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On Valentine Lake (Part One of Two)

This is the newest installment in a series of stories collectively titled “Loving Lizvette.” They are the recollections of a middle-aged man who found himself falling in love with his teenaged daughter’s young friend, who calls him “Daddy” partly because she is carrying his baby. At this point in their romance, they have not been alone together for several weeks and have arranged to play hooky from school and work to enjoy their first Valentine’s Day as lovers, alone on a boat at a nearby lake. It was a day they would both remember.

The story is told in nine scenes.

This is a work of fiction. All rights are reserved

1. On The Way

Valentine’s Day fell on a Friday that year and I arranged for a day off from work to spend it with Lizvette. She had her friend Rosemary impersonate her mother on a call to the attendance clerk notifying the school that Lizvette was not well and would not be in that day. I picked her up near the park and drove her, still in her school skirt, to the lake ten miles away, where a boat, a cabin cruiser, was docked and waiting for us. I had pitched the idea to Lizvette about a week before, in a texting conversation. She said she loved boats and had not been on one since she was a little girl. “So, three years ago?” I asked. She didn’t get the joke. “More like 4 or 5,” she shot back. “Will it be too cold?” she asked. “Probably, baby, but I’m not planning on spending much time on deck. It has a bunk for two,” I explained. “We will have privacy. I need some real time with you, baby. You need it, too.”

She had become increasingly self-critical as her pregnancy progressed. She needed reassurance of her beauty, and of my love. And this would be our first Valentine’s Day together. For all I knew it would be our only one together. I couldn’t let it pass without making it memorable for her. And it was. She told me not long ago that she still remembers it. “You spoiled me for all Valentine’s Days ever, Daddy.” That morning, after she got into the car and settled in, she raised one foot up onto the seat and opened her legs wide, angled toward me. “Look what I got you for Valentine’s Day, Daddy,” she said very playfully. I turned briefly to see that beneath her skirt she wore a pair of vivid red panties, split at the crotch and allowing her plump little pussy lips to bulge out between them. My mouth fell open at the sight. Lizvette’s pussy is and always will be the most beautiful I have ever seen. Like her mouth, with her full lips jutting forward just slightly, and seeming always ready for my kiss, or my cock, the sight of her pussy never failed to leave me awestruck at its delicate feminine beauty. “Ohh baby,” I sighed, “it’s just so beautiful. I love it. I love you.” 

“Awww Daddy, you’ve just missed me is all.” We stopped at a sign and she lunged at me with a kiss. “But you’re going to get lots of time to show me how much today!” And she was right. I had missed her. Feeling her kiss and hearing her voice again made me realize how much. “I love you, too Daddy,” she said as she settled back into her seat and buckled herself in. “Are you maybe going to buy this boat Daddy?” The boat was listed as being for sale, and the seller offered a one-day rental to prospective buyers to try it out. I found about it through an acquaintance at work who had looked at it but passed on the deal. “It’s water worthy and comfortable enough, but the bad paint job makes me wonder if it’s been wrecked,” he told me. The rental rate was very reasonable, given the time of year, when boat sales tend to be slower. “No, baby, not buying, but don’t tell the guy that when we meet him. I just thought it would be a fun getaway for us.”

“Do you know how to drive it?” She seemed concerned about that, and a little uncertain of my skills. 

“Like driving a car, baby. Pulling back into dock will be the toughest part. Don’t worry. We’re not going far. Just to the center of the lake, where we’ll drop anchor, then, relax alone at last. We should stop and get some snacks or sandwhiches for lunch.” The topic of food always seemed to excite her. Her face lit up as she said, “Tuna! With sweet pickles! We can get some tuna tins and a can opener and some pickles! Lots of pickles, Daddy!” I looked at her and smiled, “That does sound good sweetie. You can make us a nice lunch in the kitchenette.” She leaned back with her satisfied smile and said, “I like cooking for you, Daddy.”

I chuckled to myself at her idea of cooking for me as being the simple preparation of a tuna sandwich. I recalled the first sandwich she ever served me, during our first weekend together, that three-day paradise when she was completely my own. It was a Bologna and ketchup on wheat, and it was wholly inedible. Now as I pulled onto the highway toward Lake Isabel, I began looking forward to that little domestic scene, to the sight of my precious Lizvette standing naked in the galley, chopping sweet pickles, opening tins if tuna, mixing in the mayo, humming and singing, so happy and freshly fucked, and, I hoped, enjoying the feeling of her Valentine’s Day gift, tucked snugly and deeply up her perfect, round ass. 

“I want you to see your first present now, baby. Open the console.” She made an excited, surprised face, lifting her shoulders and putting her hand to her cheek and mouthing ‘Oh!” She lifted the console lid between us and removed the package of red tissue paper, tied with a white ribbon, to which a small tag was attached. She read the writing on the tag aloud. ” ‘For my beloved Valentine.’ Aww Daddyyy.” She untied the ribbon carefully but anxiously to reveal the contents. There were two items, each still in its display packaging. She held the first in her hand and read the name, “Adam and Eve Firefly Pleasure Plug.” She looked at me, uncertain, then picked up the second item. “Sassy 10 anal beads. Pink. Increase your sensation.” 

She examined the packages more carefully, with audible hmms and uh-huhs as she read the small print, then turned her gaze to me, and with her classic wry smile said in a low whisper, “Naughty Daddy.” 

“I know we never use toys, baby, but I thought, you know, till the baby comes, and we can do more together, some playthings might be fun. It will be new for both of us.” She continued looking at me, then back at the beads, silent. “It was just a thought baby. We don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

She repeated that last comment. “Don’t have to if I don’t want to. Uh huh. I’ve heard that before and I know it means if you want to, I have to!” She had a point there. I had by then a history of forcing myself on her, of losing all control. My god she was carrying my baby for that very reason! “But alright, Daddy,” she said, “I’ll give it a try just for you. They are pretty colors. Thank you, Daddy.” She reached over and patted my thigh, as if to say, “Not what I hoped for, but it’s okay. You meant well.” She left her hand on my thigh and returned her attention to the road. Feeling her hand so close to my cock made it begin to stiffen, and the thought of inserting the beads into her, and pulling them out at just the right time, as I had observed on the videos I had been studying, was exciting to me. I reached down and moved her hand to my cock, and pressed it downward. 

