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My Return

I hadn’t been home to Seattle for a year, there was nothing there to come back to really but my father and since he worked frequently in San Francisco which is just a bit north of Stanford we had easily kept in touch. Coming home at the end of my freshman year was a cluster fuck from start to finish. Dad had rented an apartment in a gated exclusive hotel not to live in but as a meeting space. It was also near his Hospital although at that moment the significance of this had no meaning to me. Within an hour of landing at SeaTac airport I had been whisked to this unit by my father’s people and was meeting with Dad and four other attorneys. The fact was that he was dying. There was an urgency to get the f****y wealth structured such that it was protected before his competency could be challenged. The Attorneys had already worked out the details. I would become the Administrator of all the f****y’s wealth ( at 19 what a joke, just not a funny joke) immediately upon a determination that he was unable to manage the f****y’s affairs, a gambit Barb (my stepmother and fathers 2nd wife) was expected (according to the lawyers) to propose as soon as she learned of the health issue. I signed a ream of papers and it was done.
The lawyers left and Dad gave me the story, “I’m dying, cancer, it’s spread, tumors in the most difficult places. This, gesturing to the mound of papers, is all necessary because Barb is a roaring d***k and social pariah. Incapable of managing the f****y’s issues. Most if not all of the assets we have as a f****y we had prior to the marriage and there is a prenup . Even so, Jason, as you are now the Administrator I expect you to see she has a lifestyle in the future at least until she re-marries as has been provided up until now. I need your assurance that will be your position.”
“Of course” I answered, “absolutely”. Adding “Dad, it’s probably prudent I not go back to Stanford in the Fall, I think it best I stay close until all issues are resolved. I’ll return to school when the business is stable.”
He answered, “You are now in charge Jason, I suspect you know what the best course of action should be. Barb is unaware that I am ill and knows nothing of the Trust arrangements. I will leave it to you to inform her when you feel the time is right.”
This told me all I needed to know as to the seriousness of the situation and I was driven home while dad remained behind. He was suffering the effects of the chemo and wanted to rest. As I moved my bags into my room I felt the sense of “being home” close in around me. Someone had been using my room it seemed things were just a little bit wrong. Barb came in and we made small talk, she was going out she said. Man she looked so good, nice tits with the nipples slightly turned out and a perfect d****. I had been fantasizing about her since I was 15, as well as masturbating to the fantasies.
I called Jada, our neighbor and my friend. Jada was a strange one, 50 years old, a Psychiatrist, sex ther****t and professional BDSM aficionado. She met her clients most demanding needs and she had showed me the ropes sexually when I was 18. I asked her to dinner just to catch up on her life. She told me to come over to her place and we could catch up while she cooked for us. We ate spaghetti and oranges. She let me smoke a bit of my weed, she drank wine. I loved the oranges they taste like liquid gold should taste, sweet tart bright and thick
After we had done the social thing I asked, “Have you seen much of Barb this year? Is she still drinking too much?” Jada answered a little too quickly, “On and off and yes.” I look intently at her “I understand ‘yes’ but ‘on and off’ seems mysterious.”
“Well Jason we work on her emotional health, she’s an on-again and off-again client and I won’t discuss her with you.” I laugh out loud at her and we hugged. As I’m leaving to go back over the fence to my home Jada asks me if I would be interested in house sitting for her the next two weeks as she has a summer conference in the Grand Tetons National Park.
“Of course I’d be happy to watch the place for you. Leave me Keys and any info I might need.” I give her a peck on the cheek and a pinch of her right nipple. She squeals right on queue .
The next morning Jada gives me keys, a list of contacts, and a sloppy tongue-in-mouth kiss as she leaves for the Tetons ……by car. She’s into BDSM and afraid of flying, a classic “Physician Heal Thyself” personality. When I go upstairs to her bedroom with my sl**ping bag where I’ll be camping out for the next couple weeks I find on the bed two DVD recordings, with plastic cases labeled “BARB”.
“Man, that Jada she is something”, I whisper to myself, “the full package, de Sade and Machiavelli.”
I need my laptop to load the disc’s onto my hard drive in order to return Jada’s discs to her. I also want to bug my room at home, having noticed the unexplained activity earlier. I look over all Jada’s portable video gear and select items so that I can record any activity in my room. I just know something is wrong over there. Maybe the housekeeper is sacking out during the day anyway it’s a question I want closed down. I need to catch up on all the f****y issues as soon as I can without creating conflict. Sun Tzu believed good intelligence is paramount to good peace.
