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My s****r and I

What is there to say here? This story was originally posted on a different site, but s someone “stole” it and posted here. I gave the admins indisputable proof and it was deleted from this site. I feel like I might as well post it back up here considering it was fairly well received.

This was the first story that I ever wrote in my life. It was originally written in six separate parts, but months after writing it; I decided that I would fix the problems with it and post everything together. The afterwards/epilogue was written even later, as you can tell that it represents my most recent writing style.

Hope you enjoy the story.

MY s****r AND I

I woke up Saturday morning to a gentle tapping on my bedroom door. My first instinct was to check the time and to my dismay I found that it was only 7:00 AM. I’m your average 16 year-old and Saturdays are my time to sl**p in and do nothing all day. I got out of bed and asked who was there; my 14 year-old s****r replied in a gentle tone that it was her. I quickly put on a shirt and tucked my morning-wood into my waistband and opened the door.

“Good morning Katie, why did you wake me up this early on the weekend?” She replied back with “Mom wants to say bye before heading to the teaching conference.” Our mom teaches English at the local middle school, and my Dad left when I was only three years old and Katie was one. “Damn, forgot all about that” I said, and was treated to my s****r calling me the name she made up six years “I am sure you did Dumb David.” Normally I would have called her something back, but it was too early in the morning for arguing.

I d**g myself downstairs to meet my Mom carrying some bags out the door. I grabbed the last of my Mom’s bags and followed her out the door and gave her a quick goodbye and hug before she got in the car and left. I made my way back into the house and met my s****r in the hallway; she was still wearing what she wore to bed which consisted mainly of a tight shirt and short-cut cotton shorts, whether she wore anything underneath was a mystery.

The hallway was only built for one person to fit through so when we met in the middle we had a puzzle on who would go right and left. I attempted to go right just as she had, so then I tried left, but she did also so then I was just going to move her to the right. When I tried to nudge her she moved her body just enough to cause me to accidently grab her left boob. I quickly let go and we had a really awkward silence that I ended with an “Uhhhhhh sorry”, she just looked at me, blushed, and said “I’ll just go to the left”, and we went back to our respective rooms. I got back to my room and shut the door behind me and lay down on my bed.

I felt a little weird about accidently touching Katie that way, but I got over it and in no time I fell asl**p. I had dream that my s****r was undressing in front of me. Her reddish-tinted long hair fell over her B-cup boobs so that I could not see anything but the size of them. Looking a little lower I saw that she had a clean shaven pussy, but the way the shadows were playing across her made it hard to make out any details. She did a slow twirl so that I got a great view of her whole body. She had slender body and with fair colored skin; her ass was perfect in the aspect that it was not small neither was it disproportionately large, my s****r is only 5’-1” so she is rather short. Her face is pretty in the way that it is cute because it fits perfectly with her height and body shape. Her eyes are somewhat big and almond-shaped, her nose is small, and her lips were thin, but stilled maintained a luscious appeal.

The dream ended as quickly as it felt like it began and I was once again awakened to the sound of tapping on my door. “What the hell, I half-yelled”, then looked at the clock and saw that it was 11:28 A.M. Katie replied with “I’m hungry, come make me some food”; I said back “You’re a big girl go make yourself something”; she came back with a drawn out and slightly high-pitched “Please”. I realized that I was hungry myself and said back “Alright, one second”. I once again had a hard-on so I tucked it up into my waistband and met Katie in the hallway.

She still had on the same “outfit” and I asked her why she still was not dressed, and she said “I am not doing anything today and moms not home so I don’t see any point, but if it bothers you I will go get dressed”. I muttered something about it being no problem and followed her to the kitchen. As we were walking down the hallway I couldn’t help but stare at her ass. She suddenly turned around and noticed me staring, and I quickly looked up at her. Katie asked if I was feeling okay today and I told her I had a weird dream. She gave me small smile before saying that she had also had a funny dream.

When we arrived in the kitchen I asked what she was in the mood to eat. Katie told me to just make her a sandwich. I asked her why she was incapable of making a sandwich herself, and she just said that she didn’t feel like it. After I had made the sandwiches we sat down and ate in silence until I broke it by saying that I was sorry about what had happened earlier. She just shrugged it off by saying that it was just an accident.

After that the conversation started to pick up and went on about what were going to do that weekend. At one point I remembered her saying something about having a date with her boyfriend today, and brought it up. She freaked out and said that she completely forgotten. I told her to calm down and asked when the date was. Katie said that it wasn’t till 6:00 P.M. and I asked her if she needed a ride. She quickly said that her boyfriend’s dad was going to pick her up and take her and her boyfriend to the movies. I was a little put off because I savored any chance to drive since I got my license.

The rest of the day went by uneventfully and at 5:30 Katie left to the movies. I passed time by watching TV and playing on my computer. After I got bored of playing games; my mind started to wander to when I had accidently grabbed Katie’s boob. It had felt so nice and soft in my hand and my dick started to get hard. I felt weird again because I had never really thought of my s****r sexually, but I guess my teenage hormones mixed with the fact that I had never had a real girlfriend were clouding my rational thought processes. People describe me as a fairly shy person and I never make the first move on a girl.

At around 7:15 I received a call from Katie on my cell phone: she was clearly crying and talking loudly. She asked me to come and pick her up at the local theater. I said that I would be there in a little bit and grabbed my shoes and car keys. I arrived at the theater and she was already waiting in the parking lot for me. I pulled up to her and she got in the car. Her eyes were red and puffy and her mascara was running, but was the way it was going down her cheek had an attractive appeal to it.

I asked what had happened and she said that her boyfriend was a jerk and that they had broken up. I asked her why and she said that halfway through the movie her boyfriend pulled out his dick and asked her to give him a blow job. Of course this made me angry and I did a U-turn to head back to the theater to kick the douche bag’s ass. Katie stopped me and said that his dad had picked him up ten minutes ago and that I was wasting my time. After that scenario we made our way back home. When we arrived, I asked her if she was okay. She said that she really didn’t like the guy anyway and went to go change and clean herself up. I went to living room and started watching some TV.

After a couple of minutes Katie walked into the living room wearing a sexy skin-tight white t-shirt with scandalously short shorts on, that looked even sexier on her because of how small she is. She wasn’t wearing a bra because I could see the outline of her areolas with her nipples in the middle. She sat down on the couch beside me asked what I was watching. It was some action flick that had a bad storyline, but made up for it with great action sequences. After getting an eye full of her I turned back to the movie, but forgot what was going on in it. For what felt like the hundredth time that day; my dick was hard as a rock.

I had finally caught back up with the movie when I felt Katie’s hand on my thigh. The feeling made me jump and she quickly said that she didn’t mean to scare me; she just wanted to thank me for being so considerate earlier. I said that any big b*****r would have done the same thing and that if she ever needed anything, I would be there. Her hand started rubbing up-and-down the length of my thigh and then stopped suddenly. She laid down on the couch and patted the area behind her for me to lay down with her. I mumbled something incomprehensible, and she said that she was cold and wanted something to cuddle with.

I had an uneasy feeling, but I lay down anyway. She asked me to cover her cold feet up with mine, again, I felt weird about the proposition, but did it anyway. After that, she grabbed my arm and pulled it over her. My hand landed on her boob and I just sat there motionless. Katie said something about the movie being bad and moved closer to my already growing dick. She stopped when she bumped into the tip and I felt her muscles tense up.

We just sat there motionless for a couple seconds until she backed up all the way and pushed my cock against my stomach. She then started to grind her firm ass up and down on my shaft. It felt so good so I wasn’t about to stop her if she was willingly doing it. After a couple minutes of that she flipped around, so that we were facing and we just stared at each other. Her face was so cute and she still had a little mascara on her cheeks that she missed. I licked my finger and cleaned it off: then she grabbed my finger and started sucking on it, and that almost made me cream the tent in my pants. After about thirty seconds of that I took my finger out her mouth and we started to make out. She grabbed my hand and put it on her boob and I started rubbing her nipple through her shirt.

