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Open House

It is getting near end of day and the open house is almost closing. You really wanted to see this house though as it fits all your needs. You speed over to the neighborhood and pull into the driveway as a man you guess is the realtor is locking the door. You run up and beg me to give you at least 15 more minutes as you really want to see the house. I sigh and act like I am checking my schedule book, but really I am eyeing the skirt you have on and what might lie underneath.
“Ok, 15 minutes. Give me one moment” I say as I go to my car and grab a small bag from the back. I head to the door and open it, waving you in
“Ladies first” I say, stepping in and closing the door after you. I tell you the brief layout of the house and let you explore some as I head off into the master bedroom. You look over the lovely house and are absolutely in love. You enter the master bedroom and still you are in awe. The only out of place thing is the bed with all of the covers and sheets removed with long tassels hanging from the bedposts. As you start to comment on the bed, you feel my body press against yours from behind and push you forward onto the bed. As you lie flat on your stomach you feel my body lay down on yours and you feel one of my hands grab and tug your hair back. You can feel my breath on your ear as I whisper
“Time to have some fun, honey.” You feel my other hand slide up the back of your skirt and push it’s way between your legs. You try to push me off but my full weight down on you is too much. You feel my hand slide inside your panties and start to feel around your wet hole. I whisper to you again
“You like this don’t you? I can feel how wet your pussy is, Honey.” I remove my hand from your panties and I grab one of the long tassels from the bedpost and wrap it around your wrist, quickly tieing it tightly so you have little room to tug. Once secured, I reach to the other bedpost and do the same. I chuckle some as I see you below me with arms spread across the bed as you lie face down. I slide down your body and lift your skirt up over your ass. I squeeze my body between your legs which f***es them to spread open. You feel a tug on your panties and then you hear and feel me rip the middle of them open.
“Mmm, that looks tasty” you hear me say as my fingers spread your lips open. You feel my mouth move between your legs and feel your clit start to get licked. You squirm and tell me no and to stop doing this. I briefly look up from between your legs
“You are going to be here until you cum all over my tongue. So you best just enjoy this.” I dive back in and suck your clit into my mouth. You feel my nose poking against your vaginal entrance. You then feel my hands spread your ass cheeks apart and you feel my middle finger poking against your asshole. I slide the tip of my finger inside you ass and massage it slowly in and out to tease you as I continue to suck on your hardened clit. I suck hard on your clit and start to flick on it with my tongue. I can feel the f***ed enjoyment as you continue to struggle, but also continue to expel the pungent juices from your hot wet pussy. My nose is drenched in you and continues to tease the entrance as my finger gets pushed further in your ass. I feel you start to quiver and my pace on your clit quickens. Moments later I hear you scream out and begin to shake in orgasm. I slightly slow my pace to let you enjoy and ride out the way. Once your orgasm subsides I remove my finger and sit up, looking down at you. I look down on your body as your breathing slowly subsides from your orgasm. A moment later you feel my weight press down onto your back again, however something is different. You feel the hair from my chest on your back, and you feel my hard member press down against one of your ass cheeks. You feel another hard tug on your hair as I grab hold and pull you head to the side. I whisper softly into your ear
“it’s almost time to get fucked, Honey. I’m so turned on, it won’t be long until i’m filling your little cunt with my cum.” You feel me shift my cock so it’s laying between your ass cheeks. I begin slowly moving my hips and letting my hard rod slide up and down the back of your ass. You hear me groaning softly in your ear
“Mmmm so soft, Honey.” I reach down and push the head of my cock just to the entrance of your wet fuckhole. You feel my lower body press down on you as my shaft pushes inside your pussy.
“Oh fuck you have a great cunt, Honey!” I lift my upper body in a push up position and let my lower body start to pump back and forth, in and out of you. You feel my cock start to harden more inside you and my breathing becomes heavier and labored.
“Oh fuck, i’m gonna fill you honey…here it comes…AAAHHHHHHhhhhhhhh!!!” you hear my groan out as my cock begins to spasm inside of you. You feel my cock continue to squirt it’s hot seed inside of you as I push down as hard as I can to go as deep as possible. My breathing slowly steadies as my orgasm finishes and I lay back down on you.
“I love open houses, don’t you Honey?” I get up off you and pull down the ripped up panties that were left around your waist. I pull your waist up so your lower half is on your knees.
“Stay like this Honey, I don’t want any of my cum spilling out yet.” You hear me step away and open a drawer, then return a few minutes later. You feel me slipping something around your ankles and up your legs. You realize I am putting another pair of panties on you. They are a bit tight, but soft cotton feels nice on your skin. I pull them up and over your ass, then I pull your skirt back down. I move around to the top of the bed and untie your hand, then to the other side and release you from your bound position. I help you up off the bed and walk you towards the door. You can feel my cum draining out into your new cotton panties, but have no idea where the pair is you had on originally. I e****t you to your car and help you in.
“There is another open house next week if it’s still on the market. See you then, Honey.”

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