After installing the hardware in my room I head back to Jada’s place crossing both back yards, carrying my portable laptop to copy the DVD’s left by Jada. As I enter the kitchen Barb is coming down from the bedroom area. Startled I jump, shouting ,“Jesus, you scared the shit out of me Barb, damn”. She laughs making some comment about a scarf she forgot as the excuse for being here. I’m getting hard just from watching as she swings that tight ass around the kitchen heading for the patio door. I’m thinking she was looking for the DVD’s of her therapy sessions. I had them in my laptop satchel, I took them with me when I left earlier. I’m excited, now I know for sure there is something there. I brace her just as she gets to the door to the patio with “Hey Barb, did you see much of Jada this last year? I wonder if she has any friends” Her face goes slack then recovers saying, “Not often, I think she has a new friend. Jada’s a lesbian you know”. Now that stops me dead . “You’re k**ding” I chuckle. “Who’d have thought” I mumble as Barb makes it safely out the kitchen door to the deck.
Heading upstairs I lay on Jada’s bed downloading the discs onto my hard drive. This could be a little slow but I’m all titillated to see what Jada thought I should see but that she shouldn’t openly have shared. I had been schooled in sexuality by Jada for weeks, I don’t know how the line is drawn between, hetero, bi and lesbian but Jada had never been anything but a super fun sex partner and guide with me. Barb on the other hand had always been aloof kept a distance but she was really desirable. I masturbated to her in my mind many times growing up. The stories of her sexual exploits around town only heightened the hunger to do her till my dick fell off. The first disc finishes and I load the second. When it finishes I put them back in the cases and place the cases in a cupboard that has a lot of Jada’s commercially produced sex tapes and DVD’s.
The newest “BARB” disc is all indexed and searchable, Going to the latest date I see that just 4 days ago she had a 2 hour session. It opens with Barb nude on a table on her back. She is being fucked by a man I recognize from the country club. Another man is face fucking her. As each cums and leaves another guy shows up. Occasionally a woman with a strap-on mounts her, these are the most abusive. Jamming their tool into her, slapping her tits hard. Calling her ugly names. It appears that some of the women might be the wives of the men leaving their cum everywhere. Barb can be seen smiling and heard saying “thank you” again and again like a sub or a slave. Seriously most of these guys are known to me, more than a few are civic leaders. There are so many I wonder if Jada brings them in by bus. As it gets towards the end of the second hour there is cum dripping off her onto the floor. I went through several sessions and they are all similar. I see other men at times, other women but the activity becomes rather boring in its repetition. A remarkable part to the compilation is the role played by Jada. She comes in after all others are gone, wearing a large black strap on dick proceeding to very aggressively ream Barbs cunt and asshole. Making Barb admit she’s a slut, likes the abuse, and making Barb loudly identify which hole is being attacked and how much she loves the sex. Finally Barb is made to consume all the cum on her body. Loading it onto her fingers and sucking it off. I think it is significant that Barb is enjoying it all, at times seemingly in a kind stupor of sexual lusting … a sensual rapture.
I’m emotionally drained from the stresses of these latest views of my f****y. I haven’t heard from Dad and these videos have shaken me, I need recovery, a time-out. I need to process and sort the situation to understand my own feelings. I am repelled by the slutty behavior on the video, yet watching gave me a raging hard-on. Watching this woman I too had lusted after be so incredibly sexual and wanton made me want to fuck her even more than I had in my earlier fantasies. Hiding my laptop under the mattress I collapse onto the bed, lying on top of the bedspread with just my sl**ping bag.
When I wake it’s Seattle weather. Not rain but a heavy mist falling straight down, the air is washed clean and the smell of wetted ground is pleasant. My father died that morning. A bad reaction to the Chemo they said. Two days later dad had been cremated and the ashes brought to our home.
That same day Barb, my step mother, a monumental slut (judging by her videos) and I meet with the same four attorneys from my meeting with my father. We are in fathers home-office for the reading of the Will. After all was explained as to the legal situation the attorneys left.
As soon as the last dark gray suit was beyond the front door Barb and I were left alone to quarrel over the new status as planned and designed by her husband and my father.
Barb came out swinging, “What the fuck is all this? I get half of everything, that’s the law not this trust shit. Who are you to be the Administrator? What the hell is this Trust thingy.” She rants on and on until I had finally had enough. Jumping up I shout, “Whoa, whoa simmer down, the day I came back from school Dad and those lawyers met with me to explain what he was doing and to sign papers. More importantly he explained “why” he has to take this action. He believed you were not competent to manage the families assets and business. He claimed you were a roaring alcoholic as well as a monumental slut unable to control your behavior. Looking her straight in the eyes, “Don’t bother to deny any of it I’ve independently verified all of his statements and I agree with his assessment of you. You are unfit to handle the business. I think given the evidence any court would agree”
Glancing down she mumbles, “You found Jada’s recordings? That fucking lesbo cunt had to have her memories. So what is going to happen to me now?”
