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New situation with my neighbors!

If you’ve read my other blog or stories you know I have an ongoing relationship with a woman from my neighborhood, who is married, and her husband is ok with it, however up until now it was just her and I. I think she would just tell him about it afterwards and she took a couple pictures on one occasion, but other than that it’s just been her and I. Well this weekend my wife was out of town and she invited me over, only this time Mike (husband) was home, they are both in their late 40’s, Mike might be 50, but great shape. So I was hoping this wasn’t the meeting where Mike says he doesn’t want me fucking his wife anymore! ha But as it turned out, he wanted to watch the show, if I was ok. I told him it would be fine with me. So we began as we usually do, some heavy kissing as we undressed each other, Mike took up a position in the chair in their bedroom. As I went down to lick her watering pussy, I could hear her telling him how good it felt and that just got me going more and more! I couldn’t wait any longer I had to be inside her! I kissed my way up pausing briefly at her breasts to nibble the nipple (she loves that) as I slid my throbbing cock into her dripping wet pussy! It was already quivering with an orgasm by the time I was all the way in and she moaned out “Oh Mike he’s making me cum baby!!” Once again, this really got me going as I slid in and out giving her every inch I had! She pushed me off and got up on her hands and knees facing Mike, who was stroking his cock in the corner, couldn’t help but notice that poor Mike wasn’t exactly “gifted” in certain regions, but that’s ok, that’s what I’m for right? ha So as I entered her from behind she began to moan again and tell him how good I felt (erection overdrive) Mike told her how hot she looked, and she told him to come over so she could suck him. He looked at me almost as if asking my permission, I said “Get over here and let your wife suck your cock while I take care of her!” He hopped up and she began working his cock as we rocked her back and forth between us, the sound of her moaning with his dick in her mouth was amazing! It wasn’t long before Mike announced he was going to blow! She began stroking and sucking him more vigorously as he climaxed into her mouth and she jerked out some on to her face! Mike finished up and said “You two have fun!” as he walked to the bathroom to clean up. I flipped her over and could see her cum soaked face. She went to wipe it off so I said, “No leave it! I’ll be adding to it soon!” She smiled and I felt her pussy swell up and tighten around my cock as I knew this turned her on! I stepped the pace up as I inched closer to climax! She could feel me twitch as she began coaxing me to cum all over her! I pulled out as she sat up to receive my load! She slapped my hand away as I began to stroke it out, so that she could work my shaft and milk me onto her face! I exploded with a huge load onto her face! She sucked that last little bit out of me with the rest on her face dripping down to her breasts! I fell back exhausted as did she! Mike came to take a look at the final product, he told her how hot she looked as she got up cum still dripping from her face on her way to clean up. I left shortly there after, I think they were going for a round to, so I left them to it. Definitely a great experience for everyone!

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:29 pm

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