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Oh My Gosh! – Part 3

Before you start reading part 3 – I challenge you to NOT touch yourself.
If you can get through and are still not hard or even semi-hard, I do wanna hear from you. Otherwise, just leave me a comment here.

You should read parts 1 and 2 or this won’t make much sense. Also if you get they whole story, you won’t be able to stop masturbating.

It was Friday, our third night together. Mom looked a little upset and unsettled. Everything in her bags was on the bed as she sifted through all her belongings looking for something.
I went in to check in on her.
“Mom? You okay?”
Her hair was in a bun with a few streaks on her face. She had her red framed glasses and a big pearl necklace on. A 2 inch wide gold necklace and a bondage chain ring in her hand looked exceptionally beautiful
She was wearing a pink skirt and a white blouse. Her big hips made the skirt flair almost a foot out from her waist. The blouse made her 42G look even bigger but thankfully the strong wire bra contained those huge melons and hid the 3 inch long nipples, leaving only a faint outline.
“She looked up and then flew to the door to shut it.
“I can’t find it!” she hissed.
“I can’t find the damn pills. I swear I had more in my bag but I can’t find the bottle anywhere.”
“You looking for Sarah’s….?” I couldn’t complete my sentence before she interrupted me.
“What else? I have something big planned for us tonight but we can’t if the bitch is still awake” she was getting frantic.
“Mom!” I exclaimed.
“I am sorry baby. I know you love her but right now I couldn’t care less. I wanted to get started by 8 tonight.”
“Why mom? What’s so special?”
She looked at me and then went back to searching.
“Just help me find the fucking bottle. I think I’ll go crazy if I don’t see you tonight.”
I smiled and then started grinning.
She just looked at me, puzzled. I knew she was wondering if I didn’t want to be with her.
“Mom. Relax! Sarah is going out with the girls tonight. She has a bachelorette party to go to. She won’t be back till Sunday. We have 2 whole nights with each other!”
Mom exhaled and then slumped on the bed, breathing heavily. She buried her face into her things on the bed and started sobbing.
I gently caressed her back and let me hands come all the way down to her hips. Then I started massaging her ass.
“Relax mommy. We will take care of each other tonight.”
“JUSTIN”, I heard Sarah call.
We both jumped and I rushed to the door and out into the living room.
“Are we all set?” Sarah whispered.
I nodded.
“You didn’t tell the bitch anything, did you?”
I shook my head.
“Ok. Now I will step out of the front door. You keep Rita in her own bedroom for next 10 minutes till I come back in through the back door and hide in our closet. Then you bring her into our bedroom. Ok? Think you can do it?”
“Sure” I nodded.
“Don’t screw it up or I will throw you outta my house.” she threatened me.
“Of course not.”
I stepped quietly into mom’s bedroom. She stepped out of the shower, holding a towel up to her chest, hiding her breasts. She gasped when she saw me.
“You are not supposed to be here.” she chided me.
“She’s leaving.” I whispered.
Mom looked at me and then quickly dropped the towel and flew to the closet, her feet barely touching the floor. She was so graceful.
She donned a long maroon skirt and a sweater and quickly applied light pink lipstick. I came out of her room to find Sarah standing in the living room, ready with her bag.
“You ready?” she asked with a mischievous smile.
“She’s coming to say goodbye.” I said quietly.
With that, mom stepped out of the room. She was smiling.
“Hi!” she almost shrieked when she saw Sarah ready with her bag.
“You are leaving already?”
“Yeah! I should get going. Girls are waiting for me.”
“Oh! How would you go? Is he dropping you?”
“No. I will walk to the 7-11 where they are right now.”
“I see. Well have a good time hun. I will take care of the house.”
Sarah left the house and mom dashed back into her bedroom.
“Don’t come into my room. I will see you in yours.” she said sternly.
A minute later I helped Sarah back into the house and she disappeared into our bedroom too. I followed her and watch her hide in the closet while I sat on the bed. Before she closed the door, she smiled and then showed me the finger.
We didn’t have to wait long. 10 minutes later I heard a gentle knock on the door.
I didn’t say anything and then the doorknob turned and the door flew open.
There stood my mother. My jaw dropped when I saw her. She had really heavy, showgirl type makeup on – complete with glitter and big hair. Her mascara highlighted her beautiful eyes, bright red lipstick made her mouth look sexy against the white skin of her face and neck. She had a heavy gold plated necklace around her aging neck. Her tits were naked, except for the pasties. Her large but taught belly rested easily on her magnificent thighs. She was wearing a cut-out pantyhose suspended that did not have a crotch and left her large pussy lips hanging almost two inches below the hole. She threw her arms up in the air and turned just a little bit to show her bare ass.
She smiled.
“You ready?”
I was looked at her open mouthed and nodded.
She fished out a remote from between her buns and pressed a button. Loud music began to play. She threw the remote on the bed next to me and walked in seductively.
Then it began.
“My anaconda don’t.”
Mom moved her gorgeous hips to one side.
“My anaconda don’t”. Now she moved them to the other side and turned around, giving me the full view.
“My anaconda don’t…..”
She thrust those mammoth hips into my drooling face.
“….want none, unless you got buns hun” and she rubbed her ass all over my face – making me take a whiff of her anus.
Nicky Minaj took the microphone.
“Boy toy named troy, used to live in Detroit”
She turned around to face me and touched my face.
“Big dope dealer money, he was getting some coins” she just danced, letting her massive tits flop all over her body.
“Was a shooter with the law,…….” she bent forward and touched my already hard cock.
“…… but he live in a palace..” she quickly turned around and parted her hips showing me her 3 inch asshole that didn’t close anymore. She let go, letting the heavy hips slap back together just as she turned around again.
“Bought me Alexander McQueen, he was keeping my stylish” – she mouthed touching herself all over.
“My anaconda don’t” she came closer to me and ran her fingers down my chest.