Lizvette turned to face me and in the corner of my eye I saw her watching me as she began massaging my cock through my old worn jeans. I was glad the denim was loose and thin, allowing me to feel the tips of each of her fingers as they squeezed and pressed into my stiffening, lengthening shaft. My cock was stretched at an angle across my right thigh where it met my waist. Lizvette knew exactly where to rub and press, just below the head on the upper half. Sensations shot through my cock with every teasing poke and pinch and pat. “That feels so good, baby. Yes.” I set the cruise control at the speed limit and checked for traffic around me. Except for a large truck well behind us, there were no other cars to be concerned about. Everyone was going the opposite direction on this workday morning. I settled back to enjoy the ride.

“Your little hands feel so good, baby.” She flattened her hand over it and pressed her palm hard against the top part, then slapped downward with her fingers together at the base, just above my balls. She slid her palm down the length and keeping the pressure on my cock with the base of her hand, squeezed at the inseam of my jeans, groping for my nuts. I moaned and approved and encouraged. “Mmm that’s good, baby. I love your touch. Good girl.” 

With my right hand I lifted her skirt for another look at her pretty pink lips between the bright red of her open-crotch panties. She adjusted the back of her seat to a flatter incline, just enough to allow her to look out the window at the passing rural landscape. She felt my fingers between her thighs, teasing her inner lips, parting them to get at her clit, and she opened her legs wider. She lifted her skirt high to let it rest on her stomach, giving me complete access and a complete view of her beautiful teenaged pussy.

“Mmm. Isn’t it a beautiful day, Daddy? I could rest like this for hours.” I looked at her face to reply, but she had closed her eyes. Her mouth, her Cupid’s bow lips, formed a slight, comfortable smile, like Mona Lisa at rest. As her left hand continued it’s repeated motion of pressing inward on the upper tip of my shaft, circling and then gliding downward to my nuts with the flat of her hand, my right middle finger mimicked the same motions over her clit and down into her slippery little hole. I have tried so many times to capture in words the perfect description of how Lizvette’s wet pussy lips and inner thighs truly feel to the touch, but I have always failed. Soft, silky, downy, satin, all words fail. There is simply nothing like the feel of my baby. Maybe that can be said of all women, I don’t know. I know only that before Lizvette it never even occurred to me.

I checked the mirror and saw the large truck was gaining on me. I bumped my speed up a notch, to just above the limit. A small sports car was way up ahead. Our play time was safely out of view. I unzipped my fly. Lizvette reached into it and gripped my shaft in her hand. “Oh look, Daddy! Ponies!” We were passing a wooded area on which a farm or small ranch was situated. Behind the white fencing stood several ponies, grazing and playing. They were a sight. “Buy me one of those, Daddy.” She was eying the ponies while holding my shaft in her fist, rubbing the precum into my dickhead with her thumb. My finger, warm and wet from her pussy, pressed into her clit and rubbed gently. I reached down to pull my cock through the fly of my jeans. With my right hand I maneuvered my thumb over her clit and worked my middle finger into her pussy, up to the first knuckle. She closed her eyes again and sighed, “You would look handsome working on a ranch. You could wear boots and chaps and your little butt would look so cute. I could feed the ponies and the horses. We could raise them and sell them. But I would want to keep them all!” 

She was now patting and slapping the underside of my shaft and I wondered if she wasn’t thinking of patting the ponies while she was doing it. Her eyes were closed again and her face was tilted toward me. Her breasts rose and settled over her round baby-filled belly as her breathing deepened. She was getting close. For myself, I couldn’t remember the last time a hand job made me cum, and I knew this one wasn’t going to, as good as it felt. My turn would come later, I knew. I teased her clit with the tip of my thumb and wiggled my fingertip in her pussy. She giggled. “That tickles, Daddy.” 

I noticed then that the truck had gained quite a bit of ground on me and was changing lanes to pass on my left. The driver would have a clear view of my baby’s open legs and my hand between them, if not also of my cock sitting up with her hand tugging it. I accelerated and moved my middle finger to her clit to give it a little rougher treatment, which I knew usually sent her over the edge when she was close. She gasped and raised her arms above her head and lifted her left leg higher and spread it wider, over the console between our seats. I was now gaining on the sports car ahead of us and would need to change lanes to pass and get in front of the truck. “Ooooooo,” Lizvette moaned and sucked in long drafts of air. “Daddy yes.” 

I took a quick peek at her pussy. It shone and glistened so pink and youthful in the sunlight. As she finished saying “yes” I saw two quick and sudden little bursts of cum squirt from below my fingertip. She had never done that before! I wished I had a video camera rolling to capture it. The sight of it excited me to the point of near orgasm myself. I was now passing the sports car and nearing an explosive, cum-gushing climax, with nothing to keep the sperm off my jeans. “Baby, catch it!”

Lizvette looked at me, unsure what I meant. “I’m going to cum baby! Don’t let it get on my jeans!”

She looked at my cock and smiled at it. “Daddy! You never cum from just this! Don’t you want me to kiss it first?” 

“There’s no time baby just catch it in your hand. I don’t have any other jeans to change in to.” She laid my hard dick flat and placed the palm of her hand under the tip, cupping it. “Oh! This will be fun! I love watching you cum for me Daddy!” I had sent her enough videos of me masturbating to her, but she hadn’t seen me shoot off in front of her in a while. All I could think of, after being reassured that I was not about to spew my own goo all over myself, was the sight of her pussy squirting. I focused on that mental image, replaying it again and again, and also on the fact that she was now waiting and anxious to see me cum for her, which itself is always an erotic charge for me. With nothing but open road ahead of us, and the car and truck safely behind us, I reset the cruise contrlol, relaxed, and let myself go.

