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Neighbor’s wife

Well this is my first time sharing this story with anyone, but I just had to tell it. A couple of weeks ago I came home a little early from work, it was a very hot day as it usually is in this area during the summer and I had just turned on to my street when I noticed there was a small k**s swimming pool in the front of my neighbor’s house. I thought it was a little odd, I mean they had a couple of younger k**s, but even though I have none of my own it seemed a little reckless putting the pool in the front with the street so close. Anyways as I got closer I noticed there was someone in the pool as their feet were hanging out of the side. Let me stop here and say that we moved into this neighborhood about 8 months ago and my neighbor is a nice couple in what seems to be their late 40’s (we are in our 20’s) and his wife is very sexy with a great body, complimented by a very tasteful set of D sized fake tits. So it became apparent to me that it was my in fact Hannah (neighbor’s wife) sunbathing in the pool, for some reason other than the thought of getting a glimpse of Hannah’s body in a bikini, this really excited my and my cock began to swell as I pulled into the drive. Normally I park in the garage, but as you can imagine I decided to leave it out for the night and see if maybe I couldn’t catch a prolonged view of Hannah. I guess she must not have realized anyone was around until I shut my door at which point she shot up out of the lounge chair she had. Much to my delight she had decided against tan lines and untied the top of her bikini so when she came up to see, her tits fell right into view, and they were lovely! I expected her to sink down in shame or scold me for being the perv next door, but she actually just covered up and gave me a bit of a playful smirk and said…”Oops! Welcome home I guess?” Being a little caught off guard by her response I barely mumbled an “Oh hey…uh sorry. I’m home early!” ………..idiot. I turned to go inside when she asked me how work was, all while handbra’ing her tits. As we started conversing, I began checking out her body, she still had beads of water on her beautiful tanned skin from the oil she had put on which also smell amazing! She was a little thick but definitely not chubby, her legs were nice and toned, almost muscular and I had just enough of an angle to notice her perfectly rounded ass only half covered by the bikini bottoms which were nicely tucked into it. As we exchanged pleasantries she worked the fact that her husband would be gone until around 1030 that night, and I in turn explained my wife wouldn’t be back until well after 730 or 8. I excused myself to go inside as the more I looked her up and down the harder my cock got inside my gym shorts, I even caught her making a few glances at it. As I turned to go inside she said, “I’ll be out here for a little bit longer if you care to join me?” I smiled at the offer as I said, “I’ll keep that in mind.” I rushed inside with what was at this point a rock hard cock begging to be released as I thought about her sexy body laying in the sun outside……wait a minute……..outside my office window in perfect view!! I rushed into the office and slowed as I approached the closed blinds, I paused just before peeking out, wondering if possibly I’d misread the situation and she was just being friendly. I soon knew the answer to that question as I peaked out spreading the blinds with my fingers. Hannah was back down in her chair face down with her gorgeous ass glistening in the sun, bikini bottoms tucked even more in as if she were wearing only a thong. She had her head up and almost immediately looked toward the window I was looking out of. I quickly let the blinds close. “Shit! Now you’ve done it, you’re busted!” well fuck it might as well see if I can sneak a second look, as I spread the blades of the blinds again, I almost shot my hot load all over my shorts as Hannah was now up on her elbows, tits completely exposed, staring directly at the window I was looking out of! Since it was obvious she didn’t mind being watched, I opened up even more to increase my view. This seemed to please her as she smiled and grabbed the bottle of oil and began rubbing it on her beautiful breasts while seductively looking up at the window to ensure I was watching. By this time I had my shorts around my ankles and began stroking as I enjoyed my own private show. After a few minutes a car must have driven by, because she sank down into the pool out of sight. When she emerged again she motioned for me to come over. I couldn’t believe it! So I grabbed a bigger t-shirt to cover my obvious erection, pulled up my shorts and headed outside. She was already walking into the house through the garage as I crossed her yard as I did, she says “Hurry!” excitedly. My heart was racing to fast that I almost slipped and busted my ass walking up the 3 steps into their house. She met me inside the door, wrapped in the towel and took my hand saying, “We’ve been watching you for a while now! Mike is never gonna believe this when I tell him!” This caught me off guard, “Tell him?” She explained that she and Mike had an open marriage and Mike loved for her to be a dirty little slut for other men. We began to make out, all the while she kept complimenting my cock as she rubbed and grinding her sexy body tight against it! She dropped the towel and the bikini top went with it revealing her beautiful tits in all their glory! As I pushed my cock into her she dropped down to her knees as she pulled down my shorts my rock hard cock almost slapped her in the face as it sprung from the elastic band dripping with precum, she looked up at me and said “Oh my!” as she licked the remaining juices off the tip. She began stroking and sucking my dick like only I had seen on videos, gagging herself on my head as she deepthroated all that I had! I felt myself twinge as I knew I was about to cum, so did she as she began to moan and take my cock out of her mouth saying, “Come on baby, give it to me! Cum for me baby!” I couldn’t hold it any more I let out a moan as I pumped the first shot of my hot load deep into the back of her throat, she pulled my out of her mouth and began ferociously stroking the rest of my juice onto her face and tits. It was the hardest and most I had came in a long time! Once I finished she said “This one is on me hun. Next time You fuck me silly ok?” I tried to tell her I was good for a second round, however she said she had to pick the k**s up from school. She told me she took pictures of the aftermath and sent them to Mike and he was very pleased and looked forward to our next encounter. Best neighbors ever!

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