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New College Roommate – Cousin Emily

My fourth year at college proved to be very memorable. I was doing well in school and had a part-time job, but not much luck with the ladies other than an occasional date with someone from school or work or a d***k hook up after a night out at the club. I shared a two bedroom one bath quiet apartment off campus with a buddy from high school. As the Christmas break neared, he let me know he was dropping out to take a job working offshore. Soon after, he moved his stuff out and we settled up and would remain friends. I then posted a note online seeking a new roommate. I wasn’t so keen on living with a stranger, but I also didn’t want the full burden of rent.

During the holidays, I was back at my parents home and working odd jobs to make extra money. My Aunt comes up to me while at a f****y get together and starts a conversation about college and asking me if I had seen Emily since she started classes that Fall. I said I did see her on campus a few times and we talked once or twice and I saw her FB posts. How did she do grade wise? (I asked) “Well”, answers Aunt Mary, “she did pretty good but her dorm-mate flunked out. She is devastated and doesn’t want to move to another dorm with strangers she has never met before school starts which is what they are telling her she has to do. It is so expensive and with the meal plan which she doesn’t use, we find ourselves in a predicament”.

At this point I begin to see what’s about to come.. Sure enough she suggests that since I am in need of a room-mate how would I feel about Emily sharing my apartment at least for a while. My thoughts of the money aspect were quickly overshadowed by my primal urges as I glanced across the living room watching Emily playing a board game with her two younger b*****rs. She was a smoking hot 18 year old rather quiet and reserved (shy) freshman ( with blonde straight shoulder length hair, blue eyes, slender body, b cup boobs) and I sure wouldn’t mind seeing more of her and maybe her hot friends around my otherwise quiet apartment. So, I nodded my head and said to her I would be willing to talk about it with Emily later that night when she finished that game.

A few hours later, Emily and I went out on the back porch in brisky cool weather. There was not a whole lot of discussion. We had always got along even though she was a few years younger than I. She said she wasn’t dating or looking for a boyfriend. She studied often and liked listening to music mostly. We agreed we would make up the rules as we went along and worked out the cost sharing and I promised to help her move her stuff in when she was ready.

Fast forward a few weeks and the Spring semester is about to start and I have this hot little Freshman in Jack’s old room. One morning during the first week of school, I hear her leave to ride her bike to an early class. My first isn’t for another couple of hours so I tried to go back to sl**p, but as you might imagine, I have morning wood and I have to piss. I slowly get up and look down at my mostly stiff 7 inch circumsized and shaved cock. I go into the bathroom and shut the door and try to pee but I have to concentrate in this awkward position over the bowl or wait for the erection to subside. Out of the corner of my eye, I see her pajama bottoms and panties in the corner. She must have been in a hurry because normally she doesn’t leave her clothes laying around. I don’t know what came over me, but I had an unresistable urge to check out her sexy blue boy shorts. I examined them and then brought them to my nose and inhaled. OMG was that a delight. The still moist crotch of her panties smelled like heaven and my cock throbbed as my balls swelled. I licked to crotch and tasted what I prayed might have been her cum from a horny wet dream she may have experienced last night. Soon I was stroking my dick and I shot a big load of cum all over the toilet. After cleaning up and placing her undies back as I found them, I showered and went off to class. All day I kept thinking about her scent and what her pussy must look like.

As the days and weeks went on, there was this sort of innocent flirtatious secret taboo fun about us which we didn’t plan for or really talk about. It just sort of evolved. She would be on the phone with her mom and if I walked by she would kick my with her foot to tell me that Aunt Mary says hello. The playful kick was usually in the thigh or butt. Probably something she missed doing to her b*****rs. Likewise, I would try to trip her in the living room when she walked by and I even went into the bathroom while she was showering to dump a pot of cool water on her over the curtain rod. She screamed and laughed and said that’s your ass! I was beginning to like her much better than Jack as a roommate.

We didn’t have any surprise visitors and over time I began to dress in the apertment as I did when Jack was around. Underwear and shirt or those long silky basketball shorts usually without anything on under them and no shirt if it was warm or between the bed and the kitchen or bathroom. She seemed to like the freedom of dressing down too as when we were studying or lounging about. She remarked that with two younger b*****rs at home, she had to be more conservative back home. After the first time I saw her in panties and a tee without a bra, I said to myself I can get used to this. After the first month we were both quite comfortable around each other and it was no big deal for her to see me just in my undies. I liked taking glances at her nipples that poked through her tight tops – not to mention a perfect ass in booty shorts or panties. She was clean, worked out routinely, and lived a healthy lifestyle. I know she was purposefully teasing me when she would bend over in front of me in just her panties. She had a great body and liked me to see it.

