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My wife’s first interracial experience

This is a true story that took place a couple years ago. My wife and I had been married for a couple years at this point. We are both on our second marriage and couldn’t be more happy with our lives. Our sex life was completely amazing and it wasn’t uncommon for us to go at it at least three or four times a day. Amy is 38, 5′ tall 115lbs with short blonde hair. She has beautiful fake large C cup tits and an ass that’s out of this world. I always describe her as being built like a Russian gymnast with fake tits. She is very active in the running community and trains/competes weekly. When we first started dating, I would always talk really dirty to her while having sex so she’d open up more because we never really discussed our previous sexual experiences. She loved the talk and always kept her wet and horny. I would constantly surprise her with new sex toys play with. She would dress up in all of these little slutty outfits for me and parade around the bedroom so I could take photos of her for our private collection. This one particular day, a package arrived and i told her she should probably wait to open that one until she was in the bedroom. I saw a twinkle in her as she made her way towards the stairs to go up to our bedroom. I told her i had to grab something and i’d be right up. On my way up the stairs i could hear her ripping open the packaging trying to get to what was inside. Her eyes got really wide as she saw that it was a large white flesh toned dildo. I can’t remember the exact length, but it was at least nine insertable inches long and three inches or so in diameter. She looked at me with a smile and said, “wow, this is a nice one.” I’m not a huge guy by any means but don’t consider myself small at just under eight inches and fairly thick. The girth of this one combined by the extra inch seemed to make mine look smaller than it actually is. She gave me the look and then said she couldn’t wait to put the k**s to bed. I laughed and told her i could see her drooling. Later that night we put the k**s to bed. She put on a corset, these sexy black thigh high stockings with a garter belt, a tiny black thong and 5″ stilettos. Her tanned skin and shapely legs looked sexy as hell in this ensemble. My cock was already starting to throb. She began to do her seductive little dance while i laid on the bed stroking my cock and watching her every move. She finally made her way to the bed after stripping during her little dance. All that remained were her stockings and heels. I laid her on her back and started to slowly rub her beautifully toned legs while kissing the insides of her thighs. I made my way up to cleanly shaven pussy and could see the moisture already glistening off her perfect lips. I spread her lips gently and ran my tongue up their length listening to her moan softly. I brushed my tongue across her clit and her hips thrust up off the bed as she let out a moan. I began penetrating her with a single finger while continuing to tease her clit with my tongue. Her hips began to gyrate and her moans got louder. I inserted a second finger and thought she was going to lose it right there. I softly asked her if she liked having her little pussy filled. She threw her head back while moaning and nodding in agreement. I reached for her new toy and she was unaware of what i was doing because i was still fingering her and teasing her clit with my tongue. I slowly started to part her creamy lips with the head of her new toy getting it lubed up with her natural juices. She let out a soft moan and then i eased the head into her love hole. She gasped and grabbed the back of my head pulling me close to her. I could tell she was about to lose it. I slowly fed it into her inch by inch until it was buried to the hilt. She let out another deep moan and said, “god it’s soo thick.” I started slowly working it in and out of her at a good pace causing her to raise her ass off the bed. She was moaning and rocking with every thrust wanting more. I asked her if she liked this big fucking cock buried in her and she could barely answer between deep breaths. I said, “I bet you’ve had some big cocks in this little fuck hole before haven’t you?” I wasn’t the jealous type and it actually made me hotter thinking about her giving this little pussy to others for me to see. While i was fucking her with this new toy I finally asked her the question, “what’s the biggest cock you’ve ever given this pussy to?” She lightly replied, “no baby, I don’t want to discuss it.” I said, “come on baby. It’s not going to upset me. I think it’s hot as fuck picturing you getting taken by a huge cock.” I told her to close her eyes and imagine that this toy was the package of the biggest guy she’s been with. She let out a long deep moan. She kept trying to avoid answering me until i began to lick and kiss her ear. This always drives her wild and then she said, “there was this guy Jeremy back in college. He had the biggest cock i’d ever seen.” My cock tingled and i said, “come on baby, tell me about it. Tell me what you did to that big cock.” She let out another moan and said, “I’d never seen anything like it. He pulled it out and i couldn’t believe the size. My hand barely fit around it and I thought to myself that there’s no way i was going to be able to handle it. I tried to stick it in my mouth but i could barely fit