“Oh Daddy it’s hot! Do you have a fever? You have been sounding a little congested. Oops! Ha ha!” The first gobs sort of dribbled into her palm, then two or three quick bursts came out, going all the way up her arm, to the sleeve of her school blouse. That was the “Oops!” moment that so amused her. “It’s okay Daddy. It will look like coffee when it dries, like my panties do when you squirt on them. Oh Daddy! That’s a lot!” Cum kept oozing from my cock into her waiting open hand, which rested on my lap between my jeans and my dripping, spasming dick. “I think that’s all. Want me to kiss it?”

“Oh God. Yes. I mean no baby it’s too sensitive. There should be some napkins in the glove box.” 

“We don’t need them Daddy.” Lizvette reached across her chest with her right hand and began rubbing my jizz into her left arm, where it had shot up to her sleeve. “I love how soft it makes my skin.” She worked it in slowly, almost savoring it as she made her way down her left arm, till she reached the thick puddle of my sperm in her left palm. She then dabbed her fingertips in it and began applying it to her cheeks. Her neck. Her forhead. Finally she rubbed her hands together and wiped them slowly across her inner thighs and up to her pussy. “Mmmmmm a nice hot cumbath from Daddy! Ha ha!” I smiled and laughed with her as I tucked my softened dick back into my jeans and zipped. Lizvette readjusted her seat to sit straight up and said, “Feel my cheeks. Aren’t they soft?” She leaned forward to offer her face for my inspection. I lifted my hand to caress it. “Words can’t describe just how soft, baby. There’s nothing to compare. Nothing in the world is like you.”

2. Back In Time

“Cosmo Girl says, ‘If he loves you, he’ll suck your panties!’ Lizvette sang as she pulled her red undies down her legs and off her feet.

“Cosmo Girl says that?! Baby I don’t want you reading that stuff. It’s not good for you.” My disapproving, fatherly tones were met with giggles as Lizvette wadded her red silk panties into a ball and pushed them into my mouth. “Yes, father,” she replied with mock contrition. “I promise. No more. Please forgive me. Ha ha ha ha ha!”

“Baby!” I protested, trying to keep my eyes on the road, but she was determined. I opened my mouth and let her stuff it with the silk ball. It tasted more of lingerie store newness than hot Lizvette pussy. Being crotchless, there was no fabric to have absorbed her rich, fragrant juices, which I had just seen shoot from her pussy in lovely little spouts. She knew from our recent sexting sessions that I had been craving a taste of her freshly cum-soaked cottons. I had demanded photos of her wet panties taken during and after her orgasms. She obliged, like a good daughter, and sent them. They were incredibly erotic pictures, with her curvy brown thighs opened to a close view of the little damp spot over her pussy. They sparked in me a craving, a new fetish, to suck at her cummy undies. I remembered those requests and knew she wasn’t quoting Cosmo Girl. She was meeting a need for me, one she found a little silly, she had said, but like the dutiful loving daddy’s angel she was, she was tending to my desire. Lizvette never set any boundaries for me. Never judged. Never refused to go where I wanted to lead. She simply trusted. Simply loved. For that she will forever be the love of my life.

“Daddy! A super market! We need to get the tuna and pickles!” She was pointing across the highway to a grocery store. She was right. We would need a stop before getting to the lake if we wanted a lunch on the boat. I had been so eager to feast on her body I had forgotten in my planning that she might want more than my cock and cum.

I exited to cross over the highway to the store while she reached into her backpack and produced a fresh pair of white cottons. I recognized the tiny baby blue bow on the front and knew it was from a set I had bought her recently and left for her in our mail drop box. She slipped into them quickly and deftly without raising her skirt as I pulled to a stop at the light.

I turned and lowered my head to pull her panty wad out of my mouth. First came the waist band, it’s tender ruffles damp with my saliva, followed by the twin triangles of sheer silk that had framed my baby girl’s pussy only minutes before. “Did they taste good, Daddy? Like me? Ohh they’re wet! You really did want them, didn’t you!? Such a naughty daddy.” She was pleased – and proud!- of how she made my mouth water. “My daddy is the naughtiest ever! How many other girls have daddies that do such things?”

I thought, but didn’t say, “More than you think.” Instead I replied, “It’s not naughty if I love you, baby.” She gave me one of her automatic, half-absent “awww that’s so sweet, daddy” replies as she shook and waved the panties dry before laying them them neatly on her backpack, which rested on the floor and out of view. “Now you can work on making my cottons nice and cummy,” She said as she slid her feet back into her slippers. She always seemed to have an assignment for me. The do list was never ending! She didn’t acknowledge my sarcastic, “Yes, dear” as she unbuckled her belt and hopped out of the car. “Come on, Daddy!”

Her walk had a little more waddle to it than I remembered since our last outing, her legs were just a little further apart but her steps were still lively and graceful. She still glided when she walked, but with a swing and sway in her hips that made her pretty bottom a pleasure to watch, even under the fullness of her school skirt as it lurched from side to side above the backs of her knees. Her hair, tied low in a pony tail, was longer and, it seemed, darker than I remembered, as it flowed in thick waves down her back, absorbing the bright rays of the low morning sun.

We approached the entrance of the market and I could see it was an older one, among the last of a chain of stores that peaked when I was a boy, and still equipped with rubber mats at the doorways that caused the glass doors to swing open when stepped on. “Oh cool! This is new!” Lizvette said, excitedly, not knowing that she was marvelling at technology that was older than I. I loved showing her new things, or things new to her that remained memories to me, and watching her reactions. I wanted to take her boating at Isabel for that reason. She was a curious girl, always eager to learn and filled with questions. My own daughter had long outgrown that trait. I wanted to encourage it in Lizvette.

Stepping inside the market was like entering a time capsule. Low shelves allowed a full view of the entire space. Long out-of-production refrigerated bins still hummed and fogged at the rear. Carefully hand-printed signs advertised daily specials on the tall glass windows. Old cash registers clicked and dinged at the three cashier lanes, and a blue haired old lady in a dark blue skirt and a light blue blouse welcomed my baby. “Well hello, sweetie. Such a pretty little thing! Aren’t you running late for school?” A name tag, pinned to her breast pocket, held a strip of blue plastic from a label maker that read, “Alice.”

