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So I took the spy cam into sch**l as I said I would. I made sure I was next to the popular girls while we were changing. As usual they got completely naked without even flinching showing off their skinny blonde bodies, while others would hold a towel around themselves. I couldn’t wait to get back home to see this and 3.30 felt like it would never come.

I didn’t expect to want to see the vid so much, as it was originally for my step b*****r. When I got home the first thing I did was watch it on my laptop. I found myself very turned on, heart racing and wanting to see as much of it as I could. No matter what normal girls say to you, girls will always fancy other girls, its the ones that do something about it that are lesbians, that’s why girls are always kissing each other and wearing hardly anything in front of each other (that’s another story 😉 )

I waited for him to get back knowing how much the little perv would love this! I went in to his room and left the cam on his laptop. When he came in I said to him before entering his room “have fun!!”

He text me 5 minutes later saying the video was amazing, and that he hadn’t cum yet with a wink. After texting about the different girls bodies and how beautiful they were. I started getting turned on again and text him – get naked and blindfold yourself again, I am coming in, in 3 minutes. He text back straight away ok.

I walked in to his room, he was naked with the blindfold on and his laptop was still playing the video on repeat. His cock was rock hard sitting on a chair, going past his belly button. I bent down on my knees to I could see the laptop, grabbed his dick and ran my tongue up his shaft, he let out a whimper. I liked the head of his cock and then stuck it in my mouth, going up and down slowly. He was shaking and swearing under his breath “oohh fuck”. I told him to take off the blindfold and watch the video. My head laid on his stomach sucking his cock watching it as well. (I don’t understand why girls don’t like giving blowjobs, to me I will go 100% and it will be over quicker, also the more enjoyment they get out of it the more you will)

The video was just showing a tall skinny brunette girl that everybody knew start to undress, lovely olive skin, really smart – you know the type. I seen his hands grip the chair tighter. I could feel he was close it hadn’t even been 4 minutes yet. while licking his head I told him to tell me when he was going to cum. seconds later after I had put him back into my mouth and started going down on him hard and he fast, his whole body tensed up ” im going to cum” he said with a struggle under his voice. I pulled him out of my mouth and shot his cum all over his body. I slowly licked a bit off his chest before leaving his cock go, I did this to make sure his cum didn’t taste rank, as some blokes cum taste horrible others not bad at all. Luckily it was ok for next time. I told him to delete the video as we would get into big trouble and I would do this again for him if he did.

I couldn’t keep giving him things I thought to myself when back in my own room. I wanted that cock now it would definitely be the biggest so far for me to fuck and the other few boys were normal size. Next story to follow 😉

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