the head in because it was so thick. I did the best I could for a few minutes and then he laid back and told me to mount him. I was hesitant at first because i thought it was going to literally rip me apart. I reached down grabbing it and positioned myself over it. I took a deep breathe and then started lowering myself down onto it. Inch by inch i lowered down and it was stretching my pussy like nothing before almost to the point of pain. I rode it really slow biting my lower lip for a few minutes until i felt him jerk. He blew the biggest load i have ever had in me so deep that i thought it was going to come out of my mouth. I was lucky he didn’t last long because i could hardly take the pain of that massive cock inside me. I raised up off of him and his hot cum oozed out of my pussy all over him. That was the only night i ever saw him.” Listening to her tell me this, I had my cock in hand stroking the entire time picturing this petite little body being impaled by this guys huge package. I told her how hot that was and it made her even more worked up. I said, “close your eyes and picture Jeremy fucking you while i work this toy in and out of your pussy.” I told her we were going to call this toy Jeremy from now on. Within minutes she moaned and jerked with a shuddering orgasm. I pulled it out and she was so wet and creamy that it almost looked like 5 guys just creampied her. I said, “wow baby, that really got you off.” She said all of the talk was driving her fucking nuts and she couldn’t hardly take it. She threw the toy to the side and went down on me saying she wants my fucking cock in her now. We ended up fucking for a couple hours until we were both completely exhausted. The next morning when she woke up i grinned and asked her if she enjoyed fucking Jeremy last night. She just smiled and said i drove her fucking crazy. Over the next few nights we incorporated Jeremy into our sex sessions and i continued to talk dirty grilling her on her past sexual experiences and fantasies. She had only been with five other men in her life until me, so her experiences were limited. One night while she was being impaled by Jeremy, i kept whispering in her ear how i could picture her fucking and sucking another cock and i wanted to see it for real. I think she thought i was joking and didn’t really give it much thought. I persisted and asked her if she’d take another cock for my visual pleasure. She finally realized that i was serious and asked if I could handle that. I told her i definitely could and that i’ve thought about it quite often since she told me her story about Jeremy because it made me rock hard. She said she didn’t really know if she could for fear that it would ruin our marriage or create jealousy. I assured her that i was perfectly fine with it and that my feelings weren’t going to change about her. She kissed me passionately and told me how much she loved me. She said she would consider it if the situation were right. I thought to myself, “ok here’s my window.” I began slowly fucking her again nibbling on her ear to drive her wild again. This time I asked her if she’d ever had an interracial experience. She quickly replied, “oh no, that’s a big taboo in our house.” I guess since the way her f****y was raised that she just never gave it a second thought. She said she’s never even seen a black cock in real life. I asked what the difference was and that a cock is a cock. It’s just some are different shades than others. I told her i thought it would be hot as fuck to see the contrast of her milky white skin handling a big thick black cock. She looked amazed that i had said that and again just said she’s never really thought about it. I asked her if she’d do it for me. Again she thought i was joking. I said, “i’m serious. If i can set it up could you go through with it?” She said, “I don’t know honey, i guess i could if the situation was right and i thought he was attractive. I couldn’t just fuck someone because they have a bid dick with no physical attraction.” I told her that i’d never put her in a bad situation and that i know what her taste is. I chuckled and said, “you never know honey. You may fall victim to the age old saying that once you go black, you never come back.” She said she highly doubts that and that she’d never give up my cock. That gave me a warm sense of being. About a month had passed and i was trying to figure out how i was going to make this come to fruition. Craigslist was out of the question and then i stumbled across this swinger website. I made us up a profile, uploaded some racy pics of her and listed that were looking for single black men. I unknowingly just opened the flood gates for some of the most vulgar, illegible requests i think i’ve seen in my life. I bet we received 75 messages that first day from how hot she was to some wanting to pull some shit that was borderline i*****l. About 90% of these were ignored simply for the lack of tact, let alone the vulgarity. I then stumbled across this one message. The guy’s name was Dave. Dave’s message was very well spoken and professional. There wasn’t a single instance where he mentioned what he’d like to do to her unlike all of the others. He and I exchanged messages and then phone numbers which led to texts. We continued to exchange texts the next few days and soon learned that he and I had quite a bit in common. We hit it off really well and didn’t have a lack of conversation topics. He