“Oh my gosh!” Nicky Minaj sang. Mom put her hand on her mouth, her eyes widened.
“Look at her butt”
She turned around and twerked on my face again.
“Oh my gosh, look at her butt” she grabbed my head and pulled me in closer.
She kept twerking and looking over her shoulder to look at me. But my face was now deep between my mother’s ass cheeks.

“Yeah, he love this fat ass” – she turned around and mouthed again, pulling her hips apart.
“Fuck the skinny bitches, fuck the skinny bitches in the club” she showed me her ass again and made an obscene gesture with her right hand.
“Fuck Sarah” she yelled.
Nicky swore “Fuck you if you skinny bitches WHAT?”
“I got a big fat ass” she mouthed with Nicky.
The music continued to play and my mother started singling loudly.
“Fuck that skinny bitch. Fuck that stupid hoe.”
She twerked faster now, shaking her booty.
“I got a big fat ass. Bigger than Sarah, fatter than Sarah.”
I started laughing and she was having fun too.
As the music died she stood up and lifted both her arms and middle fingers.
“Woooooo!” she hollered.
“Fuck that skinny Sarah” she yelled.
“I got a BIG FAT ASS! You love my big fat ass!” she was still singing.
“Yes mom!” I said and she walked into my arms.
“I am not gonna let that skank steal you away from me.” she said and came over and collapsed on the bed next to me. All the effort had exhausted her.
“Ok. I need some energy.” she said and ran her hand over my cock and balls.
“Let me see your cock.”
I lifted my butt and slipped out of my shorts. I hand no underwear on.
My semi hard cock plopped on a side, over my balls.
“You are not hard.” she almost complained.
“Remember what Rima told us? If we separate we will die.”
I looked at her.
“I have been very sick baby.” she lifted her head to look at me.
“I didn’t want to bother you but I have been to the hospital a few times and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. Then I ran into Rima and she told me I can’t go without your milk for this long.”
“I know mom.” I said gently caressing her face.
“She moved in with her son too. He is separating from his wife and they plan to buy a new house and live together now..”
“That’s cool.” I said.
“Yeah. She has been eating his sperm for over 10 years now and she looks so young and energetic. I am old and shriveled.” she complained.
I didn’t say anything as she tried to guilt trip me.
“Oh. I am sorry. Its just that I miss you so much.”
“I know mom. I miss you too.”
“So why are you not feeding me your cock juice? I need it! I am falling apart without it!” she begged.

