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Northern Light

Saturday: Constellations

Brad awoke in the middle of the dark forest alone, cold and hungry. Through gaps in the trees overhead, spattered across the black canvas, the Milky Way Galaxy brightly split the night sky in half. He’d never seen a sky this dark before in his life. He was miles from civilization and the nearest light source. Darkness and solitude like this simply did not exist in the world he knew.

He checked his watch. It was still nearly an hour before dawn. He was so anxious to get going he couldn’t sl**p. He turned on his cell phone to check if his mom had messaged him back. He hadn’t seen a signal in two days. Just as he suspected, there was no signal and no message. He turned it off to conserve the battery and shoved it in his backpack. He’d made good progress over the last three days. He wasn’t due in until Sunday, but his steadfast determination had gotten him 25 kilometers further than he expected. Another grueling 30 kilometer hike would put him with his mom and her f****y by the end of the day, 24 hours sooner than they were expecting him.

He was pleased with his pace over the last few days. The year before he had hiked the Appalachian Trail through the entire state of North Carolina, but then he had been hindered by sore feet and a bad case of Giardia. This time around was different. He had a confidence he hadn’t had before.

Brad didn’t mind going it alone, but, he thought, a little companionship might have been nice. His father, Gary, had intended to join him, but that was before things changed in his f****y. Gary had decided that a young piece of ass was more desirable than his wife of 23 years, and had left her that spring. Brad’s parents were now divorced and his father had a girlfriend, Roxy. Instead of Brad’s mom dropping her two men off at the trailhead and then greeting them 100 km north at the f****y campsite like they had planned, his father and Roxy dropped Brad off to make the journey alone before heading back to Rochester. Brad wasn’t bitter about it; he was hiking for himself anyway. He felt much worse for his mom, who had been blindsided by his dad’s sudden unfaithfulness. He knew she was anxiously awaiting his arrival at the campgrounds along with her s****rs and their families.

He lay on his back on the smooth, flat granite that comprised most of the ground around the Georgian Bay, and stared at the stars. Back home he couldn’t see even a tenth of this many stars. The view was simply staggering, the countless brilliants nearly giving the illusion of twilight on the black sky. Draco and its great tail slithered directly overhead and surrounded the little bear, easily seen, but almost lost in the seemingly infinite number of stars that surrounded it.

At last the blackness gave way to purple, then orange. He rummaged through his backpack and found two bananas and a very thick peanut butter sandwich he’d made the night before. Scarfing down his morning nutrition, he pondered the trail he would face today. It was long, and the most rugged leg of the whole trek. He stowed his tent and gathered the remaining tools and cooking utensils that were still s**ttered about, preparing to leave.

Even in mid-August, mornings were often chilly in Northern Ontario. But he knew the sun would bring true summer temperatures by noon. He shrugged off the cold and resumed the trail with barely enough light to see his next step. He was going to make it today; he missed his f****y and was ready to eat some real food!

At mid-morning, he shed his cold weather gear and sat down on a large tablet of a boulder overlooking a beautiful crystal lake 200 feet below him. A forest of large Eastern White Pines perfectly framed the lake as though it were waiting for Bob Ross to paint it. The sun glinted off the shimmering waves and reminded him that if he hurried, there would still be sunlight by the time he made it to the provincial park where his f****y was camping. He turned on his phone again—still no service and no message from his mother. He hoped she was doing okay this weekend. It had been a difficult summer since his dad had left her. Brad felt guilty for not being there for her as much as he wished. But a rigid work and class schedule had prevented him from visiting home more often.

He had always been close to his mom, with rarely a harsh word between them, even though she was the disciplinarian in the house. His dad tended to let him have his run during his teenage years, knowing that boys will be boys—not his mom. She set curfews, asked questions and knew his girlfriends. He never resented her for caring about him, and once he was in college, sorely missed the attention she lavished on him at home.

He planned to pay back some of that attention to her this weekend. He was going to be her supportive son, because she needed him to be. He felt a little foolish even going on this long hike when he could be spending time with her, but the trail had a strong calling to him. He felt like he was one with the planet when he was living off nature.

The first sign of humanity that day came in the form of a highway that crossed over the trail. On a hunch, he dug out his phone and turned it on. A minute later, the heart-warming ding that alerted him to a new text message lifted his spirits.

“Okay, honey. Please be careful and we’ll see you Sunday. I love you.”

There was nothing surprising in the message; she’d actually sent it right after he had departed the trailhead, but it felt good to get something from her. Then it dinged again.

“Haven’t heard from you in a while. Are you okay?” Then another, “Baby, please let me know you’re not hurt.”

She worried. But the messages spanned a period of three days, so he couldn’t blame her too much for being concerned. He alleviated her fears. “Still alive. See you soon. Miss you.” He decided not to tell her that he would be arriving today instead of tomorrow. Surprising her would be fun.

He tarried a minute longer until the phone dinged again. “I can’t wait! Miss you and love you.” He smiled to himself and turned the phone off.

The last sign he’d seen had said, “La Cloche 15 Km”. He slung his pack over his shoulders once more, crossed under the highway, and picked up the pace in anticipation of surprising everyone.

Periodic glimpses of the vast Georgian Bay to his left caught his attention throughout the day, reminding him that he was getting close. He longed to reach the campgrounds now, as it had been several hours since he’d eaten and the exertion of covering 30 rocky kilometers in a day was beginning to take its toll on his body. It was early evening, but there was still plenty of daylight left.

The sign at the entrance to La Cloche Provincial Park was a welcome sight! Further in, he saw the first rows of campsites with their myriad campers, RVs and pup tents. He wasn’t sure which site was theirs, but he figured he’d spot a familiar face or vehicle. He would only text his mom as a last resort if he couldn’t find them.

He found a restroom and shower facility across from a large group of campsites and decided to go clean up a little and use the restroom before searching for his f****y. He dropped his backpack on the floor and washed up in a sink. The cold water felt good on his face, which was adorned with four days’ stubble.

“Dude, that’s her right there,” said a young man in his twenties to another young man as they paused at the doorway to the restroom.

“Where? Oh shit, you’re not k**ding,” said the other.

“Didn’t I tell you she was hot?”

Brad smiled to himself as he listened to the hormone-charged men check out an obviously sexy chick from afar.

“She’s been running every evening and gets all sweaty like that.”

“Damn. Look at her ass.”

Brad dried himself off and collected his gear, anxious to get a look at the girl the two men were fawning over. He peered through the doorway, scanning the campsites, and immediately found the object of their lust. She was about 5 feet 5 inches tall, thin, but curvy, wearing spandex shorts and running shoes. Her light brown hair just touched the strap of her sports bra, and she wore nothing else above the waist. Her ass was absolute heart-shaped perfection inside the tight black spandex. Brad couldn’t tear his eyes away from the faceless beauty on display across the road. These guys were right; she was smoking hot. And then she turned around.

Brad stood in complete shock, seeing the beautiful face that went along with the sexy body. He’d never really noticed the body before, but he’d seen the pretty face a million times. They both belonged to his mother.

The two men continued to ogle her. “I bet she’s not wearing panties,” said the first.

“God, I’d like to find out,” said the second.

The initial shock wore off, although his heart was still beating rapidly. Brad felt a surge of anger listening to these two numbskulls disrespect his mother like that, and felt like reaching out and slamming their heads together. But he just stood there with them, watching his mother sip on her bottle of water, walking off her workout—and doing it sexily. She was 43, but had always looked a little younger. She had clearly gotten trimmer since her husband had left her. Brad always thought his mother was pretty, but standing in the doorway and watching her the way these two men were watching her felt like he was seeing a different woman, not just pretty, but desirable. Desirable?

His conscience finally gripped his thoughts, pulling him back to reality, and he pushed between the two guys to get out of the restroom. His mother’s back was turned toward him again and he crept up behind her quietly. He smiled to himself because he knew the two men were about to watch him get a nice warm hug from the sexy woman.

“Anybody know where a guy can get some food around here?” he asked her.

Lori wheeled around and her eyes grew to the size of saucers at seeing her 21-year-old son. “Brad!” she screamed. She lunged at him and fell into his arms. “How did you get here so soon?”

“I hitched a ride on a bear.”

She laughed and kissed him loudly on the lips. “I was afraid something like that would happen to you! I was so worried!” She looked at her son for a moment. He looked older. It was probably his newly started trail beard. She could see her little boy in his eyes, but he was a handsome man otherwise. She put her arms around his neck and hugged him again, pressing her face against his stubble. “I just can’t believe you’re here! I missed you so much, baby,” she whispered.

“You’ve got me now,” he reassured. “You’ll be sick of me by the end of the week.”

“Not a chance,” she scolded. “Let’s get you something to eat! We’re just over here.”

Brad took delight in surprising his aunts and uncles like he did his mother. It was fun to have his younger cousins worship him for spending so much time alone on the trail, and coming so far. Dinner time came soon after his arrival and he ate like it was his first meal in days, which in some respects, it was. Trail food just couldn’t compare to cheesy potato casserole and hamburgers. The aunts simply couldn’t believe his appetite.

After his third helping, Brad was ready to go to the shower facility and get cleaned up from the trail. He hadn’t showered in days and figured he probably wouldn’t be welcome in any of the campers until he got the trail stink off of him.

The aunts busied themselves with the dishes in Caroline’s camper after dinner. “Wow, Lori, Brad looks fantastic! Was he always that good-looking?” Caroline said to her younger s****r. She’d been itching to say something to Lori ever since she laid eyes on Brad. He was always a cute k**, but now he was just straight up hot.

Lori smiled. “I hardly recognized him! Plus he looked like a vagrant after being on the trail for four days.”

“Best looking vagrant I ever saw,” chimed in Julia, the oldest of the three s****rs. “How is it he doesn’t have a girlfriend?”

Lori shrugged. “He’s had some, but nothing serious lately. He’s very busy at school.”

“It’s a damned shame,” said Caroline. “A hot guy like that going to waste!”

Julia gasped and slapped her s****r on the arm. “That’s our nephew you’re talking about!”

Lori doubled over laughing at her two older s****rs. Their yearly camping trip was never short on entertainment. Neither were holiday f****y gatherings. They were all very close and were not afraid to speak frankly with each other. The absence of Brad’s dad was felt by everyone this year, and had yet to be addressed by Lori’s s****rs as a group. The fact that they weren’t talking about him was more deafening to Lori than if they couldn’t shut up about it. The subject still needed to be broached by Lori before they would unleash their no-doubt passionate opinions.

“Brad’s father was supposed to take that hike with him.”

The two older s****rs looked at Lori. Julia spoke first. “Well, if that’s not par for the course.” Caroline nodded in agreement.

“What did Brad think?” asked Caroline.

Lori shrugged. “He tells me it doesn’t matter. All that matters to him is that I’m moving on.”

“He’s a good boy,” proclaimed Julia. “And he’s right. That son of a bitch isn’t worth dwelling on.”

Lori had been doing her best not to think about Gary’s absence, but it had been a lonely summer without her husband and her son. Brad had been serving his summer internship at the company that would be hiring him full-time after graduation. It was two hundred miles from home, and Lori had barely seen him all spring. Being with him on this camping trip meant the world to her.

Just then Brad opened the door to the camper, turning the heads of all three ladies. He looked much more comfortable in his t-shirt and shorts, and his slightly wet hair looked as good as he smelled. “Can I have my hugs now?” he asked, standing in the doorway.

Julia jumped up first with her arms wide, hugging him and pulling him the rest of the way into the camper. Giving him a kiss on the cheek, she passed him off to Caroline who lavished the same affection on him. “Oh my goodness, young man! Where have you been all my life?” exclaimed Caroline, not wanting to let go. Brad thought he might have felt Caroline’s fingers dipping below his belt in back.

“Back off, he’s mine,” said Lori, slipping her arms around his waist and stealing him away from Caroline. She kissed him on the lips and looked at him, touching his face with both hands. “What’s this?” She rubbed his stubble with her palms and gave a slightly disapproving motherly smile, but deep down she was happy he had left it.

They went outside and sat around the campfire. He had the ladies’ total attention and regaled them with the high points of his four-day journey in the wilderness. Cousins and uncles filtered over gradually to welcome Brad and find out about his trip.

As Lori busied herself filleting the pike that her b*****r-in-law had caught that day out on the bay, she couldn’t help but notice Brad stealing glances at her. It was almost imperceptible. He was smiling and talking to his cousins, but never looking away from her, and holding her gaze. She returned his looks after a while, once even gazing into his eyes for at least ten seconds. Why was he paying so much attention to her? She felt the usual maternal pleasure looking into the familiar blue eyes of her son, but she also felt something different—a physical reaction she couldn’t explain. What was wrong with her? Was it possible Brad was flirting with her?

Brad sat and watched his mother work on those fish, wondering to himself why he couldn’t take his eyes off her. She would look up at him occasionally to listen to what he was saying. Every time they made eye contact, he felt an exciting rush of adrenaline. As he spoke to his cousins, he found himself hoping that every word would entice her to look up at him again. He caught himself wishing for a brief moment that the beautiful woman cleaning the fish wasn’t his mother—wishing that the gorgeous ass squeezed into those spandex shorts belonged to someone he might call his girlfriend.

What was going on with him? He felt himself get hard in his shorts and had to cross his legs to avoid embarrassment.