Lizvette, ever the quick thinker, replied, “Oh no, ma’am. My daddy and I are having a field trip today at the lake. It’s my science project. We’re here for our lunch supplies.” Alice smiled at Lizvette and then looked at me, then back at Lizvette and her lovely dark skin. I was sure her next question would have been, “Are you adopted, sweetie?” had she not been wise enough to simply smile and nod. Lizvette listed our needs aloud while Alice rolled a metal cage cart toward me. “Oh, that sounds like a perfect lunch for a day at the lake. You’ll find freshly boiled eggs in the dairy section, sweetie, all ready to go. Can’t have tuna salad without boiled egg! And crisp celery over there with the fresh produce. Just arrived an hour ago. Sweet pickles on aisle 5.”

Lizvette guided the cart from the front while I pushed. She led me through the aisles, navigating as we went the most efficient course, pointing to the items she wanted and waiting for me to pull them from the shelves. “Napkins. Plastic ware. Paper plates. No, daddy. The thick kind. Those. Now this way to the mayonnaise.” I added a bag of chips and a six pack of soft drinks and after she was sure that we had all we needed, she set our course for the check out lane. There, beside the candy stand, she looked at me and asked, “May I get some gum, daddy?” Her reversions back and forth from lady of the house to little girl always puzzled me. Regarding the former, I loved her boldness, her confidence, and took it as a sign that she was comfortable with me, and for that I was happy. How many girls would have run from me like frightened little rabbits the minute I looked at them the way I looked at Lizvette when I first saw her? Now she awaited permission for gum, in little girl mode.

“Yes, sweetheart.” She reached for the g**** flavor and pulled one pack. Then she lingered and looked again at me, silently and shyly asking for a second pack. I thought of the taste of her kisses and suggested, “How about cinnamon, too?” She smiled. “Oh yeah. You like that.” Anyone overheating would have thought she meant I liked to chew cinnamon gum. No. I liked the taste of her cinnamon kisses. She snatched the gum and placed it on the conveyor and turned her attention to the cashier working the buttons on the old beige metal cash register.

Lizvette was amazed. Tick-tick-tick chugga chugga chug. Tick-tick-chugga chugga. She watched the paper tape roll further out of the top after each item’s price was keyed. She eyed the cashier, a college-aged girl with a pleasing smile whose name tag read “Emily” who carefully but quickly totalled our selections. A bag boy appeared, probably another college student at the nearby University, in a white short-sleeved dress shirt and thin black tie, who hurriedly arranged our groceries within a deep brown paper bag. It was all a picture from my past, and Lizvette herself, in her plaid skirt, black slippers and pony tail, could have been a pretty high school girl I would admire in shy wonder, hoping she might turn my way, to bring a blush to my face and a tickle to my heart with a wave, a wink, and a smile.

The register dinged the total as the cash drawer plunged outward to Emily. I paid the total with two $20 bills, (of course) received my change, almost expecting a sheet of Green Stamps, and walked to the exit behind Lizvette. Alice wished Lizvette a fun day and smiled at me. Lizvette waved goodbye and stopped at the rubber mat. She smiled up at me, her naughty, playful smile, then hopped onto it to make the door open. “That’s so cool!”

3. On The Docks

The pleasant time spent shopping was contrasted next by the very unpleasant dealings with the boat owner and his odious son. We arrived at the docks a little before the appointed time of 10 a.m. There were few cars in the lot along the lakefront. I pulled into a space behind the familiar old wooden structure that served as an office for the county official who maintained the docks, a homey little building with a stack of firewood and a pair of rocking chairs on a wooden deck. Only the payphone kiosk on the side of the structure marred the rustic looks.

I carried the grocery sack and duffle bag I had packed with fresh linens, while Lizvette put on her backpack and carried her phone, ear pods plugged and ready. We rounded the corner of the shack and I heard a man’s voice laughing hoarsely, saying, “Said he’s bringing his daughter with him so he’ll want to look like a big man in front of her. Haven’t met one of those yet I couldn’t make.” His remark was met with a cackle of squealing laughter from what sounded like a very annoying teenage male. As we turned the corner I saw them. The toothy smile on the boy’s face turned to surprise as he saw me approach, which alerted the older man to turn his face to me. “Oh! Ahoy there.” A sheepish smile crossed his puffy face as he greeted me with obvious hope that I had not heard what he said. He was a classic wannabe hustler, more interested in a cheap swindle than an honest fortune, too stupid to know when to keep his mouth shut, and too obvious to earn anyone’s trust long enough to swindle them. I played my part. “Hello! You Mike? I’m Bill Conlin. This is my girl, Dory.” I shook his hand – his fat, tiny, clammy little hand – as he eyed Lizvette from head to toe, then looked back at me.

“That’s your … daughter?” He looked at me as if wondering who was playing whom.

“My pride and joy. And my torment!” I laughed back at him, happy to see the speck of spittle that flew from my mouth at his face. I looked past him at his young companion, a hulking k** with a buzz cut and billy-goat stubble on his chin, and a knit cap on his head. “Is that your boy?” I stressed the “boy” as I watched him ogle my daughter and not even trying to hide his filthy leer.

“Yes sir, this is my son, Ty. Say hello to Mr. Connally, Ty.”

Ty looked at me with his stupid grin and said, “Huh huh. She pregnant?” It was only my knowledge that mentally retarded young people tend to be very sweet-natured that made me certain Ty was not a mentally retarded young person. He was simply a punk, and a stupid one at that. A dangerous combination.

“Pregnant? Why no I don’t believe so.” Now the both of them stared back at me, wondering if I were a liar or the fool they had been hoping for. I turned my attention to the boats in dock and knew from my friend’s description exactly which one Mike was trying to unload. I pointed to the sexiest one on the pier and said, “Please tell me that’s my future boat! She’s a beauty, Mike! How can you part with her?”

Mike started his pitch by saying my future boat wouldn’t cost nearly as much as the one I pointed out but would of course be superior to it in every way. “This is a boat for a lifetime, not just what’s in fashion right now.”

Meanwhile I kept an eye and ear out for Ty and his leering eyes at my daughter. Mike and I stepped onto the boat while Lizvette watched from the pier a few feet away. Ty said to her, “You got a big belly for a skinny girl.”

