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My s****r caught me jerking off…….

I was home alone on labour day Monday. My s****r’s were out shopping, my dad and mom were both at work, so I decided, after lunch, to go back downstairs where my room was and put a porn on and relax and have so fun. Nothing else is on TV and I was feeling horny all morning anyways, so might as well jerk it hard.

I grabbed my VHS tapes that I like…….mostly mature and hairy pussy ones…..grabbed my vaseline and got naked and put the video on and sat on the couch. I knew I had a few hours before anybody got home, plus since I slept in the basement, I could always here the back door open.

I was watching the hairy amateur one. The first scene was a girl fucking her dark hairy bush with a large plain colored dildo. I grabbed my vaseline and started to cover my cock and balls and slowly started jerking my cock.

The scene was so hot….after 10 minutes of jerking my precum was leaking out of my cock every few seconds and was covering my hand and cock so much that I really didn’t need the vaseline.

I was jerking so hard and so ingrossed in the scene on the TV, I didn’t hear someone or somebody come into the house. I was layed back and stroking my hard cock…completely naked on the couch and out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone standing by the door way in the basement f****y room. It was my oldest s****r Marie. She was shopping with my other s****r, so why is she home so early.

I could see out of the corner of my eye she had her hand in her pants….she was wearing jeans…….and her hand was rubbing up and down fast inside her jeans. I started jerking faster…..not because of the video but knowing my s****r was watching me jerking off and watching porn.

I stood up and aimed my hard cock at the screen….grabbed a good glob of vaseline and started jerking hard and fast…covering my hard hairy cock and balls with the lube, jerking as hard and fast as I could, knowing my s****r was watching me. I could see that she was now rubbing her big tits with her hand while the other was shoved deep and hard into her pants moving faster and faster.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I looked over at Marie and said, “get over here and take your clothes off and join me.” She didn’t even stop…..she walked right over to the couch and took her t-shirt off. I could see her nipples were so hard inside her bra. She took her bra off and her tits were so big and juicy, that I stared at them and started pumped my hard cock faster and faster.

She slowly slipped her pants down, all the while looking at my hard hairy cock and balls. She pulled her jeans off and I could see her nice pink panties and how wet she was. What really got me more horny was seen her dark pussy hairy sticking out of the sides and the top of her bikini panties. My cock jumped in my hands. She was watching my cock and I was watching her hairy pussy.

She slid the panties down to the floor and I looked right at her and said, “god, you have a great hairy pussy s*s.” She look at me and said, “I just love how it feels when I finger fuck myself.” My cock was so hard that I didn’t I would last long before I came all over my hand.

I decided to ask a question that I thought might get this all shot down, “hey, can you turn around and bend over?”. Without a second thought, Marie just turned her back to me and bend over and grabbed her ass cheeks and spread her ass. She was covered from her belly button to her asshole in dark hair. I wasn’t watching the TV anymore, but looking at her and her hairy bush. Looking at her got my cock so hard……my hand was so covered, I don’t know if it was from the vaseline or all the precum that I was producing.

Marie asked, “do you like what you see?” and turned back around to face me. I outright said, “I love your hairy pussy and asshole s*s…….do you like my hairy cock too?” She licked her lips and said, “I always love a hairy cock…..feels great when I feel it rubbing and meshing against my hairy pussy.” My cock must have grown 2 inches when she said that.

I took a chance and asked the outright wrong question to ask, “s*s and you come over here and bend over the couch so I can fuck your hairy holes?” She looked at me with a sexy smile and moved close to me, touched my face with her hand and bend over the couch…grabbing the back of it and shoving her ass out for me to access and use.

My cock was so hard…..I took my fingers, stuck them in my mouth and wetted them and shoved one in her hairy pussy and one in her hairy pussy and was pushing back and forth for a few minutes just to get them wetter and ready for my hard cock.

Marie grabbed one of her nipples and was pulling and pinching it so hard that I thought milk would cum out of her. I took my fingers out of her hairy holes and sucked them dry, then grabbed her hips and aimed my cock for her asshole……didn’t want a chance of getting her pregnant and I didn’t have a condom around. I didn’t even tell her, I just put my cock against her dark hairy asshole and shoved my cock into her.

Marie looked over her shoulder with a look that I can’t explain. She had a smirk on her face and said to me, “how did you know that I love getting my hairy ass fucked?”. I looked and said right back at her, “I didn’t, but your ass looked so inviting, I just have to fuck it…..and it feels so damn tight around my cock right now s*s.”

Marie was pushing hard against me and moaning so load that anybody in the house could of heard us. She took her hand and started rubbing her hairy pussy and tickling my hanging balls as they were slapping against her tanned ass cheeks.

I looked down and I could see all the juices and vaseline covering my cock as I was pounding her hairy asshole. Her hand was covered in her pussy juices and that got me even more harder. I grabbed her hips even harder and started to pump and push as deep as I could.

She looked over her shoulder and said, “b*o, I want you to fuck that hairy asshole and cum deep inside me…….my ass and pussy can’t take anymore…..I wanna cum, so cum in my ass.”

I started thrusting as hard as I could and I could feel her ass muscles gripping my hard cock and I can hear her wetness against my thighs so I was going to cum pretty soon.

I asked her, “do you like my hard cock in that tight hairy ass?”. She turned her head and said, “shut up and fuck that hairy ass…..I want you to fill me up.” With that, grabbed her as hard as I could and my balls starting contracting and I felt her muscles around my cock and I just exploded into her ass….about 4 to 5 good spurts up her ass, and at the same time I felt her cum all over my thighs as she came so hard that it was dripping all over the couch and floor and myself.

After relaxing for a minute or two, I pulled my cock out of her hairy asshole and sat back down on the couch. She turned over and sat right beside me. She wrapped her arm around my neck, looked at me and said, “so, you like my hairy holes?” I said, without missing a beat, “s*s, I will always lick, suck and fuck all your hairy holes from now on.” She had a smile on her face, took her hand and shoved her finger into her hairy asshole and pulled it out and shoved it in her mouth, sucking her wet juicy finger.

She look at me once she took her finger out of her mouth and said, “b*o, you taste so good……you can fuck my hairy holes anytime you want.”

This could be a lot better then watching porn……can’t wait for later today when my other s****r shows up and they have there daily talk like they always do.

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