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Older b*****r tries out hypnosis before he leaves.

It was the night after our parents left for a week that I made my move. I would be leaving to live on my own soon enough, and there was something I really wanted to try. If I fucked it up, well like I said, I’m leaving soon and don’t have to see my f****y again, so I’m going for it.

I had been studying hypnosis, and how to alter and manipulate the mind. You’d be surprised as to how close to correct those cartoons actually are. Spirals, sl**piness, relaxation, a soothing, trustworthy voice, all can have a profound effect on one’s mind when used correctly.

At midnight, I walked into my younger s****r’s bedroom. She had turned eighteen not too long ago, and while not the picture of perfection, I found her quite attractive. Her breasts were of a modest size, with a pretty face, a great smile, brown eyes, and short straight brown hair that she often kept under a cap.

She was a bit of a nerd, and indeed I found her sl**ping not in her bed but in her desk chair, head slumped over in her arms in front of her dual-monitor computer which now only displayed simple screensavers. She wore a simple white t-shirt, her usual hat, blue jeans, socks, and her cute black glasses. I whispered to her, “Lexie, hey, wake up!” but she didn’t wake from her slumber. Perfect.

Carefully, I took control of her mouse and keyboard, plugging in my flash drive. Using the flash drive, I ran a program that filled the screens with my precisely made spirals, two on each screen. Each spiral’s middle went a different direction from the rest, and they all slowly, constantly changed color. Of the four, the inner spirals spun the fastest. A faint buzzing sound also began to emit from the speakers.

Making sure not to surprise her, I gently nudge her soldier, just a bit, until she opened her eyes and sl**pily looked up. “Huh? What’s going on?” She sl**pily asked before making a yawn. She started to turn her head, but I watched as she stopped half-way, and then slowly moved her head back, peering at the spirals on her screen.

This is your chance s*s, I thought to myself, smiling. Turn away before it’s too late!

“I don’t remember ever putting… putting… these on… I feel funny…” She said, starting to pause. “I’ve got to… turn these off…”

She reached for the monitor’s power-button, but I grabbed her shoulders and began to gently message, whispering “No” into her ear.

“Jack? What are you? What is this?… Stop it…” She stammered out, but I felt her starting to relax.

“No, you don’t want it to stop. You’ve been tense, Lexie, this will help you calm down.” I whispered, continuing to massage. I felt a strong urge to feel up her sweat, natural breasts, but I resisted. That wouldn’t keep her calm. “Just relax, Lexie. Keep your eyes on your monitors. You are feeling so relaxed right now, aren’t you? You’re only going to feel better. Relax.” I gently whispered in her ear. Her hair smelled good.

She started to lie back in her chair, mouth hanging slightly agape, staring at the spirals, listening to the gentle buzz, listening to my gentle words. Soon she spoke again, “I don’t like this Jack, please turn it off… please…” She asked, emotion slipping away with every syllable.

“So you can’t turn it off yourself?” I asked, now in a normal tone, but still friendly.

“No… I can’t… stop staring… It’s beautiful…” She stammered out, eyes wide open, getting an eyeful of the rotating spirals.

Still gently massaging her soldiers, I spoke again, calmly. “They will make you forget all of your troubles. Just pay attention to them, not me, not my words. Simply let my words wash over you.”

“No…” She stated. “No, please stop. I don’t want… to watch them.”

“Why not? They are so pretty.”

Mouth still open, she let out a little smile and cocked her head to the side a bit. “They are… aren’t they?” She said, emotion coming back, but in a more dreamy tone.

I continued my massage and spoke again. “You will forget Mom and Dad, you will forget your friends, and you will forget everyone that isn’t me, your b*****r.” Her head began to sway a little bit, but she didn’t speak. This was working even better then I hoped. I raised my hand in front of her face and waved it around, but she ignored it, never breaking her stare towards the monitors.

My test was pretty much complete, I’ve pretty much proven I can indeed hypnotize people and put them in a trance. How far should I go though? I stroked her pretty black hair with one hand, and very dirty thoughts raced through my head. Thoughts that a b*****r should never have about his little s****r.

“Memorize the image of those spirals, soon you will have a necklace sway back and forth in front of your face. When this happens, you will follow the necklace instead, and watch it as it sways back and forth, back and forth, always thinking about falling deeper and deeper into those pretty spirals.” I spoke. She didn’t respond, but it was time to try.