Lori felt oddly sexy standing there cutting the Y-bones out of the fish. She hadn’t felt wanted in months. Well before Gary had left her, she had begun to feel like an unwanted and spent woman. His growing apathy convinced her she was a barren outcast that was hardly noticed by members of the opposite sex. But lately she had been working out and dropping extra pounds. She wasn’t a fool. She knew that men noticed her, indeed lusted after her. But the idea of being with a man other than Gary still made her heart ache, and even turned her stomach.

The vibe she was getting from Brad was oddly similar to these male glances she had been noticing lately. She knew she was being looked at. But it wasn’t turning her stomach; it was turning her on! A young man was checking her out, sexing her up with his eyes and it was her son! Was she imagining the electricity that was flowing between them? She must be. What on earth was going on?

On a wicked impulse, she turned away for a moment to give Brad a new view of her shapely behind, and then bent over the bucket to get the next fish. She felt like a little tease for doing that, but it gave her a secret thrill that she would keep to herself. She found herself hoping that Brad had noticed her. She was glad the crowd was noisy because her breathing had gotten so heavy it was audible.

At last she finished filleting the fish and decided to go shower up for the night. It grew late and the f****y one by one wandered back to their tents and campers. Brad pitched his tent next to his aunt and uncle’s camper where his mother was staying. He was exhausted. The long hike today followed by the f****y time that lasted well into the night had finally taken its toll. He crawled into his sl**ping bag and was asl**p before his head hit the pillow.

Lori returned from the shower in her sweats and flip flops and saw Brad’s tent set up outside her s****r’s camper. Everyone had gone to bed, including her son. She had been waiting to talk to him alone all day, and now she would have to wait a while longer. He’d had a long day and she wouldn’t bother him.

Lori’s bed in her s****r’s camper was the converted table seating area. The table was folded down and cushions arranged for sl**ping, thanks to Caroline. Lori crawled into her sl**ping bag and rested her head on a pillow, her eyes wide open in the darkness. Caroline and her husband, George could be heard breathing in their sl**p from the rear of the camper. She hoped George wouldn’t start snoring like he had the previous two nights. Maybe it wouldn’t matter; she didn’t know if she would be able to sl**p anyway.

She couldn’t get the thought of silently flirting with her son out of her head. Had she imagined it? Every time she pictured his beautiful eyes taking her in while he sat by the campfire she shuddered inside. She couldn’t decide if it was a good shudder or a bad shudder. She missed him terribly and wished they could have gotten to be alone today. But they had the week ahead of them. She was comforted by that thought as she drifted off to sl**p.

Sunday: Meteors

Lori awoke the next morning later than usual. If there had been any noises in the middle of the night, she wouldn’t have heard them; she had slept deeply all night. She decided to go over to Julia’s camper to find some coffee, and on her way noticed Brad’s tent was open and unoccupied.

“How did you sl**p?” asked Julia as Lori walked in.

“Like a rock,” she said, pouring her coffee.

Did George keep you up at all?”

“Actually, no. I talked Caroline into smothering him with a pillow when he snores. I hope he’s still alive.”

Julia laughed. “Yes, he survived. He and Will took Brad out pike fishing this morning.”

“Oh,” said Lori, hiding her disappointment. “I hope they catch dinner for us tonight.”

“George sounded pretty confident when they left. I hope your knife is sharpened.”

Lori was the resident filleter of fish. Not that she really loved doing it, but she had a knack for removing the pesky Y-bones from the tails of northern pike. The k**s wouldn’t even eat it if Aunt Lori wasn’t the one who cleaned them.

The guys returned from fishing that afternoon with the best haul of the week so far. Lori saw the men talking around the back of the pickup truck and went out to meet them. Laid out in the bed of the truck were eight nice sized northern pike, including a very large one, and a couple of walleye.

“Who caught the big one?” she asked.

George clapped two hands on Brad’s shoulders. “Our new pro angler here. Ten and a half pounds!”

“I scooped it in the net!” implored Brad’s younger cousin, Will.

“And Will caught the two walleye,” noted Brad.

“Looks like we have our dinner, don’t we?” Lori declared. “I’d better get started now if they’re going to be ready by dinner time.”

Brad and Will hauled the fish over to the cleaning table while Lori filled a large plastic tub with water. While she worked, the three fishermen got some lunch. After eating, Brad sat down in a comfy bag chair near the ashen remains of last night’s campfire and closed his eyes. Spending the day in a small boat exposed to the sun and wind of the Georgian Bay was draining.

“Did you sl**p well last night?” Lori asked her son as she worked on the fish.

“I did. I was so tired. I’m sorry I didn’t say goodnight.” He opened his eyes and looked at her. Her hair was pulled back and she looked as beautiful as she had the night before while she labored away at the same unsexy chore.

“It’s okay, honey. You had a crazy long day. But you’d better tonight!” she said brandishing her fillet knife at him. “And I expect a goodnight kiss for your mother as well.”

Brad jumped up and walked over to her. He put two hands on her shoulders and gently massaged her while she slaved away. “Did anybody ever tell you you’re the hottest fishmonger that ever lived?”

Lori giggled. “Well, we all have to be known for something!”

Brad leaned in from behind her and kissed her gently on the cheek. “That was for last night. I’ll have another one for you tonight. Deal?”

Lori felt him press against her behind when he kissed her and thrilled at this unnecessarily intimate contact. She felt the urge to turn around and hug him, but her hands were literally covered in slimy fish guts. She smiled without looking at him. “Deal,” she replied.

“Are you going on a run again tonight?” He was aware of her new workout habit thanks to the two oglers he ran into yesterday at the restroom.

“Do you want to come with?” she asked, partially turning around.

“Yes. Very much so.”

“Oh, that makes me happy!” she said. “It’s such a beautiful place to run. You’ll just love it!”

“Then it’s a date.”

Lori felt overjoyed the rest of the day knowing she and Brad would be working out together, on their ‘date’ as he put it. Later on, she found Caroline’s camper empty and quickly took off her clothes. She changed into a pair of powder blue spandex running shorts, removing her panties before putting on the shorts. She hated how underwear rode up on her when she ran, and besides, she was well aware she looked smoking hot in those shorts when they hugged her bare skin. She slipped on a white sports bra and tied her hair back.

Brad was tying his shoes when Lori emerged from the camper, ready to run. For several seconds he was unable to take his eyes off her. She looked just as hot as she had the day before. Her ass was perfect in those shorts! Her tummy was flat and was peeking sexily out between her waistband and her bra. How did she get that way? Lori noticed him staring at her.

“What?” she asked.

Brad shook himself out of his stupor. “I’m sorry,” he said instinctively.

“For what, honey?”

Brad was embarrassed. He didn’t even know what to say. “Nothing,” was all he could muster.

Lori smiled. She didn’t let on the vibe she was feeling and just played it off. “Okay, how far?”

Brad shrugged. “Up to you, but you might leave me behind.”

“I doubt that. My favorite loop is about two miles,” she said, bending and stretching.

“Lead the way.”

Brad was thoroughly impressed at his 43-year-old mother’s stamina. She had been working hard! He was in the best shape of his life, at least for hiking and climbing, but he knew by the first half-mile that Lori was going to need to run a slower pace to accommodate him. He did his best to maintain stride with her, but he had a motivation to lag behind a bit.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her pretty ass. The thought that he was trailing his mom never left his consciousness, but it did nothing to stand in the way of his lustful thoughts. It was literally weakening his knees. It was no surprise to him that his mother was attractive; his friends always let him know that in high school. But what he was seeing now was an attraction altogether different. She was hot! There was no question. She had a jiggle inside those spandex shorts that was probably more pronounced than it was in her twenties, but it didn’t diminish her sexiness. In fact, it augmented it.

“You okay back there?” she asked when she hadn’t seen him for a couple of minutes.

“Just admiring the view,” he said before he could catch himself. Jesus! She wasn’t a coed he was jogging with on campus; it was his mother he was lusting after. He hoped that she took him to mean the beautiful conifers that lined the roadway.

“It’s so pretty here,” she said, ignoring his double entendre. She secretly hoped he was being cheeky with her, but she was too embarrassed to play along.

Lori slowed down to f***e him to run next to her so they could talk.

“Are you enjoying your summer?”

“Been very busy. It’s why I haven’t been to see you.”

“Any other reasons you haven’t been to see me?”

“Are you asking if I have a girlfriend?”

“You’re going to make me ask?” she laughed.

“We broke up after the spring semester.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, hon. Was it okay?”

“Well, she’s from Burlington. A long distance relationship just wasn’t going to work for us over the summer. I’m okay with it. There are lots of fish in the sea.”

“That’s what I like to hear,” she said, clearly relieved that he wasn’t in a serious relationship. “And plenty of time to find them.”

“What about you?” he asked.

“A boyfriend?” she asked incredulously.

“Yeah, I mean, you’re still a woman, even though you’re my mom. I get that.”

“Honey, thank you for your understanding, but men are definitely not in the cards for me.”

“Why not?”

“After 23 years of marriage, it’s hard to give your heart to another person just like that.”

Brad suddenly felt bitter about his father leaving her. He had been very angry with his father over his indiscretions, but seeing how profoundly it had affected her left a decidedly rotten taste in his mouth. He resolved he would not defend his father in this matter.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“Don’t be, baby. It’s not your fault.”

They jogged in silence for a while. Brad was feeling a need to console his mother and her broken heart, even though she wasn’t asking for pity. He tried to imagine every possible scenario that would lead his father to leave her and not a single one made sense. Who could leave such a sweet and loving woman? How could anyone be more perfect? He felt like punching his dad.

“Can we talk more later?” he asked.

Lori felt a surge of gladness at the suggestion. Close, intimate time to reconnect with her son was exactly what she needed. “I’d like that,” she said simply.

“I promise I’ll stay awake,” he said with a grin.

“Well, that’s the least you could do for your mother,” she commented wryly.

Brad saw the two dudes he’d run into yesterday at about the same time in the evening. He gave them both a big wave and a smile as he and his mother passed by. He hoped they were watching her ass again today. He almost felt a kinship to those knuckleheads. The shorter one waved awkwardly before looking at his hand and shoving it in his pocket.

The fish dinner was stupendous as expected, with everyone in the f****y congratulating Brad on feeding the masses with his amazing angling ability. Lori didn’t even mind that she hardly got a mention for spending all afternoon cleaning the fish.

The night grew late and Brad and Lori both got showers after dinner. Brad beat her back to the campsite. He was in his tent, stowing some of his gear when Lori came back from the showers wearing her sweats and flip-flops. She saw he was in his tent. “Brad?” she called quietly.

Brad peeked his head out and smiled. “Do you want to watch the Perseids?” he asked. This was the peak night for observing the annual Perseid Meteor Shower.

“Oh! It is August eleventh, isn’t it?” she said. “Wait, I know just the place to do it. Let me get a blanket.” She went into the camper and came out with a fluffy blanket tucked under her arm and a flashlight in the other hand. “It’s about a ten-minute walk to the lake, but it’s totally dark there.”

Brad had watched the Perseids numerous times, but never in an environment this dark. This would be a special treat. They made their way to the banks of a good-sized lake adjoining the campground and Lori spread the thick blanket on some flat, smooth rocks. Not a hint of light could be seen on the horizon, save for a few campfires dotting the landscape. The sky was as black as Brad had seen the night before. They lay on their backs, head to head and stared up at the sky.

“Goodness, I can’t believe how many stars there are,” noted Lori. The cold wash of the Milky Way sprayed across the black dome of the sky and waited patiently to be disrupted by the streaking, bright flashes of light. “There’s one already!” Lori exclaimed. In the extreme darkness of Northern Ontario, even the dimmest meteors could be seen on a clear night.

Brad could feel his mother’s head very close to his and quietly scooted a little closer to her so the tops of their heads were touching. “There!” He pointed futilely in the darkness.

“Oh, this is going to be a good night,” observed Lori. They lay in silence for a while, waiting and watching. They saw a shooting star about once every minute or so. At length, Lori broke their silence.

“So, how’s your dad?”

“He’s very busy. I haven’t seen him much. This trip to Ontario was the most I’d talked to him in months.”

“I think he offered to take you just to quell his guilty conscience,” Lori noted.

“Yes,” he agreed.

“And then he got to just drop you off and be done with you.” Lori was bitter about how he’d treated both of them.

“Yes, I know,” Brad responded

“And what do you think of Roxy?”

Brad knew this was coming. He’d met his dad’s new girlfriend, but only on the trip to the trailhead. She was a pretty, blonde-haired, smoking hot piece of ass; of that there was no question. But that’s all she was—not a lot of stimulation above the waistline. He decided to answer his mother truthfully. “She’s hot.”

Lori sighed. “Yeah; I’ve heard.”

Brad continued. “But only because she’s young. I really don’t know what Dad sees in her. She’s got nothing on you, Mom. When she’s 43 she’ll look like a tramp trying to hang onto her twenties, because that’s all she has going for her. Her beauty is nothing compared to yours.”

Lori felt a surge of love for her son for complimenting her so ravishingly. “You think I’m pretty?”

Brad laughed. “Do I think you’re pretty? Have you looked at yourself? How could I not?”

“I don’t know, maybe because you don’t look at your mother that way?” She knew she was being disingenuous after the covert flirting that had been going on between them.

Brad didn’t respond. They lay quietly for a while.

“Is he happy?”

Brad thought for a moment. “He seems happy. He’s different, though.”

“How so?” she asked.

“Well, he’s just totally into her. He didn’t really talk to me a whole lot.”

“Son of a bitch,” she growled. “He’s abandoned us both emotionally.”