“I just had a doughnut. Goes right to my stomach,” she replied. “Looks like with you it goes right to your face.” I disguised my smile to make it look as if I were responding to one of Mike’s cute salesman lines. I was so proud of my girl!

Ty came back for more. In a lowered whisper but still audible in the way stupid people whisper, “Ever do it on a boat?”

I turned at this to give him a stern look. Before I could call her over to me, Lizvette replied, in her teasing breathy voice, “Not yet.” She let that work it’s magic and as the leer on Ty’s face turned to a slobbery grin, added, “Ever do it with a girl?”

Ty’s dignity was unfazed. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. As he did it, a thin strip of plastic or metal fell unnoticed and landed at his feet. “I’ve had hotter hoes than you.” He pointed his phone at her, preparing to take a photo.

“Hey!” I shouted, ready to lunge for him. Lizvette stayed cool. Mike seemed oblivious but turned his attention to the two of them. Remembering it now, I know why he then shouted, “Put that away!” He was in the frame.

Before he could focus, Lizvette said, “Cool phone! Let me see it!” She reached sharply and quickly for it and knocked it out of his hand. By then I was beside her, and we all watched Ty’s phone fall from his grip and land on the wooden planks of the pier, where it exploded into its separate components, covers, battery and all.

“Oh no! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to. Is it broken?” Ty and Mike may have believed she meant it but I knew that tone well. It was usually followed by laughter, but not then. Mike barked at Ty to pick it all up and get back to the truck and wait for him. I noticed the little metal strip that had fallen from his pocket and recognized it as VIN plate for an automobile. It was bent upward at one corner. I picked it up carefully and pocketed it while Ty and Mike were distracted.

Mike said, “I do apologize. He acts like he’s never seen a girl before sometimes.” He then turned his attention to Ty and said, “If it’s broke it’s your own fault. Wait in the truck and I’ll be there in a minute. These nice people don’t got all day.”

Ty said, more to Lizvette than Mike, “It aint broke. I’m hell on this thing.” As he walked away, Lizvette called after him, “I hope you didn’t lose all your ho pictures!”

Mike looked at me as if waiting for me to chastise my daughter for her rudeness. I just stared back. After a few seconds, I smiled and said, “Well why don’t I take her around the lake for a few hours and meet you back here with my decision? Say, 2:30?”

“Well sir, I usually require some earnest money before I just turn her loose. Rental fee is $200 for the day.”

We had agreed to that, but the thought of this creep with one nickel of my money was repellent. “Well 2:30 won’t be a full day and this looks like a buyer to me. Does the trailer come with it?” I pulled out my wallet, fat with twenties, and peeled off two. “Consider this earnest money.” Mike grinned and I could see he believed he had his fish hooked. “If she’s what you say she is, we’ll take the rental fee off the price and call it a deal,” I told him.

“I think you’ll like her just fine. See you at 2:30 and we can talk about the trailer. Meantime you have fun showing your little girl what a real sailor looks like!” He winked and walked away, pocketing the $40.

I looked at my darling Lizvette. She grinned back, recognizing the look of adoration in my eye. I said, finally, “You are…” I couldn’t find the word.

She supplied it. “Yours. Now take me sailing. Or boating or whatever you call it.”

4. in The Cabin

Lizvette reclined on her back, propped high with pillows, her legs bent and together at the knees, and feet wide apart, listening to music on her phone with her earbuds, singing, unaware it seemed that only her voice was audible to me and not the music she sang to. I turned to smile at her pleasing, girlish tones and saw the white cotton of her panties peeking from between her tender thighs and caramel colored cheeks, her precious pussy bulging roundly outward. My mouth began to water for a taste of her. She wore her plaid school skirt and white blouse, and her white cotton socks. I smiled again as she tugged at her skirt to keep it secured demurely against the top of her knees, absently maintaining her sense of modesty, unaware or unconcerned that her panties shone brightly at me in the golden light between her pretty little ass cheeks. It was yet another endearing moment that made my heart swell with joy at the knowledge that she was my own.

I had steered us to the center of the lake and was now maneuvering the boat into a position that allowed the sun, still low in the morning February sky, to enter the cabin port side, to light her and to warm the narrow little sl**per she lay on, which was now covered with the fresh sheet and blanket I packed for us. I dropped anchor at last, and turned my attention to Lizvette. I was starved for her.

I sat at the end of the sl**per and let my hands explore her legs, from the knees down her shins, to her socks, where I pinched each toe under the cotton. “Do the piggies, daddy,” she commanded. I pinched each toe of one foot individually and ran my fingers quickly up her calf and to her inner thigh, letting them rest on the cotton over her pussy. “The other now.” I repeated the game, and ended again with my fingers resting against her panties as she giggled. I pressed gently but firmly inward, warming my fingertips in the cotton as I pressed it into the lips of her pussy.

“I love you so much, baby.” I kissed her knees and felt her hand touch my face and caress my head. “I love you so much. Always be mine, baby”

“Daddy.” She lifted my chin to face her. “Every inch of me is yours. And every hair on my head. And every beat of my heart is for you. You’re inside me.”

I knelt beside the sl**per and leaned in to kiss the warm cotton of her panties. I breathed in the scent of her pussy beneath them, sweet and musky from her morning shower and the dripping wet orgasm she had in the car. I pulled the fabric aside and exposed to the morning sun her pink, swollen lips, glistening and ready to be kissed.

Lizvette’s pussy lips had always been supple and full but since her pregnancy, now in its sixth month, they seemed even more sensitive and tender. She dampened quickly and it seemed instantly to the touch. I watched her inner labia open and flower before my eyes and tasted her little cum drops as they appeared. I sucked and kissed at her lips, careful not to apply too much pressure and cause her discomfort.

I kissed and licked and sucked her, sighing my “I love you I love you” refrain as she returned my affections with pats on my head and whispered “yes yes daddy” responses. At some point – I always lost all sense of time when making love to her – I heard the “chink” of the anal beads as she dropped them beside my head, telling me she was ready to try our new toy.

