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For the past month I had enjoyed a lot of success at my new job. Within a two week period I had landed two new clients, the new multi-million dollar contacts they signed gained me a promotion. The big executives in the company were singing high praises about me. The following week I had to report to a new floor and work with a new set of team members. I was teamed up with this African American female named Tracy she was in her late 20’s and had the body of a goddess. She stood around 5’7 145, her small coke bottle frame would man most guys stop and stare. The only thing about Tracy that I disliked was her attitude; she hated taking orders from other people. I had to learn the hard way that Tracy hated coming in second place to anyone. If you did something better than her, she would make it her business to out do you the next time around. I had just made a break through with a Japanese company that no other associate could get to have a meeting with. The big bosses were stopping by my own every hour asking me the same questions over and over. Since I had a heavy load of work to complete I had lunch in my office. While I was eating a quarter pound burger from McDonalds Tracy came into my office, I could tell that she was pissed about the current events that had taken place within the company. Tracy looked me square in the eyes and told me that sooner or later my lucky streak was going to run out and when it did she was going to be the first person to rub it in my face. I stood up and told Tracy that she just needed to get used to being in second place and after all this is a man’s world. I told her that no matter how hard she tired she would never be able to outdo me at anything. I saw fire glare up into her eyes and she said that we will see about that, before she walked out of the office I said Tracy get used to being a bench player I am the top scorer on the team now.
I not only landed that a contact with the Japanese company I gained two of their rivals. I was promoted to senior position within the company. Tracy hated this, her hate made me worked harder and now that I was her boss. I gave her orders that pissed her off on daily basics. I began to figure that this woman lacked something in her life. I walked down to her office and asked her to accompany me to lunch that day. She told me that she had a lot of paper work to complete and I replied that it was mandatory that she joined me. While we sat in this five star restaurant in downtown Atlanta and ate lunch I offered Tracy a deal I said that since I had beaten her at her own game I would give her a second chance to beat me. Her face lit up at this new opportunity, I said that if she won this contest I would quit my position with the company, but if I won she had to be my personal slave for three days. To my surprise she agreed to the deal. For the next three months I landed all types of deals I even had to close out one of her deals. Every chance I got I threw my success in her face and man did it piss this little lady off. I told Tracy that the game was almost over and that I needed to help my nephew with his science project that was due in two weeks. I found out that her nephew was in the same science fair. I said that the winner of this fair would determine who the winner of our game was. I reminded her that she would be my slave for three days if she lost the science fair to me. Tracy told me to start looking for a new job, I laughed in her face and said yeah right slave. Two weeks later the science fair took place my nephew and I won first place while Tracy and her nephew came in third. The following weekend was the fourth of July and the company had a week off work. I told Tracy to be at my house that Friday evening right after work was over.
I had purchased some sexy outfits for Tracy to wear for the three day period. I planned on making her my personal sex slave. Once she arrived at my condo that Friday I laid down the ground rule I told her that she would be my sex slave for the weekend or she could pay me $5,000 dollars and the game was off. I waited for a second to see how she would respond to my request; all she had to say was no one at the office better not find out that we made an agreement like this. I gave her a pair of heels to wear and said this is the only thing she could wear for tonight. I told her to go take a shower and come back in the living room butt naked. When she walked into the room my heart skipped a beat man this little lady was built like a brick house. I began to think about the different ways I was going to feed her huge black dick. I got my frat paddle out of the closet and told her to lie down on the couch. I said slave if you make one sound or if you move while I eat your pussy I will give you five licks with this paddle. Tracy slowly lay down on the couch I got down on my knees and took a closer look at her pretty pussy. It was so small I wonder how I would be able to f***e my oversized dick into this tight love hole. I placed one of her legs on my shoulder and began to kiss on her enter tights. Her womanly smell was so erotic and strong, I licked on her clit softly and slowly then I would rub my thumb in a circle motion while I stuck my tongue into her sweet love hole. After a while I dug two fingers deep into her pussy, while I sucked on her clit. Tracy pussy juices were flowing like the Nile River. For the next twenty minutes I sent her body over the edge. Like a good slave she did not move or make a sound. I told Tracy to get on her knees, I stood in front of her and said now slave suck masters dick, and you better do a good job or I will have to punish you. Little did I know Tracy was a pro at oral sex, this little lady sucked my huge Black dick as if it was a Popsicle. I was almost at the point of no return, so I told her to stop, but she kept on moaning and sucking on my monster cock. I had to push her way or I was going to shot a load all over the place.