Katie began fumbling with my waistband and finally got it open enough to stick her hand in and start jerking me off. Her small hand could not wrap all the way around my cock, but it still felt fantastic. I had never been in a sexual situation in my life so I was a little confused at what I should be doing to her so I put my hand up her shirt and started rubbing her tits. I didn’t take long for me to whisper that I was cumming and she took her hand out of my pants and I shot string after string of cum onto the inside of my pants.

We stared out each other a little longer trying to find hesitation in each other’s eyes. I didn’t see any in hers, but I was sure that she could sense some in me. Katie finally giggled and said I should meet her upstairs after I had recovered for a surprise. I quickly said that I didn’t think that it was such a good idea and that she was just traumatic after what her ex-boyfriend had done to her.

Katie put two fingers on my lips and said “Listen David, the dreams I mentioned earlier were of you, and judging by the way you were looking at me earlier makes me assume that your dreams were of me”. Startled by how insightful she was I just mumbled “Yeah” sheepishly. She continued with “You’re not like all of my jerk boyfriends who just want to have sex with me, you care about me”. I replied back with the most logical thing I had said all day and it was just “It’s because I’m your b*****r that I care about you in ways other guys can’t”; Katie replied with the equally logical statement of “Who cares if we are b*****r and s****r? Like you just said; we care about each other in ways that other people can’t, why can’t we have the relationship that we both wish we had”.

When I had nothing to say back; she took my silence as indecision and told me to come to her room after awhile, and if I didn’t, then we would drop the whole thing.


Part II

I just sat there thinking over what had just happened between Katie and me. One minute we were watching a dumpy action flick that was still somehow playing, and the next moment my s****r is giving me handjob. Even though it wasn’t funny at all, I couldn’t help but chuckle to myself. I am not the type of guy that gets all the ladies, or even a few.

I kept going over the proposition that Katie had given me not two minutes ago. After a discussion on the rights and wrongs of i****tual relationships; she had concluded that if I met her in her room later on tonight that we would take our relationship further. If I didn’t go, however, then we would just continue our relationship as a normal b*****r and s****r.

Both sides were weighing on me: no matter if I went to her room tonight or not, our relationship was going to be different. Of course, I now saw Katie in a totally different way than two days ago. I realized how beautiful and sexually appealing she was. Even just thinking about it brought a photo of her up in my mind that showed her flowing reddish hair, her slender body, and her cute face. At that moment I realized that I felt feelings for Katie too strong for a b*****r and s****r relationship. I came to the conclusion that I would at least go up to her room and have a talk with her.

I made my way up the stairs to her bedroom and just stood in front of her door. My heart was racing faster than it probably had ever done in my life and I couldn’t bring myself to knock. I finally mustered up the confidence to knock on her door; and probably did the least rhythmic knock ever. Katie answered with a small “Come in”. As soon as I had even opened the door an inch, Katie threw it open the rest of the way and jumped on top of me. Being only roughly 90 pounds and pretty small, she just knocked me back a couple steps. She wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck and immediately started furiously kissing my face. A little surprised, scratch that, very surprised; all I could do was form my lips in a kissing position and let her do the work. She was kissing so passionately that I could feel my pants getting tight once again.

With me still carrying her, I maneuvered my way into her room and dropped onto her bed and pulled myself away of her. I told her to wait a second and that I only had a couple things to say. She gave me a smile and settled down on her bed. I started off by, of course, asking if this is what she really wanted. She got serious and crawled right up in front of me and said that she had never wanted anything more in her life. I took that as her probably wanting it pretty bad, but my 16 year-old brain made me ask what was the thing that she wanted the second most, so that I could see what this was beating out. She looked at me for ten seconds before calling me dork and grabbing my arm to pull me onto the bed with her.

We had another nice little make out session that got my dick hard once more. She reached down and groped at my cock through my pants before pushing my waistband down a bit for easier access. As she handled my cock; the only thing I could think do was to feel up her chest again. I started running my fingers over where her nipples and she stopped for a second to take off her shirt. That was when I saw her breasts in all their glory.

The only boobs that I had seen were ones in porn on my computer, but they were always huge and probably fake. Katie’s tits had a natural beauty to them; being only about a small b-cup size, but she is only 14 years-old so I didn’t expect, or even want them any bigger. Her areolas puffed out from her boobs and her nipples were small and situated right in the middle. My first instinct was to suck on them and I did just that. I pulled her in close to where she was sitting on my stomach, and she leaned over me so that I could have access.

Katie was no longer jerking me off or would have come shortly after I started sucking. First I would take her nipple in my mouth and run my tongue over it a couple times then nibbling on it ever so gently. Katie seemed to enjoy it because every time I would start and end the process she would give a small moan. After 10 minutes of nonstop sucking she pushed away from me (gently) and wiggled her way out of the small shorts that she was wearing. Oh my god was it a sight to behold, her pussy had a small runway tuft of hair just above the slit that proved my dream of her to be false, but this looked so much better, more sexually exciting and gave the eye more to take in and enjoy. The hair wasn’t the best part though; her pussy’s lips were open enough to where my eye had more to look over. The smell that was wafting through the air was enough to make my dick jump.

Katie looked at me a little shyly because she was now fully naked I was still dressed. I decided that it wasn’t fair for her to be the only one nude, so I beckoned for her to help me out of my clothes. We pulled off my shirt, pants, and boxers: then just sat there for a few moments, taking in each other’s bodies. I hoped she enjoyed looking at me as much I enjoyed looking at her because at that moment I was tempted to write a strongly worded letter to the president about banning clothing.

After we had each gotten an eye-full we started exploring each other’s bodies. We rubbed our hands over every square inch of each other before ending with the genitals. I was a little confused at what I should do with her pussy, but in porn videos the guy always kind of just rubs the top of the slit, so I figured that would be a great place to start. As I put my fingers on her pussy she took a deep intake of breath and I looked at her curiously, but she nodded to me to keep going.

Her pussy was moist which kind of caught me off guard, but I knew that it meant she was horny: it was just the final thing that made me realize that she really did want this. Katie was rubbing her fingers along my shaft as I attempted to get her off. After a few minutes she grabbed my hand and positioned it on her clit. After only a couple seconds of rubbing her, she started moaning constantly and louder. I was so involved with I was doing I had forgotten that Katie was still playing with my cock.

I started to feel a little more confident, so confident in fact, that I edged the tip of my middle finger into her hole while still rubbing her clit with my thumb. As I got half the finger in, Katie started thrusting her hips back and forth on my hand. My hand was sopping wet with her juices and Katie’s breathing started getting faster and faster. I looked up from my work and into her face to see her find her eyes closed and her mouth slightly agape as an orgasm approached.

My cock jumped at the sight of her and I suddenly became very aware that Katie was still jacking me off also. I turned back to concentrating on Katie and I tried to get more of my finger inside of her, but something was blocking my advance and remembered back in sex education that a girl’s virginity was based off her hymen still being intact. It surprised me that she was still a virgin because of how seemingly straight forward she was about sex, but I digress.

I was still rubbing away on her clit while finger fucking her (kind of), while she kept jacking me off. After only few more seconds I felt her body tense up and her pussy started rhythmically squeezing around my finger with juices engulfing my whole hand. This was enough to send me over the edge and I started shooting off jet after jet of cum in the air that landing on multiple places on her body, hair, and bed. After our climaxes had subsided we rolled off each other and we laid there for what seemed like an eternity in blissfulness.

