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My Night With Stunning Blonde Charleigh

had a amazing night with this girl i always wanted to talk to on karaoke nights i run .Luckly met her this night she was wasted enjoy real story
FIRST LET me begin in saying hello im new ive a amazing story to tell about my best night ever .I Was doing a kareoke function in glasgow when a stunning girl d***k as can be caught my eye .ive done few functions here and seen her before as the night got on i asked could i take couple of pictures of her as she was very d***k these pictures were taken on my phone sorry for bad pics any way at end of night i saw the girl again she told me her name charleigh she d***kly said i got another picture of her .i asked you getting taxi no fucking way far too exspensive .will you walk me home well what could i say so we headed to her house it was detached cottage 15 min walk from town centre .we headed as she kept stumbling in her heels i began to get horny .i had to catch her few times and groping her tits a number of times .as we headed she said we can take short cut through woods as we got to large gate to climb over i went first helping charleigh over couldnt believe it short skirt and no panties on as my pics earlier show. now every disgusting thought going through my head. now pitch black i cupped her pussy as i helped her down from gate .as she continued to fall and i helped her up groping ass legs and her tits i couldnt help it anymore fuck it i.pulled my cock out walking beside her touching her legs ass with my erect cock i began masterbaiting .she fell against a bench and honestly she bent over it could see her ass.i grabbed her from behind so she didnt fall tugged her hair so she groaned loudly .imagine fucking this girl the noise anyway almost home she said as i am wanking faster filthy thought running though my head almost ejaculating as she stumbles again fell onto charleigh i pulled her tit out her top she fell to floor me on top . i tried pulling her up but she pulled me i fell behind her so started to say to her come on dont fall asl**p at same time wanking my cock she was wasted fuck it i proceded to ejaculate over her from behind got a bit on my hand .i can honestly say i have never cum so much most on her dress got it at back at least 7/8 thick blobs of cum got a bit on her legs and in my hand i cupped her tit even got sperm on her fucking hair .The best park she didnt notice .and added me on facebook the next day if you want her details no problem just ask.and heres the best part she is heading out next weekend and says i can carry her home .had someone say spike her and fuck her but i would give anything to shoot over her again and video it please reply to this hope you enjoy reading as much as i enjoyed ejaculating over her .

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