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My Mother in Law Jean, Passed out and used

I have always been attracted to my mother in law Jean. She is 68 now and still attractive and shapley. She has gray hair is about 5-6, 135 lb. and from her bra size she is 36C and I’m guessing at the rest. about 26-38. Jean has large aeroles,, and thick nipples . Her pubic hair is dark and still thick..I know all this because I have set out spy cameras in the bathroom and bedroom when she visits with my father in law..I have watched her undress and shower,, I would jack off while watching..
Jean likes to drink preferring Vodka martinis.. and gets a bit tipsy at times… Once falling in the kitchen… This caused bit of a stir, I went to help her up with my father in law and we got her to a chair..I was able to get a good feel of her breasts as I helped.. Which didn’t go unnoticed by my father in law..He just looked at me and smiled.. MMM that was interesting..

It was just a few weeks later that Dad invited us up for the weekend,, my wife couldn’t go so I went up by myself.. They live in another city four hours away, and a rather isolated house in the country.. That evening,, Jean asked me to make her a vodka martini,, So so as I was making it My father in law who I refer to as Dad..said make her a good one.. and right in front of me he dropped a pill into her drink.. I asked him what is that? Dad said it helps her sl**p. and smiled…

Jean sipped her drink and drank all of it in about 10 minutes..She started sluring her words,, not making sense when she talked. She tried to get up but fell right back in to the chair. She had a blank stare on her face.. I asked Dad what the pill was,, he said it was Ketamine.. a d**g used to cause amnesia.. he got it from a fiend that was a Pharmasist..I was wondering where this was going.. so I asked Dad was was going on… He told me he saw me feeling Jeans breasts the last time they were visiting and she fell,, I got red.. he said and he found the spy cameras I set up.. So he knew I had been spying on her..My face really got red,, But he said He liked the idea of Men looking at her,, and he fantasized of her exposed on the internet… and a lot of men seeing her and a lot more You know,, them doing things to her….. Dirty things,,

Dad told me when he was visiting he had used my computer at home and he found my stash of porn , and seen the bondage and torture porn I had, he also saw the stills I made of Jean from the spy cam… and a fake I made of Jean suspended on the boger swing.
He said when I saw that,, I really got turned on.. Dad he has been think about it a lot and would love to see her suspended like that .I told him that the boger swing,, is a torture device used in third world countrys to interrogate women,, it was very painful just to hang on it.. and caused extreme discomfort…He said I know that’s why I want to use it on her…

Now I was getting excited,,, I said I would love to see that too..Dad actually had a bulge in his pants so I knew he was excited also. Jean was awake,, just dazed looking,, she had a blank stare on her face..I said how ya doin Jean, she just looked at me and said a couple of unreckognisable words.

Dad and I stood her up and proceeded to undress her taking off her blouse skirt , bra, and pulling off her pantys,, she looked fantastic naked,, Jean didn’t protest at, all she didn’t seem to know what was happening.. Dad brought his camera in and asked me to take pictures of her… this was great , my fantasy woman my own mother in law naked in front of me… and my father in law helping make this happen.. I asked Dad if he would send me the pics he said of course.. Then Dad brought in a video camera on a tripod..MMMM fil it WOW… He set it up and started the camera..

We made Jean sit on the floor, and pulled her knees up to her chest,, we took her arms and pulled them over her legs like she was hugging them and tied her wrists together down by her ankles.. Jean just stared off into space…. the d**g doing its job.. Then we took a 4 foot bar and put it through the opening behind her knees and over her elbows and lifted the bar up suspended her by the bar behing her knees. her placed the bar up on the back of two chairs that were situated facing away from each other.. Immediatelly Jean gasped and cried out,, OOOWWW Owwwwww no No no Jean tossed her head back and started to cry… squirming trying to get loose which is impossible….

Dad and I stood back and just watched her,, she was suffering,,, MMMMM dad said “I love this””.. I said how long do you want to keep her like this.. He said,, for a while… I want to tape it.. and I want her fucked like that… I want you to fuck her but later after she has suffered awhile.And then I want to upload the tape to the internet,,, to a blog I belong to about torture and interrogation,,,There are guys on there that I chat with and share pictures and storys…..They have sent me pics of their wives,, naked and we talk about them.. telling each other what we would do to them…. .I didn’t know this dark side of my father in law. But I was liking it…

Jean was crying sobbing,,, it had been an hour since we suspended her… I was rock hard, Dad said I could do what ever I I approached Jean and Put my rock hard dick on her hairy pussy lips rubbing the head up and down parting her hair,, then with a fast push I penetrated my mother in law..deep ,, she gasped and said OWWW,, I slowly pumped it in forcing it against her cervix, causing as much discomfort as I could.. As I was fucking her I saw dad come around to Jeans head and f***e her mouth open putting a large ring gag in her mouth,, it f***ed her mouth open real wide and since it was behind her teeth she could close her mouth.. I was getting ready to cum,, and Dad said no,, go fuck her mouth,, cum in her throat….WOW I was hot…. I pulled out and went to her head I grabbed her hair and pulled her head down… I put my cock into her open mouth and push hard going past her tongue deep down her throat.. Jean gagged and choked,,, but I held it there an she gagged and choked… I came quickly but didn’t pull out I made sure all my cum went down her throat.. God that was great…. As I pulled out of Jean I saw Dad approaching,, he was naked and was hard He grabbed Jeans hair pulled her head down and f***ed his cock down her throat… he held it there and just let her gag and choke on his big member… I was really injoying it.. then Dad said pinch her nipples now so she squirms more… I grabbed Jeans big nipples and pinched them as hard as I could,,, Jean yelled and tried to scream around his cock ,,I said to dad Next time I will use pliers,, with that Dad came hard,, shooting down Jeans throat… God I was hot….

We were both spent,, it had been an hour and half,,, Jean had passed out.. We took her down and carried her to bed.. took the ring gag out and cleaned her up a bit.. She was fast asl**p so we left her… We went down stairs and opened a few beers,, two hours Jean woke up came down stairs,, looked tired, but didn’t remember anything.. she said she must have bumped something because the back of her legs were sore.. Jean went into the kitchen,, Dad and I just looked at each other and smiled… until next time I visit……..

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