I apparently fell asl**p at some point and woke up later that night with Katie snuggled next to me. I had my arm around her and it just felt so right having her warm little body next to mine. Her hair had a distinct cranberry scent, and her soft fair skin was warm against my skin. I eventually drifted back off and woke up the next morning to Katie’s alarm going off. She had forgotten to turn the alarm off for the weekend and it was only 7:30 A.M.

I reached over her and turned the alarm off, but it had already woken her up. We locked eyes for a few seconds, and all we could do was just smile at each other. Yesterday had felt like dream and today felt like the start of a brand new life for me. Katie got out of the bed first and went to go take a shower as I lay there going over last night’s events in my head. I hadn’t technically had sex with my s****r, but that was alright. Sex felt so final and was like signing a contract, plus I was sure that I was not ready for sex.

After we had each taken a shower, I went down to the kitchen to cook some breakfast. I wasn’t a chef, but I knew the basics of cooking. I whipped up some scrambled eggs and called up the stairs that breakfast was ready. Katie promptly started making her way down to the kitchen. She walked into the kitchen wearing a short cut t-shirt (no bra) and another pair of ridiculously short shorts. I feel my dick start to tent my shorts and she noticed as well. Remarking on my cock; she said that I have either been having a good morning or I was happy to see her. I replied back that it was a little of both and we sat down and enjoyed our meal.

The conversation was nice and we talked for about an hour after we had finished eating about anything and everything. After talking I came upon idea; the night before she said that none of her boyfriend’s ever gave her enjoyable dates. I rolled with this idea and told Katie that I was going out for about an hour and would be back. She asked if she could come with me and I gave her a mischievous wink and said it was going to be surprise.

I left and drove around town thinking to myself on what to do. I came to the conclusion that any romantic date starts with a romantic meal. I put in a reservation at a nice, but affordable because I am only 16, Italian restaurant. The hostess gave me funny look, but accepted without any comments. As I tried to think of what to do next I realized that I was not very good at planning dates. I decided that I would show her what a movie date should feel like and picked out a movie that wouldn’t have too many people our age going to it.

I acquired the tickets and stopped by the boutique shop to get a few flowers. When I had gotten home I hid the flowers behind my back as I walked in so that it wouldn’t spoil my plan if she saw them. I lit a few candles in the living room and yelled for Katie to come downstairs. When she got there she questioned what was with the candles. I dramatically pulled the flowers from behind my back and asked Katie if should would go out with me. She nodded her head and her eyes began to water. She walked over to me and melted in my arms telling me how sweet, but also how dorky I was.


Part III

I stood there hugging Katie for what felt like ages. All of the events that occurred yesterday came rushing back to me. Images of when we had first kissed, touched, and enjoyed each other flooded into my mind causing me to hug her tighter. I just could not get enough of her small, warm body in my arms, with her long reddish hair, slender body, and her chest pressed against my stomach. I put my hand under her chin and raised her face up and gave her a long kiss. I told her that the date that I had been planning all day was set to start at six.

At 5:45 I found myself waiting down in the living room for Katie to finish up. I yelled up the stairs that we were running a little short on time. At that moment she started making her way downstairs in the sexiest short-cut red dress that I had ever seen. My mouth just hung open as she walked up to me and asked if I thought she looked nice. Her red dress complimented her hair color perfectly and she was wearing very little make-up, but she still looked drop-dead gorgeous. Her dress stopped halfway down her thigh and did not leave much to the imagination, but my imagination was still going wild. I gave her another long kiss and grabbed her hand and led her out to my car.

On the drive made a little small talk that mainly consisted of Katie constantly asking what all we were doing tonight. I pulled into the restaurant and I told her that we were going to have a proper date, and that starts with dinner. We walked into the restaurant I located the hostess and told her we had reservations. The hostess looked at me quizzically because she probably did not have too many teenagers with reservations.

I gave her our names and she sat us at a table in a corner. We ordered our drinks and made a little more small talk. Eventually the conversation made it back around to what we were doing for the rest of the night. I kept telling her that it was a secret and that she would find out after dinner. Eventually she resorted to a bride, and said that she would give me something if I told her. I replied back that there was nothing that she could do that would get me tell her.

A sly smile appeared on her face, and then she asked “Really now?” I felt something brush against my ankle and start making its way up my leg. I assumed it was Katie’s foot because she was staring at me intently with the same mischievous smile on her face. Her foot made it to my crotch and I could feel my dick start getting harder by the second. She continued to jack me off, via her foot, for a few minutes until the waiter showed back up and asked us if we were ready to order.

Katie stopped jacking me and ordered without missing a beat. I ordered the same thing and we ate dinner without anymore instances. After awhile I looked at Katie mockingly serious and said “I told you so”. She looked back at me questioningly, and I reminded her that there was nothing she could do to make me tell her what we were doing tonight. She replied back, very suggestively, that she already knew what we were doing tonight: she was just curious at what we were doing after dinner. At those words my cock jumped to attention and I seriously considered skipping the movie.

After the dinner we walked back to my car and started making our way to the theater. I figured that it was a good time to tell her that we were seeing and movie. Katie started scowling when I told her, but I expected nothing less considering what her ex-boyfriend had done to her a little over 24 hours ago. I planned to erase that memory and replace it with one worth remembering. We got into the theater and took our seats and waited for the movie to begin. The theater was fairly empty and we had taken seats away from everyone else.

Two minutes into the previews, Katie grabbed my face and turned it to hers and started kissing me. She then grabbed my hand put it under her dress and started to rub my hand on her pussy. All of this happened so quick that I did not get a very good chance to react. My first instinct was to pull back a little, but feeling how wet her pussy was made me take over and rub her clit faster. At some point the movie had started, but our minds were elsewhere and we did not pay any attention to what was going on. I got her off while one of her hands was massaging her tits and the other one was on my hand. After only a few minutes I could feel her climax approaching because she was moaning softly and her hips were jerking in rhythm with my hand. Her body burst into orgasmic jerks and twitches and her pussy felt like it has milking my finger, drenching my hand in her juices.

After she had recovered a little from her climax she looked over at me lustfully and grabbed my finger and started sucking her juices off of it. I asked her if she was enjoying the movies enough to stay, and she replied back that we had a movie at home that was tad bit more interesting. On that note we left the theater to head back home. On the ride Katie would periodically grab my cock to make sure that I did not get flaccid before we got back home.

We pulled into the driveway and were out the car and in the house in a matter of seconds. As soon as the front door closed behind us, we grabbed each other and started to rip off one another’s clothing. We were kissing furiously and once we were both completely naked I led her up the stairs to my bedroom. When we were in my bedroom she took over and led to me to the bed. Katie pushed my back down to where I was laying on my back and got on top of me.

She sat down on my stomach and I could feel her pussy juices leaking on my stomach. We started kissing passionately again and she started nibbling on my lower lip before making her way to my chin, then neck, then my stomach, and when she reached my crotch she kind of hesitated before continuing. I was so horny at that point that I was sweating profusely and my cock felt like it was going to cramp up.

Sensing my horniness, Katie grabbed my dick and started slowly running her small fingers up and down my shaft. After a couple of minutes of jerking me she looked at my cock closely and then licked the tip. Immediately after licking it she looked to see my reaction. I closed my eyes and my hips started to move around. Liking my reaction, Katie began to feel a little more ambitious. She put the tip of my dick up to her lips and kissed it before putting the tip in her mouth. My eyes opened when she did this and I looked down at her.

Just seeing the tip of my cock in her little mouth was enough to make me feel like I was going to explode. She started trying to put more in her mouth while still rubbing her fingers up and down my shaft. When she had gotten as much in her mouth as she could, which was only about half, she pulled off a little and then took as much as she could again. After only about two minutes of this I knew I was going to cum and gasped that I was ready. She took her mouth off and started to furiously rub her fingers up-and-down my dick. I came a few seconds later; sending string after string of cum all over her hand and face.

