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My Professor of the Sexual Arts

My First Year of College, I came home for the summer. But coming from a small town, all my friends that also went off to college decided in their first year to stick around their perspective college towns and work jobs they had, hang out and party. Me on the other hand, studying to become a veterinarian, I came home. I just wanted a break from the books. I soon found myself bored out of my mind and my mom was getting agitated with me hanging around the house all the time. One day she suggested I get a summer job helping a neighbor of ours.
Mrs. Marshall was a lady I had known most my life (you don’t live in a small town and not know 80% of the people that live in it). As I sat in the basement playing Xbox my mom reminded me about Mrs. Marshall and that since her husband passed a number of years back, she’d been having a rough time with the upkeep of her ranch and suggested if I were to eventually become a vet that I should become a little more intimate with the kind of people that own these lands and a****ls and what they go through on a daily basis in order to better connect with them when I get called out to help them. I always remembered Mrs. Marshall as a kind lady, so I agreed to help her. That night, my mom called her to tell her I’d be coming out to help around the ranch the next day and to use me as she saw fit for the next 60 days that I was home for the summer. Gee, thanks ma. I never anticipated the life lessons I would learn over those next two months. This is that story.
The next day I went to the Marshall’s house a few miles from the house. Their ranch sat on a 23 acre lot with mostly horses, but she had a small herd of cattle too as well as a small contingent of other smaller a****ls in fewer quantities. I was greeted at by Mrs. Marshall and we quickly caught up on our lives since last we’d seen each other. She commented on how handsome I’d become and that I was the spitting image of my dad. I never really remembered her as an attractive woman, but what p*****n does with friends of their parents. Now that I was older and actually noticed good looking women, I realized Mrs. Marshall was really good looking. When I asked, she assured me that she had come to terms with her husband passing 7 years ago and while never re-marrying, she focused her life on the ranch and was appreciative of me helping her out over the next couple of months. I was quickly put to work, tending to the horses, mucking stalls, spreading hay, tending to the few cattle she had as well as other projects around the house she never got around to that a handy man would have easily handled.
One day, while mending the fence line that was in BAD need of repair, I was so deep in my work that I had no idea just how far along the fence line I had gone. I was soon reminded when Mrs. Marshall came riding up on one of her horses to check up on me. “There you are” she said as she stopped her horse, “have you been working this fence line the whole time?” I told her that I had and once I started by the barn, I just kept on going. “You mean to tell me you’ve mended 10 linear acres of fence in just 8 hours?”
“Yes, ma’am” I replied. She shook her head, smiled and said, “Well, I think you’re done for the day. Come on, get on, before you get totally sunburned. I’ll take you back to the house. You need a cold shower and maybe a dip in the pool.” I got on the horse behind her and we road back to the house. As we road, her ass was naturally rubbing up against me, and I have to admit, while holding onto her waist, it was a bit of a turn on. I found myself imagining her riding me reverse cowgirl as her ass bounced up and down with the gallops and I started getting a hard on. I’m not sure if she noticed or not but at one point she quickened the horses’ pace. We got back to the house and told me to go ahead and get in the shower and that she’d be up in a minute after putting her horse away. I took a much needed shower and as I was about to turn the water off, heard the door open and Mrs. Marshall’s voice telling me she’d put a change of clothing on the sink for me that her nephew had left the last time he’d come to visit.
I got out of the shower, dried off and looked at the clothes she’d left me. It was a pair of Bermuda shorts and an old concert t-shirt. Not wanting to put my boxers back on, I went commando in the shorts. The localized air conditioning felt good as I walked down stairs where Mrs. Marshall sat at the kitchen table. She mentioned that she thought those shorts and shirt would fit, which did; though the shirt was a little tighter that I was used to. She was robed and told me she was going for a swim and said I should too, considering the hard work I’d put in that day, that it would be relaxing. I followed her out to the deck and she de-robed revealing a two piece white bikini bathing suit that left little to the imagination. Mrs. Marshall, while being my mother’s age; had a body that most of my female classmates would envy. Even with her freckled aged skin, I thought she was hot. I was looking at my very first MILF. I tried controlling my hormones and dove into the pool right after she did, hoping the cool water would calm any uprisings. I swam around aimlessly, not really exerting myself but rather enjoying the cool water as the sun set while Mrs. Marshall kept getting in and out of the pool, practicing her dives. She was graceful in her dives and every time she’d get out of the pool I would stare at her body. The way her breasts would bounce as she jumped out, the way her ass would shake as she’d walk and turn. The way she’d pull her wet hair back from her face as she’d take in a breath, causing her chest to expand further than it already was, her nipples getting hard from the cooling air combined with the cool water. I realized, even with being in the cool water, my body temperature was getting hot and felt myself poking out from one of the legs of my shorts. I told myself I’d better just stay in the water for the time being and tried to not focus on her beautiful body.