One night we went out to a party and this was when I find out she is a total light-weight. After like two or three drinks, she is slurring and can’t walk straight. Fortunately we were a couple of blocks from home, so I helped her back after she agreed it was time to go home and we said our goodbyes. I was planning to go back to the party and talk to this hot chick I saw there, but this is what happened. I had to carry her up the stairs to our door and set her down to open it with the key. She was babbling about how much she loves me and is thanking me for taking her home and letting her stay with me. I open it up and carry her to the sofa and laid her down. I got up and closed and locked the door and in the dimly lit room she is laying there all dressed up and made up. I got her a bottle of water and a cool rag in case she woke up. I removed her necklace, then her shoes and socks. She didn’t move much. Just laid on her back, arms above her head. Then I unbuttoned her blue jeans and rolled her toward the back cushions to pull them down her legs. I was pleasantly surprised to see she was wearing a black thong. With the jeans off and her breathing a bit heavy, I went to work on her top. Pulling her sweater and top up and over her head was no easy task, but I managed to get it off and laid it next to her jeans and shoes on the floor nearby. Then I said WTF, I unsnapped her bra as her back was to me and helped her out of it and placed it with the other garments. Then I went to her room to get her pillow and a blanket. I returned and made sure she was ok and then headed off to grab a shower. I decided I was in for the night and needed to look after her. After, in my boxers, I returned to check on her again. This time I moved her hair from her face and gave her a little peck on her cheek. She stirred and with her eyes closed, she begged (slurring) for me to stay with her. I said ok softly and she asked me to please hold her. Nervously, I agreed and slipped under her blanket and she wiggled into a rather comfortable spooning position. My arm under the pillow that we now shared and the other over her almost bare waistline. I breathed out and smiled then as it occurred to me that I was spooning my cousin and roomie, I feel my cock getting hard and if she is conscious at all she has to feel it against her ass. After some time, I drifted off to sl**p and during the night we moved a little and I raised my hand to her supple breast and caressed it lightly and fell back asl**p. Later, we shifted into a position where I was on my back and she was on top of me, her cheek on my chest, her legs straddling my left knee, her bare boobies on my tummy. After we settled we both let out a sigh. My arms wrapped around her. This felt good, but very wrong at the same time.

As dawn broke, i slowly began to awaken. We were still in this tangled up half naked position but now I had a hard on and needed to pee. She began to stir and open her eyes. She looked into mine and smiled and buried her face in my chest. I whispered to he “What can I say”…. She replied “Say nothing, I asked you to stay here and hold me”… Hmm she remembers….interesting. With my swollen cock against her tummy, she reaches for it and says you got to touch me now it’s my turn. She shifts her body down and to the side and begins to slow stroke my hard cock through my boxers… she looks up and asks if she can do more with it. I nod yes. Her head moves down and she licks and lightly bites it through the fabric…. Then she draws it out through the opening and wraps her pretty lips around it and begins to give me the best head of my life. My head falls back and my eyes roll back and she strokes and sucks me off. I can feel her rubbing her crotch gently against my left knee cap. As my body begins to tense up she moves her mouth away and strokes me through a nice series of cum shots that land upon my stomach and chest. Then she giggles and gives me a kiss on the lips and thanks me for taking care of her last night. She is up and I get to see her tits and her hard perfect nipples as she gathers her clothes and heads off to her room. WTF just happened I ponder.

Soon after I hear her in the shower and I still have to pee. So I knock and enter and ask her if it is ok. She says yes. After I am done, she says “You know, I think you have a really nice cock”. I laughed and said thanks and said her body was the nicest I have ever seen up close or in real life. She giggled and said thanks. I brushed my teeth and as I walked out, I coughed and said how I would love to see more of it. I didn’t hear any reply from her so maybe she didn’t hear me.

Then I grabbed a can of pineapple juice from the fridge and as I slammed it down I realized it was Saturday morning and I needed to be at work for 10am. Still had more than 2 hours to chill. I sat in and laid the matching leather recliner back as far as I could and used the remote to turn on some music that we both loved as the sunshine began to come through our living room window. I was laying back with my eyes closed and legs straight thinking about what had happened that morning and whether this was a one time thing never to be repeated or spoken about again or if this was going to be hopefully the start of something wild and crazy and so secret that we would have to take it to our graves. That’s when I felt Emily’s hands on my bare chest. I looked up and she was behind me looking down. No shirt on. Hard nipples on supple perky breasts. Smiling a devilish smile. I instinctively grabbed her forearms and began to pull them down to my waist. This f***ed her 100 pound body to bend forward and her stomach was soon pressing against my forehead and she was grasping at the arms of the chair while I stuck a foot out to counter-balance us to keep from tipping the chair back by bracing my foot firmly on the sofa end.

In a matter of a second she was crawling forward and i could see her shaved bare pussy crawling over my face. I immediately let her arms go and brought my hands to her ass and firmly grabbed her ass cheeks. She squealed and squirmed as I licked up and down that sweet teen slit. I spread her tight ass cheeks apart and buried the tip of my nose in her anus as i tongue fucked her wet hole. She panted and moaned and I teased her clit with my tongue. After a few minutes and her moaning getting progressively louder and a few wet licks by my tongue on her starfish she was trying to buck her hips and then she started moaning “yes. Yes. Yes. dont stop.. Please” and then her body tensed up and she came… her orgasm was so intense and she gushed a little with sex juice which I lapped up hungrily. We both let out a long sigh. She said OMG that was fucking incredible. No one… I mean never have I ever imagined… She was at a loss for words. She slowly crawled down and off the recliner and went back to the bathroom to rinse off. Meanwhile I smiled like a Cheshire cat. Ear to ear. I got to not only see what I have been dreamed about but taste it.

Later that night, as you can imagine, we had the talk. We agreed to sworn secrecy and we had to keep others from getting suspicious. Her still being a teen was a problem in my mind. I said to her look – one day you are going to meet someone and fall in love or into a committed deal and that is when this has to cease. Same for me. And we need to respect each other and not bring harm or embarrassment to the f****y which will come if either of us tells anyone about what we did. We agreed this is experimental and fun. We promised to be safe and never tell anyone about our playing around. A handshake and a kiss is how we left it that night.

There are more encounters that I want to share. Please leave some comments – especially you ladies that will encourage me to write more. Thanks.

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