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My Son Looked Bigger Than I Thought

I am a 37 years old woman. As the title of this story suggests I have an 18 year old son. I am going to share a true, secret and exciting incident of my life which happened few days back.

Before going to story proper I must tell you my backgrounds, so that you will have better comprehension.

I am a working woman, working as an executive in a private bank. My husband works in a MNC in a senior management position. Recently he was posted in US since last 3 months. My son took admission to a private Engineering college of Chennai this year and he is just in to his 2nd semester. So I am living alone in our Bangalore house.

Loneliness can be killing. In the last 3 months particularly I have experienced that. But soon I ventured to internet browsing and read pornography, particularly Sex Stories and was also into chatting with strangers. I enrolled myself to some dating sites and developed friendship with many men.

In fact many men were dying to be my lover; I just could not help myself smile at those immature males. Anyway I developed deeper friendship with 3 men and I gave them my email and yahoo messenger id. I would chat for hours with them and really enjoyed chatting.

I never gave them my phone no, nor did I show my real picture to them. Though they keep on begging I never allowed them to see my webcam. So I am 3 timing! Rather 4(my husband would also chat with me sometimes or make a phone call).

Now let me tell you about my lovers in net.

One was a 56 years old professor, 2nd was of my age group (in 30s), software professional. I met this software man in this from a site while other two were from dating site.

The 3rd was a young man, a student. Ok now you all have guessed it right. The 3rd was my son Raju. But I did not know at all. How could have I known. I cud hardly have imagined. His mail id was a different one which I did not have the slightest idea that it could be his! Did he know? Yes he knew after I gave him my email id.

I had an alias name so he also did not know, when we were developing intimate relationships. He told me later that by the time I gave him my email he was already too much involved and though he was shocked at first. Later he decided to take on this and was aware that he has to be very careful and discrete.

So I was chatting with these 3 men mostly at night before sl**ping. Soon I was chatting with Raju more and more and I was comfortable with him because he never asked my phone no or my picture nor my webcam.

I did not know then that he did not need them! I chatted with him and we were lovers in net. We must have done cyber many times and it was during those weak moments I expressed that I wanted him real. He was excited too and we decided to meet.

I gave him my number and the number which he gave me was also a new number , so I could not know. When I wanted to talk with him on phone I could feel his trembling voice and he would cut the phone with some excuses always. He did not want to reveal himself, he feared everything will be spoiled if I knew the truth.

We decided to meet at Kovalam beach where I booked a room in a 5 star hotel. It was only last Saturday night when I reached Kovalam alone, which I did for first time. I had the trust in that young man that he will not let me down.

As we had not exchanged our pictures even after we decided to meet obviously we would recognizes each other and locate each other by our mobiles only. When I suggested exchanging pictures he shrugged it off saying it would be more fun if we meet suddenly. I said if he would find me ugly suddenly what he would do to which he also only laughed away. My love for him only increased by this.

So I reached in Kovalam in the afternoon and waited for him in the beach. We had decided to meet in the public first so that I will be safe in case I would find the man to be cheater or something.

I did not have to wait for long. Within 5 minutes he called me and soon saw my son Raju approaching me. Imagine what effect that would have been on me. I immediately put my black goggles and turned back to him. I did not want to meet him there nor had I expected. But to my horror he came right on to me!
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“Hey Mummy, how are you” he spoke as if he was not surprised (I did not know then actually he was not surprised).

“ arreyy Raju, what a surprise, what are you doing here?”

He smiled and just took out his mobile and dialed a number. My phone was in my hand which instantly started ringing. I was dumbfounded. He was smiling. Now I could guess! My Holiness!! What will happen now!!!

Nervously I looked at him, he was still smiling. I looked around and I was relieved that no one watched us. How could anyone watch, they have their work to do. No! There was no known person here.

I grabbed his hand and ordered “follow me” and almost dragged him to our 5 star hotel room.
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I bolted the room from inside, my heart was pounding in excitement and I could see the excitement in Raju too. For few minutes we did not speak or move.

Raju broke the silence “ Latika” he called my name and that was enough for me to know his intentions. I decided to cooperate and replied “ yes Rajesh” did not call him Raju to feel himself bigger.

Yes he was already big there. He was almost 6ft and was strong and athletic.

“My God Latika you are so beautiful” he was not exaggerating either. I was still slim fair attractive.

Now we started to look in each other’s eyes and soon Raju’s hand held mine. My soft hands were melting in his huge strong palms. He kissed me on my fore head first, this was most natural for him as I was his mother also he was a tall man and I was only 5 ft 3 in height. He had to bend down to kiss on my lips, which he did soon after. His kiss mesmerized me and opened the gates of passion in me.

I pulled his face towards me and we began kissing each other madly. His tongue entered into my mouth till met my tongue and touched it. His hands were on my back caressing and soon started to go towards where a normal man’s would go. Yes! He had cupped my blouse separating it from the sari.

Now he was unbuttoning it and fumbling to unclasp my bra! His eyes were on my mango like breasts which he was searching desperately as if he has located treasures! I helped him and soon we both were without any clothes. He expressed in excitement, you are a sex goddess!

We hugged each other tightly and he carried me to bed.

And Rest you all know what would have happened.

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