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For a number of years my wife Diane and I have been running a special swingers club
Diane is a mature blonde big tits nice firm arse and gorgeous long legs
She always wears very sexy panty’s and bra suspender belts stockings etc
The club has various sections dealing with horny themes
The main one is the anal section


I introduced Diane to anal sex on our wedding night

We were staying the night in her s****r Mary’s house after a quiet registry office ceremony
with Mary and her husband Paul as witnesses.
Diane wore a very tight white transparent dress with red satin lacy panty’s and matching
half cup red satin bra underneath her dress
Mary wore a very tight red satin clingy see through mini dress with black lacy open crotch panty’s
with matching lacy black bra holding in her big tit’s
During the ceremony Paul felt Diane’s arse cheeks through her tight dress
while I felt Mary’s panty clad cunt through her tight dress
The celebrant a mature brunette felt Paul and my hard cocks as she conducted the ceremony
“I now pronounce you man and wife ” She smiled
” You may fuck the bride after you both fuck me” she added lustily
playing with my hard prick and Paul’s erect cock while
my wife Diane and her s****r Mary started to kiss and feel one anothers wet cunt holes through their panty’s
Paul and I quickly tore off the blouse and skirt the mature registrar was wearing
“Be careful you naughty boys with my white lacy marriage panty’s
and my lacy white half cup bra” She gasped as I slipped my hand down her lacy white panty’s
until I reached my goal her tight arse hole and started to finger it
I started to finger her tight bum hole as Paul put his hand down the front of her lacy panty’s
to caress her wet cunt hole
“You naughty boys playing with my cunt and arse holes ” She protested mockingly
She opened our zips and took out our big hard pricks and started to suck them both in her eager mouth
It was very sexy feeling my stiff cock being sucked tight up against Paul’s hard cock in her mouth
We undressed her quickly and Paul started to lick and suck her wet cunt hole
while I bent down and started to lick the rim of her arse hole
“Time Paul to give this horny slut a good fucking which would you like her cunt hole
or her arse hole” I smiled
“I would love this juicy cunt hole” Paul said fingering her tight juicy cunt hole
“I will take care of her tight arse hole” I replied as I eased her white wedding panty’s
down over her knees
She inserted Paul’s big cock deep up her wet juicy cunt hole wanking it hard as she
pushed her arse cheeks back hard against my stiff prick
“You randy whore “I growled as I plunged my cock deep up her tight arse hole
The randy bitch started to ride both our cocks as she squeezed our balls
We grabbed one of her big tits each and yanked her nipples hard
She screamed out in agony and extasy which made us plunge our cocks deeper up
her wet juicy holes and ride her cunt and arse hole harder and harder
Mary and Diane were and put their hands down each others lacy panty’s watching us playing with
the horny fucking of the mature registrar whore.
Diane came over to suck my balls as my cock plunged in and out of the mature
whores tight arse hole. I stuck two fingers into Diane’s very tight virgin bum hole
“Oh darling you know my little bum is a virgin bum”She moaned and tried to take my hand away
I started to ride the old girls tight arse hole as Paul fucked her old cunt hole
“Oh fuck me boys fuck me oh yet ram my holes with your hard pricks” she moaned
I pulled her erect nipple hard and slapped her arse cheeks as I felt my cock tingle
and stiffen deep up her hot tight arse hole
Paul roared as he spurted his hot load of cum up her old cunt hole
“I’m cumming yes I’m cumming oh yes yes yes ” The old whore screamed as she came and came
Diane squeezed my balls hard and I could not stop my cock spurting
my hot sticky cum up the old girls hot tight arse hole.
Suddenly the door opened and the next couple to be married entered the room
with the old girls assistant as Paul and I withdrew our cocks out of the old girls cunt and arse holes
We grabbed our clothes and the four of us said goodbye to the old whore and
left laughing as we hurriedly dressed
When we got back to Mary’s we all rushed upstairs to our bedroom
I pulled up Diane’s white dress and felt her red lacy panty’s they were wet from her cunt juice
Paul also pulled up Mary’s dress and started fingering her wet cunt through her black open crotch panty’s
Diane and Mary lay side by side on the bed and pulled each others dresses down revealing their tits
“Right Paul now is the time to fuck her wives arse holes get them ready for our new club ” I whispered
I pulled Diane’s panty’s down as Paul eased Mary’s panty’s down
We turned each of them over so their tight arse holes were facing us
We decided to oil their bum holes before fucking them
The two wives laughed and giggled as we massaged their arse holes with the oil
I put the tip of my hard stiff prick up to the oily opening of my wife’s arse hole
Paul followed the same root with his stiff cock up to Mary’s bum hole
When I gave him the nod we both plunged her hard cock’s deep up their virgin arse holes
At the same time we wanked their sopping wet cunt holes
They screamed together and both tried to dismount our ravaging cocks
Paul and I fucked our wives arse holes with increased vigor
our wives screams making us hornier and hornier as
we rode our two whore wives harder and harder
Both girls started to moan as we wanked their cunt holes harder and harder
They both started riding our hard pricks deep up their arse holes
Then with a holler we shot our hot cum loads deep up our wives arse holes
They both climaxed and squirted their cunt juice all over the bed