I got out the necklace, and reached over to turn off the monitors. Even after they were off she kept staring where the spirals were, mouth hanging agape with the same entranced smile.

With my right hand I started to sway the necklace back and fourth in front of me, and with the left hand I spun her swivel chair around to face me. Her eyes immediately caught attention of the necklace, and just as I suggested she followed them back and forth, back and forth.

Her shirt had some video game characters on it, and I smiled to myself about my nerd of a s****r. “What is someone as good-looking as you doing playing video games anyway?” I wondered aloud.

To my shock in a dream-like voice she responded, “They’re just fun. I enjoy them.” This isn’t what I wanted, she needed to be entranced! My eyes came to notice the words, “Power Up!” on her t-shirt, which sat right on her breasts. Sexual stimulation was an odd b**st when it came to hypnosis. On one hand, she could freak out and wake up immediately, on the other hand it could assist greatly in deepening my control depending. I was too far now, I needed control.

As I continued to sway the necklace back and forth, I spoke again in a calm voice. “You are feeling aroused Lexie, you find my voice irresistible… and… dreamy…” I blurted out. She let out a dreamy sigh. It seemed to be working. Maybe I should push forward. “Lay back, Lexie. Continue to relax. Don’t take your eyes off of the necklace, but start to play with your breasts.” I watched as she laid back in her chair, and started to fondle herself. My dick grew stiff at the sight. Mom and Dad wouldn’t be back for a week… Maybe…

“The only person you can think of anymore is your b*****r, Lexie. Something about him excites you, makes your horny, makes you want to relax, makes you want to obey.” I calmly stated. She just kept staring at the watch through her cute glasses, mouth agape, fondling her breasts.

“Soon the necklace will go away, but you will see something else sway. This will be far more entrancing and powerful then either the necklace or the spirals. You will not be able to resist staring at it until you are told, and your mind will be wide open. If you understand, say ‘Yes, b*****r.”

“Yes, b*****r…” She stated blankly, still staring, still fondling.

With my left hand, I pulled down my pants, and then my under-wear, letting my 7-inch cock hang straight out. I put the necklace down as I began to sway my cock, back and forth, back and forth. Her eyes slowly stared down at my large cock.

“Look at the cock, Lexie. Go deeper my spell. Think about how much you want your b*****r’s cock in your mouth, how much you want to drink my cum. How much you want to touch it,”

“Touch it…” She repeated

“Feel it.”

“Feel it…” She repeated again, one hand moving away from her breasts and going into her pants to massage her clit.

“Lick it.”

“Lick it…” She repeated.

“Suck it.”

“Suck it…” She repeated.

“Love it.”

“Love it…” She repeated.

“Worship it.”

“I worship my… b*****r’s cock…” She stammered.

I gave her her first true command. “Get down off of the chair, Lexie, get down on all fours and crawl to your b*****r’s cock.”

She did as she was told, slowly, sexily, mouth still agape, eyes still following my swaying cock. “Yes, master.” She spoke. I didn’t even tell her to call me that.

I brought my cock to a stop, letting it gently touch her cheek. “Take your b*****r’s cock in your hand.” She shifted a bit so that she could have her front hands free, and put her right hand around my cock, staring at it. “Can I lick it, Master?” She asked seductively.

“No s*s, you can’t yet. Move your hand up and down the shaft, now.” I commanded.

“Yes, Master.” She said, and she began to stroke it.

“So Lexie, do you like the idea of doing this to your b*****r?” I asked as the pleasure of her soft hands shot through me.

“Yes Mas… wait, no… NO! What am I doing?” She started to come to, but I grabbed the back of her short hair and pulled her up so that we could have eye contact. I probably should have used my eyes in the first place, people naturally find them more mesmerizing.

“Calm down, Lexie. It’s okay.” I assured her.

“This is not okay! What are you doing to me! I’m…”

I cut her off. “You will be quiet, and you will listen to my irresistible voice.”

She grew expressionless again. “I will listen.”

“Your b*****r is the only thing that matters to you anymore. He is your master, and you will call him that, or b*****r.”

“Yes, b*****r.” She responded as she began to stroke my cock again.

“You will do as I say, and think as I say, understand?”

“Yes, b*****r.”

“Kiss my cock.” I commanded.

“Yes, b*****r.” She repeated before giving a kiss to my tip. It sent shivers throughout my body.

“Ok s*s, go down on me.”

Without even uttering another “Yes, b*****r” she immediately shoved my cock as deep in her mouth as she could go. I gasped in delight, and took her hat off so that I could more clearly see her beautiful hair.