“We’ll be okay,” he said reassuringly. “We have each other, and that’s all I care about.”

Lori reached back and felt his face, caressing and scratching him lightly with her fingernails. “I love you, baby.”

Brad took her hand and kissed her palm. He held it while he put his other hand up, hoping to find hers. Lori grabbed his other hand and they held each other by the hands for a while, still staring up at the brilliant sky.

“I think your aunts have the hots for you,” she said, caressing his hands with her thumbs.

Brad gave an embarrassed laugh. “Especially Caroline. Did you see her grab my ass?”

Lori gasped. “She laid a hand on my sweet boy’s ass? She’s lucky I don’t kill her in a jealous rage!”

Brad laughed. “They’re sweet, but they’re not my type. They’re not beautiful and refined like you.”

“Aw, that’s sweet! Do you think I’m your type?” Lori immediately wished she could take the question back. What kind of thing was that to say to her son?

“You’re my perfect type. You’re beautiful, smart, loving, and sexy. What more could a guy want?”

“Your dad apparently wanted more.”

“Dad’s a fucking moron.”

Lori laughed, squeezing her son’s hands when she caught a bright flash out of the corner of her eye. “Oh! Look at that!” They both immediately sat up. To her right and Brad’s left a bright meteor shot from the horizon and glided smoothly overhead, traversing the entire sky in a long, bright streak. Its reflection could be seen bouncing off the mirrored surface of the lake and revealing its rocky banks. For a moment, the brightness softly illuminated the smooth, flat rocks and blanket upon which they sat, briefly revealing each other’s face, until it finally disappeared on the opposite horizon, leaving them once again in total darkness.

Brad took her hand again and turned himself towards her, knowing her face was close by. He’d just admitted to his mother that he found her attractive. It wasn’t something he ever thought he’d say to her, but telling her made him feel like a man.

“Thank you for trying to make me feel better,” she said softly.

“I’m not trying to make you feel better. I meant what I said.”

Lori turned to face him and held both his hands in hers. “But you do. I don’t know what I would do without you. I missed you so much this summer.”

“I missed you too. I’m sorry I haven’t been there for you.”

“Baby, that’s not what I mean. You’re starting your career and your life; I wouldn’t have you doing anything different.”

Brad truly felt sorry for his mother. His heart was broken for her. She was tough. She didn’t complain. She was as far from needy as a woman could get, maintaining her stoic demeanor even after a humiliating desertion by her husband for no obvious reason. But he knew she was hurting. “I still wish I could have been with you more this summer.”

“Me too,” she said, squeezing his hands.

“Will you forgive me?”

Lori gave a silent nasal laugh. “There’s nothing to forgive, honey.”

An overwhelming impulse to kiss her sweet son settled over her. She leaned in very tentatively and touched her nose to his. Brad felt her breath and the touch of her nose and instinctively leaned closer. She kissed her son quickly, gently and motherly and then pulled away. A gentle charge of electricity pulsed through her body from her mouth, down her spine to her feet. What a perfect kiss that was!

She squeezed his hands again. “Did you just call your mother sexy?” Lori felt a guilty wave of pleasure wash over her body at asking him such a seductive question.

“I did,” he answered. “It’s true! No man with a heartbeat could look at you and not think you’re attractive.” That got a giggle out of Lori. “Does it make you uncomfortable to hear that from me?” he asked.

“A little. But it makes me feel—” she trailed off. Her motherly instinct stepped in and slammed her mouth shut before she said something regretful.

Brad waited a moment, then jiggled her hands. “Makes you feel what?”

“Oh, god,” she sighed. Lori gave an embarrassed laugh to fill the void. She had trapped herself.

“C’mon!” Brad implored. “You have to tell me now.” His heart was pounding. His mother was about to admit something that might affirm what he was feeling. But she had to be the one to say it. If he could see her, he would have implored her with his eyes, but he could do nothing but hold her hands, feeling them tremble.

“How does it make you feel?” he whispered. He caressed her hands lovingly, comforting her.

Lori took a deep breath and spoke quietly. “To hear you say that,” she began nervously. “It makes me feel…desirable. Is that weird?”

Brad smiled into the darkness. “No. And you are. Desirable, I mean.” He immediately began to lean in again. He wasn’t sure about what he was doing, but he hoped to find her lips again. He tilted his head a little. He wanted to kiss her. He wanted to kiss his sexy mother. He could think of nothing else.

Lori felt his head tilt and almost drew back. Something was happening that she felt was beyond her control. But she stayed where she was, the excitement of touching his lips again outweighing the fear of making a mistake. She leaned in ever so slowly until their lips gently touched again, affirming that this was going beyond their familiar love.

He slightly opened his mouth, silently inviting her to do the same. Lori put her trembling hands on his face, not knowing whether she was going to push him away or pull him into her. She could feel the wetness of his mouth. She hesitantly opened her mouth to him, their lips lightly touching, testing their new kind of kiss. She told herself what they were doing was okay. They loved each other. It felt so good to show him her love this way!

She felt him taste her lips with his tongue and whimpered almost inaudibly. She breathed into his mouth in an involuntary sigh and fought the urge to uncurl her own tongue. But motherly instinct was rapidly dissolving in the solution of her liquescent female desire.

Slowly opening and closing her mouth with her son, Lori allowed herself a slight taste—just the tip. She whimpered again as the overwhelming desire took over. It was just a little taste, but suddenly she knew a little taste was not going to be enough. Lori pulled Brad’s face tight against her and slipped her tongue deep into his mouth, caressing him, tasting him with tender lust that she wasn’t even aware she had. It was her son she was kissing, and he tasted better than her sweetest lover.

His head tightly in her grasp, Brad eagerly accepted his mother’s tongue, feeling it with his own, caressing and tasting her lips and chin. He felt the bl**d shift in his groin and his cock begin to grow erect. He had an impulse to hide it with his hands, even in total darkness. He was getting hard for his mother! His conflicted mind both reveled and abhorred the growing arousal. But ultimately he had to just let it happen. Kissing like this gave him no choice. He let go of his inhibitions and secretly grew to full size in his pants.

Realizing the kissing had turned sharply sexual, Lori’s conscience caught up with her in a hurry. “Oh, oh Brad,” she said into his mouth mid-kiss. She desperately wanted to see him, to look into his eyes and know what he thought of her now. But the darkness prevented it. “What are we doing?”

Brad felt her begin to pull away and instinctively touched the back of her head, gently touching his nose to hers. He could feel her hands trembling on his face.

“It’s okay,” he whispered, trying to allay her guilty conscience, as well as his own. “Stay with me.” He had a feeling she would suddenly feel a need to end it—and he wasn’t ready for it to end.

“Brad,” she whispered.

“I know. This is weird, isn’t it? Are you freaked out?”

“I don’t know what to do!”

“Don’t move,” he gently commanded. “Just stay with me.” Neither of them wanted to pull away. They sat for a moment, holding each other.

At length, he kissed her softly. “It’s okay. Tell me you love me.”

“You know I do.”

“We’re okay; I promise,” he said reassuringly.

The scuffing sound of footsteps on the rocks fifty feet away and brief glints of a flashlight hopping around the rocks and surrounding trees alerted the two they were not alone. A pair of soft voices became audible. Lori guiltily took her hands off her son’s face as they both looked toward the dancing flashlight beam.

“There they are,” said Julia.

“Did you see anything?” asked Jayden, Julia’s youngest son.

“Good ones!” Brad called back. The reality of f****y interaction felt very strange as they sat there, still facing each other.

“Keep your light off, Jayden, so you don’t blind anybody,” advised Julia.

Lori spread the blanket out to make room for everybody. “The best thing is to lie on your back and look in the direction of the lake,” she told her nephew while attempting to calm her voice.

Lori and her s****r chit chatted about activities for tomorrow while they casually kept an eye on the sky. While she talked with her s****r, she couldn’t stop thinking about the feel of her son’s tongue in her mouth and on her neck. The wetness in her spandex shorts had continued to increase, even after they’d been f***ed to stop. She was both thankful and resentful that her s****r showed up when she did, abruptly putting an end to their passion, which had been rapidly growing out of control.

After having their fill of the meteor shower for one night, the four of them eventually walked back to the campsite together to turn in for the night. Brad and Lori walked over to his tent and into the light spilling out from the camper. They hadn’t spoken a word to each other. They exchanged glances, preparing to say goodnight. The mood was heart-achingly awkward. Lori tried to f***e herself to say something, but nothing would come out. She gave him a peck on the cheek and disappeared into the camper.

Monday: Venus

The following day found Brad and his mom separated for most of it. They exchanged a quick, awkward hello around the breakfast campfire before Lori headed out for a day of shopping in Sudbury with her s****rs, and Brad took his excited nephews on a long hike. Lori felt some relief at not having to face Brad all day, though she wanted to talk to him. Brad thought of nothing but her on his hike, running the night over and over again in his mind, confused and wondering how she felt.

They both knew they needed to talk, but just like the first night, f****y obligations intruded.

Being alone—at least in the way they needed—was impossible, but Brad made sure she sat near him that night as the f****y talked around the campfire. He pulled her towards him and deposited her at his feet, leaning her head and shoulders against his calves. The Venusian light of the evening star shone through gaps in the trees like a temptress, beckoning him to follow her into the woods. He casually put a hand on the back of the goddess’s head, caressing her scalp with his fingernails, gently tickling her neck, or rubbing her shoulders, silently communicating his secret feelings while they both listened to the f****y laughter.

Lori felt electric tingles race up and down her spine every time Brad touched her. She had no idea what to think of their moment last night, or what was going through his mind now as he caressed her. Perhaps it was just a passing phase and would go away? She knew that would be for the best, but deep down, where she could barely admit it, she hoped that wasn’t true.

The aunts and k**s gradually meandered to bed, giving Brad hope that he would get some alone time with his mom, but his uncles were not tired, and sat by the fire sipping beer and chatting until Brad thought he would scream. They were showing no signs of turning in. At last he gave up on talking to her. It would have been awkward for both of them anyway. Maybe it was time to just let it go—chalk it up to a hormone-charged mistake. “I’m tired,” he grumbled. “I’m going to bed.”

He leaned over to her, expecting to kiss her on the cheek. To his surprise, Lori turned her head and got a kiss on the lips just at the last moment. “Good night,” he said after a pause.

“Good night,” she replied, even though she really didn’t want to part company with him. But she couldn’t think of anything to say that would keep him there, and instead watched him trudge off to his tent. She followed suit a moment later, heading to the camper, even though she wasn’t very tired.

She lay down on her makeshift bed and stared into the darkness. She was finally alone for the first time today, and her thoughts were squarely on her son. The sweet touch of his hands on her tonight had left her incredibly aroused and tingling. She closed her eyes and tried to push the thought of it out of her mind. Her insides were nervously flittering about in a warm tremor. This feeling was not doing her any good. She needed to be strong.

Still awake a while later, she heard Caroline’s husband, George creep in quietly and head to the bedroom in the back. Lori continued to lie restlessly and waited with a heavy heart for sl**p to overtake her. At last, her mind began to let go of the lascivious feelings that were owning her. But just as she began to drift off, her b*****r-in-law shifted in his bed and began to snore.

Lori’s eyes opened. “Not again,” she quietly whispered to herself. Another night of this was going to be unbearable! She buried herself within the sl**ping bag and squeezed the pillow down over her head. It was uncomfortable. It was hot. And it wasn’t drowning out the snoring. “Oh please stop!” she thought to herself.

She had nowhere to go. Every camper was filled to capacity and she was just a hanger-on for this trip. She was lucky enough that Caroline and her husband had room for an extra person in their camper. There wasn’t even room for Brad. Brad! She sat up on the makeshift bed, surprised that it took her so long to think of him. Would it be too awkward? Awkward or not, she was immediately comforted by the thought of being with him. She would be no good to anybody tomorrow if she was up all night because of the snoring. There, she talked herself into it.

Brad lay in his sl**ping bag, frustrated and lonely, tired but unable to sl**p. He knew he had to get the crazy thoughts of kissing his mother out of his head, but it felt so much like unfinished business that he was unable to put it to rest. He tossed and turned on the cold ground. It was the first time he’d had trouble sl**ping the entire trip, despite the 10 kilometer hike he’d led today.

Suddenly he heard the aluminum door of the camper open and close softly and saw the shadow of a figure fall on the tent as the person outside passed in front of the camper’s door light. Who was up at this late hour?

“Brad,” he heard his mother whisper. “Brad, are you awake?”

He dove for the tent flap and unzipped it, peeking his head out. “Are you okay?” he asked.

She nodded. “George is a terrible snorer.”

Brad whispered a laugh. He well-knew George’s reputation for snoring. He looked up at his mother and smiled. He wasn’t even going to let her ask, unzipping the flap the rest of the way and holding it open for her.

Lori gave her son a bashful grin and crawled past him into the tent with her sl**ping bag and pillow. “I’m sorry. I know this isn’t a big tent.”

“Perfect for two,” he said, closing the flap back up. He moved his backpack out of the way and helped her spread out her sl**ping bag next to his. They both sat on top of the soft insulated fabric. “I’m glad you’re here,” Brad said.

Lori smiled, relieved. She could see his beautiful face in the soft glow permeating the tent from the camper light outside. “Brad?” she asked.

“Mm hmm?”

“Do you want to talk?”

Brad nodded, although he didn’t know what he would say.

“Baby, I’m not sure what happened last night. I feel foolish.”

