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Opportunity knocks

In the 6 weeks since his 1st encounter with his mother, Kevin had been made redundant from his job and whilst he had found something else, the pay was almost half what he was on before. As a result, he had moved back into his parents house, not that he minded, when his father spent every Wednesday playing golf and then hitting the 19th hole for a large quantity of drinks after, Kevin got to engage in his new favourite past time, sexually pleasing his mother. His father remained completely unaware of the goings on under his own roof and for good reason. Anyway, Kevin was returning home from work early one afternoon, he had taken the afternoon off to meet up with his friends ad also collect some of his possessions that they were holding for him. Upon opening the front door, Kevin was greeted by his mother hastily making her way out of the door, she was a little dressed up, she had her hair and make up done nicely. “Sorry Baby, I’m in a rush, meeting the girls”, with that she kissed him, her tongue exploring his mouth (this had become the norm in recent weeks) “oh, and by the way, don’t disturb your father, he’s not feeling well” she said as she jumped into the car. Kevin proceeded into the house dropping his bag on the sofa and making his way into the kitchen and opening the fridge. He made his way up the stairs, the door to his parents room was closed and he continued to his room. Sitting on his bed he switch on the TV and he sat flicking through the channels. He kept hearing what sound like thrashing around and groaning coming from his parents room. His mother had said that his father was ill so he ignored it and carried on flicking through the channels. 10 minutes later the noise was still going on, so he decided to go investigate and see if the was anything his father needed. He knocked on the door but there was no answer, he turned the handle and gently opened the door, nothing could have prepared him for what he saw. His father was naked and tied up, each of his arms and legs were tied to a different corner of the bed. Kevin’s mother must have done this, his fathers eyes were covered in the things airlines give you on long flights to block out the light to help you sl**p and his mouth had been gagged. There was his father in all his birthday suit glory. It had been years since Kevin had seen his father nude. He was chubbier now and his one dark chest hair was spattered with greying hair. Kevin couldn’t help but stare at his fathers cock. As he lay there all tied up, his cock flaccid rested on his balls hanging down over between his legs. Kevin had never really thought about guys, he wasn’t gay, but he had always been a little curious, since his encounter with his mother, he had let most of his inhibitions go, was this to good an opportunity to turn down? By now a good minute had passed since he entered the room, he moved towards his father and he lifted the blind fold of his eyes, his father squinted and blinked as his eyes adjusted to the light, as his eyes started to finally focus, the figure he could make out wasn’t his wife but his son, a mixture of angry and embarrassment washed over him, even the muffled noises he was making through the gag sounded angry. Kevin told him to calm down and released his mouth from its cloth prison. “How long have you been standing there like a dirty pervert looking at your dad”. Kevin thinking on his feet insisted that after the initial shock of seeing his father like this, he had left the room and had just plucked up the courage to return. “Why are you all tied up anyway?” Kevin asked. “It none of your goddamn business why!” “Ok then, I’ll leave you alone” before turning around and making for the door. “Wait, wait, ok, look it’s a long story, but me and your mother aren’t getting a long in the bedroom so great at the moment, it’s like she’s lost interest”. Kevin tried to hide his look of guilt as he is possibly responsible for that. “So, I was reading an article about spicy things up and one thing was tying up your partner and allowing them to do anything, so I said to her, you can tie me up and do anything you want, so she did. Tied me up and called the girls to go for lunch and shopping, leaving me here like this. Now will you untie me?” “Not so fast dad, you’re telling me, you all tied up and mums gone for a few hours”. “Kevin, don’t be a dick and untie me.” “Speaking of dick Daddy, yours looks nice.” “Daddy?, why the fuck are you calling me daddy you haven’t called me that in years, now, stop being a little queer pervert and untie me now, I’m not k**ding anymore, funs over!” Kevin couldn’t help himself, a plan was forming in his head, the situation with his mother was fluke or fate, surely this was another one of those times. “Daddy, I’m sorry but you at my mercy and I want to help you, you balls are full and if mum won’t help, surely who better than you son?” “Kevin, you listen to me, you touch me and that’s it…..” “What you going to do?” Kevin step further to the bottom of the bed, he placed his hand on his fathers ankles, they were red from his fight with his binds and slowly he ran his hand up his fathers