opened up his private photos for us to view and i decided he’d be a good candidate for us to move forward with. I checked out his photos and could tell he took pride in keeping himself healthy and kept a clean cut appearance. I also noticed that he had quite the package. He and I had been discussing what we were looking for out of this proposed encounter. I told him this wasn’t going to be a real cuckhold type experience but basically a threesome wherein he may be participating with her alone at times so i could get video footage. He was all in for it if I could get it set up. One night during our typical sex sessions, i showed her a pic of a BBC. I didn’t tell her i’d been communicating with Dave nor was she aware that we had a profile on a swinger website. She looked at the pic and said it looked like a nice package. I asked her if she could picture herself sucking and fucking this girthy rod and she said, “yeah i could probably see me trying that on for size.” I grinned and said, “good, because we’re having drinks with the guy it’s attached to on saturday night.” Her face flushed and she said, “are you serious? What have you been doing?” I told her all about the swinger website and all the messages and then how i selected Dave. She said, “well i know he has a nice cock but what’s he look like.” I showed her one of his pics and she said how she thought he was a handsome man. She told me that she didn’t really think i’d go through with it. I told her i scheduled her a mani/pedi appointment for saturday morning and she needed to pick out something sexy to wear that evening. I had already reserved a room within walking distance of the club we were going to meet in. We got there early and checked in. I could see her anxiety building as she laid everything out to get ready. She made sure she took her time getting all dolled up and dressed in a way that would have men drooling everywhere. We finally left the hotel and made the short walk to the club. Once inside, she asked if i thought he was already there. No sooner than she got those words out, i saw Dave making his way through the crowd to us. As he approached, i saw his eyes pop out of his head when he looked at Amy from head to toe. She was wearing a short black skirt with a low cut strappy top that showed a lot of cleavage and the tops of her beautiful fake tits. Her 5″ stilettos enhanced her muscularly toned legs and ass that was barely covered by this skirt. She had so many sets of eyeballs on her when we walked in that it was almost comical. I even caught some women checking her out as well. We had our introductions and i could tell Amy was still nervous, so i offered to go get us all a drink. I asked them what they’d like and then i made my way to the bar. Amy asked for a drink with whiskey, so i knew she was trying to ease her nerves. She wasn’t a big drinker nor did we even drink that often. I waited at the bar for what seemed like forever and finally got our drinks. I made my way back over to Dave and Amy. They were talking and hitting it off like they’d known each other for years. I saw Amy lightly touching his arm while she talked to him which told me that she was comfortable with him. I gave them the drinks and we continued to make small talk. Dave kept complimenting Amy on her physique which was making her blush. I rubbed my hand down her back and then across her ass realizing that she wasn’t wearing any panties. I leaned over and whispered in her ear, “baby i didn’t realize when you were getting dressed that you didn’t wear any panties.” She smiled and whispered back, “I didn’t really think i’d need them because i was getting fucked one way or another.” I told her that she had a point. Amy finished up her drink at the time a new song came on. She grabbed Dave by the arm and said, “come on. I wanna go shake my ass a little.” He had zero complaints and let her lead him out into the heart of the dance floor crowd. The dance floor was pretty crowded and not very big which f***ed them to dance closely to one another. The song was Ginuwine’s “Pony” which is the fuck me song of all songs. Amy began to thrust her hips around sticking out that rock hard ass and everyone on the floor seemed to be focused on her movements. She backed her ass up to Dave and continued to grind her hips on what i was assuming now was his hard cock. Dave grabbed her tiny hips and pulled her closer to him so there was to be no separation between her ass and his package. Amy flipped around on one beat and pulled him back close to her now grinding him from the front. I could tell by the look on Dave’s face that he wanted this to go further. They danced for a couple more songs and then made their way back over to me. He leaned over to me and said, “damn man, how do you take it. she’s got me about to blow a load right here in my pants.” I just laughed and told him that she has a magical power and pussy control. I asked if they wanted another drink and they agreed, so i made my way back to the bar. I struck up a conversation with this hot little brunette while waiting in line. I think she told me her whole life story while i was there. Before i knew it, i had been standing there waiting for almost 30 minutes. It finally became my turn at the bar and i got our drinks. On my way back i saw that they had actually swiped a booth and from the distance i could see her hand resting on his crotch under the table. It looked as if she were rubbing