“Are you embarrassed that we kissed like that?”

Lori lunged at him and put her hand over his mouth. She lowered her voice to a whisper. “These thin walls have ears.”

Brad looked around at the sl**ping bags and pillows. If they were going to have to hunker down to talk, they might as well be comfortable. He made a decision about the sl**ping arrangement and hoped his mom wouldn’t mind. Unzipping his sl**ping bag, he spread it out open so it took up the entire floor of the tent. He threw their two pillows on top of it and pointed. “Lie down,” he quietly commanded.

Lori complied and put her head on her pillow. Brad unzipped the other sl**ping bag and d****d it over is mother like a blanket, then crawled in next to her, laying his head on his own pillow. He pulled the cover up over their heads, so they were snuggled inside the makeshift bed and somewhat insulated from sounds outside.

He got close to his mother to whisper to her. “Talk to me,” he said.

“I don’t…know what to say,” she said, haltingly.

“You were saying I was the best kisser in the world?”

Lori covered her mouth to stifle her laugh. She nodded through the giggles. “Yes, baby!”

“That was the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to me,” he said.

“Me too!” she exclaimed. She hoped he didn’t mean weird in a bad way. She looked at him pensively. “Are you okay?”

Brad nodded emphatically. “Are you?” he asked with a cringe.

Lori breathed in deeply through her nose and let it out. “I think so.” The truth was, she was feeling better than she’d felt in months, but her conscience was blocking her from enjoying the feeling. “I don’t know what to think. I feel like a terrible mother.”

“You’re the best mother there is,” he said earnestly.

“No, a good mother would never kiss her son like that.”

“Then I don’t want a good mother. I want you.”

“Oh, thanks!” she said sarcastically.

“You know what I meant,” Brad said.

“I just don’t know what came over me. It felt like we were in a dream.”

“It was a really good dream,” he countered, touching her hand under the covers.

“What are we supposed to do now?”

“How do you feel about kissing me again?” he asked.

Guilty surprise cascaded down her face. There was no way she could answer that question honestly.

“Brad, I—”

Brad met her lips with his and immediately began kissing her where they’d left off at the lake. The surprise Lori felt was almost immediately overtaken by the same lustful emotion that had driven her to slip her tongue into his mouth the first time. She pulled him into her with her hand behind his head and kissed him deeply. It felt so perfect and untainted Lori wondered why on earth she had wasted a whole day worrying about it! Brad was thinking the same thing. This is the real reason they’d wanted to be alone and had avoided being alone; there was no use denying it.

They lay quietly together and kissed for several minutes, no longer speaking. Lori felt like she was telling her son how much she loved him with every caress of their tongues, as though their kissing transcended any loving motherly gesture she had ever given him up to now. It felt good. It felt natural. She found herself hoping Brad would try to put a move on her, like a k** on a date. He was her son, but the idea began to consume her guilty mind.

As if on cue, Brad nudged her onto her back while kissing her neck, and half crawled onto her. He took a risk and gave into his lustful urge. He worked up to her ear and nibbled her earlobe gently before lightly whispering to her. “Can I go further?”

Lori felt the bl**d drain from her face. They were really doing this. But wasn’t this the true reason why she’d “had” to sneak into his tent? Things would never be the same. Losing the relationship she had with her son was unthinkable, but the desire in her heart at that moment was overshadowing every other need.

“Brad,” she whispered. “I love you.”

He continued to caress her ear with his tongue and whispered softly to her, “I love you too, Mom. Let me show you.”

Lori stifled a moan. The very sound of her son’s voice speaking seductively to her was enough to cause a tremor in her womb. Ignoring it the best she could, she took a wheezy breath and tried to reply. “I’m afraid.”

“Are you afraid I won’t love you the same?”

“I’m afraid I won’t love you the same,” she corrected gently.

“We’ll love each other more.”

“Oh my god, baby,” she cried, pulling his face back to her lips. Why did he keep saying the right things? She couldn’t reason with him if he would melt her heart with every response. But her conscience demanded that she put her foot down. “We can’t go very far with this, Brad,” she asserted weakly. She knew it wasn’t exactly putting her foot down. “Do you understand? I mean, kissing is one thing— ”

“When was the last time you were with Dad?” he interrupted. Brad suddenly felt very aroused at forcing such a direct question about her sex life.

The shock of the question rippled through her body like a heavy rock tossed into a calm pond. She’d not been with Gary, or any other man for a shamefully long time. She had downplayed her loneliness and protected her heart by not dwelling on her relationship with her husband, pushing the thought of having sex and even being romantically loved out of her mind. She had been completely chaste during their estrangement and while divorce proceedings were finalized. Even after the divorce was final, she still hadn’t totally emerged from her protective shell. She had been steadfastly faithful to her husband until now.

Brad’s direct question f***ed her to admit her loneliness. She put her palm on her forehead and gave an embarrassed chuckle to mask her self-consciousness. “Oh god. It’s been a long time. Months and months.” In fact, it had been well over a year.

“And in all that time you’ve never wanted to be with another man?” he asked her.

Lori shook her head. “It would be like cheating on him.”

“You’re not cheating on him! He cheated on you!” Brad implored.

Lori’s lips curled into a grimace and she bit her lip to keep from crying. She’d been so in love with Gary that even after he’d slighted her she couldn’t find other men attractive. She’d kept inside her shell in the u*********s hope that maybe he’d come back. She knew it would never happen, but her heart would not let go of hope.

“I’m sorry,” Brad said softly. The last thing he wanted to do was make her upset.

She looked at her attractive son. He didn’t look like his dad. In fact, he took after her. His slender physique and cute nose were clearly inherited from her side of the f****y. He didn’t look like any man she’d ever known. He was much more beautiful. He was much easier to love. She knew it was because he was her son, but something about him f***ed her to accept the affection that she would reject from any other man.

“Don’t you think it’s time you felt loved again?” he whispered quietly to her. He was being very forward and he knew it. Talking to his mother like this was giving Brad the most cherished heart-pounding euphoria. He could lie there and whisper sweet things in her ear all night.

Lori listened to his words echo in her head. She already felt loved by him. It was just a matter of accepting it. God, he was right! It was right there in front of her. He was offering a kind of love that she was afraid to take from anybody else. Her son was offering to satisfy her needs as a woman.

He kissed her cheek and touched his lips to her ear. “I’m here for you,” he said gently.

“Brad,” she whimpered. “I love you so much. You’re perfect!” she whispered earnestly. “But we can’t, baby.” If only her son really knew what she wanted him to do to her!

“We won’t,” he reassured. “But, don’t you think you need some attention? I have some to give you.” He gave her the most tender, gentlest kiss yet, barely touching lips. Lori’s resolve began to wane.

“Let me take care of you,” he said, kissing her face. “Nobody has to know. This is between you and me. You know I love you,” he whispered again in her ear. “It’s me.”

“Ohhh,” she whimpered in a long, high-pitched note. He kissed down her neck and allowed his right hand to wander onto her tummy. He could feel her quivering with each breath. She was so fragile! He moved his hand very slowly on her, still tentative about touching his mother like this, but he wanted, needed to feel her body. He kissed her neck and caressed the soft skin with his nose while his hand steadily marched toward her supple breasts. Lori bit her lip in anticipation. He was moving so slowly it hurt!

At last his hand found her breasts. Lori stiffened up at his lascivious touch, her hard nipples feeling every crease of his fingers and palm over her t-shirt. “Brad,” she said breathlessly.

He squeezed her lightly, eliciting an involuntary quiet moan from her. He massaged and rubbed one breast over the shirt while he kissed her gently, then slid his hand over to the other one. He hoped she would not stop him. His eyes gently caressed hers. “Is this okay?” he asked.

Lori didn’t respond. Her son was feeling her tits. Of course it wasn’t okay.

He kissed her again and squeezed them more firmly, rubbing the nipple through her shirt with his index finger. “Do you want me to stop?” he whispered.

Lori paused a moment. She didn’t know the answer. She couldn’t think. But her head involuntarily answered for her. She pleaded with his eyes as she shook her head, “No.”

He slipped his hand under her shirt, moving steadily back up her bare skin to her breast. This time he felt her erect nipple with his fingers before cupping his mother’s sweet fleshy mound in his palm. He slid his other hand under her shirt and discovered the other nipple was equally hard. He caressed them while he watched the expression on her face change from apprehension to bliss.

She wanted to tell him to stop, to push his arms out of her shirt. She needed to tell him his hands didn’t belong there. She opened her mouth to protest. “Your hands feel so good,” was what came out.

Brad could feel her heart beating as he worked her shirt up over her tits and left it there on her chest. He admired his mom’s hard nubs, erect from the massage, her chest heaving slightly. Her tits were wonderfully round, if not a little smallish, but maintained their beautiful shape, even when lying on her back, even on her 43-year-old frame. Brad leaned down and did what comes naturally to a son with his mother.

The wet warmth of his mouth enveloped her left nipple. Lori watched him. She gazed at her son sucking on her breast with the attention a mother doe would to her fawn. It had been so long since he’d suckled Mommy’s milk, but to Lori the sensation felt like it was just yesterday, giving herself to her little boy again. She caressed his hair as she watched him lustfully lap up her tender flesh. He moved to the other one, more eagerly. Lori closed her eyes and tossed her head back. Her body was reacting—just like it had so many years ago, when she didn’t know what to do about the strange desire boiling up inside her, her swollen vagina glistening inside her panties while her son suckled her tender nipple.

She gave in. It felt too good. Just this one time, she thought. On an impulse, she took her shirt the rest of the way off and tossed it aside. Brad kissed up her neck to her chin and circled it with his tongue. She met his lips and kissed him deeply once again. She was feeling like a girl that was going too far on a first date. But her date was too irresistible to be stopped.

Brad’s hands wandered down her naked torso and found the waistband of her sweat pants. He didn’t tug on them, but rubbed her hips over the fabric, afraid to do anything more. Lori again began to formulate in her head how she would get out of this situation. She was so afraid of her desire for Brad to touch her pussy! The amalgam of carnal bliss and terror that the idea evoked was raising her heart rate once again.

Brad rubbed her stomach and let his fingers slip just under her waistband before bringing his hand back out. It was just a test to see how she would react. She tried not to react. He did it again, slipping his fingers in a little further. And he felt it. He felt her curly hair under the fabric and allowed his fingers to wander through it.

Lori’s back arched at suddenly feeling a hand down there that wasn’t her own. She wanted to be touched! She wanted him to immediately plunge two fingers into her drenched pussy and feel how wet she was for him. She involuntarily let a small moan dribble from her lips.

He pressed lightly on the top of her slit with his middle finger, gently nudging her firm clitoris nestled below. He wanted to say something sensual to her while his fingers began their loving journey into her, but all he could say was, “I’m nervous.”

Lori gave a gasp at feeling the first clitoral stimulation from her son and put both arms around his neck. “Me too. I’m shaking.”

“I know; I can feel you.”

“We’ll just be nervous together,” she gasped. “Brad? What will you think of me?”

“You know I love you,” he said. “Nothing we do is ever going to change that. You need me. Stop blocking.”

His words smoothed over her conscience for the moment. She picked her knees up off the ground slightly, spreading her legs and giving him the access he desired.

Brad felt her shift to let his fingers venture further down. He allowed them to slip between the folds of her labia, liberating the warm honey that was waiting just within. His mother was wet for him! He wasted no time in curling his finger down and letting it slip easily inside her—inside his mother’s pussy.

Lori pulled him to her and kissed him while letting out a quivering “Mmm” at the feeling of being explored by his finger. She nodded while she kissed him, wanting to tell him how she felt, wanting to say something naughty to him while his finger was inside her pussy. “Do you feel how wet I am?” was the naughtiest thing she could muster.

Brad smiled at her between kisses. “Tell me what you like,” he said, trying to get her to say it.

“I like you touching me.” She was embarrassed to put it so verbosely.

“You like me touching you where?” he asked still smiling and kissing. “Tell me,” he whispered. “Say it to me. It will feel good to say it.”

Lori breathed deep and crossed over to the other side with her boy. “I like you touching my pussy.” That felt good to say. “I like your finger inside me—inside my pussy.” Better.

God, he’d never heard something so dirty come out of his mom’s mouth! “Do you want more?” he asked.

Lori nodded through a smile, her eyes closed.

“Tell me what you want.”

“Two fingers,” she purred.

Brad obeyed and slipped his ring finger in alongside his middle, feeling her drenched depths all the way to his knuckles, coating his hand in her arousal. Brad fucked her with two fingers, thrusting in as far as he could while palming her clit. She was drenched inside and out. My god, his mother was more aroused than he was! He kissed her gently while continuing to finger her, Lori’s sweet mother’s nectar dripping down into his palm. She rocked her hips against her son’s hand, arching her body to guide his fingers in further. Brad lovingly stroked his two fingers in and out of the tight wetness of his mother’s pussy, disbelieving his father could have ever given this piece of heaven up.

“Oh, Brad!” she said with a shudder. “Your hand feels so good.” Her sweatpants were hindering him from touching more of her body. He worked the waistband slowly down around her hips.

Lori felt her pants begin to slide down from her hips and instinctively grabbed them with one hand. “Oh, god, baby, I don’t know,” she gently pleaded.

Brad rubbed the newly exposed skin of her hips, gently coaxing her sweatpants down another inch. Lori put her hands on his wrists and pulled him onto her to prevent him from undressing her further. She said nothing more but kissed him tenderly, almost as an apology. He slowly crawled further onto her, relishing the guilty pleasure of putting his weight on her. He could feel his mother’s arms coaxing him further on, arousing him beyond measure to be on top of her small body.