Mrs. Marshall dove in again and swam up close and came up next to me. “You seem to be enjoying yourself, Will” as she broke the surface, smiling. Did she notice my erection, I wondered? I told her the chance to swim after a long day was definitely relaxing and complimented her on her diving skills, adding that the girls swim team at my college was nowhere near as graceful. She splashed a little water at me and said, “C’mon, let’s dry off and slip into a dryer martini.” It took me a couple of minutes to get what she meant, but after drying off and going into the kitchen, it made sense. Dried off and robed, she proceeded to make martinis for the two of us. Mrs. Marshall went on to tell me about how my college class mates probably don’t even know what a real martini is and went on to tell me the difference between shaken and stirred, gin and vodka, but always there was vermouth. She showed me how either variety was made and we clinked our glasses and went to sit at the kitchen table.
“So, tell me, Will;” she started, “how’s college life? Still full of partying, sports life and cramming for exams?”
I smiled as I sipped my martini, amazed at how good it tasted, considering it was pretty much straight alcohol, “Na, it’s pretty much just books and cramming and studying. Learning to be a vet, you can’t just horse around. Not much partying. The ones I have gone to are fun, but I never really felt comfortable at them. I’ve never really been the partying type, Mrs. Marshall.”
“Please, Will; call me Natalie. You’ve grown beyond calling me Mrs. Marshall by now” she said as she leaned back in her chair, raising her glass to her lips, taking another sip of her drink, not taking her eyes off of me.
“OK, ‘Natalie’”, I said as we both chuckled slightly, breaking any tension left in the air.
“So you’ve got to be quite the lady’s man on campus, right?” she asked.
“Humph, not really” I replied, “My high school girlfriend was really the only woman I’d ever really been with and when we went to different schools in different states, we both knew and agreed we’d be seeing other people. She’s now dating some guy at her school in Florida where they wear bikinis most of the time and I’m at Tufts in Boston learning to take care of cows in an Irish drinking town where it’s been pretty much cold all the time.”
Natalie laughed, shaking her head, sipping from her martini, she leaned forward and said, “well, let me tell you, Will; it sounds like college hasn’t really changed much from when I went. Good times, good friends, lots of studying. And if it really hasn’t changed that much there are only four things you need in order to hook up with any woman you want.”
Curiosity got the best of me at this point. I wanted to hear what she had to say about this since she was obviously a well learned woman of many untold talents that I would yet to learn, so I asked what those might be. She went on to tell me, “those four things are, one; be good looking. Which you are definitely good looking, two; be strong, which after mending 10 linear acres of fence line, you are most definitely strong. Three, have a good sense of humor; which from what I’ve heard so far, you have your father’s quick witted sense of humor.” She then picked up her glass and sipped again from her martini and leaned back in her chair, pulling her robe from off her shoulders to the back of her chair revealing her bikini top and those large breasts again to me. I tried hard to keep my eyes focused on hers and her face, but couldn’t help but steal a glance at her breasts, her nipples attempting to break through the material of her bikini top.
In anticipation of the fourth, I asked what it was. She replied, “having the ability and skill to bring any woman to a level of ecstasy they undoubtedly have never felt before.”
I diverted my eyes to my drink, chuckling slightly saying, “well, count me out then.” Bringing my eyes towards hers, “like I said, I’ve only been with one other woman and I can’t imaging I’d be able to compete with other guys in their third, fourth year that have been around the party block, you know what I mean?”
