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Neighbor Turns Wife Into a Lesbian

Back in the 1990’s I lived in a typical suburban neighborhood with my wife Carol a typical suburban housewife. That all changed when she became friends with our single neighbor Angela a local high school gym teacher. I noticed that Angela had some real male mannerisms and could even be considered a “masculine” woman. My wife was a very feminine petite lady with movie star looks. That summer I began to notice that Angela spent a lot of time with my wife. Soon every time I called home from work “Angela” was at my house; one night I was out of town and called at around eleven at night and my wife mentioned that she and Angela were having some wine.

I thought nothing of this until I noticed that when Angela came over Carol and her touched each other a lot, my wife put her hands on Angela’s shoulders, Angela would come up to Carol from behind and put her arms around her waist. It seemed they were overly affectionate with each other. One day I came home early from work, walked in and saw Angela walk up behind Carol and kiss her on the neck, Carol’s head turned and they kissed each other on the lips for a brief moment. I made a noise and they both seem startled.

The next week I left on a four day business trip that was cut short. I called Carol but did not tell her I would be home a day early. I came home and parked my car a few houses down and came in the back door. Sure enough I heard soft moans coming from the upstairs bedroom. I snuck into the closet in the next bedroom where I had drilled a small hole through the drywall just in case my suspicions were justified. I had a full view of our bedroom.

Sure enough there was my lovely Carol with her head buried between Angela’s legs. Her head bobbed up and down as she ate Angela’s pussy. I could see that she was licking it from the bottom to the top as her tongue parted Angela’s labial lips so my wife’s tongue could go deeper into Angela’s pussy. She spent a lot of time exploring Angela’s inner pussy until she moved up to her clitoris. It was obvious they made love to each other before. Then Angela let out a loud moan and commanded Carol “lover, suck my clit, till I cum”. Carol did as she was told and her head remained at the top of her pussy as she vigorously sucked Angela’s clitoris. Angela began to writhe underneath her. Carol put her arm over Angela’s stomach to hold her down and she continued to suck her. Then Angela’s hips thrust upward but Carol was holding her down so as to intensify her orgasm. Angela cried out “Ohhh my god don’t stop, don’t stop, keep sucking it, don’t stop please”!!!!! Carol obliged her masculine lover and continued to suck her pussy until Angela had two or three more orgasms.

Finally, Angela fell back exhausted on the bed as my wife’s head came out from between her muscular legs. Angela wrapped Carol in her arms and kissed her passionately. Carol fed Angela one of her nipples and she hungrily sucked on Carol’s sensuous nub. Then they held each other for several minutes. It was obvious to me that these two women were deeply in love.

Then Angela’s and Carol’s whole demeanor changed. Carol said “OK lover, time to go get Henry”. Angela went to her purse but I could not see what she was doing. But soon I was in for the shock of my life!!! Angela stood by the edge of the bed wearing what must have been a ten inch strap-on dildo. Carol looked up and bowed her head in submission and got on all fours on the edge of the bed. Carol whispered to Angela “fuck me honey, I want Henry”!!! With that my wife’s pussy was fully exposed as I watched her lover lube up the dildo, and approach my lovely wife from behind.

Carol yelled out “ouch” as Angela slid that monster cock all the way inside her with one vigorous deep thrust. Carol whispered in a low voice “let me get used to it before you fuck me”. But Angela would have none of this, she grabbed Carol by the hips and began rapidly sliding that monster cock in and out of her small pussy. Carol grunted in pain with each deep thrust inside her.

Then Angela slowed down so Carol could please herself at her own pace. Angela stood still by the edge of the bed as Carol rocked back and forth riding that ten inch cock all the way to the hilt. Carol began moaning each time she pushed back against the monster cock. I could tell Carol was really beginning to enjoy herself as she rode the shaft for several minutes as moans of pleasure escaped her lips. She came at least twice.
Then I heard a loud slap as Angela hit Carol hard on her ass several times and said “OK bitch, time for Henry to fuck you good”. Carol stood still as Angela began to furiously fuck my wife. Angela thrust “Henry” inside her with all her might. Angela just kept fucking my wife harder and harder. I didn’t know how much more that petite women could take from this much larger and stronger women. Then Angela went rigid as she screamed as her orgasm hit. She pounded my poor wife as she came again. Finally, Carol said “stop stop, you’re fucking me to hard. With that Angela stood still with “Henry” buried deep in my wife’s pussy. My wife stopped panting, and Angela very slowly fucked her until she removed “Henry” from her swollen red pussy. They both fell back exhausted. As for me I snuck out of the house and stayed at a hotel, the next morning Angela’s car was still in the driveway.

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