“First I didn’t find the disc’s. Jada left them out for me to ‘find’ she set you up. Barb believe me the Trust is expected to provide for you until you remarry as you have been provided for the last four or five years. Just as is spelled out in the pre-nuptial agreement you signed. You also have your independent Real Estate income that is yours alone.”
“Although neither of us owns anything, the Trust owns all the f****y’s assets, we each have full access to all the assets for personal use. I’m suggesting we form a loose partnership working together to make this thing benefit both of us.”
“We have a couple of problems. First you need to stop heavy drinking it’s high risk to the business. You shouldn’t have any problem being sober in public. In fact I don’t believe you actually are a very heavy drinker. I think you make it appear that you are an alky in order to use drinking as a justification for your outlandish sexual behavior.” Barb smiles sweetly at me. “Essentially you’re given a pass for the behavior because you’re a d***k. Anyway it needs to stop. Keep the behavior cut way back on the alcohol.”
“The second item is we need to get over to Jada’s and find all the videos she has on both of us. These represent high risk to both our futures and the management of the Trust. There may be more videos of you and even some of me. Jada and I were ‘very close’ before I left for Stanford.” Barb smiles knowingly “Jason , I know, Jada and I often did our thing watching your videos.”
“Well what do you think? Are you in?” Now I knew that bitch had watched Jada with me.
“Can I still have sex my way as I want it”, Barb responds quickly.
“Only two rules Barb, be as discrete as possible and never fuck the household help”
Laughing Barb replies, “Alright, I’m in. Let’s get those videos, Jada’s back in a couple of days.”
The keys Jada provided open everything even the storage cabinets for the indexed and dated discs. We only had to search the master inventory disc by names and start date and all those available in the index pop up. We pulled all the discs that were ours. Barb suggests we view a bit of each disc to verify content. I agreed but actually I just wanted to again see her abandoning any and all restraint being a total slut in full lusting. Starting with Barbs recent stuff we watched silently I was speechless. That beautiful ass being assaulted while she wallowed in the pleasure it gave her. Barb just giggled and pointed to the lump jumping in my pants.
Then came mine and it was embarrassing Jada had made recordings of us as she gave me instruction. Oral, anal, penetration all holes with my dick, fingers, tongue and toys. Barb is staring at the discs intently. Breaking the tension I speak up, “That is one really pretty dick working on that girl, don’t you think.” Then I roll on my best smile and Barb rolls her eyes muttering “men” in feigned disgust.
The last disk is a short compilation of just Barb and Jada. Obviously the two are doing the lesbian thing. I’m again instantly hard as a rock watching the raw sexuality of two women fucking each other with tongues and fingers. “Damn that Jada was out of line recording this stuff” I say to Barb. She nods and replies “I wish there was a way to get even.”
“Well I’d like to see you two doing 69 with you on top. I come right up and stick my black dick in your ass my balls d****d onto Jada’s fore head. Pumping and working your ass until just as I cum I pull out and spray all over your button. Then record the cum dripping down onto Jada’s face all thick gloppy and sticky.”
With eyes fixed on the clip of her lusting on another’s pussy Barb laughs, “I like it, Jason I do believe you have a nasty streak just waiting to be tapped. But first my young partner we need to get a couple items straight. I found your efforts to spy on the activity in your bedroom and make recordings. Now that behavior breaches any partnership I can think of, if in the future you want to know something just ask… I almost never lie and I’m not a penny ashamed of any of my sexual exploits. When you watch your recordings you’ll see me getting off to a photo of you and that luscious dick of yours. We need to agree that this partnership will be based on openness between us not secret spying and other cutthroat behavior.
I agreed with her of course and immediately wondered how this recent widow, viewing with her 19 year old stepson the most abnormal sexually explicit videos of herself, managed to make him feel like the deviant.
Turning to me she says, “I’m curious is that black hunk as heavy and solid as it looks in the recordings?” Then smiling impishly she adds, “You see if your dick is all big and thick and solid with that mushroom head all swollen, I believe before we try to get even with Jada, we ought to practice a bit to be sure everything fits. Actually honey, I believe we are going to need several trial runs, if you catch my drift” commenting while reaching for my shorts to give, that now solid wood, room to breathe.
Me I’m just smiling.

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