Natalie straightened in her chair, smiled and confidently said, “I know exactly what you mean. And I could give you that knowledge and teach you that skill.” I wasn’t sure how to respond to that but suddenly felt myself getting hard again. She stood up from her chair, her robe falling back away from her body. She reached behind her neck, untying her bikini top, letting it fall in front of her, revealing her breasts to me. They were beautiful and large, and her nipples were firm and while her breasts and stomach had signs of stretch marks, I didn’t care at the moment. To me those were the signs of experience. Something I had little of and this beautiful woman was apparently about to show me things I had yet to discover. She had enticed me with the idea of learning something no school could ever teach me at that moment. All I wanted to do at that moment was make love to her and have her tell me what to do to her.
She walked slowly around the table and her hand touched my shoulder and slid down my arm to my hand which she grasped as she still walked slowly away from me now leading me up and from the table. “School’s back in session, I’m your Professor of the Sexual Arts now.”
My dick was rock hard now as she led me upstairs to her bedroom. I stared at her ass as it switched back and forth with every step. It was marvelous in its movements and I was captivated by it as we walked into the bedroom. The covers were already turned down and as we entered the room, she pulled me close to her and started kissing me, my first lesson had begun.
She told me how to hold a woman’s head at the base of her neck just behind her ears, pulling her into you, kissing a few times, then using your tongue. Then more deeply, always keeping your hold on her head, then ease up a little bit, but before you completely pull away; one more deep kiss and lightly bite her lower lip. Not too much, she showed me; just enough pressure to make her want more. Then work your hands across and down her back while still kissing her. When your hands get to her ass, make sure you get a firm hold of both cheeks and raise her up into you slightly, kissing her even more deeply. Then ease your grip and lower her onto the bed, moving her back so you are on top of her, making sure you are in between her legs. Move your hand up her inner thighs, stopping at her pussy, placing your thumb at the top where her clit is, your middle two fingers working her folds on top of her panties or in this case, her bikini. All the while lick and suck on her nipples, using your tongue, biting ever so lightly. Pay equal attention to both, using your free hand to work the other breast, rolling and slightly pinching her nipple. Now move her panties aside and rub your fingers up and down her slit softly and slowly. Spreading the wetness around, and when it is really wet, slide a finger or two inside. Not straight in, curve your fingers slightly, feel for the part of her that feels like a small bone, that’s the one. Rub that lightly at first then faster. Feel it getting harder? Keep going. Now work your mouth down from her breasts across her stomach, making sure to lick around her belly button. Keep going down until your face in deep in her pussy. First suck on her clit lightly as your fingers are still working inside of her. Then use your tongue to lick her folds, sucking occasionally on all of her. Now turn your hand around so your thumb is pressing against her asshole. Just slight pressure, let her know you are there and you’re knocking on her back door. As her wetness drips down, she’ll eventually let you in. When she does, pinch lightly your fingers and thumb as you continue to dine on her sweetness, bringing your other hand in to rub lightly on her inner thighs, belly and clit, especially the clit. Focus your work now with both hands and your mouth to give her an oral experience she won’t soon forget. She just might start grinding her hips into your face, just keep going. The object is to make her cum before she even gets to feel your cock inside her pussy. As she squeezes your head with her legs and pushed her hips into your face you will feel her tense up, this is her cumming, and you must keep going; flick your tongue across her clit to make her cum on your face. You will feel her body tense up. Keep going until she taps out. Now start to back down slightly and slowly. Suck on her pussy a little more, but not too close to her clit. It’s very sensitive now. Here is where you start kissing her body again, from her inner thighs, across her stomach, paying attention again to her belly button and back to her tits. Now suck hard on her nipples but only for a moment. Then back to her neck, ears and back to her mouth. By now your hard cock is resting against her now wet and pulsating pussy. Start sliding that magnificent dick back and forth across her pussy. Now whisper in her ear gently, do you want me inside you now? She will say yes and open her legs for you wider. Don’t just dive in. Tease her. A little bit at a time. Slide your dick up and down he wet pussy. Then start to slide it in. First just the head, then pull out, then a little bit more, then pull back out, then a little bit more, this time keep the head in, then a little deeper, then a little bit more deeper, then all the way in. Push all the way and