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It was about five and a half months and our friend was on our doorstep again. As I opened the door the look on her face was enough for me to say “Has it happened again?” she nodded as she came in, sat at our table, Donna and I listened as she talked about what had happened a couple of days ago. Again I tell the story as she told us.

I was sat on the sofa in an old Alice Cooper tour T shirt and a denim skirt talking to Jordan (her youngest son, 21) he was home from uni, he was upset at still being a virgin and I was comforting him, I was already two thirds through my second bottle of wine and he’d had a couple of beers when John came in.

Holding a beer he sat on the chair opposite us and our conversation trailed off, John said “Have you told Jordan what happened” “No” I said, he smiled and went in the kitchen for another beer. He approached me from behind the sofa as I’d just emptied the wine, his hands fondling my tits.

I must admit as he felt me I was exited even though I knew it was wrong I’d had nothing since John fucked me months ago, he lifted my T shirt over my head and carried on feeling my tits, my nipples were getting hard. Then he unclipped my bra, took it off and threw it on the floor, Jordan stood up and John growled “Sit the fuck down” he did.

John came round to the front, bent down and licked my nipples, he pulled my legs apart, pulling one down on to the floor as I half sat half laid on the sofa John’s hand moved up and was soon rubbing the front of my knickers, I was very turned on, and it was obvious I was coming as my breathing and moaning got louder.

A couple of minutes later and I was seriously orgasming I clamped my hand over my mouth as I half mumbled my climax. Then John pulled me onto the floor, with my arms resting on the sofa he pulled down my knickers and I felt him nudge inside me, I gasped as he took me from behind, he pushed my head towards Jordan.

I had my head on my arms and he said “Do to Jordan what you did to me” and pushed me again. I touched the front of Jordan’s pants and he was rock hard, rubbing him he groaned. Then John said “Take him out” I unbuttoned his pants and he pushed them down and soon I had his erection in my hand, pulling his foreskin back I licked his helmet.

Then John pulled out and pulled me up so I was laid on the sofa again, he took my knickers off my feet and said to Jordan “Fuck mum” he came towards me and looked horrified but both him and his other b*****r were scared of John so he came towards me holding himself, I grabbed hold of him and guided him into my wet pussy.

He pushed in and it felt massive, he continued to fuck me fast and hard. John ran his cock over my lips as I opened my mouth he fucked me, but not for long probably because Jordan was a virgin he didn’t last long at all but it was good for me. Jordan pushed in again, groaned and again once more then sat back, he’d managed about 25 strokes.

John came round to the front and pushed his b*****r out of the way as he slotted back inside me, as he fucked me hard he did something different to the last time, he squeezed my nipples as he snogged me hard, his tongue right in my throat. He fucked me another few minutes and to be honest I was coming again and said so.

John slammed into me and then after a few more strokes, jabbed me slowly as I could tell by the look on his face he was shooting his load. He slopped out and then again did something different, bending down at the side he tweeked my nipples as his tongue flicked over my clitoris, oh my god I was really coming now.

As I bucked and rocked my climax ripped through me and John had his fingers on me as I squirted juice and cum all over the sofa. When I’d stopped he smiled at me and went back to his room, so did Jordan as I stood up and went to the bathroom. Spunk running down my leg. Grabbing another bottle of wine neither lad re-appeared all night.

It was then she asked us if we were shocked, “A little” we chorused, but I knew it would happen again, she said she was embarrassed, and Jordan had stayed out of her way since.

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