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My Second Bi-Encounter With An Older Guy

After my first bi experience i didn`t really know how i felt about what actually happened, but knowing that if i met up with dave again i could at least get another human being to touch my cock made it very tempting to meet up with him, especially as girls that i knew were not giving out.

I was o.k Sunday/Monday going about my business but by Tuesday i was thinking about daves big cock and how he could help me out, and then by Friday i was thinking all sorts, how it would feel to be touched wanked, sucked by another guy and even fantasised about returning the favour, to the point i ended up with really messy sheets in the morning where id dreamed dave had sucked the cum out of my cock then looked up at me and opened his mouth to show me and then swallowed my whole load down.

So by the time Saturday came there was no way i was not going to the swimming baths, this time my friends weren`t interested they were going to the cinema, so it felt a bit weird to go alone but i got my kit ready and headed for the baths around the same time as last week, the thought of actually getting someone to touch my cock was so exciting that i had real trouble disguising my boner that was pre-empting my first bi- touching experience and seemed to be constantly leaking pre-cum.

I got in the changing rooms and had a look around just in case dave was already in there waiting but no he was nowhere to be seen, so i got in the pool and done a few lengths, i was getting a bit impatient and didn`t think he was going to turn up, when i caught him out the corner of my eye.

I was a bit confused, he was at the side of the pool with a very pretty lady and a little girl, they`d obviously been for a swim and were ready to get out and change, so dave gave them both a kiss and a wave goodbye and i heard him say “i`ll be about 20 mins” then i`ll get out and meet you upstairs.

So he was married with a k** but likes to wank with young men??? Another confused moment, as soon as they were out of sight, he swam my way, he`d obviously noticed me earlier, and as he swam past to the edge of the pool, he said see you in the cubicle in two minutes, i suppose this was to avoid anyone noticing him getting out of the pool with a young guy, my first thought was he`s done this quite a few times before, because he`s very organised.

So i let him get out and trying again to contain my excitement, i left it a minute or so (the longest minute i`d ever known) and then followed him to the same cubicle as last week, managing to look around to make sure noone saw me enter the same cubicle .
As i entered he couldn`t resist a knowing smile, i smiled back and he said “ are you o.k, are you sure you want to try this”? “no pressure you can walk out now” i nodded a yes and with that he told me to lower my trunks, he then made his way over and rubbed my chest and then belly he then stroked up the inside of my thighs, i nearly blew my stack, i wanted to scream “TOUCH MY COCK” but he knew what he was doing firstly he wanted to make sure i didn`t change my mind when touched and secondly he knew this would make my cock really hard, and he was right.

After a minute or so of working me up he said “are you ready” again i nodded lost for words, he then moved his hand off my thighs glancing over my balls and he put one hand on my cock and the other on my balls and started rubbing and stroking my cock while cupping my balls very gently “JESUS CHRIST”!, immediately i saw a drop of pre-cum ooze out of my cock, and i thought i`m not going to last long, dave then said “ do you want to touch my cock”? again another nod, i think i`d lost control of everything that day, and was all fingers and thumbs so he took my hand and placed it on the outside of his trunks and began rubbing it along the outline of his quickly expanding cock.

“OH! MY GOD!” That feels so good, it was rock hard and felt massive he then took his hand away leaving me to help myself, and i had the urge to feel it in the flesh, so i slowly pulled his trunks down, a side at a time it sprang free when released to its full length, it was such a great cock, dave had stopped rubbing me at this point knowing i wouldn`t last long, so he let me enjoy my first touch of cock.

I ran my young hand up and down the shaft and then cupped his balls in my hand just like he did to me, then i pulled the foreskin back and forth slowly watching and transfixed as the skin showed his glorious purple helmet then disappeared then re-appeared with my strokes, like me he must have been excited as there was a bit of pre-cum on the head, i had the almighty desire to get on my knees and lick it but i didn`t.

