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Night Stalker, pevert of note…

I have been watching your house now for for past three weeks and know your routine as well as you know it yourself. I also took the liberty of breaking into your house whilst you were at work and installed a few eavesdropping devices as well as a camera in your bathroom and bedroom.

I know that your boyfreind is out of town on business for the next two days and I have planned my “adventure” with you down to the finest detail. You do not know me, but I know you well, besides casing your house for the past three weeks, I have been “casing” you personally for the last three months and after carefully thinking it through, I have decided that tonight is the night…
I have let myself in to your house earlier in the day and started preparing the stage so to speak in anticipation of a great evening.

I have palced my ropes, gag, blindfold, earplugs beneath your bed within easy reach. I have checked the position of the camera yet again and am starting to feel on edge…I know it only fifteen more minutes before you are home. I take a deep breath and axhale slowly to pacify my nerves.

I here you unlocking the front door and stepping into the house. You walk past me in the cuboard, I can smell you, your perfume lingering in the room as you pass and entere the bathroom. I hear you opening the tap and running your bath, I smell the bath salts you add to the water.

I see you on my mini cam as you undress and get into the bath. I watch you while you wash, totally unaware of what is about to happen. You relax in the bath and almost fall asl**p. Suddenly you sit up, attentive, listening cocking your head slightly toward the cuboard, a confused look on your face, seemingly asking yourself did I imagine that?

You get out the bath, wrap a towel around you and walk towards the cuboard. Suddenly your phone starts ringing, you turn around and walk over to the phone, its him, you chat for a short while and turn toward the mirror as you put the phone down.

I in the meantime have got out of the cuboard and moved around the room behind you. I grab you around your body placing my hand over your mouth, I spin you round and press you onto the bed. I am a lot bigger than you and you dont resist, I take my ropes out from under the bed and start tying you to the bed naked with your legs spread eagled, a blindfold on as well as earplugs that all you senses normally used for doing sensoury things are now stunned.

I softly get on the bed between your legs and slowly take my fingers and spread your labia exposing your clitty, I then softly blow over your your clitty and wait for it to respond, when I see your clitty standing to attention, I know it is my cue to slowly start sucking it into my warm sensual wet mouth, I can hear you softly wimpering trying to push your mound up against my mouth, but I move back just keeping out of your reach so to speak (remember you are tied with little movement allowed)

I go down on you a bit harder and softly start nibbling on you clitty, while inserting two of my very wet fingers into your pussy, curving them upward toward the front of your mound whilst massaging the outside of your mound with my other hand stimulating your “G spot” and licking your clitty all at the same time, I feel you shuddering beneath me and realise it is time to fill you with my fuck loaf…I insert my thick erect cock slowly and deliberately…you are murmuring as you are gagged as well and cannot speak clearly, I make out the sounds to “Fuck me”, Fuck me” Hard…I know that will be to easy to succumb to your request and continue to slowly fuck you…only allowing half of dick to enter your warm wet pussy…

I suddenly start pounding into you like a wild stallion, your breath is racing as I plunge deeper into you, harder and faster, you start climaxing, I hear your mumbled cry “Oh God, Im cumming”, I pound you even harder and am just about to cum myself when suddenly somebody hits me against the head with a blunt heavy object and the room starts spinning out of control…

next episode to follow shortly…

Updated: October 20, 2016 — 7:22 pm

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