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Old Man Neighbor

I’ve lived in the same apartment building for many years now and have had this neighbor of mine living here for as long as I can remember. He is in his late 60s, possibly early 70s. Now that I am older and have experienced my fun with an older man (Henry – from previous stories) I am now finding my neighbor to be more attractive.

From time to time, we will meet in the lobby or elevator and have small talk ranging from the weather, the news to weekend plans. On occasion he will ask me if I am going out with any women or getting some pussy on the weekends. I sometimes let him in on stories I had with my girlfriend at the time. I can tell he is a diry horny old man that hasn’t had any sexual pleasure in years. He lives alone. Sometimes I can tell he gets excited when I tell him my sex stories. He tells me I am lucky it takes him back to when he was young. I ask him if he still watched porn movies and he said he hasnt had any of them in so long. I tell him maybe one day I will stop by and let him borrow some of mine. I ask if he had any great sex stories and he said he would save them for when I come over.

Afew weeks had passed and one night I decided to stop by unexpected with some movies I had. I also had some videos of my girlfriend and I on my ipad. When I knocked on his door, it took him awhile to answer. I didn’t know he was sl**ping and I had woke him up. He creaked the door open and I let him know I had just stopped by to say hello. At first, he seemed embarrassed because behind the door, he was completely naked.

He invited me inside and when he turned the lights on, my eyes were drawn to his cock instantly. It was suck a nice looking cock covered in grey hairs and with a big saggy ball sac. He noticed me gazing at his cock and said, “dont mind me, this is how I sl**p.” I wasnt minding it at all. He knew why I was there and saw the dvds and ipad I had. I told him I had some pornos and videos of me and my girlfriend. He said he had much rather watch real people than actors.

I put on one of the videos of us for him to watch. He instantly got excited watching my gf suck my cock. He said its been over 20 years since he got his cock sucked let alone fucked. I could see his soft cock starting to grow hard as he continued watching the film. I asked if he had every been with another guy and to my surprise he said he used to mess around with older men when we was a teenager and in his 20s back in his homeland. Hearing this, my cock was ready to burst out of my pants. He said he was going to ask me the same thing but as he put it “I can tell you have before or want to by the way you’re looking at my cock” To that, I told him I always did enjoy older men and did find him attractive.

With that said, he put the ipad down on the table and told me to come sit closer to him so we can both watch. I moved over closer to him and his cock was fully erect from watching the video. He saw me looking at it and said “its been so long for me, so please, if you want to, by all means, my cock is all yours!”

I got up and pushed the table out of the way and got on my knees. I looked up at him and told him I’d make up for all the years you missed out on. I took hold of his cock and started licking around the tip of his head. Slowly licking down his head, making my tongue start on his shaft. I kissed his hard shaft till I reached his ball sac and starting licking that nice and slow. He laid back deeper into the couch and let out a moan of pleasure. He said, “you sure know what you are doing down there! Feels great. Suck daddies cock!”

Hearing that, I moved my tongue back of his shaft and put the head of his cock in my mouth and slowly starts going down on his shaft. I would pick up speed and start sucking that hard cock. His moans grew louder and louder and I sucked him off. I could feel he was about to cum so I focused more on sucking and licking his balls. By now I had undone my pants to took my cock out and started stroking it while his cock was in my mouth. He must have seen my arm moving as I was stroking my cock. He asked me to stand up so he could see mine. When he ever saw my cock in his face, he was shocked. He said its the biggest cock he’s ever come across considering he used to only get with old men when he was younger.

He instantly took hold of my cock and licked my precum off the head. I was dripping precum cause I was so horny from sucking his cock. I told him I was ready to almost cum from this. He didnt care, he took the head of my cock and started sucking on it while fondling my balls. After about 5 minutes of him sucking my cock I was ready to blow my load. He knew it was I moaned “Im cumming!” He took my cock out of his mouth and jerked me off as I shot my cum all over his big hairy chest!

With my cum still fresh on his chest, I pushed him back into the couch and immediately got back down on my knees to finish him off! I was sucking him so hard and fast, he was moaning so loud. With in minutes I felt him tense up and his cock pulsate. His hard cock shot a massive load into my mouth as I took every drop. By now he was winded and out of breath. I could tell its been years since he has a blowjob like that as his legs were still trembling and his cock was still twitching!

As I was pulling my pants back up, he said he was so happy we found this out about each other and now that we are neighbors, we can do this more often. I told him he wasnt the first older man I have sucked off or that has sucked me off. I told him I had been with my friends father before and he only lived afew street away. This eventually led to some hot steamy cock sucking fun between the three of us!!

….till next time!

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