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Nude on deck

I enjoy walking nude in my neighborhood. I walk out my backdoor nude late at night or very early morning (3am-4am) and walk in the woods below my house that separates the streets and houses in my neighborhood. I’ve walked up to 4 miles one way before turning back. The farther I go the hotter I get. I mostly stay in the dark and shadows, but I have ventured onto the street naked. It’s a huge turn on.

My first real experience with letting someone see me naked outdoors was this summer. I never returned my census questionaire and received a post it note on my door with a phone number and a name. I called the person up and set up a time on Saturday, two weeks away, between 1 and 2 pm. I never thought anymore about it.

I am also able to sun nude on my deck because I have it screened and I can’t be seen unless I stand up or someone walks up the steps. I prefer to sun nude during the week because there are less people around. I happened to be sunning nude one Saturday and I was really getting off because I could hear people on the street, cars, etc. Then I remembered that the census worker was suppose to stop by that day. It was around 12:30 when I realized this. I started thinking how hot it would be if they saw me naked “accidentally”. Could I do it? The more I thought about it the more turned on I got. I think I could go through with it. I ended up putting a note on my front door saying I was in the backyard. I went back to sunning nude and got more turned on but scared. What could I do to make sure I couldn’t chicken out (or atleast make it more difficult to chicken out)? I put all my clothes inside. I only had the towel i was laying on in the chair. The closer it came to 1pm the hotter I got but more nervous. Could I actually let someone see me naked at my own house? I was really getting turned on now. What could I go to maximize this experience? I decided to take a couple of tokes from a bowl. Pot makes me incredibly horny and I was enjoying myself naked in the sun. It was then 1:28pm and I was so turned on knowing that any minute someone might walk around back. Finally I said fuck it, I’m going to add even more excitement to this dare (at least to me it was more excitement). Without any clothes or towel, I stood up and walked inside. When I was inside I kept thinking to myself, omg I stood up completely naked. Anyone on the street, including neighbors, could have seen me naked. I ran into the bathroom and got a bottle of baby oil. Walked back outside, layed on my chair and proceeded to rub baby oil all over my naked and turned on body. I was going crazy on the inside I was so turned on. All I had on was sunglasses. The longer I waited the hotter I got. Finally I heard a male’s voice say “hello, census bureau, anyone here?” The inside of stomach was filled with butterflies. I was so nervous but didn’t say anything. “Hello” he said again. I said with a very shaky voice, “I’m up on the deck, come on up”. OMFG, what did I just do. I didn’t even have a hard on anymore I was so nervous, but inside I was so turned on. I could hear him walking across the patio then I could feel his steps as he was climbing up the steps. Then bam, there was a black male looking at me naked, covered in baby oil. He just stopped and said nothing. I said “sorry, i must have lost track of time”. I could hear the nervousness in my own voice, so maybe he actually believed it. I then asked him if we could just get this over with and I apologized again. He read me several questions and I answered them all while completely naked and covered in baby oil. It seemed like forever, but it probably lasted less than 10 minutes. The more questions he asked the more turned on I got. I just kept saying to myself…”that’s right, look at me naked”. He then said that was it and thanks for my time. After the last question he kept his head down and never looked at me straight ahead. He just left. I immediately went inside and could barely breathe. I was literally short of breath. All I could say was OMG, OMG, OMG. I immediately watched through the window as he got into a car where there was another person waiting. I couldn’t tell what sex that person was. I wonder what he said to that person. Would both come back? But they drove off. I immediately started stroking and I came like crazy. I must have masturbated to that 5 or 6 times that day. Then I realized that anyone could have walked up and seen that note and come back. That got me scared, but more turned on. Would he tell his supervisors? What would or could they do? They know where I live. I believe he probably was a temporary worker so maybe he just wanted to do his job and get a check. Regardless, it was a very hot experience for me. I don’t think I could do it again. Too much could have gone wrong, but I’m glad it didn’t. I’m thinking about something similiar I can do in the future. We’ll see. But I did love knowing that I was seen naked. I felt very exposed and loved it.

Updated: October 20, 2016 — 7:23 pm

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