For all the pounding and fucking I had given her little girl asshole, it remained tight and narrow on first entry. Now, after weeks of being apart, it seemed virgin again. I pulled her panties up her legs and off her feet as she reclined herself flat on the sl**per. I saw her close her eyes with her pretty face to the side, waiting for the new sensation she was about to experience. My cock dripped in my slacks as I stuffed her wet panties into my mouth.

She lifted her bent legs high and apart, opening for me as best she could. She clasped her hands together behind her knees and hugged her thighs close to her round belly. I pressed the tip of my tongue into her asshole for a taste. I wet my finger in her pussy then pushed the juice into her asshole. She was slick and ready after just a few pokes. I reached then for the beads and wet each one, starting with the largest on one end, in her pussy, then pushed them, one at a time, slowly, up her butt.

She took them in eagerly, almost sucking them into her with her butt muscles. Her ass at times felt like a vice when I fucked it. Her young body always amazed me with its strength, despite its petite slender size. After a few minutes, all the beads were sunk deep into her. I crooked my fingertip into the ring at the end and watched as she continued pulling the beads deeper into her. Her moans became a steady purr as her little body settled and relaxed at last.

With my thumb on her clit, rubbing and circling gently, I began to tug the beads slowly out. “Oh! He he!” She giggled as the first and tiniest bead emerged from her little brown hairless hole. I tapped her clit with my thumb repeatedly and resumed tugging at the string. “Mmm oh daddy!” Out popped the second, larger bead. “Do you like it baby?” I asked, knowing the answer but needing to hear it. “Oh god yes” came her breathy reply.

I began to feel some resistance as I tugged at the ring. Her butt was clenching over the third bead, almost not wanting to set it free. I knew what was happening. She had lost control of her muscles and her body was reacting on its own to this new invasion, much as it did when my cock had f***ed itself deep into her, repeatedly and brutally.

I pinched at her clit now, knowing it caused her pain but wanting to get her pussy involved in the action. It worked. Just as she had in the car, she squirted a shot of puss juice at me! I loved this new reaction I was seeing from her. I yanked at the ring and out popped the third bead. She yelped and pulled her legs tighter against her belly to open her ass even more. I licked her pussy with a long slow slurp to try and relax her again. Her breath was now very heavy and her tits were heaving beneath her blouse. I remember being a little concerned at that and wondered if too much excitement might bring on labor. “Oh my god daddy just do it!”

That put my mind at ease. She was ready for the climax. I pulled at the ring with a slow, steady motion to bring out each successively larger bead, one at a time. The effect was like the climax of a 4th of July fireworks show, and my little girl was imploding in ecstacy before my eyes. Her gasps turned to screams of pain and pleasure as her little ass gave up each bead in a rhythmic succession while my thumb pressed and flicked at her swollen red clit.

I had not counted how many remained inside her and was surprised myself that the beads seemed to keep popping out of her little hole, which was pulsing involuntarily, opening and closing after each bead was pushed, not pulled, from her ass. At last, the final bead emerged and Lizvette let out a long, low, “uhhhnnnnngggg” that sounded almost like a growl. “Daddy I can’t… no more. I can’t take it, daddy.” I took my thumb off her clit and watched her roll onto her side, facing away from me, huffing and puffing and gasping for breath. She reached down to cover her ass with her skirt. I smiled at that, as if she were telling me her body was now closed to me.

“Oh really?!” I stood and unbuckled my belt, unzipped, and let my jeans fall to my ankles before stepping out of them. My cock actually cast a shadow across her her ass as I reached down to lift her skirt up and over it again. “Don’t. EVER. Hide. From daddy.” My cock was raging to get inside her ass. I gave her butt a good slap and saw her eyes dart to mine. A frightened look on her face quickly changed to a sweet naughty smile as she watched me stroke my cock. She reached behind her to open her ass with her hand pressed against the top cheek and pulled it upward. “I’m sorry daddy. I’m open for you. I’m yours. I want you inside me now.”

My cock was stiff but not as hard as I wanted it to be for my first plunge into her tight little asshole. I wanted her to scream when I impaled her with it. I stepped closer to her face and grabbed the top of her head, then pulled her mouth close to my swollen dick head. A drop of pre cum appeared over the slit, like the surface of a white marble. My baby saw it and smiled. “Mmm yum!” she said, before scooping it onto the tip of her hot, pink tongue.

“Bite it, baby. Daddy needs it bad.” She opened her mouth wide and took the first inch of my cock between her white teeth, keeping her lips open and careful to let me see that my shaft was securely clasped by her upper and lower incisors. I remembered again the night we met, and how I watched in amazement as she tore into the hot dog I had served her for dinner. “Do it baby!” I demanded impatiently. I didn’t want to be teased. I wanted her to draw bl**d.

Lizvette clenched her teeth into the fleshy tip of my shaft and held them there, half sunken into my hardening cock. bl**d rushed into it. It reddened before my eyes and grew harder, fighting back against the f***e of her jaws as they bore down into me. She held her grip and began tugging at it, side to side, while I gripped her breast beneath her blouse.

The fullness and firmness of her little teenage tits even through her bra and blouse, was another sensual thrill for me. The contrast of the exquisite stinging pain of my dick between her sharp teeth and the soft warmth and suppleness of her breast under my hand had my balls aching to cum again. I was becoming frenzied and Lizvette sensed, wisely, that I was about to tear her blouse open. She quickly unbuttoned and pulled the fabric aside, exposing her bra to me. I groped and squeezed the baby soft cocoa mound that billowed from the cup. I knew that as soon as I saw her nipple I would explode in her mouth.

I let go of her breast and gave her face a little slap. “That’s enough!” She released my cock from the torturous grip of her jaws. I turned my attention to her ass again as she rolled onto her side and opened her cheeks for me. She was as ready as I was for another ass-pounding. “Fuck me hard daddy. Please!”

I saw her baby teeth marks encircling the shaft of my dick, below the purple throbbing head, now covered with her saliva and the pre cum that made ramming her little girl ass that much easier. I slammed into her asshole with so much f***e my balls made an audible “slap!” as they hit her cheek. The side ways angle made a deep entry more painful for her and I worried she might bleed. “Fuck me daddy fuck me!” she begged.