Dave again re-assured me “you o.k with this” this time i whispered “yes” so i said to him “i think i`m not going to last long if you keep touching me” he said “thats o.k this is just an introduction, your first hand and bj ENJOY!” and smiled, he said “i haven`t got long anyway, got to meet the mrs upstairs so”….there was a pause then he continued,“I want you to continue wanking me and then when i`m near STOP! then i`m just going to suck you a little and get you to cum in my mouth, then you can feel what its like and like last week, you can go home and think if you`d like to try to suck me and if so we can meet up again next week.

I was dying to try and suck his lovely cock but he was right for me not to rush, hormones rushing about and all that, so i continued to rub his cock back and forward as we stood next to each other he really just held my cock with an occasional rub and stroke but it was more than enough to keep me hard.

He asked me was i sure i`d never done this before, this made me smile and gave me confidence and i seemed to be getting him to moan and thrust his hips into my strokes, this in turn made me hard and horny, so he started stroking my cock slowly back and forth, this really was heaven, i told him i was near so he stopped stroking my cock and told me to get on my knees right in front of his cock, i thought oh! he`s changed his mind and wants me to try to suck him but he told me, NO SUCKING! Just wank me until i cum on your chest, i had his fantastic big cock a mere few inches from my eager mouth but did as i was told and went for it, at the same staying i was as hard as nails myself, through the action of helping him to orgasm.

As I pulled on his cocked he told me to tug his balls a little, i didn`t want to hurt him but i didn`t have to worry, i cupped his two testicles and just stretched them in time with my hand movements on his cock, and this made him go crazy he then without warning let out a low deep moan and as i pulled his balls and pulled his skin right back to the base of his cock the first shot of cum came out of his cock and landed on my chest, i could smell its salty/bleachy smell, not the best thing i`d smelt but the pearly white stream of cum looked so sexy on my chest, the next shot i got a surprise as it landed on my chin only an inch from my mouth, then he shot another two shots not as far as the first two but they looked so sexy on my hand and slowly dripping onto the floor.

As soon as he came he jumped up and told me to “stand up and leave the cum on your chin” which was now dripping down on the floor, he went back to work on my cock manipulating it with his hand in the same way i had learned from him, and then i closed my eyes as i felt my cum finding its way from my balls and at that moment i noticed my cock feel slightly warm and wet, and opened my eyes to find dave was wanking me into his mouth with his mouth and tongue just going over the head of my cock, this was too much and i told him to get ready he took my cock out of his mouth and looked straight in my eyes and said “o.k cum for me alan.

At this point he reached up with a finger and scooped some of his cum off my chin and rubbed it on my lips, i was so horny i opened my mouth and tasted it this was my first taste properly,i`d tasted my own which i quite liked but i was surprised at daves it was quite sweet, so i got his finger and licked his cum just as i reached my orgasm he knew i was cumming and so opened his mouth

completely over the head of my cock and held it there and took what seemed like a pint of my young cum into his mouth, he gagged a little but as my orgasm subsided he kept lightly flicking and licking my cock he only took his mouth off me when i stopped shuddering from my orgasm and as i looked down he opened his mouth and showed me the big mouthful of my cum, he then held his head back and swallowed, then went back to squeezing the head of my cock and licked the head to mop up any droplets that flowed out.

He then stood up and said “did you enjoy that” this time not lost for words i replied “yes” “how about my cum” he asked “yes” i quite liked it, “same time next week?, you can try sucking me if you like again no pressure” and another of them yes he`ll be here smiles i nodded shyly and smiled back, he said great “just to make sure” and with that he pushed me down on my knees and told me to open my mouth and stick my tongue out, he got his cock and still shiny with remnants of his cum he wiped a bit over my tongue and put his cock head just inside my mouth so i could feel what it was like to have one in my mouth, i motioned my mouth to take it in my mouth and wrap my lips around it but he then pulled it out and laughed “next week young man be patient”!


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