She looked at me happily and asked if I had enjoyed it. I stared back at her and said that it was definitely the best, and only, blowjob I had ever received. Katie let out a small giggle and said that she was still needed a release. I replied back by saying that I could help her out. I brought her close to me and started the same pattern she had started of making out and slowly making my way downward.

When I made it to her pussy, I planted a small kiss on her clit. When I did this, she took a deep intake of breath. I looked up at her to see if she wanted me to stop, but she gave me a quick nod so I continued. I started off by running my tongue up and down the inside of her pussy lips lapping up all of the juices coming out of her. The taste was not at all like I expected; it did not taste bad, but also could not be described as a pleasant taste. It was just one of those tastes that was exactly how you wanted it to be.

Katie began wiggling back and forth in pleasure and I knew she was enjoying it as much as I was. I used one of my hands to open her slit open a little further because I desperately wanted to know what the inside of her pussy tasted like. It had a slightly metallic taste mixed with a sweetness that I could not describe. As I stuck my tongue in a bit she gave a small gasp and grabbed my head and started to grind her pussy on my mouth. It was all I could do to keep up with her movement because her pace was getting faster and faster.

I ate Katie out for a few more minutes before I felt her muscles tense and then explode into movement. There was a sudden flow of juices that came out of her and caught me off guard. I tried my best to lick it all up, but I was sure there was going to be a nice stain on my bedspread. After Katie had come down off her climax a rush of tiredness came over us. I just had enough consciousness to remember to turn on the alarm clock because we had school the next morning, and Mom would be back from her teaching conference.


Part IV

The phrase “Oh my god” can be used in a variety of ways. Depending on the tone of the person saying it determines the meaning of it. Such as on your birthday, if someone gets you the gift that you have been yearning for, you may say “Oh my god” in a squeal or astonished tone, and probably follow it with a thank you. Another way of saying it may be if you are mowing the lawn and you find a snake slithering through your grass; you may say “Oh my god” in a yell, and use a few choice words afterwards. One last way of saying “Oh my god” is when you are in utter shock; suppose you were at a teaching conference all weekend and you came back slightly earlier than planned because you are starting to miss your k**s, and you walk into one of their rooms and find your son and daughter sl**ping in the same bed.

“Oh my god”, is what woke my s****r and me up that Monday morning. I looked over at the clock and saw that it was only 7:12 A.M. and was a little confused at what was going on. I looked at Katie and saw that she was also looking at the clock with a confused look in her eyes. Then I heard what had woke us up again; “Oh my god”, I looked at my doorway and saw mom staring at us with eyes that looked somewhere between sadness and anger.

I quickly hopped out of bed, which probably was not the best move considering I was completely naked, and stumbled over to my mom and e****ted her down the hallway. I had no idea where I was taking her, but I needed a few seconds to think. A million thoughts were running through my mind because I had not even given a single thought about the consequences if we were caught.

When we had gotten to the end of the hallway, my mom stopped our progress and told me to go put some clothes on and meet her in the living room; she also told me to bring Katie. I stared at her for a few seconds and she repeated herself, but this time adding a firm “now” to the end of it. Completely speechless, I made my way back to my room. Katie stared at me fearfully when I entered my room and asked what mom had said. I told her that Mom wants us to meet her downstairs.

Katie looked like she was about to cry and I could not blame her; my heart felt like it was pounding a hole in my chest. I told Katie to go put on some clothes and meet me in the hallway so that we could go down together. She just nodded back to me and scurried off out of my room. I sat down on my bed and put my head in my hands. This was the happiest weekend of my life and now I felt like an asshole who just managed to screw up my own life and Katie’s.

After a few moments of thinking, I determined that the best course of action would be to face my mom and accept the consequences. I got dressed and waited for Katie to meet me. After a few moments she walked out of her room, wearing the most conservative clothing she owned, and met me. We began journey to the living room; together.

After a few steps Katie stopped and asked me if I had any plan of getting us out of this. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I had pretty much given up, so instead, I told her that I was still working on it. When we finally made it into the living room, mom was waiting for us on the couch. She pointed at two chairs on her right and left, and told us to sit. As soon as we had taken our seats mom started off by asking what she had just saw.

Katie quickly asked her what she meant, and mom turned to her and said very slowly and sounding out each syllable “Why were you and David sl**ping in the same bed, and why was he (she pointed a finger at me while still looking at Katie) naked?” On the word naked I hatched a plan in my head that would not throw off mom’s suspicion, but would take the situation to a smaller level.

The plan developed quickly because I remembered that mom had not seen that Katie was also naked because I had led her out of my room. I answered her question by saying that Katie had come into my room sometime last night complaining that it was cold in her room. Mom followed my statement with questions about why I was naked. I told her that I always sl**p nude and that I was so tired when Katie came in my room that I did not bother to put on any clothes.

Mom then asked why I had led her out of the room so quickly, and thinking fast, I told her that I knew the scenario looked extremely abnormal and wanted her away before she thought of any irrational assumptions. Mom stared intently at me and I put on the straightest face I could. Mom then looked over at Katie who was white as snow and had a few tears in the corners of her eyes.

Knowing that mom would not be willing to say out loud, even if she was thinking it, that she had assumed that Katie and I were sl**ping together; I let out an anxious giggle and asked mom what she thought had happened. Mom’s face instantly changed to a look of embarrassment and she said something about motherly worries. Knowing that the situation was successfully defused, I stood up and said that Katie and I needed to go get properly dressed for school and that any other questions could wait until later today.

I got up and as I walked by Katie I tapped her shoulder and said that we should her hurry up. We made our way back upstairs and when we got to the top Katie stopped us and said that we needed to talk after school. Knowing exactly what she meant by that, I told that we did and I went to my room. I felt relief that we had just dodged a bullet. I got ready for school and went back downstairs and waited for Katie. Mom had, at some point, gone to her room to get dressed because she also had to get ready for school; so I was once again relieved that I was not going to be questioned further while waiting. After a few minutes Katie came down and met me and we went to my car and headed to school.

School was just as boring as every other school day, but the minutes seemed to drag on forever, making the day feel even worse. When school was over I drove me and Katie back home. The drive was silent for the whole way, except when Katie uttered a barely audible “thank you”, and nothing else. I had a few ideas of what she ad meant, but I didn’t respond back. When I pulled into the driveway I saw that mom was not home yet. This was normal because Mom usually had to stay at the school for an hour or two after the students leave.

As soon as we walked through the door Katie pulled me over to the couch and started off by flat-out asking if we should keep this up. I told her that it probably was not the best idea, but a wave of sadness fell over me at these words. Katie’s eyes instantly started to water and she just gasped out that I was right. On the last word tears started leaking from her eyes and my first instinct was to pull her into a tender hug. I told her that no matter what, I would still there for her as more than a b*****r. Katie cried in my arms for what felt like hours, but just happened to be a few minutes. The sound of her crying made me feel so bad about myself for going against my better judgment and going to her room Saturday night.

After a few more minutes of me holding her, she pulled away from me and gasped out that she was going to her room and would see me at dinner. The sight of her walking away made me feel even worse. I should have stopped her right there and said that everything was going to be okay and that we could work out how we were going to see each other; or I could have went up behind her, pulled her around to face me and kissed her passionately. I did not do either of those things; instead, I just stared after her.

At some point I fell asl**p on the couch and was woken up by the sound of mom opening the front door. She saw me on the couch and asked me where Katie was. I told her that she was up in her room and I lay back down on the couch; then sat back up and asked when dinner was. Mom told me that dinner would not be for a couple more hours and that I should just lay back down. I fell back asl**p and was awakened a few more hours by Mom telling me dinner was ready and that I should go get Katie.