The blessed feeling of safety and comfort engulfed Lori as her son settled onto her. She’d never felt so simultaneously aroused and protected by a man. She u*********sly spread her legs for him, allowing his hips to slide down between her thighs. She immediately felt his erection through the layers of clothing that separated them, easily and naturally finding her feminine valley through the soft sweatpants and putting pressure on her clitoris. The sensation was abrupt and awakening as she gasped involuntarily at his weight focusing on her tender spot, blotting up her pussy’s moisture with the rubbing fabric.

Brad instinctively ground his hips gently into her. He pushed up on his hands and wiggled his weight on his mother, watching her, caressing her face with his eyes, like he was making love to her. He began thrusting rhythmically for her, listening to her broken breathing, her slight gasps and moans at being stimulated by her son’s erect cock.

Brad kissed her lips and began his journey down her body. He kissed her chin, then her neck, then her nipples. “Ohhhh, my baby boy,” she muttered. She was beginning to fall in love with her son’s mouth all over again. His lips continued downward, over the soft hump of her tummy. Lori gave a small whimper, sinfully aware of how close his mouth was to her pussy.

She felt his hands once again tugging at her pants. Her arousal was far too intense to stop him now. She watched him gently work the pants off her hips and down her thighs, unable to say anything to stop him.

Brad could hardly believe what his hands were doing. He was undressing his own mother, even over her slight protests. His heart threatened to beat out of his chest at the sight of her pussy. Should he even know what his mom looked like naked? Was she really okay with this?

She was naked. She was naked and exposed to her son and it felt positively exhilarating! She watched him take in her body with his eyes—her pert round breasts, her creamy stomach, her dark mound of motherly pubic hair barely hiding her puffy labia. She had to draw a line. There was no negotiating this time.

She quickly sat up and grabbed him by the head, pulling him back down with her as her head hit the pillow. She kissed him deeply before looking seriously into his eyes. “Your clothes stay on. Understood?” Brad nodded.

Lori longingly gazed at his mouth, licking her own lips at the same time. She yearned to say it to him—to tell her son what she wanted. Her vagina was gushing at the thought. She took a quivering breath and let it out quietly. “Use your mouth.” Before Brad could coach her on her new language, she liberated the sweet dirty words. “Lick me. Lick Mommy’s pussy.”

Brad wasted no time kissing back down her body as before, leaving a trail of wetness that only added to Lori’s unbridled arousal. He worked himself backward, scooting back until his face was near her quivering mound. He rubbed his hands down both her thighs as he tongued her abdomen. He continued rubbing as his tongue glided further south, at last coming in contact with her pubic hair. He checked her eyes one more time before kissing around the perimeter of her mound, smelling her womanhood as he went, whetting his appetite for her juicy flesh.

She felt his wet lips on top of her thigh. She watched him work his mouth down to her inner thigh, closer to her pussy lips. His tongue grazed the feminine crease where labia meets leg. Oh god, he was down there! She spread herself open for him, delicious and dirty. His hands on her inner thighs coaxed her to open her legs even further and she felt her labia begin to separate. The infinitely naughty feeling of spreading open her pussy right in front of her son became her sole source of arousal. It felt as naughty as the first time she’d touched herself.

The delicious gloss of dew on her motherly blossom begged him to have a drink. He buried his nose in her clitoral hood as he kissed her vagina, plunging his tongue into her slippery birth canal and tasting its salty depths. He gazed into her eyes as he drank in what he could bring to the surface and went down for more.

Lori couldn’t look away from his eyes. She bit her lip to keep quiet. He was so beautiful between her legs! Her love for him was bursting knowing her own son wanted this from her. She spread her legs wide and touched the top of his head with her hand. A deep warmth welled up in her tummy as Brad licked her clit. She focused on his eyes—his beautiful eyes. They were so kind, so understanding of his mother’s needs, so willing to make her happy. She unapologetically pushed his face further onto her, rocking her hips against him, feeling his nose and chin as well as his tongue rub her tender parts. The stubble on his chin was driving her wild! She closed her legs on his head, squeezing him tight, not letting go of his head with her hand.

Brad moved his head in exaggerated motions inside the tight confines of her squeezing legs, rubbing his stubbly whiskers on the tender skin of her thighs. Lori’s eyes rolled back in her head at the insidious scratching that was augmenting her steady progress to climax. She focused on it. She never let go of his head. She opened her eyes again.

“Brad, look at me, baby.”

Brad gazed back at her once again, focusing his tongue on the spot that was getting the most moans—tasting her sweet, musky arousal.

“Do you love your mommy?” she asked breathlessly.

Brad nodded without breaking rhythm.

“Your mommy loves you, baby. So much!” God! Talking lovingly to her son while he licked her pussy was erotic heaven. It was going to happen soon. The warmth in her womb was ready to burst out! “Mommy loves you,” she said again. “You’re gonna make me come, baby!”

Hearing his mother say such a sexy thing tasted like honey dripping into his mouth. He nodded at her, but didn’t speak. His tongue was aching, but he wouldn’t stop until he tasted her climax.

His eyes were what did it for her, loving her, caressing her, pushing her over the edge—her son loving her dirty. She didn’t want to look away from his sweet face, but she was going to need to. Lori didn’t know how to have a quiet orgasm. She stifled her moans for as long as she could but the time had come to let it out. She grabbed Brad’s pillow and hugged it onto her face as Brad watched her belly start to quiver and her vagina begin to pulse on his mouth. He eagerly drank in the product of her convulsions, his mother’s dripping gratification.

Lori screamed into the pillow, hugging it as tight as she could, waves of fluid erotic pleasure rippling from Brad’s tongue, spiraling out from her womb, just grazing her heart. Brad couldn’t hear her screaming with her legs wrapped so tightly around his head, her pussy bucking against his face. His oxygen-starved brain began to feel light, but it would not deter him from his prime objective. He would pass out before denying his mother her orgasm.

Lori let her ass finally settle back down to the ground, releasing Brad from her sl**per hold, breathing loudly into the pillow. “Oh god, baby. Oh god. Oh god.” Brad gently kissed the inside of her thighs while she recovered, feeling occasional aftershocks rippling along her legs.

She pulled the pillow off her face, still breathing heavily and let her legs flop limp on the floor of the tent. Brad crawled up beside her with a very sheepish grin on his face. Lori took one look at him and covered her face again with the pillow. “Oh!” she yelped, embarrassed.

Brad’s grin grew to a big smile as he waited on his mother to reveal her face again. She peeked out from the pillow with one eye. “Oh my god, Brad.”

“That was amazing,” he said in disbelief. “I’ve never felt a woman come like that!”

“Oh! Oh, god! Shut up, shut up, shut up!” she said, half giggling. “You shouldn’t talk to your mother that way.”

Brad laughed loudly, which prompted Lori to clap a palm over his mouth. “Jesus Christ, Brad, what did we just do?”

“Well, you just came on my face—”

“Aaaah! No don’t say it! My god, what kind of mother am I?”

Brad looked at her for a moment. “God, you’re beautiful.”

Lori’s smile faded from her lips as she gazed into his piercing blue eyes once again. She took his face gently in her palm and drew him to her. “You’re a perfect son,” she whispered softly.

Brad kissed her sweetly, tentatively, knowing full well his face was still wet with her orgasm. Lori kissed him back, touching tongues with him once again, embarrassed at what had happened, but strangely comforted by her own taste on his lips.

They looked at each other in an awkward moment, not knowing how to proceed. “You should get back in the camper,” Brad finally said.

Lori nodded reluctantly. He was right. She quickly pulled her clothes back on and kissed her son goodnight on the cheek before crawling out of the tent. Brad heard her quietly open and close the door to the camper. It took him a good hour to fall asl**p.

Tuesday: Ursa Major

Lori’s mind was a million miles from the hash brown potatoes she stirred over the fire. This morning it was country breakfast for the troops and she was up early peeling potatoes and chopping peppers and onions. She’d made it a million times and this morning she was on autopilot. She couldn’t think about food. She could only think about how she came for her son last night. She held his head down on her spread pussy and had an orgasm right in his face.

If it wasn’t for the sinister arousal it evoked in her, even right now, she would probably have been able to vanquish it from her mind, a sore mistake that would be relegated to a dark corner, never to be revisited again. But she would never forget it. She would never forget the earnest expression of love in her son’s blue eyes as he deftly manipulated her clitoris with his tongue.

So absent was her mind from her duties that she nearly grabbed the scalding handle of the cast-iron skillet with her bare hand. Good god, Lori, get a grip, she thought to herself. She’d never found herself so alarmingly aroused by an erotic memory, yet so embarrassed with shame. Out of the corner of her eye she saw her son emerge from his tent. She actually dreaded seeing his face this morning.

“How much longer for the potatoes, s*s?” asked Caroline.

“About there,” replied Lori.

“Alright, cakes on the griddle,” she announced, and started spooning batter onto a hot pan. “Come and get it!”

One by one the f****y members made their way to the campfire to get their share of the good grub this morning. Lori spooned potatoes onto the plates in their outstretched hands. Brad was last in line. Lori dropped a heaping spoonful onto his plate and f***ed herself to look at him. Brad’s lips were pursed, but he was obviously hiding an expression that was bursting to get out. They looked at each other seriously for a moment before they both were unable to contain it any longer. Brad flashed her a smile which made Lori involuntarily snicker.

“What?” asked Caroline.

Lori caught herself, embarrassed and looked at her s****r. “Oh…inside joke.”

Caroline looked up at Brad’s smiling face. “You’re as goofy as your mother, Brad.”

“Thank you,” he said. “At least I know I get it honest.” He winked at his mother before going to find a chair.

Lori’s heart nearly melted at watching him walk away. She never remembered his butt being that cute. It was as though she wasn’t able to see it before. She was tempted to ask Caroline if he’d always looked like that, but she thought better of it.

She dutifully gathered the dishes after breakfast and carried them into the camper to wash them.

“I’ll help you,” Caroline offered, grabbing an armload of dishes.

“Will said he had a good time with his cousins yesterday on the trail,” noted Caroline as she started the water in the sink.

“Brad said it was ten kilometers. I can’t believe the boys made it all the way around the lake!”

“They didn’t want to let Brad down. They both worship the ground he walks on. He’s such a good boy, Lori.”

Lori sighed. “I know. I wish I’d had five more of him.”

“I never understood why you never had more k**s. Forgive me for prying. I just never felt comfortable asking you before.”

“It’s okay,” Lori reassured. “I wanted more, but one was enough for Gary. Truth be told, I think one was too many for him.”

“Well, the one you got is just about perfect.”

Both women looked out the window, watching Brad throw a football with Will and Jayden. Neither of them could bring themselves to say it, but both sets of eyes were glued to Brad’s tight ass as he evaded tackles. For a good thirty seconds not a single dish got washed.

They simultaneously caught themselves ogling Brad and silently resumed the dishes. Caroline took a breath and finally spoke. “Yep, five more Brads would have been just okay.”

Both women giggled with embarrassment.

Their quiet chore was rudely interrupted by Will opening the camper door in a rush. “Mom!” he shouted. “Dad says he saw a bull moose over in the clearing down the hill!”

“Oh, that’s wonderful, sweetie!” Caroline responded in a placatory tone.

Will waited but wasn’t getting the reaction he expected. “Come on!”

“Oh! Right!” she said, drying her hands with a dish towel. She spoke to Lori quietly out of the side of her mouth, “I’ve gotta go see a bull moose.”

“I’ll finish up here; go see your moose,” she giggled.

Lori continued the dishes while she looked out the window for her son. The campsite was deserted with everyone headed down the hill to get a look at the moose. She finished the plates and dumped the dirty silverware into the soapy water.

Hearing the door open, she turned to see Brad step into the camper. “Want some help?” he asked her, like a good son.

“Didn’t go see the moose?” she asked, pleasantly surprised.

“I saw enough of them on the way here.”

“Oh, right.” She’d almost forgotten he’d been living in the wilderness for four days.

Brad took the washed silverware from his mother and rinsed them in the sink before drying and stacking them in the drawer. His hips were touching his mother’s on purpose. He was a good six inches taller than Lori at nearly six feet. Lori always complained about feeling like a dwarf next to him.

But right now their size difference wasn’t making her feel short; it was making her feel very feminine. She felt like she would melt into his strong arms if he hugged her right now. “My gosh, Brad, are you done growing yet?” she asked, only half revealing what was on her mind.

“I hope not,” he said. Brad leaned over and whispered in her ear. “Did you sl**p well last night?”

Lori paused a moment before answering. “Yes,” she said sheepishly. She knew full well she went to bed satisfied and he didn’t. She had more than one reason to feel guilty.

Brad sensed her embarrassment and smiled to himself. “I’m glad,” he said. He paused a moment. “Did you think about me?”

Lori laughed. “Is that a trick question? How could I not think about you, baby?”

“I thought about you, too.”

“Are they still good thoughts?” she asked.

Brad hadn’t thought about anything else since the moment his mother left his tent. He dropped the silverware he was holding into the drawer and leaned into Lori. She kissed him tenderly without taking her hands out of the dishwater. She felt like an infatuated teen. She felt her knees weaken and put her dripping hands on the edge of the sink to steady herself.

“Is that a yes?” she asked with a relieved giggle.