it back and forth right there because of the look on his face. After i sat down and Amy took a big gulp of her drink i could tell that he must’ve slipped a finger in her pussy because she let out a soft panting moan. I could tell that our time at the club was coming to an end and once we finished our drinks, i suggested that we take the party to our hotel room. They both abruptly agreed so we left. I could tell she was still a little nervous on our way there but her anxiety was being counteracted by the thought of his package and him fingering her in the club. We got to our room and Dave excused himself to the bathroom. Amy came over to me and whispered, “what am i supposed to do?” I said, “you need to relax and enjoy what’s about to take place.” She kissed me and told me she loved me. I assured her that i loved her too and to just relax and enjoy. About that time Dave comes out of the bathroom and makes his way over to us. Amy takes a step and puts her hand on his crotch while reaching up to kiss him. They share a short kiss and then Amy drops to her knees and begins to unzip his pants. She drops his pants to the floor and then just stares at the buldge that has been created in his underwear. She slips her fingers in the wasteband and begins to pull his underwear down. She gets them just past the head of his cock and it springs out like a tree limb. Amy takes a gasp and admires his member saying, “those pictures don’t do this thing any justice.” I noticed something shiny at the base of his balls. Apparently when he went into the bathroom, he slipped on a stainless steel cock ring. That made his already girthy cock that much thicker. Amy pushed him down to the love seat at the end of the bed and positioned herself between his legs. I settled into the chair and start to film what was about to take place. She grabbed his cock and started to admire it while she licked the length on both sides. She began massaging his huge balls with one hand while circling the head with her tongue. As she inserts the head in her mouth, Dave lets out a deep moan. She begins to suck rapidly while stroking the remaining length with her hands. She was like a woman possessed trying to work over this massive tool. She would oocasionally take it out of her mouth to lubricate it with her saliva and lick up and down the sides. I began to rub the buldge in my jeans while taking in this scene. Amy stood up and began to seductively take slide her skirt up revealing her creamy white pussy. She removed it and followed by pulling up her top and arching her back causing her beautiful fake tits to pop out. She made Dave lay back in the love seat and she climbed over the top of him and squatted down putting her pussy right in his face. She said, “here you go Dave, you’re gonna eat this creamy white pussy before i let you fuck it.” I almost lost it on that comment and now had my pants off fully stroking myself. Dave obliged and began to lick and lap at her pussy like it was a last meal. She was moaning loudly and rocking back and forth on his face. Then she stood up and it looked like someone completely glazed his face over. She told him to get up on the bed and lay on his back. She went down and stuck his thick rod back in her mouth to make sure he was at his full potential. She f***ed her way down on it and i could hear her gagging and leaving a string of slobber when she took it out of her mouth. She stood up and straddled him reaching down for his cock. She began to lower herself down positioning the head at the opening of her love hole and i couldn’t believe how fucking hot this looked. Her little hand with that massive black cock in it and she was about to sit on it. She lowered herself down slowly, inch by inch impaling herself with his huge veiny member. She would take a couple inches and then raise back up and then repeat this a few more times. I could see her pussy lips gripping it tight and being stretched when she’d raise back up. She was maoning in pure ecstacy while she had this in her. Then with one sudden movement, she drops down on it taking the whole thing and making it disappear in her beautiful white pussy. She let out a scream and began to buck her hips back and forth grinding on his cock. She arched her back and continued to fuck him like a mad woman and i could tell that if she was up there much longer that he wouldn’t be able to take it. He lifted her off of him with a grunt and flipped her around to fuck her doggystyle. He flogged her pussy a few times with his cock and then slammed it in balls deep with one stroke. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she yelled out, “oh god yes Dave, fuck my little white pussy. Give it to me, fuck me deep.” She pushed back with every thrust making sure she consumed his entire length everytime. She told me to come over and put my cock in her mouth so she could suck me while he was fucking her from behind. I quickly positioned myself for her and she began sucking me in perfect sequence with his f***eful thrusts and moaning on my cock each time he hit the bottom. Dave motioned for me to give him the camera so we could get footage of him stretching her out from behind. Dave couldn’t keep up the pace for very long and pushed her off with a long backstroke. We spun her around and she stuck his cock in her mouth. She looked over her shoulder and said, “you need to get hard fucking cock in me now. Come on baby fuck me while i suck on this