I stumbled up the steps with a feeling of dread in my stomach. I knew it was going to be hard to go back to being just a b*****r, and I felt that the process would be much smoother if I saw Katie as little as possible. I got to her door and knocked and without waiting for a reply, I said that dinner was ready. By the time I had made it to the bottom of the steps I heard Katie’s door open and heard her soft footsteps start making their way down the hallway. The sound gave me a pang of guilt that I was not even willing to face her, and I felt even worse than I already did.

Dinner that night was silent except when mom asked how our day had gone at school, which we both just answered with a quick “okay”. After dinner Katie and I went straight to our bedrooms and stayed there for the rest of the night. I somehow fell back to sl**p at a pretty early hour and woke up sometime in the middle of the night to what sounded like a familiar tapping on my door. I listened to see if I would hear it again, but when it did not sound again, I just went back to sl**p.

The next couple days were the longest and worst of my life. Even though I was avoiding Katie, except at meals and drives back and forth from school; I could not get her out of my head. She was just stuck in mind with her beautiful red hair, gorgeous features, and great personality. I would constantly revisit our most intimate moments and play them back in my head over and over again; plus every night for the last couple days I would get woken up at crazy hours to a tap on my door that never sounded twice.

Katie also looked like a wreck; she barely ever talked and her face had not shown any happiness over the last couple days. Mom was starting to think that were getting sick and I was amazed that she hadn’t put two-and-two together yet.

It was Thursday and that day was going by as shitty as all the other days since our mutual agreement that we should not see each as anything more than a normal relationship. The ride to school nearly drove me insane with the small of her cranberry shampoo wafting through my car and the drive back was just as bad. I do not how I could have fallen for my s****r this bad, but something had to change or life seemed like it was going to be like this forever.

At dinner everyone was quiet as usual, except for mom’s usual inquiry about how the day had gone. Katie and I answered with the usual “okay” again, and were not pushed any further. That night I could not sl**p at all; I compulsively kept looking over at the clock, hoping that the night would just end. The hours ticked away slowly and by the time 3:00 in the morning arrived; I had given up hope of sl**p. That is when I heard it; there was a light tap on my door. Being fully awake, I reacted quickly and went to the door and opened it to find Katie standing there in her white shirt and cotton shorts that she always wore to bed.

Katie gave me a somewhat pained smile and I was so shocked that I just stood there. This was obviously not the reaction that she hoping for and I could see tears start to form in her eyes. I came to my senses and went out to meet her. I gave her a quick hug and led her back into my room, closing the door behind me.

I turned a lamp on and was mesmerized by the way the shadows danced on her skin. I stood in front of her while she sat on my bed, and broke the silence by saying the very sensitive phrase “What’s up”. Her face broke into a smile at these words, which in turn made me smile that she had finally shown some happiness. Feeling like I was going to have to get this conversation going, I asked her if she tapped on my door every night over the last few days. She told me that she had, and she prayed that I would answer every time. This brought me to ask her what it was that she needed; she answered by saying that she wanted to talk with me. She followed by saying that she had been thinking a lot over the last couple days and that she had come down to one thing that she wanted to ask me.

I asked what it was and she grabbed my hands and pulled me down to where I was on my knees in front of her, while she was sitting on my bed. She stared into my eyes asked the question that I probably could not have answered better even if I had years to think about it. While still staring into my eyes she asked if I loved her. I started by saying that every b*****r loves their s****r, but she stopped me midsentence, and asked again if I loved her. I looked back into her eyes and said that I could never love anyone as much as I loved her.

On that, her face broke into a smile and few tears welled up into her eyes. I asked her if she was going to cry, and she responded by jumping on me hard enough to knock me on my back, and next thing I knew we were kissing more passionately than we ever had; only pulling away from each other to remove our tops.

After several minutes of non-stop kissing, Katie slipped off me and started to pull my shorts and boxers off. I lifted my ass in the air so that she could remove them completely. She looked at my erect cock and started with a few kisses to the tip of it before putting her lips around the tip. She sucked slowly at first, but began to quickly build speed. I don’t know how I lasted several minutes without cumming because when I imagined heaven, this is what I thought it felt like.

When she had sucked me to my climax I told her I was about to cum, and to my surprise she kept on sucking my cock. The orgasm washed over me soon after and started shooting jet after jet of warm cum into my s****r’s small mouth. She could not handle it all and a lot of it dribbled out of her mouth and onto my floor. She looked up at me and asked if I liked the ending and I told her that she was going to like hers more.

I picked Katie up and laid her gently on my bed. I gave her a quick before I began sucking her nipples back-and-forth for a few minutes. I eventually progressed south and stumbled upon her cute little pussy. She was wetter than I had ever felt her being and I went straight to work eating her out. Her pussy looked better than it did a couple days ago, her juices tasted better than they had, and I enjoyed the process much more this time.

As soon as my tongue touched the lips of her pussy a shock shot through her body and her muscles gave a little jerk. I continued to lick my tongue up-and-down her pussy lips and then started running over her clit. She was close to an orgasm before long, and I started working harder to take her the rest of the way. Just when she was writhing around and moaning heavily she pulled away from. A little confused I looked at her quizzically, but she just patted the area of the bed beside her. I crawled up next to her and she pushed my back to the bed and then got on top of me.

Katie bent her head down and gave me kiss before grabbing my cock and pushing it against my stomach. Katie then started to rub the lips of her pussy up and down the length of my cock. Realizing where this was going, I grabbed her and flipped her over to where I was on top, and in control of the situation. I looked down into her eyes and asked if we were ready for this. She responded by pulling my face to hers and giving me a long kiss. She then opened her legs more so that I could have better access.

I brought the tip of my cock to her opening and moved my dick up-and-down her pussy before pushing the tip of my dick into her. Katie let out a sharp breath and I looked up to see her face showing signs of pain. Knowing that the pain had to get worse before it got better; I pushed my cock a little deeper. She was so tight that I had to use a little bit f***e just to make any progress.

Her warm pussy was gripping my cock with a vice-like grip and it was easily the greatest feeling of my life. After a few minutes of me very slowly pushing my cock deeper I ran into what I was dreading; her hymen. In sex education the teacher said that the girl would bleed and feel pain when it is broken, and I was not excited about putting Katie through that. When my dick bumped into her hymen she took another sharp breath. I looked at her and said that she should brace herself; she nodded and closed her eyes.

I put slightly more pressure and her hymen didn’t budge. I realized that the best way would be just a quick thrust and let the pain come and go. I bit my lip and thrust into her harder and I felt her hymen break. She let out a fairly loud cry and I immediately dipped down and wrapped my arms around her, with my dick still inside her, and whispered in her ear to let me know when to keep going.

A few moments later, Katie nodded and told me to keep going, but slowly. Feeling a little bl**d start to trickle down my balls, I pulled out slowly and back in at an equally slow pace. After minutes upon minutes of slowly going in and out I felt Katie’s body relax a little bit. I figured that the pain was starting to subside, so I sped up my thrusts. They slowly got quicker and quicker to where I was going at a decent pace, and as my pace got faster Katie actually started moan a little.

I could only get in about three quarters of my dick before it felt like I was bottoming out. After only a few minutes of fucking my s****r at a fast pace, I felt another orgasm forming in my balls. I started fucking her even faster, and realized that I should pull out before it was too late. I got my dick out just in time to blow considerable size load onto her stomach and chest.

I just collapsed and rolled to where I was beside her. Katie stared at me with a smile on her face, and all I could do was smile back before she started kissing me again. She snuggled up on to me and fell asl**p in a matter of seconds. I just laid there staring at her hair, her cute face, her small warm body, and realized that I wouldn’t trade this feeling for anything in the world.

In no time sl**p started to creep up on me and right before drifting off I made sure the alarm was set and said a quick prayer that mom would not check on us tomorrow morning.