leg, pausing before he reached his cock, Kevin ran his fingertips over his fathers hairy balls, his cock limply stood up and fell backwards against his stomach, still flaccid, but like it had received a shot of life, Kevin ran his finger tip up the shaft and on to the head of his fathers cock, against it was like it received a jolt of life, but still flaccid, but a little firmer, Kevin run his fingers up his fathers stomach and through his greying chest hair and pinched each of his nipples, they were solid, rock hard at his touch, like little soldiers at attention. “Haha Kevin, funs over, stop this now and I won’t mention it again.” “Sorry daddy, I need it” “Kevin stop this at once, I’m your father, you can’t do this and stop calling me daddy, it’s creepy”. Kevin couldn’t help it, when he had been fucking his mother she always referred to herself as mummy and it sounded dirtier and sexier that mum or mother. “I think you secretly like this daddy, you getting hard” “no I’m not, Kevin”. Kevin made his way to the bottom of the bed and laid so that he was positioned between his fathers legs, he reached out and wrapped his fingers around the old mans cock, slowly he began to stroke and life rush into the old member, it didn’t take long before it was solid, rock hard. “See daddy, you like it” “Kevin, please don’t do this”. Kevin crept forward and then took the first cock he’d ever tasted into his mouth, his father moaned and kevin reverse engineered his mother technique and slowly pumped his fathers shaft into his mouth. He didn’t want to go so fast, he knew his father tended to be a two minute wonder these days. Before he could get close kevin freed his fathers cock from his mouth. He sucked on his fathers balls, they felt huge in his mouth, the second his tongue touched them they went from dangling to being tight, like the room had gone cold. His tongue worked backward and before he knew it, his tongue was exploring the sweaty goodness or his fathers arsehole, Kevin spread his fathers cheeks to get better access, the hair matted with Kevin’s spit. His father now moaned 50% of the time and then spent 50% demanding to be freed. “Stop this please Kevin, I had no idea, you were this way” “daddy if mum, can’t help you out then I will. With that Kevin stood up. He removed his shirt and unzipped his jeans, letting them fall to the floor. “Kevin, this has gone to far, please stop this at once”. In Kevin’s mind he had gone past the point of no return. His boxers fell to the floor, his own cock, rock hard from the excitement. “Know, the main event”. “Kevin get away, your not going to fuck me”. “You’re right, I’m not, you going to fuck me!” Kevin climbed onto his parents bed, he spat onto the head of his fathers still erect cock and guided it towards his own arsehole, Kevin sat back and an electric like pain, shot through him, man, that hurts he thought. “Hurts doesn’t it” said his father. Kevin reached into a bedside cabinet and pulled out his mothers lube. He popped the cap and applied lavish amounts over his fathers cock, now stroking the cock to get it ready, he transferred some lube to his arsehole and worked a finger inside to prepare. Now slowly he lent back and he could feel his hole beginning to accept his fathers head. He felt the head disappear inside and slowly lent back further, he now had his fathers whole cock deep in his arse. He began more up and down, with every stroke he began to enjoy it more and any discomfort disappeared. He could tell his father was getting close, Kevin lent forward to release his father from his arse and began to suck on his nipples, they were solid and his father moaned. After 30 seconds, Kevin guided his fathers cock back into his arse. Leaning back and beginning to stroke his own cock, he could see his father watching him wank. “That’s it Daddy, watch your boy wank as you fuck his arse”. Kevin felt his balls tighten and a familiar wave rush over him, the thick white spunk trickled from the head much slower than normal, maybe as he had an arse full of cock, and onto his fathers chest, it matted his chest hair, white globs of his sons cum. The sight and maybe even the squeeze that Kevin’s arse gave as he cum, he started to pump harder, the first time today he actually participated proactively, he pumped faster and with one final push and cry of pleasure he shot his load deep into his boys tight arse. “Ok, Kevin, time to let me go”. “I don’t think so, mum told me not to disturb you”. With that he leaned forward, the old mans now flaccid penis slipped out of his arse and his own spunk filled the pubes around his cock. Kevin moved the gag back into his fathers mouth and replaced his blindfold. He picked up his clothes and returned to his room. Shocked at what he had just done. He heard his mother return a couple of hours later. She went straight to her room. Kevin could hear her say to his father that he must have cum from the anticipation of what he thought was going to happen and that maybe they could do this again. She freed his father as several minutes later, Kevin door burst open and his father in his sternest voiced said “not a word!” And closed the door

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