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Neighbour’s Wife

One Sunday morning I was catching up with my e-mails when I heard a knock at the door. I quickly dressed and went downstairs. At the door was my neighbour’s wife. My neighbour was a well to do doctor but was in his fifties and had married his young receptionist, Stephanie,late in life. Stephanie had dark hair and blue piercing eyes. She was pretty but wasn’t aware how pretty she was. “Hi Jim” she said “Sorry to bother you but Lionel is at work and I’ve got a flat – are you any good at changing tyres?” There goes a lazy Sunday morning I thought but heh I was a sucker for a pretty girl. “Sure” I said “I’ll get my tools and I’ll be right over”.

Stephanie had tried to jack the car up but had given up half way and was still sweaty from trying. I soon had the car jacked up and was changing the tyre when Stephanie came over with a cool drink. She was wearing a short frilly skirt with a tight cotton top. As she bent down to give me the drink I noticed she wasn’t wearing any knickers. Beads of sweat glistened on her wet pussy. I pretended not to notice and got on finishing the job in hand. The only giveaway was my raging hard-on in my tight jeans. “There you go Steph” I said “That’s the job done”. “Thanks Jim” said Stephanie “Why don’t you pop into the house and I’ll fix up you some cake I just baked for Lionel”. We had a quick coffee and some cake and I was about to make my excuses when Steph asked for one more favour. The washing machine was leaking from the back and she couldn’t reach to fix it. It was a simple job and bent down to fix it. Steph’s pussy was now level with my face and her quim was still glistening and smelt so sweet. I tried to control my hard on and ignore my neighbour’s wife was coming onto me. She gave a little giggle and pressed her wet pussy gently to my face. She was soaking wet and it didn’t take much to get her to the edge of an orgasm. Bending her over I took her from behind. She was nice and tight and I was soon thrusting my hard cock into her wet pussy. She fingered her clit as I slapped her has and fingered her anus. She wasn’t used to such rough sex and soon had a leg trembling orgasm. What she was used to was giving great head. She hungrily sucked my cock whilst cupping my balls. In a few minutes I was ready to shoot my load and pulled her head back by her pony tail. I shot ribbons of hot cum over her face. She eagerly sucked the remaining cum from my throbbing cock. We quickly dressed and went our separate ways.

That night I was going over the day’s events when there was another knock at the door. Oh fuck it was Lionel – Steph’s husband. “Steph has told me all about today Jim” Lionel smiled “Thanks for being her Knight in shining armour -come over for a beer anytime”. “Cheers Lionel” I replied. If only he knew….

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