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My Punishment

I’m horny as fuck, Brian isn’t anywhere around, he’s been working a ton of hours, so we can go on vacation. My b*****r Scotty has been studying and been with his slutty girl friend. I really want to fuck with daddy, but he acts like he doesn’t have time for me.

I’m home by myself, I put one of daddy’s porn in my dvd, put on my newest neglige. I wanted to save it for Brian, but I want to try it out, to make sure all the holes are big enough for fun. I get things together as the movie starts. My lube, glass butt plug, 3 different dildo’s including my purple vibe.

I prop the pillows up and begin to watch the movie. I lube up my ass before putting the plug in. My fingers in and out, then the plug. It’s tight at first, nothing has been in for a few weeks. I moan as I put it in, I like the way the coolness feels. I then begin to suck on my purple dildo, that looks like Brian’s cock.

I’m fucking my ass and sucking on the purple cock, wishing I was the whore in the movie. She fucks one guy, then leaves finds another guy and fucks him. He invites his friends over and she is fucking fifteen guys at one time. Lucking fucking girl…I need some dick sooo bad.

I put the purple cock in my pussy, put the vibe on my clit and I’m in heaven. My pussy is wetter than ever. I can feel my cum dripping down to my ass. I roll over and pump the plug hard. I want a bigger dick in me, so I pull the plug out, take my purple dildo in, then back up to my headboard. I push hard enough to get the dildo stuck and I begin rocking back and forth to fill my ass with my portable cock.

My vibe I’m using on my clit, then into my pussy. I cum again, I suck my juice off of it, then back in my hole again. I leave it in, while I stroke my tits, then pump is some more. Oh how I wish someone was here to fuck me. I want to be used as their sex toy. I pull the didlo from my ass and insert the vibe, then I lick my glass dildo before putting it deep inside my pussy. Oh the feeling.

As, I lift my legs up high to fuck my ass, I see daddy standing there watching me. I smiled at him and told him to come help me. He smiled back, but told me that I’m a nasty slut and I shouldn’t be playing alone, like I was. I looked up to him with the eyes of a little girl who got caught taking a cookie.

Daddy sat on my bed, grabbed me and layed me over his lap. He took his belt off and began to slap my ass. It stung at first, I told him not soo hard, but he slapped me a few more times. He then rubbed where the red marks are, I don’t think he made it feel any better. I started to rub his cock through his trousers, his cock grew harder. Daddy took my head by my hair and told me that I am going to suck him, like he was paying me.

His cock was hard as I put the whole thing in my throat. He jerked my head hard and called me a fucking whore. I looked up to him and he pushed my head down again. This time he held my head down and made me gag as I gasped for air. I f***ed myself up and looked at him with a glare. Daddy smiled, then told me I was a bad girl.

He stood up, got undressed and pushed me onto the bed. He used his tie and tied my hands together, then tied my legs to the bed post with my sheet. Daddy had my legs spread wide as he began to finger me. He seen that I was enjoying it too much, he grabbed my dildoes then.

One at a time he shoved them into my pussy. the glass dildo, purple and th butt plug. He then took the vibe to tease my clit with it. Daddy grabbed my nipples and bit them hard. He said if I wanted to act like a whore, he was going to treat me like one. I begged for him to pull something out of my pussy, but he pushed them in further.

Daddy, untied my legs to lift them up. He then took his dick and shoved it in my ass. He fucked me and called me a filthy whore. He was ready to get off, he pulled from my ass and shot his cum all over my face. He knows that I hate this. But, daddy said I was a bad girl.

After he got off, he started to pull the dildoes from my pussy one at a time. He made sure to leave the glass dildo in and stuck his dick in along with it. He fucked me hard and long with it in me. I begged to suck on his cock, he let me suck him until he was ready to shoot another load. This time he let me swallow his load.

Once he was finished, he untied me, then held me in his arms as we finished watching the movie. I told daddy why I was fucking myself that way. He said that he’s been busy with work and with my mom. He said that she has been seducing him every night, with different ways to have sex. She even had him meeting her at the downtown bar and fucking her on the pool table.

I told daddy that sounded like fun, and if anyone else was around when he did it. Daddy said only one time, but he brought his friend Jack with him, he didn’t tell mom that he was coming along. Jack was surprised that mom was willing to fuck them both. Daddy said, mom was becoming his personal slut. I looked at him and said I thought I was his slut.

Daddy looked me in the eyes, said that I will always be his favorite slut. He loves my tight pussy and ass. He loves my sweet cum and how I can squirt. Mom can’t squirt, he has tried many different ways, but it’s no use. That’s ok, cuz I can. Daddy alsotold me, that my mom doesn’t suck his cock the way I do. He loves the way I flicker my tongue up and down his shaft and how I can suck his balls without hurting him.

That made me feel special. I rubbed daddy’s chest as I rolled on top of him. I kissed his lips, down his cheek to his neck, then down his chest to his dick. I licked him up and down, then flicked him as he grew hard again. My pussy is wet as I strddled him and slid down on him. Daddy grabbed my tits and sucked on each one as I rode his cock. Daddy then held me close as his fucked me.

I lifted up, spun around and had my ass in his view. I leaned forward, to watch his cock go in and out of my pussy. this turned me on as much as it did for him. Daddy has stuck his thumb in my asshole and fucked it with each movement I made on his cock. I liffted off his cock and slid to his face. That is when I sat on his face for him to lick and suck my cum. I bent over to suck on him and to finger his ass.

Daddy lifted his legs so I could put one of my dildos in him. I grabbed the glass one and worked its way in. I fucked his ass til he came again in my mouth. Once he got off, I pulled the glass from him and got up to get dressed. Daddy went to my shower and got cleaned up before mom came home.

Daddy told me that next time I need to have some attention to my pussy, that I need to demand it from him. He will make sure he takes care of my pussy needs. I will remember that next time. Thank you daddy, for my punishment…Love you <3

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