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I don’t often get the chance to play out my bisexual urges but this time I did. I used to go to an adult store that operated preview booths and some had gloryholes. It was at one of my visits after I finished sucking a cock that I put a note through the hole with my email on it trying to see what responses I would get in return. I had made up several notes asking for comments about my performance with my email so if they chose to respond I could hear how I did or if they enjoyed using me. Several days after I did get a response stating he loved the way I sucked his cock and how much he enjoyed cumming in my mouth. I didn’t have any idea which one it was because I had given out at least a dozen notes. the messages went back and forth a few times and then he asked me to meet him so he could cum again. we talked about what he wanted and both agreed this time I would suck his cock then I would bend over so he could fuck me. I was so turned on by this I agreed to do it anyplace. I hadn’t met anyone or done much with a guy out of the adult store so I was also really nervous too. He told me the semi public sex in the gloryhole was hot for him and that we should meet someplace semi secluded too. His idea was an out of the way car wash. I was a little reluctant but too turned on to care. Later in the evening on the night we set I showed up to the car wash and parked in the stall I was instructed to use. After parking I went to the end where he said he would be waiting and he was. Nice looking average build white guy a little older than me and he already had his cock out. I walked right up to him he said hi and so did I then I got on my knees and took his cock in my mouth. It didn’t take long to get him completely hard and that’s when I remembered which cock he was that I had sucked the night I gave out the notes. after only a couple minutes of sucking and licking his cock and balls he was ready. I felt him tug at my arm so I stood up and he motioned for me to lean on he vehicle. As I turned I dropped my pants and bent over. He rubbed my ass and then started rubbing his cock on me too. I was so excited I had never had a guy fuck me except for a couple times through the hole. He started really rubbing his cock on my hole and then slowly pushed until he penetrated me and was inside. slowly he moved back and forth going deeper inside me with every stroke. In the mater of a few strokes he was fucking me with his entire length. His cock was the perfect length between 6 and 7 inches but he was fairly thick so he stretched me as he fucked me. He continued to fuck me and his strokes were slow and long and every one went all the way in with his balls touching mine. I had so many thoughts going through my head but mostly the feeling of being so slutty letting a guy that I didn’t even know his name stick his cock in my mouth and then my ass was thrilling. He kept going then his pace sped up until he was really pounding me fast and hard. He started grunting and groaning so I knew it wouldn’t be much longer. Then he drove his cock in as deep as he could and let out a deep grunt as he shot his load. I could feel his cock pulsing and cumming deep inside me and his balls pulsing too as he pushed himself as deep as he could inside me. He stayed inside for only another minute then slowly slide his cock out of my stretched hole. As he pulled away some of his cum plopped on the ground between my shaky legs and I pulled them together to try to keep the rest inside. I pulled up my pants with his cum already running down my legs and he said thanks that was hot. I walked away and got into my car and drove off. We have met a few other times since so that he could use me in different places and in different positions. This story is true

Updated: October 21, 2016 — 1:30 pm

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