Part V

After last night’s events, I was surprised that I had beaten my alarm clock. It was only 7:14, but I was wide awake. I just stared around my room taking in all of my surroundings. I was the happier than I could ever remember being in my life and everything just seemed to be better than before. After my eyes had passed over just about everything in my room they made it to my s****r, Katie, lying next to me. I just could not get over how cute and sexy she was. Her long red hair was partially covering up her face and I gently moved her hair off of her face. My fingers slightly rubbed against her fair skin and I loved how soft and warm she felt. Her cranberry-scented shampoo was wafting through the air. After awhile my alarm started to go off, and I as I tried to reach over Katie to turn it off she woke up and we locked eyes before I planted a kiss on her lips.

We laid there kissing for a few moments before I continued what I was doing and turned off the alarm. I rolled back over and we continued to stare at each other, just smiling. I broke the silence by bidding her a good morning that she answered back with a good morning in a soft voice. I pulled her into a quick hug and got out of bed and said that it was about time to start getting ready for school.

Katie just laid there and lustfully watched me get dressed. For some reason I felt a little self-conscience about her watching even though only a couple hours ago we had lost our virginities to each other. I dressed at a fast pace and flashed Katie a smile and told her that she really should go get ready for school. She slid out of my bed and I got a view of her completely naked body.

Her straight long hair made it halfway down her back. She a small slender body that sexier than anyone that I had ever laid my eyes on. Her small b-cup boobs would bounce every time she took a step. As she turned and walked out of my room I got a great view of her round, but firm, ass. After the little show my dick was straining to get out of my pants, so I did the classic move of tucking my cock up into my waistband and left my room to go wait for Katie in the living room.

As soon as I entered the living room mom was leaving her room. She looked at me and asked where Katie was. I told her that Katie was still getting dressed because she had slept a little late. Mom replied back by saying that it must have been Katie that she had heard moving around early that morning, and flashed me a suspicious look.

My heart sunk into my stomach at these words, but I tried to show indifference to her comment. Mom said that she was leaving for work and that Katie needed to hurry up or we would be late. Mom left, and a few moments later Katie walked into the living room and we left for school. It felt good to be able to have a conversation with my s****r again and we talked the whole way.

School passed by as normal as one could imagine (boring and time-consuming) and when it was over I made my way out to my car. Katie was already inside and was wearing a frown on her face. I got in my car and asked her what was wrong. She said, without looking at me, that one of the boys in her class had asked her out. Out of reflex I asked her if she said yes and Katie turned her head in my direction and said that of course she told him no.

I stared at her questioningly before asking why this had flustered her. She asked how I couldn’t see a problem with her denying a boy in her class. Once again, I looked at her quizzically and asked what the problem was. She sighed before replying that the act of saying no to that guy made her realize that she was not willing to be with anyone else; ever. I realized what she meant by this and I already knew that I felt the exact same way.

The ride back was mostly quiet, except for a little bit of small talk back and forth. When we had got home I stopped Katie before she could get up the stairs to her room and spun her around to face me. I told her that I loved her and locked her in a tight embrace. We hugged for a couple seconds before Katie asked what was going on. I replied saying that I thought we should tell mom what was going on.

Katie looked at me fearfully and asked why. I told her that we couldn’t keep this up without mom finding out and that it would be better if she found out from us; rather than if she was snooping around. Katie knew that what I was saying was logical, but she was still afraid of what mom would say or do. Katie asked if we could at least wait a little longer before saying anything to mom. I told her that we could wait a little bit longer, but should be very careful. On these words Katie gave me a smile and quick kiss before heading up to her room to do her homework.

Mom arrived about an hour after our talk, and I was sitting on the couch watching television. Mom asked me how my day had gone; I told her that it went by pretty good. She looked at me a little funny because over the last couple days I had been telling her that the days were just “Okay”. Mom then told me that dinner would be in about an hour.

At dinner the conversation was about everyday topics until mom looked at Katie and asked if she was sl**ping okay. Katie answered back that she was fine and mom stared at her for a few moments before saying that she heard noises this morning. Katie’s face drained and she looked over at me; I shook my head to signal to her not to look at me. Mom saw my gesture and looked at me quickly before turning back to Katie who said that the noises must have been something else. Mom uttered a quick “Oh” and turned back to her food and finished eating.

After dinner Katie and I went back upstairs to my room. As soon as we got into my room I closed my door behind us and asked her if she saw what I was talking about now. Katie’s eyes began to water and she nodded at me. She then spoke of the fear that I knew she was feeling and also that I was feeling. She stared into my eyes and said that she was afraid that mom would send one of us away if she knew the truth. Hearing this said out loud started making me second guess myself about telling mom, but I knew that it had to be done.

I grabbed Katie’s hands and whispered that no matter what the consequences were, we had to tell her and there was no way we could keep it secret forever. At this, she broke into tears and pulled me into a tight hug. I then pulled her face next to mine and whispered in her ear that we still had tonight before we would tell her. She looked up at me, with a few tears on her cheeks, and said that we should make the most of it, and turned my face toward hers to kiss me.

Katie then put her hand down my pants and wrapped her fingers around my erect cock. Knowing that I needed to stop this while I still could; I took her hand out of my pants and said that we needed to at least wait until mom had gone to bed. She gave me a wink and said that she would see me later on tonight.

At 11:00 I heard the tapping on my door that I had been anticipating; Mom had gone to bed about an hour ago. I walked over to my door and pulled it open and just about fell over. Katie was standing in the hallway wearing the same sexy red-dress that she had worn on our date five days ago. She had put on a little make up and it was clear that she wasn’t wearing a bra because her nipples were making bumps on her dress.

I just stood there, with my mouth agape before I gasped out that she looked nice. Katie walked slowly over to me and grabbed my hand. She attempted to turn off the lights as she passed the switch, but I stopped her and said that I wanted to see her. She grabbed my hand led me over to my bed and we sat down.

Katie tried to push my back to the bed, but I stopped her said that she was going first this time, and pushed her back down instead. She gave me dreamy stare as I got on top of her and started to kiss her neck. As I kissed her neck, I pulled her dress up and began to play with her pussy. Her moans immediately echoed around my room, so I put one of my fingers in her mouth to quiet her down.

I went down her and slid my tongue over her slit a couple times before using one of my hands to open her slit a little. I took my finger out of her mouth and slid my finger halfway inside her pussy. By this time, my tongue had found its way to her clit. At first, I was just running my tongue over the area, but then a magnificent idea sprung up in my mind.

I looked up at Katie, who was now rubbing her tits, and said that she was going to love this. First I took my hand and pulled the top of her pussy open so that I could have easier access, and then I put my lips around her clit. When her clit was somewhat in my mouth I began to rapidly run my tongue over it. Katie immediately started to buck her hips in a completely un-rhythmic way. A minute later, her body burst into orgasmic movement; drenching my hand in her juices.

Her climax subsided and she looked down at me and said that my tongue-work was amazing. I crawled up next to Katie and she rolled on top of me and started grinding her pussy on the outside of my shirt. I lifted myself up on my elbow and started trying to take my shirt off. When I get it off Katie slipped off me and began pulling my pants and boxers off.

My cock jumped to attention when my pants finally let it breath. Katie then bent her head in close to mine and gave my lower lip a nibble. Her hand fumbled with my dick before her hand grasped it. Her small fingers slid up-and-down my shaft, while she still grinded her pussy on my stomach. After a couple minutes she stopped biting my lip, and gave me a nervous smile before lifting herself up and positioning my cock underneath her pussy.

Katie hovered anxiously for a few seconds before finally lowering herself enough so that my tip pressed against her hole. I grabbed the underside of her thighs to take some of the strain out of her legs. She lowered herself a little more and the tip of my dick disappeared inside her tight hole. My dick was about halfway in before Katie lifted herself up and lowered herself back down on my cock. We slowly repeated the process a few times before speeding up.

