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My Week In Puerto Rico – part II

My Week In Puerto Rico – part II

This Story Is 100% Fiction

We reached Ari’s home. By this time she had fallen asl**p. Even while she slept I kneaded her tits. Before we got to her house I woke her up so she do up her shirt. She reached back to the back seat to retrieve her bra which she stuffed into her purse. We parked and I helped her out of the truck. I walked her to her home. She opened the door. I was going to leave when she grabbed my head and gave me a very passionate kiss. I search her mouth with my tongue. She broke the kiss and asked me if I would spend the night with her. We went to her room and cuddled up on her bed. I wrapped my arms around her and cupped on of her tits. We stayed like that for a good while.

She started to gently rub my arm. I gently kissed her on the neck and ear. She snuggled closer to me. Ari noticed the bulge poking her in the rear. She wiggled up close to it even more. I kissed her again on the neck and shoulder. She turned her head and kissed me. I kissed her back then she turned her back to me again. I then felt her hand on my cock. She rubbed it for a little and mentioned that it felt bigger then it did in the truck. With the hand that cupped her tit I started to undo her shirt. She did not protest. Ari started to undo my belt and pants. I gently tweaked her naked tits and nipples. I took off my shirt and pants. Ari in turn took off her shirt and skirt. We cuddled back up against each other. Her skin felt good again mine.
Ari smelled of Lavender Oil. It was a very subtle but was just enough to perk up the senses. I had noticed it a few times at work but never mentioned it. I started to caress her tits and kiss her neck and shoulders again. She sighed and turned to kiss me. I kissed her and gently started to kiss down her neck and farther down. I kissed her neck and trailed kisses down to her tits. I kissed her tits and gently up and teased in nipple with my tongue. Ari arched her back and I sucked her nipple into my mouth and gently nibbled on her nipple. She oohed and arched even more. I kissed over and did the same thing to her the other tit and nipple. I felt her nails gently scratch my back.

I kept on kissing Ari down her belly and teased he belly button with my tongue. I gently removed her panties and kissed her beautifully shaven pussy. She again grabbed my head as I started to nibble and suck on her clit. I inserted a finger in her pussy and gently pushed on her G-spot. Ari trashed a bit and pressed a bit harder. After about five minutes she came and squirted her juices all over my face. I kept on licking and sucking her pussy. Ari wiggled and squirmed even more. She came on more time and pushed my head away saying she could not stand it anymore. She pulled me up and kissed me tasting herself on my lips. She grabbed my cock and rubbed it thru my shorts.

Ari began kissing me as I did to her. She pulled off my shorts and stroked my naked cock. Ari licked and kissed my dick. When she got to my head she sucked it into her mouth. She teased the slit in the head of my cock with her tongue. I almost came then but help on as hard as I could. She sucked my whole cock into her mouth and bobbed up and down with practiced expertise. I held her head gently as she took my cock into her throat. I kept myself from coming but just barely. She came up for breath and my cock relaxed just a little. She teased my cock with a few more kisses and sucked my balls. After took my cock into her mouth again I did not last much longer. I told her I was going to cum. Ari just kept on sucking. I blew my load deep into her mouth. She swallowed each and every drop.

She was surprised that my cock stayed hard even after I came. Ari got up an sat down on my cock. She carefully maneuvered into her extremely wet pussy. Her lips stretched and took my girth very slowly. Come to find out that I was bigger then her hubby. Ari took a little time to let her pussy get comfortable with the size of me. Once fully nestled in her pussy she began to ride me like a horse. Slowly at first then with gradual speed and f***e. I felt her muscles tighten on my cock as she came. I started to move faster and harder to make her come again. We came at the same time about fifteen minutes later. Ari collapsed over my chest stil sitting on my semi hard cock.

I rolled her over and told her to put her ass in the air. I repositioned myself and took her from behind. I started off slow as to not hurt her sensitive pussy. I grabbed her hips and started to more and pound her harder. With one hand I reached up and grabbed her hair. With the other I played with and teased her ass hole. She said in between gasps of air the she had never done anal. I spit on her ass and inserted a finger carefully in. I just left it there as to give her a little more pleasure. It worked because she came about five strokes later. With that last come I could not hold on much longer and with some very fast and hard thrusts I came again. We were both so spent at that point. That we just curled up and went to sl**p in each other arms.

The next morning I woke up like usual and watched her sl**p. She woke up a bit later and said she was hungry. We got cleaned up and went to breakfast. At breakfast we talked about the week and decided to spend much of it together. I dropper her of at her place and went to shower and prepare for the next night. Ari came over about 4 pm.