I love my baby so. I don’t like disappointing her. She wanted a hard, painful, fuck. I would give her one. I mounted the sl**per on my knees and pulled her onto her back for a straight shot up her ass as deep as possible. I pushed her knees back toward her shoulders. “Show me baby. Your tits! Show me!” I wanted her bra down and her tits out, to watch them bounce as I popped her little butt. She obeyed. My baby. She pulled her bra cups down and out sprouted her beautiful, rich, dark nipples! I had not seen them in so long and their width and thickness in her late pregnancy were the most beautiful they had ever been. I eased her ass higher in my hands and fixed my eyes on them as I bucked and fucked my pretty baby. I remembered thinking as I watched her tits jiggle and her face react to the pain and pleasure that she was the most indescribably, unspeakably beautiful sight my eyes had ever beheld.

I fucked her hard and steady within uneven rhythms so that she would not be able to predict when each thrust would come. I wanted her powerless and entirely out of control of what was happening to her. I gauged by the involuntary flexing of her butt muscles when she was most vulnerable to another ramming, and timed my hits accordingly, ramming deep and fast, then pulling outward slowly, teasingly, not allowing her to guess when I might thrust forward again. I didn’t count, but this must have gone on for over a hundred deep pokes. The sight of her engorged tits and the silken vice of her little ass kept my cock iron-hard and raging to leave her completely helpless. I wanted her to beg for relief.

The musky scent of my little angel’s pussy filled the cabin, and soon mixed with the earthy sweetness I loved to taste and inhale when eating and fucking her precious little bubble butt. Poke poke pop pop ram! I was in sexual heaven having my Daddy-daughter time with my pretty baby.

I reached for her hand and placed it under my drooping hairless balls. My baby knew what to do. She fondled and scratched, waiting for her command. “Now!” I shouted, then felt her little fingers close on my balls, and squeeeeeeeeze. I felt my knees turn to jelly and my breath leave me.

I reached for her nipples and pinched them hard, tugging them toward me. Breast milk spouted onto my fingertips as my Vettie began to collapse beneath me. I could no longer feel her muscles fighting my invading cock. Her asshole, hot and wet and defeated, no longer closed over my cock as I pulled outward and thrust back in. I looked down to where my cock entered her and saw that her pussy juice rolled from my lower abdomen onto the shaft as it entered her. She had been spurting from her pussy all the while, lubing my cock, easing the pain of the countless thrusts she had endured. My baby. It was time to relieve her of her burden.

I reached for the package with the butt plug and opened it quickly with my teeth. I looked at Lizvette’s face, her eyes closed and her breathing erratic, and saw that she was lost in her own sexual daze. Milk glistened on her lolling breasts, which were pushed high and together as they perched atop her bra cups. The sight was enough to make me lose control.

I pumped shot after shot after shot of daddy cum into my baby. I felt my balls contract and pulse with each spurt. After a dozen or so shots, my cock finally began to lumpen and recede from her ass. As the head popped out, and before her ass could expel the jizz i had unloaded into her, I rammed the plug in, sealing her ass shut, and securing within it the hot, gooey daddy cream I wanted her to carry.

Lizvette lay motionless, her legs still open, her pussy lips wet and fat beneath her round belly, and her mother’s milk oozing from her beautiful baby mama titties. She kept her eyes closed and licked her lips, as she were waking from a deep sl**p, thirsty and confused. “Daddy? Mmm. What’s in me, daddy? Is that your thumb? It’s c-c-c cold.”

“No baby.” I knelt and kissed her pussy. “No baby it’s not daddy’s thumb. It’s your new toy. I want you to get used to it, baby.” I decided she would wear it the rest of the day.

5. In Her Arms

Lizvette stood at the counter of our kitchenette, carefully chopping sweet pickles for our tuna salad. She wore only her white school blouse, the tail of which I had tied into a knobby knot at the small of her back to expose her pretty legs and her high, tight, round, untanned bottom. Her new toy peeked out just visibly from between her butt cheeks, bobbing now and then as she sang to me. I sat on the sl**per in only my shirt, and absently reached for my cock to stroke it while adoring my precious little girl. She turned to smile at me, and with alarm scolded, “Oh no! Daddy don’t touch it till I’ve washed you! It’s dirty.”

She put the chopped pickles into the mixing bowl with the tuna and boiled egg, scooped a generous helping of mayo on top and stirred. “There. Now before you eat I have to get you nice and clean.” She was in her nesting and mothering mode. I couldn’t stop smiling! She began her ablutions and now and then noticed my grin. “What?!” She would stop and demand, not understanding what I found so charming. She wet one of the little rags I had packed, squirted some hand soap onto it and sat beside me, letting out a little “Oooo” as her plugged bottom settled into the sl**per. “Stand up, Daddy,” she ordered. I obeyed and stood before her, my hot pink stiffy straining at her pretty face as she scrubbed it to a lather, careful to get the crevice between the swollen head and shaft. “There. My little soldier’s helmet is nice and shiny again. Ha!” She kissed the tip and began lathering my nuts. I stroked the silky hair on top of her head, tickled behind her ear, and said without realizing it, “My precious precious girl.” Only after she stopped and looked up at me was I aware I had said it. “My handsome loving Daddy.” She mouthed a kiss at me and gave my nut sack a tug, holding it by the base in a tight squeeze between her thumb and forefinger, making of it a smooth peach shaped ball. She washed it and rinsed and, at last, gave it a playful little slap! that threw me off balance. “Aww was mommy to wuff with her wittle boy? Ha ha ha!” She let them loose to hang freely then teased them with her tongue. “My delicacy.” She slowly took one ball between her lips and sucked at it, then the other. The ache from her slap began to rise in my groin and my knees began to fold. She sensed my weakness and held me up with her little hands gripping my butt. “I’m sorry daddy. I didn’t mean to hit you that hard. Sit down, darling.”

