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new cuckold pt II

After my wife Kay finished with Jim in the car we went home making sure he didn’t follow us at Kay’s insistence. Once home we fucked and Kay came like crazy and told me I was much better than Jim. I was proud but also disappointed that she hadn’t enjoyed Jim that much because I knew a repeat performance wouldn’t be happening. We did talk about her having sex with other men but she wanted to be more selective; meaning, a better lover, a bigger cock, and more time. Two to three weeks passed and I knew something was bothering her, but she refused to talk about it or much of anything she basicly cut me off it was driving me nuts and had me scared as to what was wrong. It took two weeks before she would tell me what was bothering her. Kay started by telling me our fantasies would be staying just that she had no intention of having sex with other men. Kay then told me why… two weeks ago on her way to work she stopped to get gas. While she was pumping gas Jim had opened the car door and climbed in behind the wheel.Jim told her to give him the keys and get in Kay had refused. Jim then slid over into the passenger seat, Kay not wanting to make a scene in front of people we knew with a man she had just screwed got in. Kay said she felt she was still in control. Jim told her to take him to our home so they could fuck some more, Kay wasn’t about to let him know where she lived, she told him no. Jim told Kay she needed to suck on his cock right her then, but Kay wasn’t about to do that at a busy gas station in broad daylight. Kay suggested that they go to his place if that was possible? Kay thaught if she played along she would catch him off gaurd and dump him at his place. Jim directed kay to a lonely looking old trailer as soon as Kay stopped the car he grabbed the keys and her purse and headed into the trailer. Kay chased Jim into the trailer not wanting him to have the chance to go through her purse. Once inside Jim pushed Kay to the bedroom and shut the door, and asked her if she was ready to have some fun, Kay decided what to hell might as well. They kissed and undressed each other. Jim sucked on her tits for awhile before he made Kay get on her knees and suck his cock. It didn’t take long before Jim grabbed Kay by the head and shoved his cock all the way in her mouth as he came down her throat. Kay thought that was it but Jim wasn’t done with her yet. He had Kay get on the bed and sucked on her tits some more while he fingered her pussy. Kay guided his finger to her button and after close to an hour she had an orgasm but by this time her tits where hard, purple and sore as Jim had sucked on them the entire time. Kay began to stroke his cock, it quickly began to get hard and Jim stopped sucking on her tits to enjoy Kay giving him a hand job. Jim was hard and ready to shove his cock into Kay’s pussy now. Kay reminded him that he needed a condom as he climbed between her legs his cock brushing against her pussy. Jim paused and said oh yeah as he reached for the table by the bed and grabbed packet. Kay laid back and raised her legs in anticipation and felt Jim shove his cock all the way inside her pussy. Kay thought there was no way he could a condom on that fast so she asked him if he had a condom on. Jim had a hold of Kay’s legs as he flipped the unopen condom toward her face. Kay tried to struggle but it was useless in her position. Kay protested, but Jim assured her he was clean and he was confident that she was as well. Kay screamed at him that he would make her pregnant she wasn’t on birth control. That information was too much for Jim, he grunted oh my god and Kay felt his cock shoot his sperm into her pussy. Kay began to sob as she realized it was too late to stop him. Jim held his cock as deep as he could for several seconds as his cum shot into my wife’s pussy, he then pumped slowly and shot more sperm into Kay. Kay couldn’t believe it but he kept cumming for what seemed like 5 minutes. When Jim finally pulled his cock out Kay felt a gush of his sperm run out and down her ass. Jim held Kay’s legs up for half an hour while he sucked her tits some more, and told her if it was a boy she should name him Jim as he grinned. Jim then got up pulled on a pair of shorts and went out of the bedroom shutting the door behind him. Kay wiped his sperm of her ass and pussy with the sheet and hurredly got dressed to leave, but he had tied the door shut from the outside. Kay checked the windows but they wouldn’t open enough to get out even if she broke them, besides where would she go he had her keys and her purse. Kay banged on the door and told Jim he needed to let her go unless your k**napping me. Jim told Kay to keep her pants on and laughed as he opened the door. Kay pushed past him but Jim didn’t try to stop her. Kay then saw her purse it’s contents emptied on the kitchen table and spilled onto the floor. Kay gethered her things off the table as Jim receited her full name and address and said he couldn’t wait to see if it was a boy or a girl. Kay fought back the tears as she bent over to pick up the rest of her things off the floor. Jim grabbed her around the waist from behind and said how about one more time, or would you like me to come call on you. Kay didn’t say anything she could feel Jim’s cock once again hard pushed up against her ass. That was answer enough for Jim he pulled her pants and panties down together and took his shorts off. Kay managed to step out of her pants and panties and dragged Jim, who was trying to ride her and get his cock in her pussy, about 4 feet to a sofa. Kay got on her knees and leaned over the sofa resting her head on her arms. Jim kneeled between her legs and shoved his cock into her pussy from behind. Jim pounded Kay’s ass as he pumped his cock into her for a long while before he finally came, Kay came at the same time as she felt him shoot inside her. Jim then rested by leaning forward onto Kay’s back his arms around her, his cock still in her pussy. They spent most of the afternoon with Jim’s cock in Kay’s pussy he would pump awhile then rest awhile. Kay came several more times that afternoon before Jim finally came again. Jim then pulled his cock out, he tossed Kay’s keys on the table as he headed toward the back. Kay got herself dressed got her purse and her keys and got in the car to leave. She noticed as she drove away the time 3:46 she had spent almost 8 hours with Jim fucking her. Her pussy was beganing to feel sore as all the cum and juice soaked her pants and seat her tits hurt as well, but what hurt most of all was the possibility that she could be pregnant by him…. Kay said if her period didn’t start in the next 2 days she was going to buy a home pregnancy test.

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