After a brief rest we decided to swap wives
Paul started playing with Diane’s cunt lips while I started to suck and tongue Eva’s
arse hole . I loved the taste of fresh cum left by Paul in his wife’s arse hole
Soon we had our whore wives sucking our hard cocks expecting us to
fuck their wet cunt holes
Again Paul and I inserted our hard pricks in each others wives arse holes
This time the girl’s were more receptive and started to wriggle their arse cheeks
on our hard fucking cocks
I yanked Mary’s erect nipples as I came to my orgasm
As I shot my load up her writhing arse hole I spotted their young son Adam
in the doorway wanking his big young cock as he watched his mom being arse fucked
Paul was shooting his load up my wife’s arse hole
I dismounted Mary and went over to Adam
“Your girlfriend not letting you fuck her Adam” I quipped smiling
“No no I fucked her earlier but seeing you fuck mom and dad fuck your wife
has made me so so horny” he said lustily
“Well enjoy yourself Adam you are only young once ” I said bringing him over to
my wife who was licking his fathers cock clean of his cum.
“Diane I have a special treat for you Darling” I told her
She noticed Adam and gazed lustily at his big hard young cock
I bent her over and said
“Adam mount my wife’s eager juicy cunt hole”
Mary looked at the scene in disbelief as her son mounted her s****rs cunt hole
Diane started to ride his young cock in a frenzy squeezing her young nephew studs balls
as she rode his cock harder and harder
Adam let out a roar as he shot a big load of his hot cum up his aunt’s cunt hole
Mary got excited watching her sons big cock going in and out of her s****r’s cunt hole
Paul decided to join his son and started to fuck my wife’s arse with his now hard cock
I started to fondle Mary’s erect tits
“What would you like darling its a ladies choice” I smiled
“Please please my arse its longing for another cock” Mary begged
I inserted my cock back up her cum soaked arse hole and
I was delighted to see Mary’s young schoolgirl daughter Suzi watching in the doorway
She was wearing a short black hockey skirt and white blouse
her hand was up under her short little skirt feeling inside her white virgin lacy panty’s
feverishly wanking her young fresh cunt hole
her tiny pert nipples were hard and erect showing through her lacy pink bra
she was ready to be fucked
“Fuck my arse please darling fuck it yes yes “Mary cried out with joy as I trust my hard stiff prick
deep up her wriggling arse hole
I eased my big cock in and out of Mary’s tight arse hole
I made sure Suzi could see it clearly thrusting in and out of her moms arse hole
“Suzi cum over here darling ” Mary said beckoning to her as she continued to
press her arse hole hard down on my fucking prick
Suzi shyly approached us her hand still inside her white lacy panty’s
I pulled her over to us
“Suzi baby feel my hard cock” I ordered her as I extracted my stiff prick out
of her moms arse hole
“No no darling put your prick back in my arse hole” Mary begged trying to grab my
hard throbbing cock
I started to kiss Suzi and fondle her pert little tits through her blouse
“Mary suck my prick and get it ready to fuck your daughter” I ordered
the randy Mary
She immediately obeyed and started to lick and suck my big prick
as she watched my hand slip up Suzi’s little skirt and felt her satin little white lacy panty’s
Her young cunt hole was sopping wet ready for fucking
“Suck Suzi’s young cunt Mary “I ordered as I eased her white panty’s down exposing her young cunt hole
Mary stuck her head between her daughter’s legs and started licking her wet young cunt hole
Sujzi’s nipples went hard and erect as I started to bite them she started to moan as
Mary continued to lick and tongue her daughters wet young cunt hole
Mary grabbed my hard erect prick and inserted it in her young daughters tight
wet cunt hole
As I started to ride the young slut her mom Mary sucked and squeezed my balls
Paul and Adam shot their hot loads of cum up my wife Diane’s eager cunt and arse holes
Adam came over to watch me fuck his young s*s as his mom was eagerly licking my balls
as she fingered her juicy cunt hole with her legs wide apart
Suzi moaned and wriggled on my thrusting big hard prick
Adams cock had grown hard and erect watching his mom and s*s being fucked
“Adam don’t waste your horn put in Mary’s eager cunt hole”I smiled as I felt my cock
stiffen and begin to jerk
Adam roughly pushed his hard young cock deep up his moms cunt hole
and started to fuck her in a frenzy
Suzi screamed as she climaxed on my cum spurting prick
Mary roared as she rode her sons ramming cock
Soon Adam was loading his cum load into her juicy cunt hole