Brad smiled at his beautiful mom and nodded.

“Run with me later?” she asked.

“You bet.” They parted as Will opened the camper door to give the wildlife report.

“It was huge!” he exclaimed. Brad walked out to hear all about the moose.

Later that day Lori donned her usual late afternoon garb in the camper in preparation for the early evening run. She emerged from the camper to find Brad sitting on a picnic table, tying his shoes.

“Different loop today?” she asked. “I’m ready for a change of scenery.”

“Let’s go the other way this time,” he suggested, “—toward the park entrance.”

Off they went at the same pace as before. Brad already felt better about keeping up with her this time. The evening air was still and the summer sun still shone brightly.

“I’ve never run outside the park,” she said as they approached the sign at the entrance to La Cloche.

“We won’t go far,” Brad said. Five hundred meters away was the entrance to the side trail that Brad had taken to get there on his hike. “Do you wanna run on the trail?” he asked. “It’s nice and flat here.”

“You know where you’re going?” she asked.

“It’s about three kilometers to the main trail from here. We can turn around and come back once we get there.”

They cut into the trail and followed it through the woods. It was nice to be away from the road for once. Lori could see what really appealed to Brad about being on the trail, the smells, the sounds, this skitter of small mammals clearing the way.

A thousand meters into the trail, Brad fell in behind his mother on the narrow stretches. It was no accident he let her lead. His gaze once again fell to her perfect ass in her running shorts, jiggling and bouncing as though she were running merely for his enjoyment. He wanted to reach out and just touch her—to fill his hands with her soft flesh under the spandex. Did she even know how sexy her ass was?

He touched her much sooner than expected as his groin suddenly slammed into her ass. Lori had frozen in her tracks and Brad nearly bowled her over. He grabbed her around the waist to prevent her from falling and then looked up, still holding her. His racing heart beat even harder when he saw why she had stopped. A mama black bear and her cub were staring right back at them 50 meters or so away, standing directly on the trail.

Lori leaned back into Brad, not knowing what to do. She’d never encountered a bear before, much less a mother with her cub. “What do we do?” she whispered breathlessly.

Brad immediately began slowly backpedaling, pulling Lori along with him. “She’ll get aggressive if she thinks we’re a threat to her cub. We need to give her some space.”

Lori kept herself pressed against her son’s body as they backed away from the bears. She felt oddly comfortable and safe while she was in physical contact with him, as though he was some kind of shield that could ward off a bear attack with his mystical manly powers. The only power Brad really had was the power of avoidance. And he used it well, guiding her backwards with him, off the trail, never facing away from the mother bear. He found a large fallen tree trunk with no bark left and sat down on it, pulling Lori onto his lap.

“Let’s just see what she does,” he said quietly. The bear kept her eyes focused on the two humans as they slowly retreated and parked themselves on the fallen tree. The bear tarried for several minutes, glancing back at them every once in a while as she kept an eye on her cub. Seeing they weren’t a threat, but weren’t leaving either, the bear decided to head off through the woods to get away from the annoying intruders.

Lori had calmed down while they waited on the log, but the warm-up run followed by the frightening encounter had her bl**d pressure up and her libido maxed out! The clean forest air in her nostrils, the sound of chirping birds echoing off the trees, and the wet, green light filtering down through the canopy above were all making her feel positively alive! She was suddenly aware that her ass was grinding on her son, causing the first bit of a hard nub to protrude from his shorts and into her ass from below.

The bears had disappeared altogether and Brad focused his attention on his mother’s soft ass on his groin, inexplicably grinding on him, suddenly shifting the bl**d to his cock. He slowly grew with each little movement. Soon Lori was rocking her hips on him, feeling his rod grow underneath her.

She honestly didn’t know what had gotten into her! It was like she suddenly she had the energy of a cougar. She got a very, very naughty idea in her head. After what Brad had done to her last night, she felt emboldened. Just do it, Lori, she thought to herself. God, she was so tired of resisting!

She slid off her son’s lap and turned around to face him on her knees. She put her hands on his thighs and leaned in to give him a gentle kiss. Brad gladly kissed her back, surprised that his mother was making such a bold move on him, and even more surprised that she was doing it right there in the forest.

Her hands wandered up to his waistband as she kissed him and tugged downward, giving him a little hint. Brad took the hint and raised his ass off the tree trunk just long enough for Lori to take them down, underwear and all. She stopped kissing him and pushed the clothes down to his ankles. She couldn’t believe she was going to do it, but at the same time she was relieved that she’d finally gotten the gumption to just follow her heart.

And her heart was immediately overjoyed when she saw what was between her son’s legs. My god, her son was bigger than his father! He was longer by at least two inches, and clearly had more girth. She mentally added that to the list of things Brad didn’t inherit from his dad.

She gave him a pensive look before touching his package with the palm of her hand, gently rubbing up and down from tip to scrotum. She looked at Brad momentarily before focusing her attention again on his cock. As she expected, his expression was pleasant surprise. She had more surprises for him. She touched her lips to the head of his penis, and then his thick, pink, veiny shaft, fully erect now from the light caresses she’d given him. A full eight inches down, she found his scrotum, and kissed it tenderly while touching his shaft with her nose.

She traced the shaft back up to the tip with her wet tongue. A slutty glance up to his eyes gifted him the pleasure of watching the woman he’d only known as Mom slowly take the head of his penis into her mouth.

She looked at him with sexy feigned sadness in her eyes, as though acknowledging that she was being bad. Her tongue swirled around the head of his cock while she palmed his balls, caressing and gently squeezing them.

Brad’s mouth hung open as he watched her devour his cock. He had never even considered that his mom knew how to do such a thing. She looked so dirty down on her knees in front of him, sucking his dick and playing with his balls. The image was almost heartbreaking, as though she were demeaning herself, but it only served to further his arousal as he watched her begin to expertly stroke his shaft while she sucked the head.

She wagged her head in slow, slutty, deliberate strokes as she sucked, trying to look as naughty as she could for him. She popped it out of her mouth to speak. “I bet you didn’t expect this.”

“Umm, no.”

“What about this?” She sunk her head onto his cock, letting him plow deeply into her tight, slippery throat until his pubic hair was mashed against her lips. She bobbed once, twice, and a third time before coming back up and looking at Brad, her hand stroking his now-slippery cock.

“Oh my god!” he softly exclaimed.

Lori took a great amount of pride at watching her son’s reaction to her unexpected skill. An experienced woman had more to offer a young man than he would have assumed. She didn’t wait for him to say anything more but plunged down onto him again, humming and moaning on his cock. She felt so slutty! She hoped Brad liked how she did it.

Brad stroked her light brown hair, pushing it behind her ear as she sucked him. “You look so beautiful with my cock in your mouth,” he said softly. “You’re so perfect, Mom!”

Lori nearly swooned at hearing her son talk to her so sweetly while she did something so dirty to him. She enjoyed doing this for Gary, at least when he still wanted it from her. But Brad was a much bigger challenge to deepthroat than his father. She was simultaneously aroused and proud that she was able to take his entire dick.

“You should watch for bears,” she said, coming up for a breath.

“I’d rather watch you.”

Lori lovingly gazed into her son’s eyes as she licked the head, stroking his long shaft. Brad couldn’t look away from her face. She was the pillar of beauty down on him, straining her neck to maintain blessed eye contact while her tongue never left his cock. His breathing was quickening. She could tell it wasn’t going to take her long to make her son come. She knew he had been watching her ass while they ran, making himself horny by admiring her beautiful, jiggling behind.

Brad leaned back on his hands to give himself some leverage to thrust his hips, stroking his penis through Lori’s small hands and up into her mouth. She held him just right, never letting up pressure, constantly stimulating him as he fucked her hands, and it was going to pay off very quickly.

His breathing involuntarily quickened. “Ohhhhhhh, Mom,” he groaned. “Ohhhhh, god, you’re gonna make me…Ohhhhhhhh!”

Lori squeezed his shaft tightly while she firmly licked the underside of his cock head with her stiff tongue. His balls tightened and he let out a stifled, muffled groan through gritted teeth as he began to unleash his juicy load. He couldn’t look away from his mother’s patiently waiting eyes as the climax finally enveloped him.

He had tried to warn her, assuming she would point his dick away while he ejaculated onto the forest floor, but to his delight and surprise, he got to deposit his cum right on her pretty lips and tongue. Lori stroked it all out of him before plunging his cock into her mouth to lick it off, sucking the last bits from his urethra and then dribbling it all out of her mouth and back onto his dick. She looked up at him as she lovingly cleaned his tool off again, this time swallowing it all.

She licked the cum off the corner of her mouth and used her fingers to get the rest, wasting not a single drop of it, ensuring that every white jiggly blob of semen made it inside her body.

Brad could only watch in loving amazement as the most perfect woman in the world showed him her undying love by eagerly taking his cum. She licked and slurped up and down the shaft, like a k** scrounging for the last remnants of cake batter on the beaters.

Lori had never swallowed a load of cum before in her life. She’d found Gary’s revolting, opting to jack him onto his belly or catch it in her hand to avoid staining the bed sheets. But an unexplainable urge had overcome her. She wanted, even needed to take Brad’s semen—to have it inside her. When it was all gone, she wanted more. She almost ached for it, even as the aftertaste still clung to her mouth.

Brad closed his eyes and lay down on the tree trunk to bask in the afterglow for a moment. His breathing cut through the quiet, still air of the forest. Lori rose up and laid her head on his chest, feeling a closeness to her son that she never knew she could feel. She was having some very strange feelings that she couldn’t put her finger on. It wasn’t even the fact that she’d just given her son head; it went much deeper than that—a longing inside her loins—an emptiness that hadn’t been filled for many, many years. She crept up to his face and gave him a tender kiss.

“Looks like the coast is clear.”

Brad sighed. “You think I’m gonna run now?” The tree Brad was lying on felt like a mattress made for a king. He could stay there the rest of the evening.

“Move it, soldier!” she ordered, standing up and pulling him up by the wrist. “And straighten out that uniform!”

Brad reached down to his ankles and pulled his shorts back up.

Lori was energized! She was ready to beat it back to the campground in record time. Brad pathetically slogged along behind her until the bl**d got flowing to his legs again. Lori had so much energy she finished with a dead sprint to the camper.

“Brad, your mother just owned you,” teased Caroline as he approached, a full minute behind Lori. Caroline sat on a picnic table while Lori leaned onto it, recovering.

“I got worn out protecting her from a bear,” he playfully lied, walking and out of breath.

“Really?” asked Caroline, looking at Lori. “You saw a bear? I always miss the fun stuff.”

“This one was extra fun,” said Lori, secretly winking at her son.

“Why’s that?” Caroline asked.

“Oh, just a mother and her cub enjoying themselves in the woods.”

Brad locked his intertwined fingers behind his head and waited on his heart rate to return from the stratosphere. His mother had him in awe. She had the energy and libido of a twenty-something, only with the wisdom and mature sexiness of a woman in her forties. What the hell had gotten into her? Whatever it was, he loved it.

Wednesday: Aurora Borealis

Lori awoke the next morning with a joy in her heart she couldn’t quite understand. The things she and her son had been doing on this camping trip were definitely enough to impose penance on her soul when she returned to her real life, but that seemed oddly insignificant this morning.

They’d slept apart that night, unable to find an excuse to end up together and not wanting to push their luck with getting caught. Lori found Brad kicked back in a chair looking intently at his phone. She sat down next to him and lovingly stroked the back of his head. “What are you reading?” she asked.

“An article about the Northern Lights,” he said without looking up. “It’s gonna be a good one tonight. They’re talking high angle and potential for lots of colors.”

“Really?” she exclaimed incredulously. “How lucky are we? God, I can’t wait!” Lori got up and ambled around the campsite, looking up at the trees. She could see a problem. “Hmm,” she mumbled.

Brad looked up from his phone. “What is it?”

“Well, look. We have clear view east, an okay view west, and a spectacular view south across the lake. But what is to the north?”

“A big tree-lined hill,” Brad said, more disappointed that he hadn’t noticed the problem before Lori pointed it out.

“That’s a problem,” she said.

“Damn. Can’t we climb the hill?” he suggested.

Lori shook her head. “It’s protected land. They warned us about going on it when we signed the papers this weekend.”

Brad picked up a rock and hurled it into the woods. “Fuck,” he muttered to himself. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that was going to pass him by because some politician designated a hill off-limits. It was too bad the campground was situated on the north end of the lake. The other side had a much better view. Then it hit him.

“Hey, wait a minute! I have a crazy idea.”

Lori looked up expectantly.

“I know where there’s a beautiful view of the northern sky.”

“Where?” she asked.

He pointed toward the lake. “It’s a hike, though. It’s on the other side of the lake.”

“Oh!” she said. “How long does it take to get there?”

“It’s half a day on a rugged trail. It’s the hike I took the boys on Monday. There’s an abandoned campsite with a view you have to see to believe. It would mean an overnight camp, of course.”

Lori glanced in the direction of the lake and considered the ramifications of taking such an excursion. Her knees nearly buckled at the thought. She looked back at Brad pensively. “When do we need to start hiking?”

“Are you serious?” he asked excitedly.

“What do you think?” Lori asked him, a hopeful expression on her face.

“I think we’d better get packing,” he declared. “I still have plenty of food provisions in my backpack. It will keep us alive for a couple days if need be.”

“Do you think I can do it?” she asked.

“Pfft, are you k**ding me?” he responded incredulously. “You’re in better shape than I am!”

