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New Neighbor Makes Me her Bitch Pt4

New Neighbor Makes Me Her Bitch Pt4

The text said, “NOW”. I knew what she wanted. It was 10:30 Saturday night. I had just showered after my workout. I wanted sl**p. I put on shorts, pulled a shirt on over my head, stepped into sandals. I went out the back door.

As I walked past the small door leading into the back of the garage, light suddenly flooded out of it. “Get in here. Now.” I obeyed. She shut the door behind me.

In the middle of the floor was a lift. The type of machine you drive the front wheels of a riding lawn mower up onto and then raise it up. There were two rubber pads where the tires should rest. The thing was spread wide. “Strip.” She was in a foul mood. She had told me f****y was coming today. I had seen none. The amount of boxes in the garage told me she had not gotten the unpacking done she had hoped for. I kicked off my sandals, took off my shirt and then dropped my shorts. Going over commando paid off.

“Look at me.” I did. Mistress had dyed her dark hair red. Not bright red, but red. It was thick. Her makeup was thick too. Pale skin, elongated eye makeup…. Black lipstick. Her black tank top fought a losing battle to control her D or better tits. Her flat stomach was on display below the ragged and frayed cut off of the shirt. The skin tight gray yoga pants revealed her camel toe almost more plainly than if she was nude. It also showed her hips, powerful thighs and perfectly tapered legs… before they descended into black high heeled boots. Buckles… six on each boot and stiletto heels. I looked. I feasted my eyes.

She walked over and patted the rails of the lift. I climbed up on it. She raised the lift. She took three straps and tightened my shins to the padded lift. She put her collar around my neck. It was inch and a half wide leather. She tossed a rope over the garage door rails above my head and tied the rope to a leach… Then snapped the leash to my collar. “I would put my hands up and hold on.”

My balls and cock hung freely beneath me like obscene fruit… ripe for the picking

She picked up a leather covered paddle and began. Every tenth blow she would stop and caress my bottom… finger my ass, scratch my chest. I was sweating. Her perspiration made her tits all the more obscene. I got hard and she called me a pain puppy. He little slut. I started counting to ten again. She traded out implements and used a whip so she could strike my chest. The cane left welts across my upper thighs. My head spun.

She lowered the lift and pulled her shirt above her sweaty tits. I sucked and licked the salty soft flesh. I teased kissed sucked and enticed the thick hardening and lengthening nipples. She laughed and backed up. Made me beg for her tits. I did. I wanted her tits. Then she raked her fingernails across my chest, my shoulder, my back and my ass… red drops formed and ran from some of the trails.

My cock was raging and dripping my shame onto the concrete floor.

Lights flashed on the covered windows to the garage. Mistress smiled. She picked up her phone and typed something in and a few moments later smiled and set it down.

She walked over to where I hung with such need. She turned her back to me. She peeled her sweaty hot yoga pants over her hips, and then rolled them down lower, slowly lower. I watched as more and more of her rock hard perfect ass with that straight dark fissure came into view. She stood inches in front of my trembling cock.

When the whole of her incredible globes were revealed, she looked back and told me I did not deserve it. She backed up a few inches and grabbed my cock and pushed it up against my belly. Then she backed into it and while looking over her shoulder at me with a licentious smile, she began moving up and down, letting my thick hard cock slide in the groove of her ass.

I was dripping like a faucet. I needed her and burned with desire. She would reach back and claw my hips, bringing mine tight to her amazing cleft ass….. I was going to cum and I knew it. She was stroking me to an orgasm and I felt my nuts rising, turning. I was sliding up and down ever more easily with my pre-cum lubing her ass.

Then Alena opened the door and Mistress stepped away and smiled. I moaned and they both laughed. Mistress grabbed a high wooden bar stool. She put it just a foot in front of me. Alena came and sat like a proper lady in front of me. A nude, proper lady. Knees together and turned to the side. She looked thirteen and not nineteen. Barely there tits, smooth as silk skin. No tan lines. No pubic hair. Angel eyes and the devils lips, she was as different as her mother in looks as night and day with her blonde almost white hair. She was the exact same as Mistress in attitude, cunning and wickedness.

I loved them. I wanted them. I was glad to serve them.

Mistress stepped up behind her youngest. They both watched my face as they kissed over Alena’s shoulder. Tongues teased, hands pulled one another and held each other. It was evil. It was sensual. It was almost too sexy for me to hold back from reaching out for and touching!