We now had the initial staff for our club
Nest step was to get Suzi and her b*****r Adam to recruit their young friends to
have a fresh supply of young studs and young girls for our old male and female clients
First we had to break in Suzi and Adam into have their young virgin arses fucked
We blindfolded both of them Suzi was dressed in a pink baby doll outfit
With a see through see through negligee and silky pink panty’s
I played with her tiny pert tits while Diane led Adam nude by his hardening young cock
Mary was filming the horny scene
I fingered Suzi’s young cunt hole with one hand and felt her tight young bum hole with the other She started moaning her cunt juices wetting her tiny panty’s
Diane started to gently wank Adams hardening cock and then started to lick the rim of his arse hole
and gently inserted first one finger then two up his young tight bum hole
His cock stiffened ready to shoot his load of young sticky cum
I quickly bent Suzi’s head down and she took his swollen cock into her mouth as his load of hot cum gushed out
Suzi sucked and drank her bros hot sticky cum as her mum sucked my hardening prick
Next Diane bent down and sucked Adams cock until it was rock hard and ready to fuck his s*s
I inserted his hard cock into Suzi’s eager little tight cunt hole
He started to ride her hard while sucking Diane’s big swollen tits
Adam’s tight little young arse wriggled in front of me and as I gazed my prick stiffened
I fondled his taught young arse cheeks and caressed his balls as his hard young cock
rammed his little s****rs young fresh cunt hole
I put a finger up his wriggling tight bum hole and
joyfully realised he was an arse virgin ready to be opened up with my hard erect thick prick
I slowly inserted the tip of my prick into his tight young arse hole as he continued to ride his s*s
“Fuck me b*o yes yes fuck me b*o” Suzi moaned as she rode her b*****r hard prick
“I’m cumming yes I’I m cumming “Suzi cried
I took my cue as Adam’s cock stiffened and he shot his hot cum up his s*s young cunt
I thrust my hard prick deep up his virgin arse hole as he wriggled
I held him tight and enjoyed the tight young hole as he struggled to dismount
my ramming cock
Diane grabbed his cum soaked cock and started to lick and suck it
as I continued to ride Adams tight virgin arse hole
As he continued to struggle it added to my pleasure and
I felt my cock tingle and erupt in his hot tight arse tunnel

As I dismounted Adam’s young arse hole I knew he would be a great addition
to our club for all the old guys and girls to fuck with

Dont miss next episode in Part 2

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