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My step-mom, s****r and me……

I was on my way home from school….I never took a bus, I always walked and it was only 15 to 20 minutes away. I was walking with a friend of mine have way, because we travelled the same route.

I was getting close to home and I went to the back and said hi to our dog, who was in his kennel, before I went inside.

I went inside and went downstairs to where my room was and while I was unpacking my backpack, I could her some moaning upstairs just above the sealing. I didn’t think anybody was home cause I never heard anything when I got into the house. I never thought much of it, but when I heard the words “harder…..deeper”, I new something was going on.

I silently went up the stairs and walked through the kitchen into the hallway where my s*****s, parents and bathroom were all in the same area. I was getting close to the bathroom when I heard the moans again coming from my s****r Dee’s room. Both my s*****s have separate rooms. As I got close to the door I heard, “lick me deeper….don’t stop….I don’t wanna cum yet”.

At this time my cock was starting to stir in my pants hearing her on what she was saying. I never heard anything like that from my s****r. I vary rarely heard her even swear when we were out at the bar with friends. She is 21 and myself only 18 and I just started going to the bars with my s****r’s just after my birthday cause I got to know there friends over the years.

As I got close to the door, I could see that it wasn’t completely closed…..just opened a little bit. I peeked inside and what I saw made my mouth drop and my cock get as hard as it has ever been.

My s****r was laying on her back on her bed, legs were spread and pulled towards her face and my step mom had a black dildo and was shoving it into her hairy pussy. I knew my s****r had a hairy pussy (I saw her nice little colored hairy pussy when she got out of the shower) but seeing my step-mom on her hands and knees and her hairy pussy and asshole staring at me, on the bed and shoving a big black dildo into my s****r’s hairy pussy was unbelievable.

My cock had a mind of its own and was super hard in my pants. I could see my step-mom’s hairy pussy and asshole while she was driving that thick black cock into my s****r’s hairy pussy. I could see how wet she was getting. The black dildo was covered with wetness and I could see the wet spot on the bed just below her ass. My s****r’s nipples were hard, just like my step-moms swaying tits were as she was driving her hairy pussy.

I undid my zipper and pulled out my straining cock and started stroking it hard and fast. Pre-cum was dripping all over my cock while I watched the show going on between my s****r and step-mom.

Pretty soon, my step-mom was sliding two fingers into her wet soaked hairy pussy and was pumping my s****r’s hairy pussy with that big cock and at the same time, licking her asshole. I was getting so turned on by this time, that I stepped out of my pants and underwear and was just standing there in my socks and t-shirt, in the hallway stroking my hard thick cock.

I could see and hear that my s****r was enjoying it, cause she kept on saying to my step-mom, “harder….faster….deeper….oh you are fucking my pussy and asshole so good”,….I was getting so turned on with site that I just wanted to jump it….but I wanted to see what would happen next.

My s****r, after about 10 minutes watching them, grabbed my step-mom by the hair…..pulled her face up to hers and started kissing her, all the while the black toy was shoved in her hairy pussy, and started kissing her and sucking on her tongue.

I was jerking as hard as I could. I looked behind me down the hallway to make sure nobody else was home yet then turned my attention back to my home video that was live right in front of me.

My s****r pulled out the dildo with her hand while kissing my step-mom and flipped her onto her back so she and her hard nipples and hairy pussy was on display for my s****r to savor and enjoy. She kneeled down and shoved her face in my step-moms wet hairy pussy and just started sucking. I could hear the wetness from only 10 feet away.

My cock and balls were so hard and wet, covered in my pre cum, I thought I was gonna explode once I saw my s****r bury her face in her hairy pussy. She took her finger at the same time and starting fingering my step-moms hairy asshole and that is when I couldn’t take it anymore.

I opened the door and walked towards them. They both saw me and my hard cock, covered in my pre-cum and they stared at me for a few seconds and my step-mom closed her eyes and started moaning while my s****r kept on sucking her pussy and fingering her asshole.

I took off my t-shirt, and got right behind my s****r. I took two fingers and slid them both into her hairy pussy. She was so wet, that I had to take them out and suck the juices off my fingers, then slid them back into her hairy pussy, while I was stroking my hard cock.

She was moaning while sucking my step-moms hairy pussy and fingering her asshole. My step-mom finally opened her eyes and saw that I was jerking my cock and fingering my s****r’s hairy pussy and said, “so are you gonna keep stroking that hard cock or are you gonna fuck one of use?”.

I smiled at her and my s****r….pulled my soaked fingers from my s****r’s hairy pussy….sucked them clean, got right behind her with my cock in my hand and guided it towards her wet hairy pussy. I rubbed my cock up and down her hairy ass crack and pussy lips to just tease her and my hard cock.

