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One day in the abs

I am a single bisexual man. I my girlfriend of six years had just left me. I hadnt gotten off in about three weeks, so I decided to check out Adult World. I go in on Friday night about 9:00 Paid the fee for the booths 20.00 freaking bucks better be worth it. I get buzzed in and head to the back. All the booths are playing all thetime part of a weekend deal, so that the 20.00 may be alright after all. I go in the first booth and there is one of those buddy windows I hit the button to see what happens nothing no one is in the other side so I leave the booth and go frther back and enter one in the corner. I sit down and see the gloryhole but again no one over there but what the hell I might as well get off so I pull out my cock and get ready to rub one out. I hear the door in the next booth close and lock. I wait a few seconds and peek and am greated with the sight of a 9 inch cock. I watch him stroke it for a couple min before he turns and aims it at the hole but does not put it in. I watch another few seconds I put a finger in the hole and pulled it back out and his big cock came into my side of the booth. I wrapped my hand around him and sucked his pretty dick I felt him getting ready to cum so I spit him out and finished him with my hand and he squirted an the floor. He pulled out of the hole heard him zip and he was gone. About 5 mins later I heard the door close again. And giggling and one was female. No way I am imagining that so I peek again and sure enough two people in the booth one had the biggest cock I ever saw, but what got my attention was the ass bent over to the side of the hole with a blond fur covered pussy poking out between her legs. Holy fucking shit I could see her dampness. I was so hard I needed to cum so bad so as I watched I jerked off. I watched her hand jacking his huge cock and saw his fingers invade her softest parts. I Knew I coulnd not see her face and I knew they could notsee mine, but I knew she was quite pretty and was not the kinda girl you would meet in place like this. He turned her so I could watch her pussy as he played with her clit it was at this time I shot my fist load in the air.He keep backing her closer and closer to the hole soon her ass was pushed up to wall and her hole was lined up with thehole in the wall. I lost control and started sliding my fingers in her she was wetter then any other woman I ever knew. She only moaned. I had to taste her so I did and she ground her cunt around in circles on the hole. sundenly it was gone she had taken her pussy away from the wall and her finger came in the hole and made a come here motion. At first I thought she wanted me to come to there booth. She stopped me in a f***ed fake voice. She says just your dick. So Of course who am I to argue. My dick hards as hell again slid in her booth and mouth. she was an artist at sucking cock and she made me cum for the second time this time though it was in her mouth and even though I had cum she keep sucking but by the feel of her thrust I could tell she was getting fucked by her man. I wanted her to be happy and it felt so good I was getting hard in her mouth again. When she finaly let me out of her mouth I was hard again. I stared to pull thinking she was done. She grabbed me before I could and I felt something I never thought I would her pussy backing up on my cock. she was so hot and wet I had no problem entering her she fucked me like this for a good twenty mins before I shot another load of cum in to her wet pussy. This left me weak in the knees. I whispered a thanks and heard “OH MY GOD”!!! This time the voice was not faked and sounded like I should know. I left the booth and walked around, before I got too far I wanted to see what this horney slut that let a strangers cock cum in her without ever seeing them looked like so I doubled back and waited around the side of the next set of booths, about 5 mins. they came out the guy was 1st fairly tall with a nice body cute but never seen him before in my life. It was the girl that I knew about 5’2″ cute little blond with huge tits. I should have know the voice from the start it was my 23 year old s****r. holy shit I just fucked amd cum in my s****rs pussy. And who was the other guy and where was her husband. This made me feel strange I was discused at the thought of fucking her but my dick had a mind of its own. I have jerked off thinking about her and even thought about her while with other women and cum in bucket loads ever time.

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