As Katie rode my cock I could not help but stare at her. Her hair was sliding back and forth over her face, which would occasionally scrunch up as she tried to take in more of my dick. She still had her dress on but her tits were hanging over top of it and bouncing around. As Katie’s pace quickened, so did her moaning and I could feel her climax approaching, and mine too. Her body tensed up as the orgasm took hold of her, and she leaned forward and let her body melt onto mine. Her pussy had a death grip on my cock and I could feel her rapid heartbeat. The feeling of her orgasm was enough to put me over the edge and I lifted her little body up enough to fire my load onto the outside of her pussy.

We laid there for a few moments while I ran my fingers through her hair. The minutes seeped by as our breathing returned to normal. Katie’s breathing became steady and rhythmic; so I assumed that she had fallen asl**p. I whispered to myself that no matter what happened tomorrow I would always love Katie.

I remembered to turn on my alarm even though tomorrow was a Saturday, but I didn’t want mom walking in here early. I stayed up for a few minutes thinking of the best way to tell mom about our relationship before letting sl**p take me away with Katie in my arms.


Part VI

The continuous beeping of my alarm clock woke me up the next morning. I reached over Katie, my s****r, and turned it off before it could wake her up, but as usual the feeling of my body shifting woke her up and not the actual alarm. I gave her a quick “Morning” and kiss before getting out of bed. Katie smiled at me and asked what the rush was as I started getting dressed. I replied back by saying that I had a plan of letting mom know what was going on. Katie’s eyes drooped at the concept of telling mom, before asking what the plan was.

I gave her the basic outline of my plan and she stared at me incredulously before saying that there was no way it would work. I gave her a sly wink before telling her to have a little bit of faith. Katie got out of bed and gave me a small hug before heading out of my room; god, I loved the feeling of her small body against mine.

I sat there going over the finer details of the plan in my head before finishing dressing myself and walking downstairs. Mom was still asl**p; which wasn’t out of the ordinary because it was still only 7:45 A.M. After a couple minutes of sitting in the living room, I heard the shower upstairs turn on. Imagining Katie lathering herself up with soap was enough to get me hard. Feeling a little dirty, I decided that I, too, was in need of a shower and went back upstairs to join her.

I was completely stripped down by the time I had made it to the top of the steps and I threw my clothes into my room as I passed it. When I made it in front of the bathroom door I started to second guess myself. It felt like it might be somewhat awkward and I thought of different ways to go in. I decided upon just walking in with my flag flying high (not a bad pun, eh). I walked in the bathroom and glanced around to find that I was the only one in there.

Just as I asked myself “What the fuck?” the door behind me opened up and Katie walked in. She only had a towel wrapped around her body. I looked at her sheepishly and said idiotically that I was feeling dirty. She stared at me for a few seconds before saying that if I was feeling so dirty, then I should probably get in the shower. I gaped at her for a few seconds before she dropped the towel from around her body, and walked past me.

Katie’s amazing petite body still got to me, even after seeing it multiple times; in various positions. Her long reddish hair flowed over part of her face and over her right boob, but her left one was still showing proudly. Her tits were a small b-cup, perfect in my opinion, with little puffy nipples on them. My eyes followed her slender body down past her belly button and onto the little runway-shaped tuft of reddish hair above her pussy. Her pussy, of course, looked like a pussy, but showed youthfulness because it had only seen my cock.

When she had walked past me, my eyes were immediately drawn to her ass. It lacked any flaws or imperfections and was almost perfectly round and firm. My cock was already hard when I walked into the bathroom, but after that little show my dick was so hard it honestly felt like it was going to cramp. After getting in the shower Katie turned around and looked at me before saying that I could either stand there and stare at her ass, or I could get in the shower with her and touch it.

Having no wish to be rude; I took up her invitation and joined her in the shower. Upon entering said shower, Katie turned and faced me before grabbing my cock; which now felt like it could chisel a diamond if I tried. She started rubbing her fingers up-and-down the shaft with a light grip. A minute later, she dropped to her knees and began rubbing her tongue over the tip before inserting it into her mouth. The sexual tension of the morning assured that I was going to cum quickly and shortly after thinking that, I shot load after load into her small mouth. She couldn’t keep it all in her mouth and probably half of my load dribbled out of her mouth and down the drain, but she swallowed what she could.

Katie stood back up and I asked her what my cum tasted like. Katie replied that it would just be easier for me to taste it myself and pulled me into long kiss. The taste was somewhat salty, but with a hint of sweetness and a gooey texture. She asked me if I enjoyed the taste and I said back that her juices tasted even better. With that statement, I pulled her into another kiss and wrapped my arms around her. I then put my arms underneath her thighs and lifted her up and pressed her against the wall.

I am about as strong as your average 16 year old, but I thought that Katie would be easy to do this to because of her small size. I had her picked up for a few seconds before I started to regret trying in the first place because 90 pounds starts to get heavy after a bit. I was tempted to put her back down, but looking up and seeing the admiration in her eyes made me continue.

I lifted her body up enough so that her pussy was eye level with me; perfect. I immediately began to eat her out, starting with the normal procedure of licking her pussy lips and occasionally moving up and giving her clit a nice tongue massage. Doing this confirmed my statement about her pussy tasting better because I swear I could enjoy a continental breakfast with a tall glass of her pussy juice.

A few seconds of me eating her out and her pussy was wetter than the lower decks of a pirate ship (that was the last reference; okay, maybe one more later on). After continuing my pattern of licking her pussy lips, occasionally sticking the tip of my tongue in her hole, and licking her clit; I moved on to my patented orgasm-stimulating-clit-rubdown (it’s exactly what it sounds like). I spread the top of her slit open and moved the hood off her clitoris. After that, I put my lips around her clit and ran my tongue rapidly over it for only about a minute; that’s all the longer it takes, guaranteed *wink*. After the minute was up, Katie’s body tensed up before exploding into an orgasm. It took the last of my strength, which wasn’t very much, to keep from dropping her as she writhed around.

Her climax cooled down and she gazed at me before saying that all that was fun, but she still was feeling dirty. I gave her a wink and said that some soap and shampoo might help her out. Katie giggled before handing me the soap and telling me to wash her. I told her that this was going to have to go both ways and broke the soap in half and gave her the other piece. I lathered up my hands up before running them all over Katie’s body, as she did the same with mine.

My cock was hard again and I took my time going over her body and giving extra attention to her tits and ass. I massaged her tits, with soapy hands so that it was still technically cleaning, for five minutes before pulling her in close and wrapping my arms around her to lather up her ass. Funnily enough, this was the first time that I had actually groped and squeezed her ass and realized that I was missing out on something special.

When I had pulled her to me, she started to run her hands over my chest, stomach, and finally; my dick. Slowly, she ran her soapy hands over my shaft and would occasionally clean my balls up a bit.

Ten minutes of “cleaning” each other went by before Katie looked up at me and said that her hair still needed to be washed. I gazed at her hair longingly because that was one of her features that I loved most. I grabbed the shampoo and squeezed it into my hands before getting to work. The shampoo was, of course, cranberry scented and I would recommend it to anyone. I put my hands through her hair, just enjoying the softness of it. After I had gotten it all lathered up, I started the normal procedure of washing hair. When I was finished Katie turned around and looked at me and said that she had gotten the feeling that I had actually enjoyed washing her hair. I told her that I thought her hair was beautiful and she pulled me into a long kiss.

We made-out for a few minutes before I pulled away from her and said that a 45 minute shower was probably long enough to get a whale clean (okay that was the last one). We exited the shower and dried each other off before heading back to our respected rooms. I dressed myself again before heading back downstairs.

