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My Niece’s Friend.

This is a follow up to a story I wrote about interrupting my niece and her girl friend in an outdoor shower awhile ago. Although I will try to have each story stand on it’s own, perhaps you should read, EVER ACCIDENTALLY WALK IN ON SOMEONE before you read this.

Here is a link:

I have been asked through comments left after people have read that story and through the Private Messages feature here at Xhamster if I ever took up the offer my niece’s friend gave me at the conclusion of my first story.

I can tell you that as hard as it was to resist Lynn’s (not her real name) youthful charms, it did lead to several years of her teasing me. And if I were to be 100% honest with you and myself, I was enjoying the attention this young woman was giving me. And I did resist her when she did tease me, but we both knew that my resistance was half hearted at best.

The first time happened a couple days after our first accidental encounter. I had the week off from work so my b*****r offered me his cottage for that week. I had the cottage to myself for five days. As I mentioned in my first story, the cottage offered a great deal of privacy, so clothing was an option that I chose to forgo often during the day.

Anyway, in the early afternoon on my first day of vacation, I went to put on a pot of coffee for my afternoon caffeine fix. I don’t know about you, but when I hear the sound of water being poured, I get the urge to go to the bathroom and relieve myself. As I walked into the bathroom, I heard the entry door to the downstairs open and foot steps coming up the stairs. I thought it was my b*****r’s neighbour so I though nothing of it. I closed the door and I yelled out to my unknown visitor that I was in the bathroom and that I will be out in a minute.

While I was standing there facing the toilet bowl doing my business, I hear the door to the bathroom open and Lynn walks into the bathroom. She was wearing her waitress uniform from her job for that summer at the local resort and she looked nice. Her uniform consisted of a black skirt, a tight low cut vest with a white blouse underneath. The vest was scooped fairly low, so low that the girls breasts were actually accentuated by that low vest. Personally, I always thought that those uniforms were a little risqué for a f****y resort’s dining room. I should mention here that Lynn is a very attractive girl, about 5’-8” with curly red hair and fantastic figure. She was so attractive, that if she had to wear a burlap sack, she would still look good.

Anyway, she said something about how she was glad she caught me at the cottage and not on the golf course. Truthfully, I did try to turn away from her, but I couldn’t really go anywhere because of what I was doing. She walked up beside me and with her right hand she started caressing my back all the way from my shoulder down to the top of my ass. All the while she looked down at me, she appeared to be really fascinated at watching me. She continued caressing my back while I finished and she grabbed me because she wanted to give a man that little shake at the end. When those shakes were done, she didn’t let go, in fact, the shakes she was gave me turned into gentle strokes. To this day, I remember how good that felt. And even though I could feel my cock swelling at the attention she was giving me, I did get her to stop by gently pushing her away.

She walked out of the bathroom and sat down in one of the couches in the living room, I put a towel around my waist and told her that she had to go because she was my niece’s friend and that her father and my b*****r were long time friends and that this was wrong. I also said that I was old enough to be her father, not that that was a real issue even back then. I said that she should be with boys her own age. She called me a liar because she could see the outline of my semi erect cock against the towel. She also said that she didn’t like boys her age because they were so immature. She said that boys her age would be to embarrassed to let a girl watch them in the bathroom and they would be terrified at the thought of letting a girl give them those final shakes when they were finishing.

I remember that I sat down beside her and when I put my arm around her, she said that she always liked me and thought that I was handsome and sexy. She said that she always felt more comfortable with older men, she also tried to reach under my towel.

It was that moment I had to decide if I was going to listen to the brain between my ears that was calmly saying no, no, no. Or the little brain inside my dick that kept screaming yes, yes, yes.

After what seemed like a long time, I told her that she had to go. I was surprised when she stood up and started towards the door. After I tightened the towel around my waist. I followed her to the door. She stopped before the door and turn partially around and gave me that look that most, if not all women have in their arsenal that most men find very hard to resist.

She asked if I was sure about her leaving, which I assured her I was. She gave me a little grin and she walked out the door. I watched her walk down to the dock and get in her boat. As she rounded the dock, before she sped away, she looked back at me and blew me a kiss.

I secretly hoped it wouldn’t be our last encounter. It turns out it wasn’t.

I will write more about Lynn and me if I get a good response from my fellow Xhamsters.

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:29 pm

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