beautiful black cock.” I was mezmerized by how this was all playing out and started to pound her as hard as i could with each thrust. I could hear her gagging on his cock as he fucked her throat. He still had the camera in his hands capturing every second of this experience. After about 10 minutes in this position and pace, i couldn’t take it and i tensed up blowing what felt like a river of hot cum into already creamy pussy. I let out a loud moan and then collapsed to her back letting my dick pull out. She threw Dave back and mounted him reverse cowgirl and i could see my cum oozing out of her as she squatted down to take his cock. She dropped straight down taking it all in one shot bucking and grinding. She arched her back sticking her tits out and just continued to fuck him like a mad woman. I returned to the chair with camera in hand capturing this amazing scene. Dave began to tense up again and he flipped her over to where she was laying face down on her stomach now. He climbed up and stuck his cock in her and started driving it deep into her cum filled fuck hole. She was in a constant state of screaming with every thrust. He was long stroking her and it looked like he was gonna blow her back out with the length he buried in her. I could hear her pussy gushing as she began to squirt all over the place. He just kept pounding her like he was trying to drive her through the bed. He flipped her over onto her back and pulled her legs up over his shoulders and continued to fuck her hard and deep. Her moans turned to screams as you could tell he was knocking the bottom out of her little white married pussy with each thrust. He f***ed her legs down by her ears and was up on his toes pile driving her with his thick veiny monster. She screamed out, “ohh my god i’m gonna fucking come again!” He pulled back and she looked like she turned on a fire hose. She completely soaked him, the bed and everything with the amount she squirted. He started flogging her clit with his cock and she just kept spraying everywhere. I love it when she does that. Dave gets back in her continues the pounding he’s been giving her. I can tell his breathes are getting short and moans deeper. He picks up the pace and i hear him say, “where do you want me to cum?” She quickly replies, “cum inside me. Fill me up that hot fucking load. I wanna feel it inside me.” About that time i see his ass clinch up and give one last f***eful thrust followed by a long drawn out moan. I could tell he must’ve dumped a ton of hot jizz in deep in her pussy. He collapsed back on the bed huffing and panting while she lay there with her eyes rolled back. Right then i had stroked myself to a climax and moved over toward her face as it lay hanging off the side of the bed. I let out a moan and began to shoot hot ribbons of cum all over her face and tits. I couldn’t believe how much i acutally came that time. I fell back over into the chair and was spent. Amy got up and went to the bathroom and washed the cum off her face and chest while Dave was up getting dressed. I just continued to sit naked in the chair in complete awe of what just went on. Amy came out of the bathroom and Dave told her he needed to get going. She reached up and kissed him and thanked him for the good time. Dave left and Amy just threw herself onto the bed. I stood up and was getting hard again and said, “That was fucking hot! Did you enjoy yourself?” She responded by saying, “You guys fucked the living shit out of me. I thought Dave was going to break my back when he had my legs up pounding me.” She reached up and gave me a long passionate kiss and told me she loved me. We fucked 2 more times that night. When she finally woke up the next morning i asked her how she was feeling. To my surprise she said she was still horny as hell. I said, “you need another session like we had last night don’t you?” She said, “that would be great but we don’t have our third member.” I said, “well let me text him and see what he’s up to.” I sent a text saying, “Amy woke up horny as fuck and wants another steamy fuckfest.” I immediately got a response saying, “I’ll be there in 20 minutes.” Amy read that and said she didn’t actually think he’d come back. I told her that her pussy is so good that any man would be a fool not jump at the opportunity. She rushed into the bathroom to freshen up a little and we heard a knock at the door. It was only about 12 minutes after the response. I looked through the peep hole and sure enough, it was Dave. I opened the door laughing and said, “I thought it was gonna take you 20 minutes.” He laughed and said he sped up here not wanting to miss his chance at fucking Amy again. About that time, Amy walked out of the bathroom already completely naked. She walked over to us and kneeled down saying, “well boys, i don’t think you’re gonna need pants on.” She jerked my shorts down while Dave was pulling his down. She grabbed both of our cocks and began to alternate sucking the two. This led into another 3 hours of sucking and fucking in every which way you can think of. After that session, we said our good byes and checked out of the room to head home. Amy said she was amazed at how well we fucked her last night and then again this morning. I asked her if she’d ever want to do it again and she smiled saying, “we’ll see.” We did in fact meet up with Dave again, but that’s a story for another time.

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