For a while I just stayed there, letting my lil’ s*s do her work. She was fantastic, loving, and passionate. She groaned a bit with joy as she slid her tongue up and down my shaft, all while making delightful slurping noises as she pleasured the cock that she now worshipped.

“Take off your pants, s*s. I’ll take care of your head.” She kept her eyes closed and moved her hands down to struggle to get her pants off, all while trying to keep bobbing her head up and down. As she did this I took hold of her head and prepared to shove my cock as far into her mouth as she could take me.

“You are my little slut, now.” I said to her. She made a “Mmmm” noise before I shoved my cock down her throat. I released her, she gagged, but she kept going without protest, still working on removing her pants.

“You exist to serve me,” I said before again shoving my cock down her throat.

“Your old life is gone, now there is only your body and my pleasure.” I shoved my cock down her throat one more time as she finally managed to get her pants off.

After releasing her, she gasped out “Yes b*****r, I will obey.”

I let her suck my dick for a few more tantalizing minutes before again speaking. “Okay you can stop now.”

She stopped immediately, but didn’t take her eyes off of my cock. I swayed it around a little bit for her, watching her eyes continue to follow it, before I spoke again. “Stand up.”

She did as she was told, and her stare went instead to my eyes as without me even commanding she gently started to continue to stroke my cock with her left hand. I put my hand in her pants and felt her warm, wet pussy. She let out a little gasp, never leaving eye contact with me as I toyed with it.

I couldn’t help leaning in and kissing her, first on the cheek, and then on her soft lips as she continued to stroke my cock and I continued to play with her pussy.

Soon I released her and gave yet another command. “You need to strip, Lexie. You need to strip for your b*****r, you can’t resist the urge.”

She immediately slid down her panties so that her pussy was exposed, and she then removed her glasses, her shirt, and finally her bra, letting her nice perky breasts hang out for me to see. She then finally bent down to take off her socks, turning around so I could get an eyeful of her ass. Before she got up I walked over and grabbed it.

“You belong to me, Lexie. You are my slave.” I layered the commands onto her yet again.

“Yes, b*****r.”

“Do you want my dick up your ass?”

“No, b*****r.”

“Actually you do. Anything for your b*****r.”

“Yes I do, anything for my b*****r.” She responded back.

I smiled, spread her ass cheeks as wide as I could, and squeezed my dick in. As soon as I was comfortable, I started to really fuck her as she groaned.

“You are my servant.”

“Yes… b*****r… Mmm…”

“Your ass is mine!”

“Yes… Mmm… b*****r… Ohh…”

As I stood there, fucking my naked s****r up her ass, her blindly agreeing to my commands, I realized the severity of what I was doing. I had considered the possibility of something a little sexual, but not to this extent. I was thinking a kiss or a handjob at the absolute most, but here I was, my dick up her asshole as I continued to brainwash and condition her to be my little slave. Would it even be possible to bring her back to normal? Do I even want to bring her back to normal?

“I’m going to cum soon, s*s. You’re going to drink it.”

“Ohhh… No… I don’t… Want to… Mmm…”

“Yes you do. You want to taste my cum, you want to feel it go down your throat. Right now all you can think about is how wonderful it will be, how much you must have it…”

“I… Want it…” She moaned out, licking her lips. “Please b*****r, let me drink your cum!”

I released her ass from my grip, and spun her around. She sat on her legs and acted like she was begging, mouth open, eyes staring up cutely first at me and then my dick.

“Suck it, and the cum will come.” I breathed out.

She immediately stuck my dick in her mouth and gave me an even better blowjob then last time, she was just so eager to drink my cum. I breathed heavily, enjoying it for as long as I could hold it in, and then I came right in her mouth. There was a lot of it, so much some of it dribbled out and over her chin and my dick.

“Mmmmm…” She moaned as she licked the last bits of my dick, and wiped her chin.

I went to go put my pants back on before turning back to my hypnotized little s****r. “Okay s*s, you can put your clothes back on now.” As she put her glasses back on and her socks, I suddenly had an idea. “Actually no, you don’t have to. In fact you don’t want to. Your socks and glasses? They’re fine but suddenly you find your other clothes repulsive. You will just leave them off until I command you other-wise, and you will continue to follow my commands.”

“Yes, b*****r.” She said, staring blankly at my dick and dropping her t-shirt back to the ground.

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