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My Sexy Ex s*s-in-Law

Hi everyone, well here is another TRUE story for you all, hope you enjoy it.

My wife and i had broken up a few weeks prior to this night, and although she was my wife’s s****r, there had always been an unspoken attraction between us.

I will describe her briefly, she is maybe 5’3″ tall, a size 10, Shortish blonde hair, lovely green eyes, and the sexiest body. She always wore tight jeans to show off her amazing ass, and she had a very nice pair of 34c/d breasts.

When we would go to visit, she would always kiss me full on the lips, to which my wife would always jokingly dismiss as us getting on so well.

Her s****r, Laura, would always give me a pat on the bum, or a sly grope if my wife wasn’t watching, and when hugging me, would comment on my “state of arousal”!!

Anyway, back to this night, it was 3 or 4 weeks after me and my wife had split up, and laura had invited me round, just to try and cheer me up, and said i was welcome to stay over in the spare room if i wanted to have a drink.

So as i arrived, she gave me my normal greeting of a very long peck on the lips, and a very open grope of my ass, as there was nobody to hide it from.

She was already 3/4’s through a bottle of red, so was slightly tipsy.

We sat down to a chinese take away, chatted and laughed, and she really did help cheer me up.

By about midnight she was absolutely hammered, and i was well on the way too.

Our chat had turned from normal conversation to a bit naughty.

I said to her not to keep me awake in the next room with her vibrator going all night, to which she replied “Don’t worry, i will just use my fingers” and laughed.

Anyway it got to about that time when the bed was calling, so i said i was going to go on up. I gave her a kiss, on the lips as usual, and had a nice long grope of her gorgeous ass. I went up, brushed my teeth and got in to the spare bedroom.

I always sl**p naked, so thought nothing of stripping off totally.

Laura was still down stairs, so i thought i might be a bit naughty, and left the door open, and got on to the bed, yet only pulled the duvet half over, so my semi hard cock was on display, yet my face not visible.
But, i had left a tiny gap between the duvet and my left eye, so i could see when she came past the door.

About ten minutes later i heard her coming up the stairs, so i gave my cock a squeeze and a little stroke, making it nearly fully hard, so she got a nice view.

I watched as she walked past the door, looking in, and then stopped and came back to the door.

She stood there just staring, my cock in full view, and by now hard.

She called my name, but i pretended to be asl**p, to which she called again and still, i didn’t answer.

I watched her slowly walk towards the bed, very slowly, still saying my name, but not as loud, knowing she didn’t want to wake me, but just testing incase i was awake.

She was stood right by the bed, staring down at my cock, and i heard her sigh, as she had one last look and walked out, pulling the door up, but not fully.

She then went to her bedroom, then into the bathroom, and when i heard the toilet flush, i saw the light from the bathroom door as she came out, and once again stood by the door, this time in just a white knickers and bra set, looking in for a second, before going to her room.

I listened out as i heard the creak of her getting in to bed, and then pulled the covers off, and started stroking my cock, my heart beating at the naughty show i had given her.

It was at this point i heard what i thought was a very quiet moan coming from her room, so, being extremely horny, i had to try have a peek, so i got up, and crept out of my room, and looked through the slight crack where her door was not closed.

And what a sight, there she was, laying on her bed, naked, one hand between her legs, stroking her clit, with her other hand alternating between each of her breast, pinching and teasing each of her hard nipples in turn.

I watched the show for 3 or 4 minutes, and feeling bold, or maybe the alcohol making me feel bold, i gently opened the door and walked in.

Walking closer, my heart felt like it was about to rip from my chest, as i took in the sight of her body up close, her pussy glistening from her self exploration, her chest heaving between each rub of her clit.

With out saying a word, i walked right up beside her, her eyes closed, as she masturbated, and reached out my hand and gently stroked her right breast, as her free hand stroked the left one.

She jumped up, “Oh my god, what are you doing, i was ummmm, just….. errrr……….” i put my finger to her lips and said “Shhhhh laura, dont speak”, and bent my head down and kissed her, no longer just a peck, this was full on, her mouth opened and our tongues met, dancing together, as she pulled me on to the bed.

