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My third Bi-Encounter I Finally Taste Cum!

I wont bore you with going over the same waiting scenario of the next week, all i can say was the level of anticipation was even greater, and unlike the week before this time there were no doubts in my head about meeting him on saturday, now that id had felt, and tasted a cock, i knew even though in nthe future i wanted a relationship with a girl, i could see me always wanting to indulge in manfun, and although i craved for my first piece of pussy, i would always need some cock in my life.

The next Saturday dave was on his own in the pool, so i dived in and swam to the side of him, and being a bit more confident i said “Hi”. “hello alan” he replied, he told me he was in no rush today as his wife and c***d had stayed at home, and so as there was no rush i just had to ask him how he kept his secret of wanting to play with men, he told me that more or less the same thing had happened to him as a young man and instead of it effecting him he`d enjoyed and embraced his sexuality of being bisexual.

He asked me did after seeing his wife and c***d if i thought it was a bad thing, i said ”I don`t know” he explained that usually guys he picked up were one offs and that it only usually happened a few times a year, but as i was so keen he wanted to teach and enjoy the joys of helping a young man find his way , I told him i believed him, he really was a nice guy, obviously his sexuality had been questioned with his experience, so its no wonder he liked guys, he asked was i put off by our conversation, but i said i understood and would still like to try more manfun with him.

He gave me one of them nice smiles and said “o.k same place, two minutes” i winked back which was a bit cheesy, so as he got out the pool i decided to swim a few lengths especially as there was no time limit.

As i swam those few lengths all i could think was in a few minutes i would be having a length of my own, this made me laugh so i got out and i decided it was time to “suck my first cock for cum”!

I headed for the cubicles, i got to our cubicle and opened the door to see dave in full undress with a towel over his already hardening cock, i locked the cubicle and walked over to dave and pulled his towel away he then grabbed my trunks and pulled them down quickly.

I wanted to suck his lovely cock so much but he told me that he wanted to help me get really hard first and that he must cum first as i will hate the taste once he`d cum, this made me unsure whether i wanted to taste cum, but i was willing to give it a go anyway.

He pushed me down on the bench and removed my trunks completely bent his head and took my eager 6” cock in his mouth, i was in heaven he sucked slow and deep alternating from my cock and then licking and sucking my balls, again my cum was not going to be long arriving so i asked him to slow down, he did this and then asked me to stand up and turn around.

I was a bit worried i certainly weren`t up for anything going up my ass, but he looked at me and said “trust me” so i stood up and he started to rub my ass crack with a light finger just glancing over my hole, now and then the tip of his finger would enter my ass, but no more than half an inch, which i found myself pushing against to get deeper in me and was not totally unpleasant, he must have realised i wasn`t ready for anything else so only .

This was quite pleasurable so i didn`t stop him and then all of a sudden my ass seemed to be a bit wetter and warm and i realised he`d taken his finger out and had started to poke his tongue in my young hole, he licked around and then in my hole and then slightly pulled my cheeks open and poked his tongue in and out of my ass, God! this was fantastic, he do this and then he`d gently bite my ass cheeks, i`d never thought of any kind of ass fun but this made my first pre-cum droplets fall out of my cock.

I was so horny i just came out and said” dave i relly want to suck your cock i want to taste your cum NOW”!
I don`t think anyone would turn an offer like that down, so he stopped what he was doing and stood up right in front of my eager mouth and took his cock which now had his salty pre-cum on the head and held my head, made me close my lips and rubbed the head all over my lips, again like our first encounter he asked if i was sure… “now poke your tongue out and just lick the head ,i did this and his salty pre-cum was a delight too taste, “nice yes”! he asked “yes” i replied.

so dave continued, now he told me to place my mouth over his cock head and get a feel of it in my mouth “don`t go fast just slowly suck the head until your confident and then try deeper, i don`t want you gag that’s not pleasant at first, although in time you`ll kinda like it also dont want you getting a surprise first cum in your mouth” it will ruin it for you, i want you to savour this moment.

He saw how eager i was to suck him and he knew how i`d watched him suck me and that i`d try the same technique, and i did, i continued to stroke him slowly back and forth while holding his balls and then when i was sure he was as hard as he could get, i placed my mouth over the head of his cock and took in the mix of the smell and taste of his pre-cum, i must admit i loved it.

So much so i couldn`t help myself and started sucking his cock head in and out of my mouth, this made dave moan, so i knew i was doing o.k, all of a sudden i wanted to try deep throating him, this was going to be tricky as dave was proud and erect at 9” and around 5” thick, he was a big boy, but i thought i did quite well on my first time and took in around 5”.

I started alternating between just sucking the head in and out of my mouth and then going for a deep suck, i was really starting to enjoy myself, and was so horny that i wanted to taste dave`s load shoot into my mouth right there and then, dave`s breathing was getting faster and i knew that he was getting near, so i told him i was ready.

He said to me to carry on wanking him and just put the head in my mouth as if i don`t like the taste i can pull it out quickly, i thought the easiest way would be to take it as deep as possible so you didn`t taste and just had the sensation of it shooting down your throat, but i suppose that would be cheating, he then told me to carry on wanking myself and try to cum at the same time as he came, this would enhance the experience.

So… he we go, i was ready to accept my first cum load in my mouth, i continued to wank my cock in time with wanking and sucking daves cock head, he had control so knew to time it as i was building up to orgasm, and could tell from how i was trying to squeeze the cum out of his cock into my mouth, i wanted to take this slowly but as my cum was aching to leave my balls, as i was flogging my cock furiously, at the same time i was giving daves cock the same treatment wanking his cock into my mouth and sucking and licking his cock like i was in a desert dying for a drink.

And then i told him i was going to cum and he said he was too, with daves cock head in my mouth i sucked hard and all of a sudden found my mouth flooded with cum i carried on taking daves load in my mouth i had to swallow some but it tasted great, a salty and sweet taste, his cum just kept on coating the inside of my mouth and dave just couldn`t help but try to f***e his cock deep in my throat, i must of been taking at least 7” of his cock while he was having his orgasm in my mouth.

As my mouth was flooded with dave`s cum taste this triggered my own cum to leave my cock and shuddered and screamed inwardly and shot all over the floor making a messy cum puddle on the tiles, i was left panting and deep breathing, with daves cum dribbling out of and in my mouth, thats when dave came close and put his lips to mine, i really wanted to pull away but didn’t instead i opened my mouth and shared my creamy reward with him.

Dave then looked at me and said “WOW”! you really enjoyed that didn`t you” i was still enjoying the cum taste in my mouth but managed a yes, he added “and now my friend you are a lifetime member of the cock sucking society”. with that I started laughing.

i`ve since had lots of male and female sex until i settled down with a lady and married and i didn`t touch a cock for around 8 years and was quite fulfilled in my hetro sex life…until a guy approached me in the park one day while we were walking our dogs and we got chatting, got on really well and ended up having a mutual suck session in the woods, swallowing a lovely big load of cum and that re-started my manfun days ending in my wife finding me in a situation that im afraid she ended of my marriage.

Me and Dave met up now and then at the baths, and one afternoon, we even met at his house while his wife was away and i was iniated into the world of anal sex both giving and taking.

Mail me if you`d like to read about it !

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