Lori felt a strange excitement at the idea of a long hike with Brad, her clear mind now bent on a singular purpose. She went into the camper and gathered up some of her personal items and packed a change of clothes.

“Going somewhere, s*s?” asked Caroline, cleaning up the campfire pie irons from the night before.

“Brad and I are taking an overnight hike.”

“Oh, that’s so sweet! A little mother-son bonding time? You’re a lucky momma to get so much attention from Brad.”

“I know,” Lori said sheepishly. She sat down to change her socks and shoes. She was a lucky momma. She didn’t even realize how much yet. Brad was a son who had a lot to give his mother.

They said goodbye to the rest of the f****y just after lunch and set off on their journey, backpacks full for a comfortable overnight stay.

Julia and Caroline watched the pair head off toward the lake, both feeling a bit jealous of their s****r.

“I could spend a night in the woods with Brad,” muttered Caroline.

“Stop!” whispered Julia. “You’re giving me hot flashes.”

“God, we’re so bad,” asserted Caroline. They both giggled.

The trail was indeed rugged, with several spots scaling a six-inch wide footpath along a cliff overlooking the lake. Lori did her best to be cool on the dangerous places and thought she might have actually impressed her son with her confidence.

At last they arrived at the campsite Brad had found on the previous hike, thankfully still abandoned.

Lori stood mesmerized at the stunning vista that presented itself to their eyes only. “Oh my,” she said quietly to herself.

“Didn’t I tell you?” Brad said scanning the tree-adorned cliffs.

“It’s just breathtaking!” She reached over and took her son’s hand, just needing to touch another human being, thankfully her son, while she took in the staggering natural beauty.

They had a couple hours of daylight to make camp and get the fire going. Lori cooked dinner, which consisted of generous portions of rice and a powdered sauce mix with dehydrated veggies, which actually wasn’t terrible, much to her surprise. But she didn’t think she could live on it for four days like Brad had.

After dinner, Lori cleaned up the bowls out of habit and stowed them away. Brad spread a sl**ping bag and pillows on the smooth rocks, against a natural backrest—perfect for watching the sky. Lori sat down on his newly created makeshift sofa and removed her shoes, blissfully peeling the socks off her aching feet. The colors on the horizon were fading toward the red end of the spectrum and Venus could be seen, still high in the western sky.

“Honey?” she asked sweetly, holding a foot up.

Brad smiled at her. “Okay,” he relented. He didn’t mind rubbing his mom’s feet. It occurred to him now that he’d actually found it a bit erotic when he used to do it for her at home. It was one of those little mother-son bonding activities that Brad had just taken for granted when he was young. He held out his hands and Lori offered her left foot to him.

Ohhhhhhh,” she moaned. “That was a long hike.”

“You did fantastic!” Brad praised. “I’m proud of you.”

“Thank you, baby! I’m prouder of you. You’re an amazing young man. Caroline and I had a little chat about you yesterday.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, we decided I should have had more k**s just like you.”

He laughed. “Oh, you couldn’t handle more than one of me.” He grew serious. “Why didn’t you?”

Lori smiled at her son. “It wasn’t what your father wanted.”

“Hmmph,” he grunted. “Dad’s used to getting what he wants, isn’t he?”

She nodded but said nothing, enjoying her son’s magic fingers on the soles of her tired feet. They sat in silence for a while as he worked on her. He eventually set her foot down.

“Other foot,” he commanded. She gave him her right and the whole blissful routine started over again. He kneaded her tired, aching foot in silence for a long time, relaxing his mother to the point of nearly dozing off. Lori opened her eyes briefly and looked out across the lake.

“What’s that?” she asked, pointing toward a very faint greenish shaft of light that appeared to jut out of the unseen ground and shine toward the sky. It slowly marched toward the right, as if it was a spotlight pointing skyward carried on the back of a giant truck.

“That’s it!” he confirmed.

“Oh,” she said, a little disappointed.

“Patience,” Brad advised. “A roaring fire starts out as a flickering flame.”

“Well said, Confucius.” Lori turned around and lay down next to Brad, putting her head on his shoulder and watching the sky. She didn’t know whether it was the long hike, or the foot massage or just being out in nature, but her soul was feeling very peaceful right now as she made physical contact with her son. She found his hand and held it.

“Have you ever been in love?” she asked him without taking her eyes off the faint dancing light.

“I think so,” he said. “I know I’ve had my heart broken, so I guess I was in love.”

“Who broke my sweet boy’s heart?” she asked with gentle concerned anger.

“Remember Carla?”

“Aww. Sweet girl. She broke your heart?”

“Yeah, well she didn’t realize she loved me.”

Lori burst out laughing. “I’m sorry to hear that, baby!” she giggled. “Maybe you didn’t do enough to convince her?”

“I just got a little in over my head with her. I always assumed she felt the same way, but she didn’t. Anyway, she totally reminded me of you.”

There he went again saying the perfect thing to her. Lori felt a quiver deep inside and snuggled closer to him. She felt autopilot taking over again, as though her rational mind was just giving up on trying to control her. Something was arresting her heart whenever she was alone with her son—something even stronger than the compulsion that drove her to come on his face two nights ago, or the need to swallow every drop of his semen the day before. This went beyond even the sweet taboo sex. This need was primal, and it was taking over right there in the wilderness.

“What was it about her that reminded you of me?” she said into his neck.

“Oh, god, it was the way she talked to me, the way she seemed to care about me, it was her pretty face…” he swallowed. “And now that I think about it, it was her amazing body. She was my idea of the perfect woman, but she wasn’t real. She wasn’t you.”

“I’m real,” Lori said. “And I’ll never break your heart.” Brad turned to look at her and Lori immediately kissed him. “I promise,” she whispered, touching his lips again. The shackles fell from her wrists and she grabbed his face with both hands, pulling him to her and tonguing him deeply. Joy spread outwardly from her chest, into her stomach, out her arms and down her legs, tingling her whole body.

To Brad’s surprise, she pulled his shirt up, forcing him to raise his arms up so she could slide it off. Running her hand down his firm chest and abdomen, she wasted no time in finding his belt buckle and pulling it loose, unfastening his pants and unzipping him. Brad sat for a moment, stunned at his mom’s sudden bold maneuver. The look on her face said it all—confident and unburdened by conscience. His inhibitions dropped as her sanguine caresses of his abdomen persuaded his cock to begin growing. He pushed his shorts to his ankles, underwear and all, and Lori grabbed his hiking boots, sloppily untying them and forcing them off his feet. He was soon naked as his mother returned back to his side, sitting up with him and kissing him.

Brad didn’t know what to do. They had a rule—only one of them naked at a time. He felt her breasts over her shirt, feeling her hard nipples right through her bra. His cock quickly grew to its largest proportion. Fuck it, he thought. He started to push her shirt up.

Lori responded by quickly raising her arms over her head. Brad took her shirt off and discarded it, admiring her petite lacy bra. They kissed for a while, sitting up. At last Brad slipped his left hand under her bra strap and flipped it open one handed. Lori smiled as she kissed him.

“You’re too good at that.”

“It’s just a young man’s basic skill,” he said modestly.

Lori could picture Brad doing that to girls, making out with them and deftly getting them undressed with almost no effort, their panties soaking wet and their tender bodies aching to submit to his gentle charm. Tonight she felt like one of those lucky girls.

Brad leaned down and sucked his mother’s breast as she arched her back and pressed her chest into him. The urge to give herself completely to him had long taken over. Only her clothes stood in the way.

Brad felt emboldened and bravely unfastened her shorts, unzipping them and spreading them open in front. Lori moaned softly at feeling her son’s hands get close to her sex. She abruptly stood up and put her hands on her hips, wiggling them while she worked the shorts down to her thighs. They dropped to her feet and she stepped out of them and toward Brad in only her panties. She said nothing but looked at him pleasantly.

She stood for a moment taking in her son’s physical prowess. His abs and chest were cut like no man she’d ever been with. He had obviously done a million sit ups in his life, always keeping himself in shape for climbing and hiking. She’d seen him as a young adult without his shirt on many times, but now to see his slender hips and huge, jutting cock on his perfect body was enough to suddenly double the volume of moisture dribbling into her underwear.

Brad reached up for her waistband and gently tugged her panties down. His heart was about to beat out of his chest. He brought them all the way to her ankles and she stepped out.

To Brad’s unimaginable surprise, she immediately straddled him and sat on his lap facing him, her vagina mere inches from his raging hard cock. The expression on her face was as cool as a cucumber, even showed a little grin. Brad could feel his face flush as he sat naked under his beautiful mother.

Lori sensed his nervousness and couldn’t help but comfort him in a way only a mother could. “Baby? Are you okay?”

He was okay. He was perfectly okay. He kissed her neck, tasting the salty summertime skin.

Lori closed her eyes, holding her head to the side for him, then immediately felt her son’s hands on her ass, pulling her closer to him. He effortlessly slid her into him, bringing the lips of her pussy in contact with his standing member.

Brad couldn’t help but look down. They touched gently, lightly caressing themselves together as they watched. A light rocking of hips guided her swollen opening along his shaft, making his urethra glisten in the firelight. Lori applied more pressure on his cock, pressing into him, mashing her clitoris onto his hard shaft. She stalled by kissing his neck, pressing her tits against his chest, reveling in the euphoric intimate contact.

“Do you love me?” she asked. It was a silly question, but she wanted to hear the answer.

“Of course I do,” came the response.

“Do you want to show me?”

Brad took a deep breath while his heart blissfully considered what she meant by that beautiful question. “Please let me,” he begged quietly.

Several more shafts of pale green light followed the first, gliding slowly across the northern sky in slow, gradual succession. They were brighter now, and were beginning to shimmer, bending this way and that. Lori pressed her body into him, lurching forward and touching his belly with her pubic hair, rubbing it slowly on him, teasing her entrance right over his cock. “Mmmm,” she whimpered. Brad held still as he felt the head nudge open her swollen labia. Lori took a breath and readied herself, hugging her son tightly around the neck. “Show me,” she whispered as she relaxed her legs. Slowly down onto him she sank, accepting his wide girth all the way into her slippery depths.

She didn’t move for a moment, tarrying just on the other side of the taboo line they’d crossed, relishing the satisfying fullness of her son’s massive cock inside her. She pulled up and back down, distributing lubrication as she adjusted to his size.

“Oh god,” Brad moaned. He wasn’t expecting her to be so tight. She was his mother; her pussy wasn’t supposed to feel like a girl’s inside. But it did. Lori cupped his face in her hands and touched her forehead to his as she gently rocked. Brad’s hands went to her round ass and helped her move on him.

Mother and son made love under a black canvas of stars—a canvas that was being painted tonight with a rare splash of color. The brightness continued to intensify, despite being ignored by the two lovers upon which it shined.

“You feel perfect,” he said to her.

“So do you,” Lori said in a high voice, not taking her forehead away from his.

“No, you feel perfect. I’m not going to have any control, Mom.”

“It’s okay.” She rode him a little faster, ignoring his veiled suggestion that she slow down.

Brad’s breathing was getting heavy. Lori’s swollen, aroused vagina coated him with layer after layer of slippery wetness, enveloping his cock with its perfect, warm pressure. Brad knew he wasn’t going to be a sex hero for his mother—at least not while she was in control of the pace. He felt the beginning spark of climax in his glans and tried to think of something other than how perfect his mother’s pussy felt.

Lori gave him a brief respite as she shifted her weight. She pulled his back away from the sl**ping bag-adorned granite backrest so she could fit her legs behind him, latching onto his body, and then let him lean back again in comfort. Her weight was now squarely focused on his groin, pushing her pussy down on him to an almost unnatural depth.

She ground and rocked her hips again, holding the back of Brad’s neck for support, her legs hugging his back. Brad felt the climactic tickle return as she worked her pussy on him. A startling thought occurred to him.

“Are you on the pill?”

Lori said nothing, but shook her head slowly, gazing into his eyes, continuing to grind on him. She hadn’t been on the pill for over a year. What was the point? She had not been doing anything that needed protection.

“Something else? An implant or something?”

“Nothing,” she said, still looking him deeply in the eyes.

“Mom, I’m close to coming; we need to be careful.”

“It’s okay.”

“But—” he started to protest, but was interrupted by Lori’s lips pressed against his. She kissed him wetly and sweetly while she picked up the pace with her hips. Brad was beginning to get a little frustrated at his mother’s seemingly careless attitude. His arousal was near peak and he had no control over what was happening, his mother relentlessly grinding away on him, her weight focused on his cock, her legs firmly locked behind him.

“Mom,” he pleaded into her mouth. She felt so good! His brain was screaming for him to find a way to prevent what was about to happen, but he knew he was going to have to just let it go. “Mom,” he said again. “I’m gonna come!”

Lori knew this was the point of no return. She really hadn’t even thought it through. Her maternal instinct guided her every move. “I know, baby,” she whispered in his ear as she bore down, concentrating all her weight on her vagina, impaled on his long cock, coaxing out his precious seed.

“Aah!” he exclaimed. “Aah! Aah!” Brad repeated over and over as he reluctantly pumped his young cum onto his mother’s cervix deep inside. Lori moaned with pleasure at feeling the warm spatter finally coat her fertile insides. She slowed and moved in large strokes as the flexing of his cock inside her gradually stopped. She sat still on him, still holding him down.

“Mom?” Brad asked in a worried voice. “Is this gonna be okay? Is this a time of the month when you can’t get pregnant?”