At long last, one of my all time fantasies was coming true, her hand running across my chest, down over my stomach, feeling her fingers reach there destination, wrapping around my long, hard cock.

She stroked me softly, then harder as our kisses intensified, my hand gently pulling on her nipples, feeling her moan in to my mouth.

I broke of our kiss, trailing my lips and tongue down her neck, across her chest, slowly taking each nipple in turn into my mouth, sucking and gently biting it.

My lips travelled lower, across her flat stomach, her back arching as my kisses reached the top of her pussy, totally waxed apart from a small line of hair above her clit.

I kissed around her pussy, not touching it, then to her inner thighs, breathing on to her clit, as she pushed her pussy towards me, yet still not actually touching it.

Then i extended my tongue and for the first time, flicked it across her clit, to which she bucked wildly, moaning loud, as i then started to lick it harder, faster, sucking her clit between my lips as my tongue flicked left to right, then in circular motions.

I knew she was about to cum, and as i felt her body tensing, pushed 2 fingers deep into her pussy, at which point her head swung back, her moans intensifying and she came hard, her pussy leaking all over my fingers.

She then got up, pushed me onto my back, and started kissing down my chest, teasing my nipples with her tongue as she went lower.

I looked down at her, her mouth an inch from the tip of my cock, looking up at me as her mouth opened, seemingly in slow motion, as the end of my cock went from view, and inbetween her tightly formed lips, sucking my cock.

Slowly, inch by inch, she took my full length into her mouth, then all the way up, and then all the way back down.

She was deep throating me like a pro, her fingers stroking my tight balls as she sucked and slurped on my hard cock.

Feeling this could all be just a one off, i figured i had to try and do everything my many masturbation sessions alone about her had involved.

So i pulled her round, so we were in a 69, and i continued my feverish assault on her pussy, sucking her clit, fingering her pussy with 2 and then 3 fingers, as she struggled to suck me inbetween moans.

I ran a well lubricated finger over her tight asshole, and felt no resistance as i pushed it deep inside, still licking her clit.

By now she was just stroking me, unable to breath and suck at the same time.

I moved from underneath her, so she was still on all fours, and offered my cock to her pussy.

Her hand coming between her legs, gripping my cock and pulling it towards her, both of us moaning loudly as i slowly entered her, pushing in all the way, in one slow motion.

It was at this point that all thoughts went, we were like wild a****ls, me fucking her hard, her hand rubbing her clit.

I pulled her up by her hair, so i could touch her breasts, our faces side by side, kissing as we fucked hard and fast, like wild a****ls.

She went back down on to her hands, as i continued to fuck her, and then pushed my finger back into her ass.

She at this point moaned so loud, so i fucked her alternativly, first my cock in deep in her pussy, and as i pulled back, my finger then deep in her ass.

She was moaning so loud and i knew she was about to cum, so i continued this alternate fucking with my finger and cock, and then added another finger in her ass, at which point she came so hard, i think she may have either squirted or pee’d, but either way i could take no more, and pulled out, begging her to let me cum in her mouth.

She didn’t object, and swung round “Mmmmmm come on baby, cum in my mouth, let me taste all that hot cum you have always wanted to give me”.

And then it came, the surge rising up my cock, jet after jet of cum, splashing into her mouth, across her face, running down her chin onto her breasts.

She took me in deep again, sucking every last drop of cum from my cock, before swallowing it all.

We continued to play for several hours afterwards, fucking in all sorts of positions, and even at one point, me fucking her ass, which was a first for her.

The next morning we awoke, side by side, covered in sweat and a mixture of our combined juices.

We took a shower together, of which turned into another quick, fevered session of lust before going down for breakfast, and then me leaving.

We have since met up several times, and once even included her best friend on a very d***ken night.

If you want to hear more then please comment and leave your thought’s, and i will in turn tell you all about the hot night when laura shared my cock with her best friend.

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