My s****r loved the sensation, cause I could here her moans while she was sucking and licking that hairy pussy right in front of her. I grabbed my s****r by the hips and pointed my hard cock right at her hairy pussy. I was so excited I thought I would cum just before I ever entered her. I slowly enter her hairy wet pussy and I could feel her wetness right away all around my hard cock and I could feel her pushing back against me as soon as I slid into her.

My step-mom looked at me and said, “she has been a bad girl today, so you better fuck her hard”. As I grabbed her hips and started pumping back and forth into her, my step-mom said, “she likes it too when you finger her asshole while you fuck her”. My cock get harder just hearing her say that. I took my finger and got it wet with my mouth and slowly slipped it into her hairy asshole while I was pumping her hairy pussy with my hard cock. My step-mom was playing and pinching her hard nipples while my s****r was still sucking her hairy pussy.

She said to my s****r, “while he fucks your pussy and fingers your asshole, take that big fat dildo and shove it deep into my hairy pussy and finger my asshole”. My s****r took the dildo…sucked on it for a few seconds and shoved it all the way into my step-moms wet soaked hairy pussy and was just shoving it in fast and furious, all the while shoving two fingers into her asshole.

I was pumping as hard and as fast as I could. I couldn’t believe what was happening and why. My cock is so hard pumping into my s****r’s pussy and was covered in her juices. Her asshole was so wet and tight as I finger fucked her. My step-mom looked at me while she was fucking her and said, “she has been so bad, I think you should shove that hard cock into that virgin asshole to teach her a lesson.”

My s****r turned and looked over her shoulder, and stopped fucking my step-mom and said, “oh no…..don’t…..I’ve never been fucked up the ass before.” I looked at my step-mom, smiled at her and pulled out of her. I wetted my finger and covered her brown cherry and aimed my hard cock right at it. My step-mom looked right at me with a smirk grin and said, “shove it in there and fuck that virgin ass.”

I pushed my hard hairy cock into her hairy asshole and I heard her scream in pleasure and pain “oh god…no…it is to big…stop…I can’t take that much.” My s****r grabbed the dildo and took it and shoved it into my step-moms asshole (maybe for revenge) and start sucking her hairy lips really fast as I was pumping hard and fast into her asshole. I heard my step-mom saying, “oh ya dear…shove it in there….deeper….faster.”

I was pumping as hard and fast as I could. Watching my step-mom playing and sucking on her hard nipples all the while my s****r was fucking her ass and sucking on her hairy pussy. My cock felt like it grew and extra few inches just watching what was going on right in front of me.

As I was fucking her asshole, she started shoving her fingers in her hairy pussy……I could feel them while I was fucking her hairy asshole. My step-mom was moaning so loud that the neighbours could of heard us. I was pretty sure she was getting ready cum in my s****r’s mouth. My s****r was now moan and yelling at me to fuck her asshole deep and hard. I grabbed her even harder around her hips and really started to pump into her all the while she was fucking my step-mom.

My step-mom looked at me and said, “cum in that tight asshole….fill her up with your b*****rly cum.” I was really going fast now and my step-mom was yelling, “I’m cumming……I’m cumming suck it all up and swallow everything.” My s****r was sucking as hard as she could and was pumping that dildo into my step-moms hairy asshole ass fast as she could.

I could feel my balls building and the wetness all around my s****r’s asshole and dripping down to her hairy pussy. I could see my step-mom bucking her hips into her face while I was fucking her ass, and this just got me harder and harder.

All of a sudden I could see my step-mom’s juices explode from her hairy pussy into my s****r’s face and she was sucking up everything. That did it for me. I grabbed my s****r hard by the hips and pumped hard into her hairy asshole. My cock exploded into her ass and I could feel my cum all around my cock, her asshole and dripping out down to her hairy pussy and the bed sheets.

It was like we all sighed at the same time. I leaned forward and rested on my s****r’s back while she kept her face in my step-moms hairy pussy. She slowly pulled the dildo out of her soaked asshole and licked up the juices from her ass. My step-mom looked at me and said, “how was that tight ass?”. I looked at her and said, “i can’t believe how tight that hole is”. My s****r’ looked at me and said, “it should be, you were the first to fuck it.” My step-mom laughed and said, “next time you can have my ass.”

I pulled my cock out of my s****r’s asshole….took a good lick before my cum leaked out and then looked at my step-mom and asked, “when will I be able to fuck your ass?”. She just looked at me and said, “what are you doing after supper?”. I smiled, got off my s****r’, slapped her ass, and said, “I think I will be home all night fucking the both of you.” They both looked at me and smiled.

I think I will have my hands full tonight…………

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