Lori shook her head no.

“What do you mean?”

“I’m probably ovulating today,” she said, watching him closely.

Brad was stricken with fear and guilt. What if he’d made his mother pregnant? “Mom, I couldn’t stop it from happening!”

“Baby, it’s okay.” She caressed his face and kissed him gently.

“But what if you get pregnant?”

She hugged his neck for a long time, his erection waning inside her with worry. She finally answered, “I’m okay with that.”

Brad pulled away to look at her. “Really?” He was incredulous.

She nodded. “Would it be such a bad thing?”

Brad never even considered that getting a woman pregnant could be anything other than a crisis. Lori could see the wheels turning in his head.

“You want to get pregnant?” he asked.

Lori smiled. “I’ve wanted to since you were about this tall,” she said, holding her hand two feet above the ground. But your father would never agree to it. He only wanted one.” She pulled off him and lay down on the sl**ping bag, resting her head on his abdomen.

“Oh my god, look!” she exclaimed. They both looked at the sky. The shafts of light had multiplied and were now joining together in a shimmering zig-zag, very slowly rising and falling, twisting in and out, towering over the tiny silhouettes of hundred-foot cliffs and groves of pine trees that adorned the lake. “It’s so amazing!”

Brad’s head was awhirl with this sudden turn of events. He watched the dancing lights tease and pull, rise and fall. His mother’s naked body was next to him, holding his gift inside. She was so calm and peaceful! Was his baby really what she wanted?

“When did you decide you were going to do this?” he asked like a trial lawyer on cross.

“Right before you came in me,” she said without taking her eyes off the sky. Brad didn’t respond.

Lori sat up and looked at him. “Listen to me, baby,” she said softly. “I don’t even know how to put this. I’ve had an unexplainable happy feeling all week, you know? And fifteen minutes ago while you were inside me I realized why. It’s you. It’s us. It’s you and me bonded together. Does that make sense?”

“You want to have our baby?”

She nodded her head. “I want this more than anything, sweetheart, but I knew you wouldn’t understand.” She was getting a little weepy at her confession.

“Did you think I would refuse?” he asked.

“Would you?”


“Are you mad?”

Brad looked at her for a moment. He wasn’t angry. He didn’t know how he felt. The only thing he was sure of was he loved her. She truly seemed happy. “I’m not mad.”

“I’m just full of surprises tonight, aren’t I?” she laughed, tickling his belly. Brad squirmed at being tickled and grabbed her, pulling her into him so she couldn’t continue. He kissed her deeply and looked at her seriously.

“I don’t think I’m ready for this,” he said.

Lori touched her sweet son’s face. He was so innocent! How could he possibly be ready for this? “This isn’t your responsibility, sweetheart. Think of yourself…” she said as she kissed him again. “…as a big b*****r.”

Brad gazed off again at the northern lights, the sudden comforting reality of what was happening settling into his heart. He always wanted to be a big b*****r. He’d always u*********sly believed it was his fault that his parents never had any more c***dren. But that notion, as well as every other misconception he’d had about his father could now be seen in its true light.

He grabbed a pillow and scooted down to where his mother was lying, placing it under her head and joining her. Together, they lay naked by the campfire and watched the life-changing phenomenon that was now rapidly evolving before their eyes. Greens were fading to yellows, and yellows to oranges, doubling their intensity as the spectral beams of light bounced off the placid lake.

Nature was taking its course, its beauty almost too frightening to behold, transcendent, omniscient and unstoppable. A phenomenon as rare as light shining from the north revealed a new side of his mother’s love that Brad had never known before. What was more beautiful and somehow right than to bear his offspring? He felt as if he was seeing the true depth of her love for the first time. Joy overtook his heart and he silently lay in the afterglow of his new revelation.

He leaned over and kissed his mother on the cheek as she watched the sky, the only thing that could match her glowing beauty. She could barely look away from the light, but her son’s insistent gaze f***ed her to look at him. He was smiling. She was relieved to see the peace on his face. He maintained his pleasant gaze, and Lori did a double take.

“What?” she asked, her smile matching his.

“I bet you’re beautiful when you’re pregnant.”

Her smile transformed into pleasant surprise as her mouth opened wide. “Brad?” She knew he understood. She could see it in his eyes. Lori immediately felt her nipples go erect.

Brad leaned into her, as if to kiss her, but instead put his mouth to her ear. “Do you think it took?” he whispered.

Lori’s loins trembled at the question. She could feel his cum just starting to dribble out of her vagina and futilely cupped her hand over it. “I don’t know,” she said.

He maintained his whisper. “Maybe we should make sure.”

The smile faded from Lori’s face as she glanced down at his lips, and licked her own. She barely gave a nod, but inside she was screaming yes! She accepted a deep kiss from her son as her pussy immediately blossomed, still drenched, ready to be bred again.

“Yes,” she said softly. “You’re right; we’d better…” She kissed down his face to his neck. “…make sure,” she mumbled absent mindedly. Suddenly only one thing mattered to her. Like a doe during the rut, she only wanted one thing from her chosen buck. She arose to her knees, pulling Brad up with her. She caressed his chest and looked lovingly into his eyes. Without saying another word, she turned around on her knees and dropped to all fours in front of him.

Her gorgeous round ass cheeks spread apart as Lori slid forward, gradually pointing her ass up and offering her wanton cunt to him. Her tits mashed onto the hard ground, her arms outstretched in front of her. “I’m ready for you,” she said lustily. “Fuck me, baby. Make me a mommy again.”

Brad ran his hands over her protruding ass, touching her anus with his fingertips before dipping into her wet folds. He scooted closer, and bent his dick to her entrance. He pushed his massive cock into her sopping cunt.

“Aaah!” Lori screamed at having his dick rammed into her again. “God, baby!” she said, catching her breath. His size was still difficult for her to comprehend. Brad stroked her steadily, fucking her deep enough to rub his pubic hair on her little butthole, fucking the tight canal that had given him life.

She looked back at his hips as they drove into her with such male authority. For the moment, she was owned by her son, spread wide and prone to let him sow his seed. “Do you like how I look, all spread and wet for you?”

Fuck yes,” he panted. “You’re the perfect place to come.”

“Are you going to come right here in my pussy? Make my belly swell with your baby?”

“God yes, my dick’s gonna make your belly big!”

“Mmmm, you’re so big, Brad. Slide it in and out of me, baby. Fuck me pregnant with your big cock!”

Brad would have normally come buckets by now with all the dirty talking, but he was going to savor this beautiful moment. He was breeding his mother, and he was going to give it to her properly. He held her hips firmly while he drove into her, slapping his hips against her ass, sliding her down the blankets and forcing her to hold herself prone for him with her ass high in the air.

He grabbed her hair to keep her from sliding any further and continued to punish her pussy from behind, her jiggling ass catching the brunt of his lustful impacts. It was beautiful! His perfect mother was down on her belly and taking his cock—desperately needing the reward they both craved. But he wouldn’t be giving it up that easily. He’d just come minutes ago and he was in total control now.

Brad lay down on his mother with all his weight, forcing her to flatten out onto the blankets on her belly, her legs spread wide and accepting his length in her new position. His body weighing down nearly took her breath away, constricting her chest under his full weight. Brad thrust into her using only his hips, floating on her fleshy ass, keeping his body down on her, owning her. He let go of her hair and brushed it from her ear before putting his lips to it, licking the outer rim, breathing his light grunts into her as he fucked her from behind.

“How long has it been since you’ve been fucked like this?” he asked softly.

Lori moaned into the pillow.

Brad persisted in her ear. “A year?”

She moaned again, whimpering with each push into her. She’d never been so turned on as she was right now! .


“I’ve never been fucked like this!” she exclaimed.

“You needed me. You needed your son to fuck you, didn’t you?”

“God, baby, I never needed anything so badly!”

“You need my cock and my cum, don’t you?” He put his knees on the ground between her legs and pushed her knees out wide, toward her head, spreading her prone pussy wider for him to get deeper inside.

Lori whimpered into the pillow, every square inch of her backside in contact with Brad’s body, his pelvis the only moving part. She was completely under his control and she felt like she could stay there forever. “Yes! That’s all I want.”

“I’m going to give you my cum,” he said, pushing up on his hands. “But not yet.” He pulled out of her and got partially up, grabbing her hips and easily flipping her small body over to face him. He re-entered her, now positioned to plunge his hefty meat as deep in her as his balls would allow. Lori grabbed his face and looked into his eyes. Her open mouth could only express the extreme lust she was feeling for the only man who could give her the precious package she longed to carry.

She let go of his face and pushed her knees open wide, accepting her mate into her, a wanton mother, desperate for fertilization. If she could spread wider and touch both her knees to the blanket it still wouldn’t have felt wide enough. Brad plowed into his mom’s gaping pussy with the lust of a breeding a****l, driven to inject his sperm into his female, putting his own life inside her.

She watched him work her body, his trim physique making it easy for him to fuck her like the alpha male he was. His sexiness alone was almost enough to make her come. But she longed to feel the one thing that would send her over the edge.

“God, I need your cum, Brad!” Lori had already felt the warm splash of his semen inside her once tonight, but she’d taken it from him deceptively, against his will. The thought of her son willingly giving his seed to his mother was arousing Lori to a new plateau, a building tremor, unfamiliar in its erotic power. It was swelling inside her like a bulging volcano waiting for the tension to give way. Her son pounded his mother relentlessly, burying his long cock all the way to his balls, scr****g her cervix deep inside, ready to paint it white once again.

“Tell me how much you want my cum,” Brad ordered his female. “Look at me and beg for my cum.”

“Please give it to me, Brad! My pussy needs your cum!” Lori’s light tits were bouncing heavily under Brad’s merciless pounding.

“Why does your pussy need my cum?”

“So I can have your baby.”

“Do you want me to make you pregnant with my big cock?”

“Oh, god, Bradley! Yes, fuck me good and put a baby in me!” Lori wailed with all her might as she bucked her hips against his thrusts, ready to receive another dose of his fertile spunk.

The normally undisturbed and quiet forest reverberated with the sound of a mother mating with her son, a resounding harmony in cadence with the quiet, brilliant sky overhead. Greens and yellows and oranges shimmered and coalesced into a red fringe, painting the sky a new color, novel in its beauty, evolving as though it were a living creature, newly created and perfect.

“Ohhhhhh, god, Mom! I’m gonna… Ohhhh, I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!”

Lori’s heart nearly burst out of her chest as her son bellowed to the forest the impending insemination. His hands on the ground on either side of her, his hips grinding rapidly in and out, she felt the flexing of his cock delivering its precious seed.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” she yelped with each flex, her own reciprocating orgasm commencing, pulsing her loins deep inside, synchronizing with her son’s ejaculation. His warm cum jetted deep into her, immediately finding her opening cervix

Lori slapped both palms on his ass, forcing him to maintain the same pace as her orgasm undulated in rippling waves through her torso, shunting his fresh cum far into her womb. She cried out as her wanton, throbbing pussy sucked the last of his semen from his urethra.

Brad gradually slowed his thrusting as his mother’s hips settled down. He looked down at her face, flush with bl**d, the same color as the sky, violently turned to the side, just falling off the edge of her orgasmic wave, and waited for her to open her eyes.

Lori’s smooth neck was exposed and Brad seized the opportunity to give it a wet, loving kiss, rousing Lori from her stupor. She smiled at the campfire, enjoying the furtive wetness of Brad’s tongue. At last he pulled away and looked at her.

Her breasts slowly heaved above her still-rapidly beating heart, her beautiful eyes wet and tinged with red from weeping—a burst of orgasmic emotion at receiving her son’s living gift. Her flat tummy could be seen pulsing her heartbeat, soft and smooth, but no longer empty. She stared at her son lovingly, still inside her, knowing he would remain inside her even after he withdrew. She watched his eyes come closer to hers before closing and enjoying a sweet post-orgasmic kiss, gentle and delicate, as her son withdrew, the couple’s mating complete.

Brad unrolled a heavy sl**ping bag and opened it up as their blanket. He lay down behind his mother and covered their naked bodies. They spoke not another word, watching the night sky continue to conceive and bear nearly living apparitions of beauty, dancing out their existence before evolving into the next generation.

A loving peace settled over Lori as she nudged back against her son, insisting on constant contact with his skin, being surrounded by him inside and out. Their bodies had merged and Lori was no longer alone, the course of nature ensuring her emptiness would be filled.

By dawn the dancing lights had long faded along with the campfire. Lori and Brad faced each other, snuggled up inside their makeshift bed. Brad had pitched the tent, but they never made it inside. Morning dew had settled over the rocks and plants, as well as the exterior of their sl**ping bag and the idea of crawling out of their warm environment was decidedly unappealing.

Brad slid his hand down to his mother’s tummy and rubbed gently. The acceptance of what had happened last night could be felt in his tender caress. If Lori had any doubts about whether Brad would regret what they did, they dissolved under his touch.

“Will you still think I’m sexy when my belly’s huge?” she asked.

“Even more,” he answered simply and without hesitation.

Lori smiled. She was getting used to her son always saying the right things to her, like her ideal lover. She glanced at the lake, remembering the rugged trail they would have to negotiate in order to return to their f****y.

“Well, I suppose we’d better get on the trail,” she said unenthusiastically.

“What’s your hurry?” Brad asked.

Lori shot a furtive smile at her son.

Brad instantly felt the bl**d divert to his cock. He wasn’t finished making love to his mother. And he couldn’t imagine he ever would be.

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