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My Wife Talks About her Night Out

Normally I waited up for my wife whenever she went out but I was really tired tonight and so got into bed early. Also, we had, had a fight before she left and so I wasn’t really in the mood for a d***ken ‘round 2’.

I was drifting off to sl**p when I heard a car pull up outside. I listened as the car door opened to reveal sounds of giggling. It was my wife returning later than I had expected. I was too tired to make an issue of it and so decided to pretend to be asl**p.

I heard her stumble into the house and eventually make her way upstairs. She came into the bedroom and slipped herself under the covers beside me. I had my back to her and so gave a momentary shiver as I felt the chill of her cold naked body against mine. She wrapped her arm around me, at which point I turned to face her, met by the slightly sickly smell of stale alcohol. She smiled.

‘Hey baby, you didn’t wait up’ she said.

‘Sorry’, I said.

She smiled at me again whilst running her hand down my back, before gently tickling my behind. Again, I shivered as my whole body began to tingle.

‘It’s ok baby’, she said. She moved her hand round to my groin and cupped my balls. I started to fondle her tits. ‘It’s funny. My tits have had quite a lot of attention this evening.’

‘Oh yeh?’, I uttered as I flicked at her nipples with my tongue. I wasn’t surprised at this revelation as she had the most amazing boobs.

‘Yeh’, she replied. ‘I got talking to this guy. He was a real perv. Kept asking to see my tits.’

My wife grabbed my cock and started stroking it.

‘Oh baby, I’ve been a bad girl’, she said. ‘I was a little d***k and he was so persistent and kinda cute. I was just so angry at you from before and I wanted to get back at you and so… well… I pulled my dress down a little and flashed him.’

‘Is that all?’ I mumbled with half my wife’s tit in my mouth.

‘Erm, no’, she replied. ‘Well, I kind of let him touch them. He just began cupping them before I had chance to cover up and well… it kind of turned me on. I’m so sorry.’

‘Did it stop there?’ I asked.

My wife hesitated… ‘Well he started tweaking my nipples and with the excitement of people watching, I just couldn’t help but let it happen. The thing is, in the heat of the moment, I hadn’t realised that he had dropped his pants. Before I knew it, he had slipped his cock into my hand and… i started stroking it. I’m so sorry baby, I couldn’t help it.’

At this point I was a little confused. I wanted to be angry but as my wife stroked me, I could only feel my cock getting harder and my body getting weaker. I lay back and drew a deep breath, succumbing to her dominance. Noticing this, my wife began to whisper more into my ear.

‘Baby, he was so huge. He was bigger than you. You understand right? I couldn’t help myself. Cupping his big, manly balls. Instinct just took over. Oh baby, I’m getting wet still just thinking about it.’

I was powerless. I just lay there in painful ecstasy as my wife lifted herself on top of me. I opened my eyes to a view of her glistening pussy spread right in front of my face. She began to suck on my cock and ran her long nails over my balls as they tightened. I was tingling all over as I wrapped my lips around her clit.

I stuck my tongue deep inside her but as I did, the big, thick, creamy load of another man oozed out of her pussy and down my throat. I choked a little before swallowing in complete shock.

My wife lifted her head… ‘Oh…There’s something else I should tell you’.

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