, her tits hanging down and nipples hard against the fabric. I was hard in an instant and pulled my cock out and stood in front of her and started slowly stoking again. It was so exciting I could hardly keep from coming, but I did. I mad a noise so she would wake up which she did and said what a nice thing to wake up to. I asked her if I could see her tits while I did this, she said that seemed to be fair since she is seeing me, she took her arms about of her sleeves and sat up and lowered her top to the most beautiful saggy tits I’d ever seen. They were large and brown with a huge nipple hanging at the end of each one. I was just staring at how great they where, I then asked if she would raise her skirt and show me her pussy. She smiled and lifted the hem up to expose a very hairy, grey pussy, she spread her legs a little and said do you like Hun. I told her it was beautiful, a really pink pussy, wet and looking good and I’d like to eat it, but she said no we can’t do that, but I will show it to you when you want to play in front of me and you can cum on my tits or pussy if you want. That was it for me, I move forward and leaned towards her pussy and started shooting rope after rope onto her pussy and legs. When I was down she thanked me for making her feel desirable again. I told her it was my pleasure. This went on for 2 more months until she moved into a friends house. I never have gotten to do more because she doesn’t want to do that to her daughter, but once in a while she will ask me to stop by so we can see each other, if you know what I mean

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