I wanted to fuck her nice round ass in the doggy position, as she got ready for this dick she said master are you going to put a condom on? I’m not on any type of birth control. I acted ask if I did not hear a word she said I pushed my 10 inch dick into her tight pussy. It took me a couple of long strokes before it reached the bottom of her tight pussy. Slowly I gave her the full length of my monster, Tracy was in heaven as I fucked her. My sex slave was moaning and throwing her little tight pussy back to meet each inward stroke. I reached under her and began to rub her clit while I feed her my dick, Tracy turned into a banshee, my light brown dick was covered in her pussy juices the sight was amazing. Again my sex slave said master I’m not on any birth control please do not cum inside of me, I will drink your cum for you. I got up and grabbed my frat paddle. I said you are the slave and I’m the master, I got her five licks for trying to tell me how to cum. After the punishment was over I said now slave where do you want master to cum at. She took too long to give an answer so I said now you will have to take five more licks with the paddle for not being a good girl. Tracy said master you can cum anywhere you want to please do not whip me anymore I will be a good girl. I told my slave to get on her back, I got down on top of her, and I placed one of her thick thighs on my shoulder and began to make love to her dripping wet pussy. I could feel that she was going to have another orgasm so I told her that she better hold it back until I said she could cum. I started sucking on her tits like a new born baby while I fucked her tight pussy. This made her pussy soaking wet, the sperm inside of my hairy balls began to build up to the point where I could hold back no longer. I told Tracy that she could have her orgasm now, before I was finished with the statement Tracy was having a body shaking orgasm my belly was wet with her womanly juices. This was it I had to bust inside of her right now, I told her that I was about to fill her tight pussy up with my sperm. My sex slave said yes master breed me, fuck me like a pure slut give me all of that good sperm. I shot a load that would not stop coming out the harder I shot off the hard her orgasm became. After I was done, we laid on top of each other out of breath. My sex slave said are you happy master, I said yes slave master is happy. My cock was covered in her woman juices and some of my load. The slave said master do you need me to clean you up. I said sure master would like that, I figured she was going to get a wash cloth but my slave began licking my belly, dick, and balls clean. After she was done the both of us fell asl**p wrapped in each other arms.
Day two Tracy was walking around the house in a short and tight outfit that I had gotten her. Every chance I got I would playfully slap her plump bottom. She liked the attention that I gave her throughout the day I would bust a quick nut inside of her good pussy. My sex salve loved to fuck more than I did. That night after we had taken a shower Tracy put on this pretty pink set that she had, she was throwing her as hard as she walked around the house. Tracy said master can I have some dick before I got to sl**p. Before I could answer she was trying to pull my gym shorts off. Within seconds my dick was at the back of her throat. I told my slave to suck it slow, but she said master I want it to cum in my mouth right now she sucked my 10 inch dick as if it was no tomorrow. I did not have the energy to fuss or garb the paddle all I could do was lay there and watch her suck my huge black dick until it shot a load down her throat. This cum slut did not waste a drop she sucked it until it went soft and got back hard again. Tracy lay down on the bed and said master your slave wants to fuck right now. I grabbed the paddle and told her to turn around. I gave her five licks with the paddle and said bitch I’m the boss and you are the whore and since you want me to fuck your pussy so bad. I was not going to do it. I told her that I was going to fuck her tight brown ass hole. Her eyes grew wide open she said no master I cannot take a big dick like that in my ass please do not make me do that. I had to whip her again, this time she was ready to have some anal sex. She put her face into the pillow and her ass high in the air; I got down and began to tongue fuck her ass hole. I could tell that she liked my tongue going inside of her tight ass, the taste on the tip of my tongue made veins stand out of my dick. I finger fucked her ass making sure that I would be able to fit my dick inside of her