It was still only 8:30, so I figured mom was still asl**p and went to make breakfast. After making some sausage and eggs; I called up the steps, loudly, that breakfast was done. A few moments later Katie appeared at the top of the steps wearing a mini-skirt with a white button-up shirt; she looked rather sexy. She had made her way down the steps and we walked to the kitchen together. As we passed by Mom’s room I thought I had heard some noises, but I wasn’t sure.

The breakfast conversation was about everyday topics. I thought I heard the very faint sound of a door opening, but once again I wasn’t sure. Katie stopped what she was saying suddenly, and asked when we were going to tell mom about our relationship. I answered back that whenever she woke up we would sit her down and explain.

Katie looked at me and said that she was nervous about what mom would say if she told her that she loved me with all of her heart. I responded by saying that mom would never understand how much in love I was with you. I followed by saying that even if mom forbids us from seeing each other or something more drastic, that we would find a way to make things work.

On my last word, I heard a noise coming from the living room that sounded like crying. I got up from the table and motioned for Katie not to talk and to follow me. I walked into the living room and saw mom sitting on the couch crying into her hands. I asked her why she was crying and she looked up and said, between a sob, that she knew there was something going on between Katie and I.

I stared back at her and asked, incredulously, if she had been eavesdropping on us. Mom said back that she had heard every word of what we said and whispered something that sounded like it being her fault. I walked over and sat down beside her and started rubbing one of my hands up-and-down her back.

After a few moments I whispered that it wasn’t her fault, and that love just found its way to Katie and I. Mom replied back that a b*****r and s****r should not be in love with each other. Katie popped in and retold what she had said to me exactly a week ago.

She said that it doesn’t matter if we are b*****r and s****r; we loved each other more than anyone else could. Mom sighed at these words and sat there for a few moments before finally saying that when our dad had left she felt like someone had ripped her soul out. She followed by saying that she would never wish that feeling onto anyone else.

I looked at her, surprised, because that was the first time in my memory that I had heard Mom talk about Dad. Mom then continued saying that the first few years after he had left she was so sad that it literally made her sick.

After mom had told the story to us she looked at me sadly and said that if I really loved Katie, then I would never leave her. I stared back into Mom’s eyes and said that I couldn’t leave Katie, even if the world depended on it. Mom then gave another low sigh and looked at Katie, who was also now in tears, and said that if she really loved me then she would never leave me also. Katie said back, between sobs, that even in her worst nightmare; she hadn’t considered giving up on me.

Katie’s last statement caused me to stand up and walk over to her. I pulled her into a tight embrace followed by a long kiss that mom looked away from at first, but then looked back at us with a pained smile. Mom then said that she was in no position to break us up and just asked us to be careful. She also said that we were not to do anything around her.

I gave mom a smile and Katie and I both walked over to her and gave her a hug. We all just sat there and hugged for a few minutes before mom stood up and said that she was going back to bed. sl**p sounded pretty good right at that moment and I grabbed Katie’s hand. We both stood up and walked back upstairs; together.

When we got to the top of the steps, and out of earshot of mom; I gave Katie another hug. As I hugged her, I whispered in her ear that I loved when a plan came together. Katie let out a small giggle before pulling me into my room and shutting the door behind us. As the door closed, Katie and I immediately started to passionately kiss before I lifted her up off the ground and into my arms. Her legs wrapped themselves around my waist and her body started to grind up-and-down on me.

Katie relaxed in my arms and I felt like it was time to get things heated up. I carried her over to my bed, and more or less dropped her on to it. She sat up and started to undo my belt as I pulled her shirt of her. She got my belt undone and ripped my pants and boxers down. My stood up and Katie wasted no time before wrapping her lips around the tip. As she sucked my cock; I was fumbling around with her bra trying to get it off.

The clasp finally gave in to my attempts and I ripped her bra off and went to town rubbing and pinching her nipples. The room was steaming and everything was moving at a fast pace. Katie sucked me off for a few minutes before I began feeling an orgasm boil in my balls. A few moments later I shot my load into my s****r’s mouth.

As soon as my orgasm had worn off, I literally ripped Katie’s skirt off and began eating her out through her panties. The fabric eventually started getting on my nerves, so I pulled Katie’s panties off and began to lick her pussy properly. She was wetter than I can remember her ever being and as soon as my tongue touched her pussy she let out a loud moan. I licked and tongue-fucked her pussy for a few minutes before she came and I drank the juices coming out of her happily.

Not even waiting for her to come down from her climax, I got on top of her and guided my dick to her pussy. I pushed the tip in slowly, and then all that I could fit; she was so tight. After the initial thrust I began to fuck her pussy as fast as I could. Her moans began to echo around my bedroom after only a minute and I knew she was going orgasm again soon.

I continued fucking my s****r fast, and every so often I would massage one of her tits. After a couple more minutes Katie came again: she began to lose control of her body and wrapped her legs around my waist. Her pussy clamped down on my cock and I tried to pull out as my own climax washed over me, but her legs were so tight around waist that I wasn’t going anywhere.

I came inside of her, shooting rope after rope into her womb. After she had come down off of her climax she looked at me with a smile and said that was the strongest orgasm that she had ever had. I stared back at her uneasily before she patted the area beside of her. I laid down next to her and she snuggled her small-warm body against me, and then grabbed my arm and pulled it over her. She fell asl**p in no time, but I laid there awake thinking of what just happened.

I wasn’t ready to be a dad, but looking at Katie’s beautiful body next to mine made me realize how hopelessly in love I was. I was willing to be anything as long as it was with Katie. sl**p crept up on me soon after and I was about to turn my alarm on before realizing, with a smile, that I didn’t need to. The last thoughts that went through my head, before sl**p took me away in its caring arms, was how much life had changed over the last week: for the better……………


10 Years Later

“I don’t know Katie, I like blue better”, I said jokingly.

“This isn’t funny; we finally have our own place. I want everything to be perfect”, Katie replied back.

“I doubt the color of our curtains will be the deciding factor of our happiness”.

“Maybe not, but it sure will help. We have a rough road ahead, with another baby on the way”.

“You’re telling me…… Michael is already hard enough to keep up with”, I said back as I rubbed Katie’s

“I can’t believe he is already turning ten years-old in less than a month”.

We left the store and I drove us back home. I started driving back to Mom’s house, but remembered that we had a new home. Upon arriving home, I couldn’t help but stare at my own house. I got out and looked around me: the neighborhood was perfect, the house was small, but was just as perfect as everything else.

“Are you going to sit in the driveway all day babe?” Katie said, effectively snapping me out of my daze.

“Don’t I wish”, I replied back with a smile.

“Well hurry up then, we have to make sure Michael didn’t do anything bad. We haven’t left him alone before”.
She nervously joked back.

I got out of the car and put my arm around Katie’s waist as we walked to the house. When we opened the front door Michael came running from the living room and gave us each a hug.

“Did you miss us?” Katie said with a giggle.

“No, and I told you nothing bad would happen with here by myself”.

“You sure did”, I whispered as I stared around my house.

This wasn’t exactly how I imagined my life when I was growing up: it was better. I never thought that Katie and I would end up together in the end. The years had gone by without any problems. It was unnerving for the first couple years, but everything fell into place. When Michael was born, Mom thought it would be for the best if we moved. Two states later, we ended up in this small town. Katie and I finished high school and both got an associates degree at the local community college. It took awhile before we had saved enough money to move out of Mom’s house, but we were finally financially secure.

“Baby, are you alright?” Katie whispered in my ear.

“Sorry, just thinking again”.

“About what?”

“About what I think of our lives”. I whispered back before pulling her in close.

“So… What do you think”.

“It’s perfect”.


I hope you enjoyed reading all 15,555 words that made up the life of Katie and David.

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