We had a light dinner and cuddled up on the couch to watch a few movies. That did not last long. Ari told me she was a little stiff. I asked her if she would like me to give her a massage. She said yes and I went to prepare the bed so she could lie down. She stripped down and laid on her belly. I got my peppermint oil and started rub her down. I started with her shoulders and back. I then went to her legs and feet. I then moved up and started on her ass. I massaged each cheek and made sure I got as much oil on her hole as I could. I inserted a finger which made her gasp a bit. It went in pretty smooth considering the oil I had put there. After a bit I put another finger in to stretch it out some more. She tried to protest but I just help it there to allow her to get used to it. After about two minutes I began to finger her ass again. She got was surprised at the feeling it gave her. She arched her back and put more pressure on my intruding fingers.

With my free hand I oiled up my cock and put a little more on her ass. I removed my fingers and pressed my cock head against the tight hole. Ari was not sure of tit but I told her I would go very slow and easy. She smiled and said ok. I slowly pressed my cock head into her ass. The head pasted the first ring and I stopped to allow her to get used to the bigger size. At that point and time her phone rang. I went to pull out but she said leave it in. I pushed slowly in till I was all the way in. All the while she was talking to her Hubby Rene. I stayed put to allow her to talk and get used to the large cock in her ass.
While she was talking I slowly moved in and out as to not give it away what we were doing. She had to bite her lip a bit to keep from screaming out. When she finally hung up the phone she said smiling that I was a naughty boy. I smiled back and started moving a little faster. I then reach under the pillow for the little toy I had there and began planning with her clit. Ari came a few minutes later with and ear splitting scream. I kept pounding her ass. It was not long till I came as well. I stayed in her knowing that I was stay hard for a while longer. I moved her to her side and laid down beside her and continued pounding her ass. I then moved the toy up to her tits and she instantly came again.

While I was still pound away at her ass. Ari wants to change positions. I rolled over on my back and she was in a reverse Cow-Girl. She then began to ride me hard. We ended up coming at the same time. We were both wore out so she just laid back on me and went to sl**p. I few hours later I woke to find her cleaning up. She said that she needed to do some things at home. I said ok and walked her to her car.

On Sunday morning she call me and asked me to come over. She texted me the code to pass the gate from the parking lot. I went up to her door and knocked. She answered the door. I did not see her because she was behind the door when I came in. Ari was naked and did not want to show the neighbors. She shut and locked the door. I was then grabbed from be and kissed on the neck. While she was kissed me she reached around me and undid my pants. My rock hard cock sprang up wiggled like it was on a spring. I turned and took her shoulders and pushed her up against the door. I fingered and teased her pussy. She tried to move but I would let her. I picked her up and slid her down on my cock. She let out a loud gasp as I penetrated her fully in one thrust. I went balls deep and heard the slap her ass.
I fucked her until we both came panting and leaning on the door. I put Ari down on the floor. She lead me to her bathroom. In her bathroom she had the tube filled with water and bubble. I stepped in and sat down. Ari did the same. I spread my legs and wrapped them around her. She leaned up against me. There we sat in quiet bliss. Our relaxation was interrupted when Rene called. They talked for a little while with me there holding her. During the phone call I got hard again. Ari just smiled. When she finished the call she moved up just enough to allow my full erect cock to press and enter her beautiful ass.

Ari began to grind a little then letting the water splash over the tube. She pulled the small towel off of the seat. There was a water proof vib the she wanted to use. While I rotated my hips to continue a very well fucking motion. She used the vib on her clit. With the heat from the water, me in her ass, & the vib. Ari came rather quickly. Her ass constricted so tightly around my cock. I almost came then. I held on and made her come very violently again. I came just as she was coming down from her ecstasy. She came again but not as violently from me filling her ass up. She let me slip out of her ass. And we climbed out of the tube. I proceeded to dry her of.

When I got down to her pussy and clit. I could not help myself. I attached myself like a baby does to a mothers nipple. I sucked the whole time while she tried in vain to make me stop. Ari came all over my face. I lapped up as much of her juice as I could. I finished drying her legs. As I got to my feet she pulled me into a very demanding kiss. The rest of the day we fucked in her room. At about 6 pm I let so I could get ready for work the next morning. Ari fell asl**p talking to me on the phone. I saw he the next morning as she passed by my work station. She told me that she was wore out. That night we just watched tv. We met the rest of the week at my place. Turns out the neighbor complained about the noise. I must confess Ari is very vocal. I had a few surprises that she like for the rest of the week. Thursday night Rene called said they got the problem fix and were running the tests that needed to be done. He said he would be home Saturday morning.
Friday night was a sad night as we would not be able to play long or after that. When we got off work I told her to come straight to my house after work. She already had clothes ready. We had a good dinner and fuck u until about midnight. I curled up and spooned with her all night until my alarm went off. We woke up got a shower and went to breakfast. After that she drove to go pick up her hubby.

Ari and I still talk at work. Though not as much as we used to. I was transferred to a different area. When we do see each other but it is like old friends with a quick hug and hi and bye.

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