Mistress stepped back and removed her top, then pressed her naked flesh into the back of the blonde who now stared at me with open lust. Her mother looked at me over Alena’s shoulder. “Isn’t she beautiful? There is not a flaw to this girl! From those light blue eyes, to her pink lips… She is perfect don’t you think?” She twisted and teased the breastless nipples and slapped them, making the younger woman moan

Then I watched with a consuming lust as her hands slid down the now sweaty body and slowly parted her knees, running fingers up and down the smooth tapered flesh of the youthful thighs. There should have been a pelt visible, and yet nothing showed. Then there was just the small, twisted knot of flesh peeking out from the top of a crease. It was darker pink and wet. God was it wet. Alena reached up and around the neck of my Mistress and pulled her face close as the talented fingers of the older woman moved slowly and seductively over the mound of flesh and deeper between the parting thighs.

She was far from virginal. She had not been that since her oldest s****r’s boyfriend had spent the night six years earlier. She did not look like the slut I knew her to be. I saw her as pure, the embodiment of sexual potential and learning.

“Don’t you love this little pussy? You know, she has sucked over 100 men, but only three cocks have ever been in her! She is possibly as tight as any virgin ever.” I watched as she curled a finger back and up, sliding it into the tiny gash. “And yet she is also as wet as any slut I have ever known too! Oh my god!! Look how wet she is!!” Withdrawing the finger it was now coated in a thick clear coat of pussy cream and I whimpered. Stepping around the girl seated on the stool, the older woman wiped that cream on my face and under my nose. I breathed in her lust and passion with every breath that I took and it was maddening! “She is such a slut!” Mistress turned as if to confront the seated girl. She used to opportunity to once again run my aching cock up and down her ass cheeks again!

“Stand up, young lady!” Mistress moved around behind me as Alena stood on the concrete, her lithe body inches from my bouncing cock!

I felt the lift lower an inch or two and then some more. When my cock was pointed just at the cleft of her pussy, she locked the lift into place. “You and your filthy old man cock do NOT get to enter my girl tonight. BUT, since you were prompt in responding to my call, you may slide up and down her pussy cleft until you cum.” Turning to her Alena, Mistress said, “And you are to let him slide across your wet sex and even use his velvet head to rub on your adorable little clit so that you can orgasm as much as you want. I guess I will just have to find something else to do.

Alena thanked her mother, and then wasted no time in pushing my needy cock between her wet thighs. It was damn near to heaven.

I felt the sting of the whip and I knew what it was but I was also afraid I would not starry hard. My fear was unfounded. As my back took the lashes of a rubber scourge, my cock was sliding up and down the very wet cunt of a girl young enough to be my daughter and then some!!

I was so close again that I was shuddering when they both stepped back from me. “You have both had your fun. Alena, go shower up and get to bed.” Alena reached between her legs and pulled a handful of her pussy honey out and smeared it and my own leakage across my face before kissing me on the lips and then darting out of the garage.

Mistress undid my bonds and I stiffly moved. I saw by a clock to the side that I had been there for just over an hour. My body was on fire from the beatings. My cock was just back from the precipice for the third time that evening. My balls were aching.

Mistress stepped up onto the stool and extended a boot clad foot to me. I removed on and then the other as circulation returned to my feet. Then I peeled the second skin of her yoga pants from her and the intoxicating aroma of her excitement filled my mind and thoughts with lust.

Once bare, she moved up onto the wooden stool and slid her pussy forward. “Come and fuck me!” she said simply and I did my best. Twice in the next 40 minutes I clutched her toned hard body to me as I emptied my cum into her womb as she rubbed her clit to a third orgasm of her own.

I began to prepare to leave when Mistress cleared her voice. “You can’t make a mess and not clean it up! She pointed down between her powerful thighs and I saw the first dribble of cum and pussy juice run out and down over the back of her ass. “She pointed at the wet and swampy territory and simply said, “Eat me.”

I knelt down and ate and sucked on her cunt sending her waves of pleasure.

At last, she told me to leave. She took my pants and shirt and threw them into a stack of boxes. “You get to go home naked tonight. She handed me my wallet, phone and keys from the pocket and pointed at the same door I had entered almost three hours earlier.

The yards were cast in deep darkness and it was nearly 2:00 a.m., but still… I hurried home and looking up thanked my lucky stars for having the best ever neighbors!!

I hope to hell you are enjoying this!!!

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