It was then that we heard the noise in the closet. Sarah sneezed. The gig was up.
Mom jerked her head up to look at the closet and then at me puzzled. I didn’t say anything.
The door opened and Sarah walked out of the closet.
“OH MY GOD!” mom shrieked.
“She saw us. She heard us! OH MY GOD!” she was frantic.
“Mom calm down.” I said grabbing her arm and trying to get her to sit back down.
“Honey!” she yelled.
“What will we do?”
“It is okay mom”
“Oh My God! Did you know she was there? How could you betray me like that.”
She jumped out of the bed and raced to her room. We watched her huge ass jiggle as she ran back to her room. A door slammed and then everything went quiet.
“I think you should go after her” Sarah said quietly.
“No. She needs time to process this.” I replied making no attempt to cover my nudity.
Sarah came over and sat on my lap. She wasn’t mad.
“I misjudged you Justin.” she was stroking my face.
“You were right about everything.”
I didn’t say anything.
When we woke up the next day, mom had already left.
In the small fridge in her room, we found 20 bottles, 10 ounces each filled with her milk. She had been saving the excess milk so that I could drink it after she left.
I started crying.
Sarah put her hand on my shoulder. I looked up at her.
“I think you already know what to do.” she said gently.
“Go after her”
“Yeah! It is thanksgiving and families should be together today.”
We picked up a turkey and started driving. A 2 hour drive took us almost 5 and by the time we reached at mom’s it was getting dark. The house was dark too. I used my key to get in from the back door.
We found mom passed out on the carpet. She was still wearing what she may have on her way back from our place.
I gently picked her up and helped her to the couch. Sarah turned the lights on.
Mom opened her eyes and looked at me. Then she started crying.
” Why son? Why would you do that to me?”
“He didn’t do anything.” Sarah said.
“He just loved me and I took advantage of him, because I was jealous.”
Mom looked down.
“You must think I am awful for doing such things with my son.”
Sarah walked over and sat on the other side of mom.
“Rita, look at me.” she said trying to lift mom’s face up.
Mom looked away.
“Please. Look at me.” Sarah begged and mom yielded.
“When Justin told me about Rima and how her therapy had helped both of you, I didn’t believe him. But I was wrong. I see that you two are indeed made for each other. If he doesn’t get your milk, he gets weak and even impotent. He hasn’t been able to cum in me for over a month now. He doesn’t even get hard. Ever since you showed up and started feeding him, I see him walk around with a constant hardon.”
Sarah took mom’s hand and gently placed it on my crotch.
“I understand. You see, I understand”, she whispered.
“And yes, I am a skinny girl. I don’t like my skinny ass but when you danced today, I almost came. Could you help me become like you? I want to have a big fat ass like yours.”
Mom smiled. I smiled seeing her smile and then she suddenly hugged Sarah.
“Oh yes! I will help you baby! And I am sorry for calling you a bitch.”
“I don’t mind and I have been a bitch to you but I promise I will make up for it now.”
“Justin, I want you to move in with your mom. I am not throwing you out, I just want you to be as close to your mother as possible.”
“Thank you.” I mumbled.
“I am not done yet you bastard.” she hissed.
“Rita, if you let me live with you and your son, I will be very grateful.”
Mom looked at me.
“I will pay you two thousand dollar rent, cook and clean.”
“It is not about the money.” mom said.
“Of course not but I don’t want to be burden.” Sara said seriously.
“Okay.” mom said.
“But I have a few demands.” Sarah said.
“You and Justin will live together, in the same room and sl**p on the same bed. I will sl**p in the guest room or right here on the couch..”
“Okay”, mom agreed without even thinking about it.
“I get to watch Justin suckling your breasts and you feeding on his cum.”
“Why Sarah?” mom was a bit concerned.
“Because it is the most beautiful way to express the love a mother and her son have for each other. And I want to witness this lovely union of souls.” Sarah explained.
“Okay.” mom agreed to this too.
“Finally, Justin loved to fuck my ass. I loved it too. If he does it now and comes in my ass, I want you to eat your son’s sperm straight from my anus.” Sarah said looking into my mother’s eyes.
Mom looked at me.
“What do you think Justin?”
“She’s a nice girl mom.”
“Okay Sarah. I agree. But you have to agree that you will not push Justin for sex. If, and only if he wants to fuck you, will you open your asshole for him. If he cums in you, I’d love to suck my son’s cum from you.”
With that we moved in together.

To be continued

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