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My Urges Toward My Mother

After I reaches puberty I would zone out during the day fantasizing about looking my virginity– I would get so hard and horny thinking about shoving my cock into the only woman in my life, my MOTHER. Every time I would begin to make some move at all she would unknowingly and instantly HALTER my efforts. Meaning she dismissed all my advances to her.

I was going insane thinking about what to do. But then one day when I could take it no longer I went to her – she was lying in bed reading a book and I entered naked with a hard on – she saw me and was speechless – I knew she was shocked at my boldness but I could not take it any longer – I stood on her bed on top of her and started jerking my cock.

She looked hard at me and I think I saw her getting uneasy but then I saw her close her eyes and with a new resolve she looked at me and asked me to stop – but I wasn’t about to stop now – I had reached a stage of madness and even If she didn’t want anything I was going to cum on her today.

I was jerking my cock hard now and moaning while her protests for me to stop kept getting louder – she tried to push me away but I wasn’t going to budge – she pushed harder and I just sat on top of her – on top of her belly almost on her fleshy tits – She was wearing this cotton nighty and the pre cum from my cock was slowly oozing onto her.

I wanted so much that she stop resisting – my balls were resting on her tits and I could feel her sensing my madness – her screams were quietening down – almost a whisper.

Not wanting to explode right then I got up feeling so powerful and I saw her turn to me with those weepy eyes “Stop” she said. I turned to look at her and I saw her lying there on the bed with tears in her eyes – she had this look that in her – something new had happened to her – slowly she pulled up her nighty – spread her legs wide and gave me a full glimpse of her crotch – her panties were all wet from her cunt and she was dripping her wetness onto the mattress below and had made a huge wet spot there – and I could sense her cunt under her panty all swollen and waiting for me.

“Do whatever you want BUT JUST PLEASE DON’T HURT ME!!!”

I was very hard inside my shorts and looking at her there all I needed to do was pull down my shorts. My cock came jumping to life because the smell of her cunt was now all over the room – a wet dank smell emanating from between her legs.The sight of my mother was so horny for me – she had an expression of complete submission.

Her eyes were now fixed at my cock and she let out a moan. She came up to me and slowly peeled off her dirty panties. The smell of her pussy overpowering my senses now – As she slipped them off – I could see how big her panties were and how wet she had made them – she looked at me lying in bed and dropped her wet dirty panties right on my face. As they fell on me – I realized how truly wet she was cause it actually sploshed her cunt juices all over me – smearing my face in it.

The heavy stench of all her day long juices mixed with her cunt fluids was too much for me I lifted the panties off of my face and felt her stickyness all over me – holding it in my hands my face all wet and gooey – I looked up at her – she lifted her tiny skirt to expose her hairy mound between her thick legs.

“Come on to mommy now, but go easy PLEASE”. She shouted and with that she ripped off her little skirt. Her big belly and thick thighs were dwarfed by her huge ass behind her and she looked strange naked except for her tank top. She slowly walked over to me and started to get on top holding my cock in her hands as she slowly brought it to her cunt – “Be Gentle!!!” I nodded just mesmerized by my fat mother slowly inching my cock into her cunt.

Inch by Inch I saw my mothers hairy cunt eat up the entire length of my cock. It took her some work to allow me inside her but soon I was all the way up and she was screaming. She started to jump up and down on my cock and I could feel her ass flapping on my balls and thighs behind. I was in ecstasy – watching my mother enjoying my cock was making me wild – I really had never had had my cock up a cunt before and to think that the first woman id be fucking would be my mother was a feeling I couldn’t comprehend.

However from the looks of it it was my mother who was fucking me now. It was an awesome sight to see my fat mother jumping on my cock as her entire body shook to her movements. She was screaming and from the looks of it she was in pain but she kept going on. I grabbed her tank top and ripped it off to see her saggy tits fall all over her belly. What a site she was and I was not going to be able to control my cumming much longer. She understood that and screamed “you better get ready my baby – I want you to cum when I cum”. By the looks of it she was on the verge of it too.

And then it happened – I think she started to cum a few seconds before I did – but as soon as her she tensed up on me I could feel her cunt strangling my cock from inside and then it was out of my control too. Her movements slowed down to enjoy the sensations and we were both screaming at the top of our voices. Mother and son orgasming together.

It took some time for both of us to calm down after it and she just lay on top of me dead to the world – except for her whimpering – I was also frozen just enjoying the greatest orgasm ever – I had blown my load deep inside my mother and now we were both spent. Sowly she got off me – and as she got off – my cock slided out of her – slimy from both our juices. She stood beside me and looked at me for a long time – we were both looking at each others naked freshly fucked bodies. Then slowly she bent down to me planted a kiss on my forehead and said “Thank you so much for being BOLDI haven’t had an activity that fun since before you were born.”

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