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no strings quickie again

I have another encounter to tell. recently I was contacted again by the guy I first met at a gloryhole and then later in another semi public place. I received a few other emails and really enjoyed that fact that he loved using me as his slut. He asked if he could fuck me again and where would I be willing to meet him so he could use me to cum. We eventually agreed that we were both horny and available later on a certain evening but could not decide where. I was so turned on that I told him to just come by my place if he promised to be fairly quick. He said that he wanted to fuck me again and cum in me very badly and that he was so horny and loved my ass so much it would not take him very long. I was told that he would like for me to suck him first to get him really worked up and then he would fuck me like last time. I was so ready to feel that again. I told him that because I liked the semi public part we would do it outside on the front porch. He loved the idea so we set up a time. I was so very nervous again but plans had been made and there was no backing out now. I Placed a blanket on my porch and had some shrubs blocking most of the view so not too much could be seen if anyone happened by. I waited naked and ready to be used. It was just barely dark but still enough light to see when he drove up. I was waiting as instructed naked on the blanket on my knees. As he came up on the porch he started undoing his pants and before long had them off and standing bottomless in front of me. I took his cock in hand and in a flash was sucking on him like a real slut needing cock. I sucked his cock and took as much in my mouth as I could. I played with his balls and took time to lick and suck on them too. He was completely hard in no time and I kept sucking until he was ready to breed me. After a couple minutes he pulled away and I turned and was on my hands and knees with my bard ass completely exposed to him. He positioned himself behind me and slapped my ass a couple times with his hard cock and then began working the head around my waiting hole. He teased me only for a moment and then slowly began to push against me until he had penetrated and was working his way inside my rear. He did just like the other time and slowly fucked me pushing more in each time until his strokes completely buried his cock inside of me. I couldn’t believe I was doing this but I was really enjoying the feelings I was having. he kept fucking me slowly pulling almost all the way out the sliding deep in me. He then stated fucking me faster really getting into what was happening. A few times he would pull out and then slide right back inside. My hole was opened for him and the feeling of his cock completely out and then sliding right back inside was so erotic. The pace then took on another level of lust and he began fucking me hard and fast. His body slamming into mine and me taking every inch of him in me. He asked if I liked it and all I could say was yes keep fucking me. It must have triggered something for him because he sped up and was fucking me faster and harder really giving me the fucking of my life. He was making some noise now and I knew it wouldn’t be too much longer. He asked if I was wanted his cum and I of course said yes then without thinking told him to cum inside me and give me your cum. He let out a groan and buried his cock in me as far as he could almost pushing me over. He kept pushing against me and that’s when I felt his cock and balls pulsing against me. I knew he was filling me with his cum and I liked it a lot. He continued pushing against me and pushed back to keep him inside as much as possible. After a minute he pulled out already getting soft and I could feel his cum start to leak out of me. I laid my upper body down and kept my ass in the air. he commented that he loved my ass and loved fucking me. He started putting on his pants and told me the encounter was very hot and he would like to do it again another time. I said I did too and he turned and walked away getting into his car and within seconds he was gone leaving me naked and dripping his cum. As I got up more of his cum ran out of me and down my legs. I couldn’t wait to do it again and we have several times. Most of the time it is the same way but a couple times he has had me lay on my back so he can hold my legs in the air and fuck me that way. Usually he fucks me but a couple times I have sucked him so that he can cum in my mouth and once so he could cum on my face.

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:30 pm

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