I settled back onto the sl**per, against the pile of pillows as Lizvette gently dried my cock and balls with a fresh rag. I reached for her blouse and began unbuttoning it. I was feeling that overwhelming sense of love for her that would come over me when I was at my most vulnerable to her, a desire so strong and deep that it reached the depth of abject and utter selflessness. There was at those times no longer a me, but a spirit, an embodiment of erotic love that needed to melt into Lizvette, and the opening into her was for me always her breasts, her life-sustaining, love-nurturing breasts, soft, pillowy and comforting. “I need them baby.” I was lost again in love, and helpless in my need for her. And she knew it. She giggled seductively and held my fingers still. “No dessert till you’ve had lunch, daddy dearest.” She rose and stepped back to the kitchenette counter to prepare our sandwiches.

I watched as she stood over the finished paper plates that held our lunches. She fussed over them like a chef scrutinizing her gourmet creation. Pleased at her work, she placed her hands on her butt cheeks and gave them a little push to adjust the plug in her tight little hole, and gave out an audible “ahhhh.” I loved knowing she was enjoying her little toy, and the symbol it served as for us, a reminder that her body belonged to me, and the purpose it served in sealing my cum inside her. She turned and looked at me, to see me waiting for my little girl with my cock stretched diagonally across my thigh, throbbing in rhythm to my heartbeat for her.

“Daddy you look so sweet. I love it when you’re like this. I like taking care of you. Eat first then you can have me. Any way you want.” She sat in the space left between my bent leg with a foot resting on the bed and my other foot on the floor. She held a sandwich half to my face and began to feed me, as my hands explored her.

“When did you know you love me, daddy?” Her face told me this wasn’t lover’s chit chat. She wanted to know the exact moment. “I think I know but I want to be sure.”

I finished my first bite and thought. We had talked many times about our first meeting and told each other all the things we remembered thinking to ourselves.

“Baby I don’t remember a time when I didn’t love you. I loved you before I knew you. I loved you before I saw you.” It was true. I could no longer recall a moment of my life when I didn’t love her.

“That’s so beautiful daddy. But when did you know after you saw me?” She took a big bite of her own sandwich and looked intently at me. I put my hand around her hip to pull her closer to me and press her body snugly against my cock.

The images of her posing on my patio, beside my daughter, came to mind, and my notice later that she had tugged her bikini up high to show me her pussy lips. The memory of her footsie play later as we dined. “On my patio. I keep thinking of things we did and said there.” She smiled brightly and happily. I had given the answer she hoped for.

“And do you know when I first knew I love you, daddy? Guess!” She took another bite of a sandwich half and put the rest to my mouth for me to eat from her hand. She watched me chew and think, expectantly.

“When I said hello.” I was joking of course, but I really couldn’t think or even converse at that moment. I just wanted us to wrap ourselves in each other and spend the rest of the time we had expressing our love with kisses and touches, in a flood of orgasm and a river of cum.

“Oh daddyyyy. For serious. When do you think?” She took a drink of water from the one plastic cup she had poured and then put it to my lips. “It’s easy! Don’t you even know?” She laughed but was growing unsure of my knowledge of her feelings, something she always praised me for being attuned to. I realized then that for her this was love making. She needed my understanding the way I needed her body.

I finished my sandwich and pulled myself closer to her, wrapping my legs and arms around her. “Baby I can’t tell you the exact moment. I know it was our first night together, after the swim and before you came to me. I just remember the feelings I was experiencing and being certain you were feeling them too.” I kissed her temple and resumed unbuttoning her blouse.

“That’s close enough. For now. You’re a little distracted for the moment, I see.” She wasn’t scolding. She was being playful, and she was pleased enough with that answer, but I knew that “for now” meant the conversation would resume later. She watched my hands undo her buttons and after the past one was undone she gave a shoulders a little shrug and let her blouse fall freely from them. I reached behind her back to unclasp her bra, her thick-cupped white maternity bra, then pulled it hungrily down her arms and off. She leaned backward with her arms behind her to display herself at my favorite angle, and smiled at my dumbstruck awe of her beautiful breasts, a heavenly combination of a young girl’s and an expectant-mother’s, still developing in each category.

I leaned forward, uncomfortably in the cramped space, to rub my face against them, between them, to nuzzle their softness. “Your whiskers are so soft daddy. That’s feels good.” Her voice was calm and conversational while I was getting lost in sighs and inarticulate panting for her. “Wait daddy. Just a minute, okay? Your back is going to get sore like this. Sit up, darling.” She pushed me off of her gently but firmly and repositioned herself with her back against the wall, with the stack of pillows beside her. “Here, daddy. Lay your head here and stretch out.”

I took my position as she directed and lay on my side facing her as she cradled my head in her arms and let her breasts fall into my face. She pressed them lovingly against my cheeks and spoke to me in calming whispers, about how good my kisses felt, about how hot they were, little sighs of her own with the words “love” and “daddy” and “yours” audible to me as I drifted deeper and deeper into my Lizvette world, where there was nothing – nothing – but that ideal oneness that she and I created.

With my eyes closed and my mouth watering at her nipples I saw a beautiful stream of images flow into my vision, images of her breasts at all stages of her life. She had sent me photos of herself as a little girl wearing only bikini bottoms playing with the water hose in her backyard, and photos that she had taken of herself a few years ago as her breasts and body began to develop. I saw her breasts at that stage where they were mostly nipples, dark and wide, each atop tiny mounds of budding flesh. I saw again the dark stiff teenage nipples jutting excitedly from beneath her Nemo sl**p shirt as I lifted it, to expose her to me for the first time, that night we fell in love and created our baby. And I felt now the womanly fullness overflowing from my mouth.

I felt her fingers reach between my lips and her nipple. I thought she wanted me to kiss them, but as I did I tasted the sugary warm cream of her breast milk as she coaxed it from from her breast to flow into my mouth. She was feeding me. I took her nipple in and sucked at it, letting her milk fill my mouth and drinking it in. I had tasted her milk before, but this was a new and deeper intimacy than I had ever felt, and I savored it. She bent her head downward and kissed my forehead. “Your hair is getting so beautiful and silver daddy. Like platinum.” I sucked and swallowed, she admired and loved. I wanted time to stop.

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