pause for a second so she can feel every inch of you. Then slowly back out, but not all the way, then back in again. Now start a rhythm. In and out, and in and out, again and again, no pile driving, not yet; she’ll be ready for the pile driving in a moment. Now keep your rhythm steady and put your one hand behind her head, squeeze her tits with the other. Kiss her neck and lightly bite on her earlobes. Pay attention to her face, the noises she makes, this will indicate to you if she’s liking what you’re doing. Now push yourself up on your hands to get a good look at her. Tell her how good she looks as you start to quicken your pace a little, then faster. Watch as her tits bounce back and forth. If you notice her hand go to her pussy, don’t take it the wrong way, you’re doing her right, she’s just helping herself along. Soon she’ll be climaxing. Pay close attention to her face now, how her pussy feels. You might feel her tighten up a little or get even more wet before she starts to cum. Now ask her if she wants to cum on your cock, tell her you want her to cum on your cock, encourage her to cum on your cock. As she cums, keep thrusting your cock in and out of her, slowing down slightly. Now roll her over onto her belly and pick her up on her knees. Do this yourself, show her your strength, but be gentle about it. Spank her ass lightly, just once. If she moans a little, she liked it.That’ll be your queue to do it a little more and maybe a little harder next time. For now slide your cock back inside her. Same as before, but now is where you start to pile drive her. Take a firm hold of her hips, pull her into you making your hips crash together. As she starts to moan again now is when you spank her again, lightly. Ask her if she likes it, if she wants it a little harder. By now she should be cumming again, pay attention to her movements, if she starts slowing down place your thumb on her asshole again, she’ll let you in again much sooner this time. Once she cums again, now roll her back over on her back and continue pounding her. Are you ready to cum yet? Now you start asking her where she wants you to cum. She’ll tell you where she wants it.
By this time I was so ready to explode, I asked her where she wanted me to cum. She smiled, pointed to her mouth and said, “right here, shoot your load in my mouth, I want to taste you.” I quickened my pace to bring myself to orgasm and just before I started cumming, straddled her with my cock close to her open waiting mouth, and finally I exploded. The first two shots kind of missed the mark and as I adjusted my aim, she laughed slightly. When I finished, she pulled me closer to put my cock in her mouth. She sucked on my cock for almost a minute and I almost couldn’t take it anymore, I rolled over onto my back, apologizing for cumming on her face a little bit. She sat up, wiping the cum from her face and sucking it off of her fingers, “It happens sometimes. Don’t worry about it. Most women that will let you shoot a load in her open mouth usually don’t mind getting a little on their face.” It made me feel a little better as we laid there talking about that session and other techniques. I asked a lot of questions and she answered all of them for me.
Finally she brought her head down to my cock and started sucking my cock again. She amazingly got me hard again in no time telling me this round two was for her pleasure this time. She then mounted me as ground her hips into me. She seemed to grab my cock with her pussy and road me for a long time. She paused only for a moment to turn around. I was getting a good look at her ass now and as she bounced on my cock, she told me she’d been thinking about this since she felt my hard cock on the back of the horse. I instantly grabbed her him the same way I grabbed her on the horse. She told me how grinding my cock against her ass got her wet, how she played with her pussy while I was in the shower, how she made herself cum thinking about joining me in the shower. I felt myself cumming again and she apparently felt it too because she told me to cum inside her, that she wanted to feel my cock cumming inside her. I came again and after I came, she dismounted me and went back to work on my cock with her mouth. It felt amazing, I’d never felt anything like it before.
My Professor of the Sexual Arts would give me two dozen more lessons over the next 60 days of my break. Most of the time there was little work done on the ranch. It would give me a reason to come back to work for her next break. When I went back to school I had a new sense of confidence and was happy knowing the women I’d be with throughout the rest of the year were so satisfied they’d come back for more or would wind up telling their friends about it.
I would come back in the summer of my second year asking her to teach me my master’s degree and again in my third year for my PhD. By the time I graduated college Natalie was calling me doctor love. I came home and opened my own practice taking care of many of the a****ls in my home town and the surrounding county. But I always loved making house calls To Mrs. Natalie Marshall’s ranch, my Professor of the Sexual Arts. While she was never mine, I love that woman to this day, for everything she has ever taught me.

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