ass. When I figured that she was ready I pushed the head into her ass. Damn her bottom felt so damn good I was about to shot a load right there on the spot I had to think about other things while I fucked her. I told my sex slave to rub her clit while I feed her my huge dick. Before long Tracy was asking me to go deeper and harder, her ass had opened all the way up, she was biting the pillow while she had several orgasms back to back. Tracy looked back at me and said master your slave wants you to cum inside of her pussy. I started to whip her for this but I pulled out and stuck my nasty dick deep inside of her wanting pussy. I asked her is this what you want slave, for master to fuck your pussy with his big dick. Tracy said yes master please fill my pussy up I want you to cum deep inside my womb breed me master please. I fucked this bitch with all of the f***e inside of my body, the harder I fucked her the harder she came. She was begging me to breed her, when I shot my load it was running out of her small pussy. It took me a full minute before my load stopped shooting out of my monster dick. I was spent; I laid down trying to catch my breath. Tracy got up and gave me a deep long kiss and said thank you master for that good dick. Then she began to clean my nasty dick with her mouth. I fell asl**p as soon as she was done cleaning me up.
Day three the last day of Tracy being my sex slave. Damn time had flown by, I was not ready for this to be over but all good things must come to an end. That morning Tracy was more playful than normal she was walked around the house nude all day. We had sex in each room, when I came she would wrap her legs around my waist and milk every drop of my sperm inside of her pussy. My sex slave said master I love it when you cum inside of my pussy. That night Tracy asked me if she could be on top. I said sure, you can have this dick any way that you want to. I did not know what I was in store for. At first we started off in the 69 position this slut seemed to love getting her pussy ate while she had a dick in her mouth. She had two orgasms in this position. When she was ready to fuck Tracy said now I am going to fuck your brains out. I should have taken control but I wanted to see what type of dick riding skills she had. Tracy was fucking me hard, she was making my dick bend inside of her wanting pussy. My slave said was saying master your big dick is in my belly and I love it, and I want it to cum in my pussy right now. This freak rode my dick like a professional bull rider; she made the both of us cum several times each time I went soft she would not get off of my dick. I tried to make her get up but she said no master I want keep your dick inside of me all night long. When my black monster got hard she would ride it until I shot deep in her womb. We did this until I could not shot another load, I was somewhat happy because my dick had gotten sore from all of the fucking that had taken place. The next morning when I woke up Tracy was gone. I tried to call her but she did not answer. The rest of the week went by at a snail pace. I jacked my dick thinking about my sex slave.
At work Tracy would not speak to me unless it was work related. If I texted her cell phone she would not respond. I was getting pissed I had wanted to eat and fuck her sexy ass some more. I called her into my office and tried to make a pass at her but she turned me down cold. We had a new African American female temporary female working in the office that we. I could tell that she liked me, every chance she got she was in my face. Tracy treated the poor girl like crap, by the end of the month Tracy had gotten the girl fired. Now I did not have anyone to chat with and I was pissed. That Friday night while I was at home an unexpected knock on the door, it was Tracy she came inside without saying a word. I tried to kiss her but she pushed me away. I went back to watching the college basketball game on T.V. I had not noticed that Tracy had my cell phone she was going thru it. I asked her what she was doing she asked me did you fuck that ugly bitch? I said no I haven’t had sex since our weekend together. Out of the blue Tracy said my period did not come on and the doctor said I was pregnant. I picked her up and said that is great news; we will have a pretty baby. I do not think that my responds was what she expected. Her face lit up and we shared a deep and long kiss somehow my jeans ended up on the floor and Tracy my monster cock Inside of her tight pussy. I said baby I love you and she said master I’m your sex slave forever.

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