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My new step-s****r Episode 6: improved mk2 design

A few weeks after testing his magic thong invention between Becki’s delicious thighs at the Sybian Club’s gym party, Mike continued to refine the design. Gemma had also tried it on, but complained in between muffled orgasms that the bulky motors in the crotch piece overheated her cunt. Mike took inspiration from the image of Becki’s tiny breasts snuggled between the lightweight nipple ring arm-bands and Pam’s stay up stockings framing her juicy cunt straddling the masturbation machine. Mike drew up the new prototype as a pair of wide metallic straps around the very top of the thighs connected to the new slimmed down clit to arse vibrator panel by several miniature flexible rotating drive shafts.
Faye brought Molly, Becki and Gemma round to Mike’s workshop to review the very realistic photo-shopped pictures of ‘mk2’ on Molly’s young body, and to try on the new design prototypes. Becki was the first out of her clothes, followed by Molly and then Gemma, who could not resist a quick snog and couldn’t really concentrate because they were busy fingering each other’s cunt. A light application of suntan oil to her pubes and the unit slid snugly up Becki’s thighs and into position. Mike turned on the new feature – a miniature web cam fitted to one leg strap and pointing straight up Becki’s pretty arse, displaying the live picture over Bluetooth onto his mobile phone. He clicked a few buttons on the phone application and Becki squirmed in pleasure as the motorized fittings probed her pussy, then arse and blasted her clit with waves of vibrations. Molly and Gemma stopped playing with each other and came over to hold Becki up as her knees buckled under the onslaught of a whole string of climaxes. They licked her tits and newly discovered erogenous zone in her elbows and sank to the floor, where Mike had thoughtfully provided an inflatable mattress. Faye joined the writhing tangle of limbs on the floor, and despite being a devout lesbian allowed Mike to suck her cunt and briefly enter her arse in thanks for the pleasure he had given her 15 year old k**-s****r Becki.
Mike assessed Molly’s C-to-A (cunt to arse) distance by the simple act of pushing his thumb into her cunt and first finger into bum-hole and after licking off the juices, measured the span distance on a ruler. When he tried the same trick to measure Gemma she clamped her legs around his hand and wouldn’t let go until he had rubbed her to a climax.
True to his word he manufactured mk2 units for each of them, delivered to their houses in beautiful packaging accompanied by instructions for recharging the batteries, downloading his smart-phone control application and uploading the tiny web-cam videos to the Sybian Club site. He wasn’t sure how well the detail of Gemma’s darker skin would be picked up by the web cam, so included a tiny lamp to illuminate her pussy and was greeted by the sight of her delicious pink cunt walls being penetrated by his device on the web-site video.
Gemma, Becki and Molly ‘dressed’ in their new prototypes, electric nipple-ring arm-bands and skimpy summer dresses met up at the train station, with me Timmy, for a day out at the seaside. We found a block of 4 seats, with a table to hide the naughtiness at the quiet end of train coach, and discovered that sitting so close each smart-phone could display the other’s up-skirt web-cam views, and take over control of their vibrators. After Molly subjected Gemma to some intense anal probing and nipple-ring electrification she struggled to her feet and wobbled down the train, as much due to the continued cuntal vibrations as the train swaying. Gemma provocatively twisted around a seat pole and ‘accidentally’ lifted the back of her dress giving us all the delightful direct view of her bum and internally via the web cam onto our smart-phones. Becki gasped at the lovely combination of the tight green thigh straps and vibrators between Gemma’s silky dark thighs; having assumed their prototypes were all the same colour. So Becki and Molly sitting opposite each other both giggled and lifted their skirts to inspect each other’s colours; Becki had blue and Molly brown against their pale bikini regions. Mike had supplied a number of very rude porn videos to watch on the smart-phone, with synchronised cunt thrusting and clit vibration for a girl travelling alone, but these were ignored in favour of live control over each other’s orgasms.
Mike had included an on-screen questionnaire on the smart-phone asking us to rate the different sensations and record the number of climaxes per hour. Gemma decided the thrusting effects were stronger standing up, with a cool draft of air up her skirt, but she could only take the clitoral and nipple stimulation sitting down, as they made her go all wobbly.
Molly’s battery went flat first, making her groan in mid-climax, and admitted she had been using it most of yesterday afternoon during school sports. She had to wear a towel around her middle in the showers afterwards to avoid being discovered by the other girls, but the games mistress had become suspicious and demanded a demonstration. Having played with the controls and tried on the electric nipple rings she demanded to know where to buy one, and left happily with Mike’s phone number. The flat battery gave me the chance on the train to try out the USB charging cable from my laptop up Molly’s skirt and into the socket on her thigh. On the questionnaire I recommended Mike supply longer cables as other train passengers might be offended by such a display of Molly’s dark pubic hair framed by the pretty brown thigh straps.
At the seaside we all piled off the train leaving discrete damp patches on the 4 seats and strolled down to the sea-front intently watching the 3 web cam views as sunshine poured through their flimsy dresses. Passersby might have been surprised by 3 lovely girls wearing identical arm bands, ear buds and big grins, but just smiled back. On the beach Gemma did cartwheels to check the mechanical flexibility of the drive shafts, with Molly increasing the vibrations at the top of each rotation, when her cunt came into full view.
With the three girls lying face-down near the water on a deserted section of beach, I massaged and licked their bottoms, and then discovered a new button on the control app. The instructions stated that by listening to the heartbeat in their cunts, the clit and nipple pulses could be synchronised to occur just before or after each beat. The girls all experimented with the settings, climaxing noisily when it was neither too early nor too late but just right. With one hand still stuck between Molly’s bum cheeks and the other squeezing Gemma’s right tit, I was in no position to photograph them, but relied instead on the saved web-cam views to upload to the web site.
On the train home I sat opposite Molly who straightened out one leg between mine to push her foot into my crotch and Becki sucked me off under the cover of a beach towel.
Back in Mike’s workshop he was over the moon with the results of his prototype, particularly watching the climax web cam views of Molly licking Gemma’s arse, and prising the clit stub away to chew on her. Becki was the first to strip off and walk around the room, snogging Molly and Gemma and bending right over in front of Mike’s face. Reluctantly he loosened the thigh straps and pulled the vibrators from her numbed dripping snatch to gently fuck her arse. Gemma licked the spunk from Mike and slowly wanked him back to full size, before slipping on a durex. My step-s****r Molly was the last to remove the device and offered up her sore clit to Mike’s probing tongue, and then standing up, gripped her legs around his waist, held onto to his shoulders and allowed him to fuck her properly

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